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     Long Live Egypt
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A Warm Farwell
Dearest Teen Stuff,
Thank you for everything! I spent the
best moments in my life among these
brilliant and...
When we mention this word, does it mean                    It’s out of my hands!!" WAIT! You can beat the odds
Before I start, I want to tell you              outcome pleases you, then be sure that
Last year a great impact happened to my daily life, as I
    was introduced to the most wonderful magazine; Teen
white hearted person I ever met.    us had his own meetings
   Then I got to know the new          during the rest of the
What If … Camera
      Were NEVER Invented?

It was the picture that was taken    while then replied saying, “There     ...
the old loving couple     to check on my old and recent
                                                     be worth? Mem...
Long Live Egypt
It’s no doubt that we’re
gifted with a country               A Highly Respected Citizen
that is and has al...
Ramadan Abd El      kinds of food that
                                                           Aal Metaal. In      they...
Bottom Line:
                                       Tattoo your
                                       name on your
  Is that a Real Job Man?
 Getting a job is the natural step to take in anyone’s life after finishing
 the stret...
1- The so called                                                                           on that road a big
missed a lecture or don’t have
                                                                               any interest...
because no one would dare say

6- So They Say 7- A Frank
Like You’ve Never Seen …

                                                            "Respect the masterpiece. It is true...
Ablution fountain

                                         the left side of the niche, the mausoleum (dareeh)
                          Just when you were all toddlers, the Berlin wall was falling, and the world was on fir...

     A Sad Moon in a Black Night
     A sad moon in a black night
     Looking for its silver light
     Crying ...
Open Letter

 I know you’re a powerful speaker but can you
 listen for a second onl...
The Young Innovative
                     Awards Project:
            Chance of a Life time for Young Graduates
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  1. 1. November 2005 THIS ISSUE Mail Plain Talk Bits and Pieces G- articles What If Long Live Egypt We Comment NEW Think Green Egypt Like You Have Never Seen NEW Flash Back NEW From That Heart Thoughts Open Letter Tune Up Up Coming Attractions Star Corner In Focus Political Mania What’s up Teenz Teenz Stars
  2. 2. A Warm Farwell Dearest Teen Stuff, Thank you for everything! I spent the best moments in my life among these brilliant and creative staff members. I learnt a lot from all of you and had a nice and outstanding experience, sharing with you my thoughts and dreams! For four years, I enjoyed having that amazing spirit which roamed all over the place; it’s the Teen Stuff spirit. And now as I’m leaving, I’ll always keep the wonderful memories we had together and I’ll always remain a ‘Teen Stuffer.’ To Marwa Elwany: I can’t find the appropriate words to express what you really gave me. You were always that courageous person that inspired me and encouraged me to do my best. You gave me the two best chances in my life; The Reporter’s Club and Aregica. If I think of an Editor-in- Chief, I’ll never think of an Editor-in-Chief as perfect as you are. To Marwa Yehia: You’ve always been that helpful and nice person that helped me improve myself each day after another. I’ll never forget a great person like you. To Rania: Although we spent a relatively short period of time together, but each time we meet I always feel this energetic spirit Darren Hays Fans Hi, inside you. Hi Teen Stuff, Hope all your dreams come true. Happy October 6th and happy Thanks a lot for the article Ramadan. I can't thank you about Darren. I liked it a lot. To the Social Club: enough for the article about I hope you’ll follow up his You’re great! Working with you was real Darren Hayes. I liked it a lot. career in the future. He’s a fun. I want to thank every single member Thanks a lot. I hope you can very talented star. of you. I want to tell you that you all print a poster of him soon. mean a lot to me. From the happy reader, Love and peace, Yours, Amira Rodaina P.s. I hope you can find a Noha Samara Hello Teen Stuff, poster of him in the future. Ex- Head of Social Club Happy October 6th. I want to thank you for the Darren Dear Noha, Hayes article as it covered Dear guys, It really breaks our heart to see you his solo career well. Good We were so happy to receive go. When you told us it was a shock, work! your emails that we had to I guess after all the years we have Emad publish them. We’re glad that spent we kind of expect you guys to we managed to fulfill one of stay with us forever. Thank you so Hi, your requests guys because much for your sweet and warm This is Randa. I just want to that’s why we’re out here… words. We want you to know that say thanks a lot for writing to give you teens what you we’ve enjoyed every moment with about Darren Hayes. I just want. Thank you all for your you and you’ve always been helpful, wish you wrote about who he sweet feedback and kind energetic and inspiring. We wish you is and his personal life but greetings and we promise to all the best in your life and remember it’s a very good article. I keep track of Darren’s work. you will always be one of Teen Stuff hope you’ll write about him everlasting teens. more often. Thanks, Randa November 2005 . TeenStuff
  3. 3. DREAM… When we mention this word, does it mean It’s out of my hands!!" WAIT! You can beat the odds ‘impossibility?’ Have all our dreams become an as long as live. impossible thing that’s hard to achieve? Is the problem in us or in our destiny? All of us dream, who doesn't? Even when you face some problems or disloyalty or Who doesn't dream of success or wealth or love or people who don't have any virtues or any values, marriage or children? I'm one of those people that remember that in our life there is evil as there is good, depend on dreams in my life and I'm in a continuous so we must bear and face those people. And don't attempt to fulfill my dreams. I just want to analyze forget that there may be some people that are jealous the problem by this fictional story: from your talents and your ideas and envy you. Don't give those people the chance to ruin you because A guy spent all his life studying and dreamt of being once they find that you’re destroyed, they’ll triumph a doctor. He was advanced in his studies then he over you and search for another person to destroy joined the faculty of Medicine. He then spent years because that's their job in life! So don't ever annul studying his difficult subjects and dreamt about his dreaming or giving up because that's your dream; graduation. He eventually graduated and thought you own it and no one on earth has the right to seize that he would start his practical life; working and your dream. Neither fate nor any person nor any getting married to the girl he loved. He dreamt of circumstance could influence you or take away your their wedding day, their children and their lovely life. dream. All you have to do is to have real faith in God Then all his dreams collapsed because he didn't find and His great ability and your own self-confidence. the work he dreamt of and the only offer he got for work was as a salesperson (going from door to door). Also his beloved couldn't wait for him for a long time So let’s summarize the case: so she left him. As a result he couldn't stand it and 1- You’ve got the right to dream what you want felt depressed and after some time, he committed because dreams are unlimited suicide. 2- We don't live in Paradise so for sure you’ll face some wrong ways and wrong people Imagine if you were exposed to a situation like that! 3- Release yourself from any depression or feeling of What would be your feelings? Was it his mistake or betrayal whose? 4- Don't turn to or hear any person who wants to So, when you dream, please leave the depression and destroy your dream, steal it or get you depressed only take the faith; yes, the faith in God, who is the 5- Believe in God and his great ability in changing only One who could take your dream and make it any bad situation come true and prevent all the obstacles. Because He 6- Faith in God is your weapon, so keep it with you created you and knows you and all your feelings and and keep it strong and place it in front of any depression thoughts and mistakes and can utilize anything. Do or envious person you think it's impossible to find a job and earn money 7- Keep your self-confidence and confidence in your when there is employment in your country? Or do talents and skills you think it's hard to make a living so you can marry 8- Keep your dreams! your beloved and start a family? That's nonsense! 9- Keep your dreams! Where’s your faith in God who gives you the patience 10- Keep your dreams! and the willpower, mind and creation? Don’t ever think that your future is determined based on your Last but not least, your dream is you, your being, and grade results in school or university. No, that's just your existence - as long as you dream, as long as you the beginning. God gave you skills and talents and exist. you must use them. And believe me this will work Nada Helmy, 18 more for you than your studies because they are real gifts and you use them without waiting for a grade. So don't ever give up and say, “Oh, what can I do? DZZe i]Z =gZVb Did you ever think that you have a dream but you have to confess to ourselves that we must not give can't reach it? Did you ever think that you can do up. Dreams are like air, we can’t ever give up breathing. some thing but people destroy that hope? Our dreams are like water and we can’t give up Many teens nowadays have many dreams inside them drinking. By the way if you ever give up your dream but they never have the chance to let out their dreams you’ll find yourself always giving every thing up. I to the outer world. And suddenly we find out that believe that when we find a new dream, it’s a kind of the dream is dying and we don’t even bother. a new hope you’re bringing to life. Never forget the Is it our fault or the outer world’s fault? Then we ask words, hope, faith and dream. Because those are the ourselves should we dream again? Should we have words which will help you to always bring a new dream hope again? And suddenly we find that we don’t trust to life and to never give up. the world again or even trust people. We have to ask Reem Ahmed, 15 for the chance and the right to show our dreams. We TeenStuff . November 2005
  4. 4. Before I start, I want to tell you outcome pleases you, then be sure that something straight from my heart (and you've made the right choice and found mind) to yours, a secret between you the source that triggers your actions. and me. When I thought about writing With that matter cleared, check the goal this article, I was mainly trying to help you're struggling for. Logically, it should myself by setting up a check point for correspond to your conceptual choice. my very own sake. Nevertheless, you're There's no way that a vegetarian would invited, so read on… give yourself some save for opening a branch of McDonald's, time and try it out. right? Hey, since we're at it, why should there be a goal in the first place? Why Speaking of time, some people might walk, run and struggle for a goal, even go, "Nah, I don't have enough time." if it's right? Why tire yourself at all? Well, believe it or not, nobody has enough Have a seat, relax. Wouldn't that be time! Even those who claim that they better? Short-term answer, yes; those do have enough time - don't! Yes, even who sit, won't fall. Long-term answer, people spending their time chatting on no; those who sit won't fall yet they those music channels and ‘sms-ing’, definitely won't rise. ‘mms-ing’ or whatever ‘essing’ don't have On the other hand, those who walk, run enough time. They just aren't aware of and struggle could fall, but it's only a it and they'll only take notice of that fact matter of time till they get up again and once they decide to get a life. So, make they'll rise when they reach their goal. use of the time you have. For the time And unforgettable is the feeling of having being, concentrate on finding out what reached your goal, a real on-top-of-the- the whole check point thing is all about. world feeling, too precious to be missed! The definition of check point is: "A place, Reaching this goal is also the result of especially on a border, where an official having applied your principles. Great! person examines vehicles or people." You know what you want and why you Let's make it a bit more abstract by want it. The only thing that's left is how simply saying that it's just a point to will you get it. check whether something matches the This is exactly when your skills come in. criteria to be forwarded on or not. A sixteen year old girl, who believes in Logically, a check point is only there the necessity of success and wants to where it's necessary, e.g. you wouldn't make her parents proud of her, needs to find a check point every second crossroad, improve her mathematical skills to get for God's sake! Naturally, only important the grades she wants - ahem,ahem! Was things are checked. There are an that me talking to myself? Of course uncountable number of important things not, just don't tell my math teacher, I'm but what's more important than the very, working on it, he’d be surprised. Wouldn't very special you? Don't be shy, admit it, it be such a pity if you know what you there are very few- if any, more important want but are too damn lazy to work for matters, at all, other than one's self and it? Test your skills, discover your weak this doesn't always have to be a bad points and don't be ashamed of them; thing. work! Even if you're allegedly not good enough you’ll be good enough, there's Thanks to their importance, special things no reason why you won't. Do you stutter? need attention and maintenance, or else Work on not doing that. Are you you're – sooner or later - in for trouble. overweight? Go and work out. Do you You go to a doctor to check your health lack some general knowledge? Read and (mainly physical.) And right now, you'll get informed. Perfection is impossible head to the nearest check point for your mind. No, I'm not by any means saying that you’re crazy but this life of ours can Check drive just about anybody mad; there's no need to wait till you are. Now that you know why you need it you're in need of knowing what to do when there. Don't worry, it's tried and In at tested, you can safely do this on your own. Basically, it's just an analysis of your current state to make sure that Check you’re capable of pursuing your life the way you want and are ready to face what Point it takes. Call it introspection. Think deeply and critically about your concepts and perceptions. Are you satisfied with them? Do they make enough sense and provide you with enough strength and support you need for the walk of life you desire? but you can reach a state close to Many of us make this classic mistake of perfection if you work for it and keep embracing cliché we don't fully grasp or working for it, this is possible. Who blindly follow concepts we’re not fully knows, maybe I'll work so hard on my convinced of. We think that by going math that it interests me enough as a with the flow we’re on the safe side. Yet, career! You never know. Before you going with the flow could lead you to the storm off, remember that if you combine fall (geographically as well as your firm belief with a reachable goal metaphorically.) armed with your skills, then you sure did do something to be proud of - storm off There are numerous concepts and beliefs, in peace and brake every now and then how would you know that you picked the at a check point. See you there! right one? Think, contemplate, analyze, Waiting for your feedback! examine and prove! Once you've ‘checked’ a belief and/or concept that Youmna Younes, 16 you've thoroughly thought about and the November 2005 . TeenStuff
  5. 5. Last year a great impact happened to my daily life, as I was introduced to the most wonderful magazine; Teen Stuff, the magazine which brought a change to every teen's life and especially mine. I started reading Teen Stuff since it published my first article (Mixed Feelings.) Teen Stuff really encouraged me to look and believe in my talents. It gave me the spirit of challenge, which helped me a lot in my life. After my first article I started Mrs. Manal Al-Mahdy. And my Two days passed and I waited to write a lot, even more than wish came true, when I read in next to the phone, suddenly I the old days. My topics were the magazine about the felt that I was asking to reach always about feelings and teens’ summer workshop. I talked to the stars and that I’d never get emotions. I decided then to Marwa, whom I had never to know the team and be one express my feelings to my best talked to before, and when I of them. Next day I called friends through Teen Stuff as told her that I wanted to take Marwa and she told me that all of us read the magazine. place in the workshop she she was about to call me to tell So I entered the Clean and Clear surprised me by saying that I me that we were starting the Competition. And the surprise could go the next day for the following Sunday. I felt like I was that I really won second interview. wanted to scream! Finally I place. At that time I knew that got the chance to be there. I it would be the next level for Next day it was my time to meet started jumping all over the my writing skills. the next wonderful person in house (by the way, thank you the magazine from the Editorial mom for handling my crazy I always loved writing poems Staff; Doaa Samy. You all must moments!) Now back to where and so that was my next station have heard about her. She’s I was. Yeah Sunday…here I in Teen Stuff. So I started the one who writes What If…? come! sending them my poems that We sat in the teens’ room, the always talked about love, room which contains all the Now it was time to get to meet friendships, hurt, and purity. dreams, all the wonderful the other people who had the And when my first poem was moments that any team would same dream to be one of Teen published I felt that finally I love to share together. She Stuff’s team. learned how to unleash my started asking me really hard I wasn’t so scared because I thoughts. I knew that this questions and I started was ready to meet new people wasn’t the end of the road. I answering while my heart was and share with them my started contacting the Editorial shaking! At the beginning I thoughts. Plus, they made me Manager, Marwa Yehia. She was so terrified because it was really comfortable. I got to was the first person I knew from my first time to be interviewed. meet ‘Miss Green;’ I mean you this wonderful crew. I couldn't But suddenly we started Soundos. She is the most ever imagine that I could laughing as if we knew each ‘greenish’ person you can ever actually have a friend like her. other already. At the end she meet and, by the way, she was told me that they’ll call me to from the Editorial Staff too. During the summer vacation I tell me when the workshop will And the next ‘purplish’ person wanted to really get to know start. was Miss Purple; Radwa, the the whole crew, even most ‘pinkish purplish’ and TeenStuff . November 2005
  6. 6. white hearted person I ever met. us had his own meetings Then I got to know the new during the rest of the comers, who were in my same week. situation and had the same feelings I had; Mahie, Dina, Usually in the morning I Essra, Yasser, Madiha, Finan, start my day with them Mohamed Bahar, Mohamed by teasing Nadia and Khater, Kareem and Omar. Marwa, of course. And I forgot to mention the Next day we started early in the sweet kitten, Rania; she’s morning, we talked laughed and a real kitten. But the day even played games. We had came that I had to leave lunch together as one big family. them as I live in Kuwait. I met the funniest person in the It was the hardest magazine who really gave it an moment because I got unusual spirit. Nadia, she is the used to waking up really early sweetie. one who is always on the phone to go to the meetings. And I Finan: I wish I had gotten answering your phone calls got used to the home that the chance to say goodbye. saying, “Teen Stuff, Kelmetna, brought all of us together. Madiha: I miss your voice. ALOOO.” I loved talking to her Everyone really loves each other Essra: I hope you’ll keep I spent really good times with over there and no one ever calls your talents up. her. the magazine a working place Dina: Keep writing songs but we all call it ‘THE BIG PINK and keep your smile. Days passed and passed and HOUSE’…of course, every one Yasser: Don't ever let go of chooses his own color! politics. Omar: I miss your guitar YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE When I came back to Kuwait I and you of course. didn’t think of anything except Bahar: I also wanted to say about them. I really missed goodbye. IN MY LIFE! my daily life over there. I just wrote this article to show you guys how much I love you and Khater: I had hoped to see you but I know you’re busy…SLEEPING!! Thank you all for to say that YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN MY LIFE! Thank Kareem: I really feel that I know you really well although everything you all for everything and special we didn’t talk much. thanks to my lovely angels Marwa and Nadia. I’ll never At the end I want to send my forget what you did for me. regards and thanks to my three suddenly we found that we were At the end, I should say that moderators, Radwa, Soundos about to end the workshop's when anyone on earth really and flowery Doaa. Love you wonderful days. Everyone was loves some one, he or she really all..... getting ready for the projects misses them so much. And and we were divided into teams that’s how I feel and I want to Reem Ahmad, 15 but actually we were working all say to: the time together. We had Romeo and Juliet, the two Mahie: I miss you so much talented farmers, and the three musketeers. The last day came of the workshop. Every one felt really bad that day but we all tried to cheer up each other by saying that we’d be seeing each other after the workshop. Now everyone started to concentrate on the project and, honestly, everyone preformed really well. And everyone was amazed that we had the creativity to do this. Now, starting a new life after the workshop, we started to have only one meeting which brought us all together. It was also on Sunday and it was for our club Think Green. We had a lot of fun and of course each one of 12 . November 2005 . TeenStuff
  7. 7. What If … Camera Were NEVER Invented? It was the picture that was taken while then replied saying, “There the first day! You won’t find an to apply for nursery school. I were many professional artists artist so quick to draw a picture can really consider it a that used to draw really fine of you and your brother or sister particularly important part in paintings.” Well, that’s all right, in a moment, when you both drawings and paintings burst out laughing while really move me; standing in the balcony during especially when drawn a quiet, pale orange, afternoon! by pencils. I feel And I’m sure you can’t find an attached and attracted artist using his colors to paint to them. But come on, your glorious new feast clothes you won’t find an artist while you’re pretty and waiting for you when you flourishing to wear them! wake up so early in the morning to put on your But you will find a camera! school uniform and get Guys…a camera can just do! ready to go school on our home. It’s hung under the clock on one of the wooden, long rectangular, stand-likes. On the other side is the big book case that also has a special place for pictures. Recently, my graduation picture has joined the group! I was watching the television, when suddenly I asked mom, “What if cameras were never invented?” Mom paused for a November 2005 . TeenStuff
  8. 8. the old loving couple to check on my old and recent be worth? Memories pictures to remember and are one’s history and remember. anyone without history is worth just “Pictures and photos are, honestly, nothing! And since treasures showing all your gold pictures are the living times, always remember to part of a memory then remember them.” a picture is worth one’s history. And Now, you tell me how often do since a camera is the you check on your treasures? only device that can Any answer would be fine; if you produce those really do remember to do that. histories, then people But I just want to ask you a favor. would lack flashbacks; Before you write me back, I want would lack a really you to take a look now. See important function in yourself in those mirrors and tell their minds which is me, WHAT DO YOU FEEL? Let me to remember, but know if a smile came upon your hardly remember. face while checking this! ‘Cause that always happens to me :) and If we had no cameras don’t worry, smiling is NOT against to collect the most the law this month! remarkable events in I believe in the Fine Arts and I’m our lives, we would have forgotten Waiting for your mail at: fond of drawing in general. Two zillions of events. We already years ago, I took a course in the forget sometimes while holding Faculty of Fine Arts. I was thrilled the picture, draining our minds to practice drawing and to get that info about what was Be sure that I’ll feed you sometimes even portraying. I happening when that picture was learned basics that are now taken…so what about without back. I love your carved in my mind. Yet, I still having the picture at all?! Nothing comments and feel happy believe that drawing and would prove that event you may and even proud to know photographing are two very have forgotten but an old photo. different things. A highly sensitive Moreover, I wouldn’t have known that you’ve started to passion pushes you to hold your how I looked like in each separate think in a different way pencil and draw…translating the stage of life. I sure know my here with me on my feelings, the actions and the face, but as time goes on, nothing hidden potentials on top. While a would prove it to others and even special page. I may take picture acts as a bell moving you to me as I feel I need to see the some time, but I will reply back to that time and place, it ‘first’ me! anyway. See you next has no art (but I don’t mean professional photography; I mean I so much appreciate my pictures! month God willing. when anyone picks up a camera I have a big album and I’m dead and takes snapshots of people). sure that you personally have one Best Wishes, They’re really different. too. But what might differ is that Doaa Samy, 18 I refresh my memory every now What do you feel when you touch and then. I try as much as I can your own old pictures? Aren’t they showing your facial expressions? The way your eye looks? Or your exact, pure, white smile? I can tell you that I can even smell how happy or sad I was in that place, if it was hot or cold, comfortable or tiring, and was it a fake or a real smile on my face then! If there were no cameras, I frankly don’t know how I would go on. Never think I’m over- reacting. Memories are as important as food stuff and other crucial things in our lives. I’m sure they aren’t so only to me; just because I can guarantee you a deep stare whenever you see your picture with your old school friends after turning 60 years old. I can also guarantee that you’ll pick those pictures and show them to your children and even grandchildren saying, “See how stunning your grandpa/ma used to be during those striking youthful years!” For a widow or widower…how much would a picture showing TeenStuff . November 2005
  9. 9. Long Live Egypt It’s no doubt that we’re gifted with a country A Highly Respected Citizen that is and has always been more unique than “Haloo ya Haloo… Ramadan Kareem Ya Haloo,” sang the five year old Fawzya, the daughter of the highly respected Egyptian citizen Ramadan others in every way. On Abd El Aal Metaal. this land you experience The highly respected citizen Ramadan Abd El Aal Metaal has two children, Fawzya, who celebrates the holy month each year by chanting wonders that you might from morning till night and Hassanein who marks the time of breaking the fast each year by smashing the window of one of their beloved never even think of in neighbors with his football. The holy month was due to start in two other places. Together days and the big boss of the happy family, Mrs. Ramadan Abd El Aal Metaal, decided it was high time to get all the missing items in the we shall review a few shopping list. Together the happy family of the highly respected citizen Ramadan Abd El Aal Metaal went to the closest place in the hearts of of those wonders or, if Egyptian families; Carrefour. others might like to call The place was bustling with people of various sizes and classes. Together the smell of peoples’ perspiration with that of the nuts and them, downsides, in the other saviors of Ramadan created an odor that, I bet, if those people who work in Christian Dior kept experimenting for ages wouldn’t hope of finding some reach it. way to reform ourselves The wife of the highly respected citizen Ramadan Abd El Aal Metaal couldn’t be bothered by such petty stuff and held her children's hands and along with our and squeezed into the store. In the meat section, women stood in - what only Egyptians can call lines; each waiting for her order, an order country. which when received fills the cart completely. Women ended up pushing Welcome to our two more carts to the cashier. Of course Mrs. Ramadan Abd El Aal Metaal was a very economical lady and was satisfied with just one cart exclusive inside look of and three baskets. Mrs. Ramadan Abd El Aal Metaal was busy counting the items in the the marvels of the cashier and making sure that she didn’t forget her 10 chickens and 12 Mother of all lands… kilos of meat, while her husband the highly respected Egyptian citizen wondered how much he could profit if he turned their garage in to a EGYPT! supermarket during the holy month. On the first day of the holy month, the kitchen of the highly respected The Story of an citizen was full of action preparing to receive their relatives for breakfast. The wife of the highly respected citizen Ramadan Abd El Aal Metaal Egyptian Family 30 . November 2005 . TeenStuff
  10. 10. Ramadan Abd El kinds of food that Aal Metaal. In they found within response, the their reach. highly respected After an hour the happy citizen Ramadan family of the highly respected Abd El Aal Metaal citizen Ramadan Abd El Aal Metaal started cursing sat in front of the TV screen to and swearing watch the commercials that were too. The highly repeatedly interrupted with soap respected operas. The most favorite soap Egyptian citizen opera of the family of the highly only realized respected Egyptian citizen what he was Ramadan Abd El Aal Metaal is doing when the that of the one at the beginning, owner of the SouSou Hashtaka in "Khali Balek chicken threw a Aala Aayalek.” The family of the bucket of dirty highly respected Egyptian citizen was giving her orders to the three water over his head. He then Ramadan Abd El Aal Metaal stayed maids she borrowed from her realized that it's the holy month up till 4 a.m. At 3 a.m. Mrs. neighbor, Madam Attaya Bent and one shouldn’t swear or fight. Ramadan Abd El Aal Metaal Oum Attaya. Lightheartedly, he smiled, got into prepared sohour. The highly Mrs. Ramadan Abd El Aaal Metaal his car and drove away. respected Egyptian citizen had to honor her husband on that Ramadan Abd El Aal Metaal and special day in front of his picky his wife prayed while sitting relatives. Therefore, as custom because they were unable to bend has it, she had to do her best to down. feed them till they begged for mercy. For starters, she prepared The next day the highly respected dates with milk, chicken soup, citizen Ramadan Abd El Aal Metaal soup with meat balls and salad. over slept and went to work at The first course in the meal 12 noon. He couldn’t finish the consisted of fattah followed by cross words in the newspaper so grilled chicken with potatoes and he decided to take a quick nap to tourley (basically every single save his efforts for breakfast. He kind of vegetable you can lay your dozed off and started dreaming hands on) and brown rice. The about the day's breakfast and second course consisted of fried what SouSou Hashtaka will do in meat and macaroni with white "Khali Balek aala Aayalek"… sauce. Other than the courses in the meal there would also be fried chicken wings, grilled meat with Happy Ramadan mushroom sauce, meat fingers, You’ll notice long sentences … koubebah, mahshee and keshek. that's to test your patience, For dessert Mrs. Ramadan Abd perseverance and temper! El Aal Metaal prepared katayef, Time flew like a breeze and it kounafa, basbousa, khoushaf and wasn’t long before Fawzya, the Sondos Shabayek, 19 fruits. As for the drinks amar el daughter of the highly respected Illustration by: Adnan Hesham deen, kharoub and karkadeeh citizen Ramadan Abd El Aal were prepared. Metaal, started chanting, followed by a loud bang Away from the noisy kitchen and her brother had down to the streets, was where created from the the highly respected citizen effect of Ramadan Abd El Aal Metaal was throwing the ball trying to make his way out of all into the window the cars in hope of reaching home of Madame Attya early to grab a nap before Bent Oum Attya. breakfast. The highly respected It was then that citizen Ramadan Abd El Aal Metaal the mother tried to control his temper every realized it's time. time a car next to him decided to Everybody jump the traffic. No I'm fasting, attacked the he reminded himself, until a hen dinner table like landed on his car. Shocked, the those who highly respected citizen Ramadan hadn’t seen any Abd El Aal Metaal grabbed the food in ages. All first man he saw and hit him in mouths were full the face. People gathered and with food and the highly respected citizen foreheads with Ramadan Abd El Aal Metaal, out sweat. People of panic, started to hit the people who finished all too. The woman whose chicken the courses flew out of the window and landed repeated the on the highly respected Egyptian round again and citizen Ramadan Abd El Aal those who Metaal's car, in fear of having her didn’t, preferred head chopped off like her sisters, to concentrate started screaming and cursing their efforts on the highly respected citizen two or three TeenStuff . November 2005
  11. 11. Bottom Line: Tattoo your name on your forehead before dying El-Dostour God bless the new democracy that makes us free to fight wherever we want using any weapons we have Sout El-Oma Damn! Why do youth have to ruin the Utopia our government is providing us! So sad that the only thing we are so talented at is turning anything into a commercial Sout El-Oma After all the car accidents we read about you’d expect youth to get it by now …SLOWDOWN November 2005 . TeenStuff
  12. 12. Goodness! Is that a Real Job Man? Getting a job is the natural step to take in anyone’s life after finishing the stretched journey of studying. I know it’s not a piece of cake! One doesn’t find such an optimistic and welcoming surrounding straight after finishing university! On the contrary, youth feel desperate and doomed to failure with the first step they manage to take on the real roads of life. One of the awfully palpable learn patience. I confess, I’m anything to make a living - symptoms is the lack of job one of those who have to learn which I exceedingly respect, openings everywhere. You find patience! As long as I’m going and those who take the easiest fresh graduates in high spirits down the right path, working way to get people’s money in in their last year, eager to start hard and exerting effort, I one way or another. applying what was studied to mustn’t worry; because God real life. Enthusiastic acts as won’t ever disappoint me. READY! Start now! a life-size push to have youth let out all the inside potential. This month, the Think Green P.S. Forgive us for using some But suddenly they face the Club decided to hold a show, Arabic expressions! You’ll truth. They face the bitterness and let you all take a look at recognize that sometimes, it’s of being rejected – despite the ‘Weirdest Jobs’ you can impossible to translate such being highly qualified - just find here in Egypt as a result comments! because of that other guy/girl of the lack of opportunities, or who is somehow related to the maybe (and I support this Doaa Samy, 18 company owner, or the coming reason more) due to Head of the Think Green Club principal is his/her uncle or indolence and lassitude. All in whatever relationship is all, you’ll find both. The ones between them! who really fight, and try to do But, I always like to stop for a while and think of a different view. Let’s try to blame ourselves this time. How many people are we in Egypt? Around, 76,000,000 (2004); Eh?! What country can grant 30 million great jobs for its 30 million labor force of What country can hoping youth?! What I want to reach is that grant 30 million we do NOT have to great jobs for its start great! Instead of leaving the whole 30 million labor country and start searching someplace force of hoping abroad ending up with a small job, why youth not accept another small job; but here? Then when you excel, you’ll definitely be placed wherever you should be and aimed to reach. We have to Nov 2005 . TeenStuff
  13. 13. 1- The so called on that road a big fight happens. One of ‘M.E.N.A.D.Y’ my friends once told me this story. A man came up to him, he Have you ever driven your car and looked just fine, suddenly found yourself wearing fine clothes, surrounded by lots of cars and and even smelt good. people all over you? At that instant He asked my friend if you reach a conclusion which is, he can speak to him you are near a mall or something for a second. Then he of that sort! Since you’re near a said, "Excuse me Mr. mall, then the next fact would be But I come from a finding a smiling man standing in really far place and I front of your car telling you, left my wife and kids ‘ETFADDAL YA BASHA!!’ He insists alone, and now I have badly that you should park in the no more money to go place he offers you. Plus, he might back. Could you take your seat and park it himself, please give me some how generous he is! But the major money which will help problem is that you don’t want to me travel back to my park in the first place because you place?” don’t want to go to the mall - My friend didn’t know again in the first place! what to say but he Anyway, if you want to go into the exclaimed asking, mall and park in this place after "Why did you leave he gives you the guidelines and them alone when you assistance, which are actually have no money?" So, useless, you’ll definitely hear, that’s how begging ‘TA3ALA YA BASHA, TA3ALA, goes on these days; TA3ALA, HOB! ENTA KEDA LEBEST you can’t tell which YA BASHA.’ You get out of the car beggar needs the and you find the man coming to money and which one you wearing a name tag and other pointing out the weak points we doesn’t. But what I can advice times wearing a uniform, either have in our society. you with is, whenever you go out telling you that he wants whatever Omar Mostafa, 19 make sure that you have enough amount of money you give him or money to help people who just specifying a certain amount of 2- Creative want your money, everywhere! money. You try to say that you’ll Reem Ahmad, 15 give him the money when you come back, but his excuse is that he has to leave right now because Ways of 3- Mobile, he’ll be changing his shift. They always say that. Begging Mobile, Mobile I once met one, which you can consider the first type who tells As Doaa mentioned at the very you, ‘ELLY TEGEEBOH YA BASHA.’ beginning, people get educated to Thanks to our lovely two mobile I didn’t have any change except have a job in the future which they networks, that leave us most of for L.E.5, so I gave it to him. I can earn a living from. But what the time with no credit to even found him objecting and about those people who didn’t ‘miss call’ anybody, most of the complaining that he’s been have the chance to get that kind time, we find ourselves in need to standing in the sun all day, I of education? They then choose make a phone call, especially in replied acting a bit harsh, “Hey to get money in a very creative public places where people lose you! That’s all what I have for way. The new creative ways of each other easily. It started with you!” He then responded, begging! kiosks having business mobile lines “KHALAS YA BASHA, WALA In the old days, people used to and charging for phone calls in a YEHEMMAK.” beg to get money for a really good range of pt50 to L.E.1 per minute. The second type is unfortunately reason -not sure but at least the worse; supposedly, they work for percentage of good people was It’s reached the point of having a some kind of company or with the higher than what it is now – giving person standing in the street in government. They’re supposed to reasons like illness, or an accident front of universities, malls and take money and in return, give a etc… But nowadays people found main squares with a sign beside ticket that proves that they took out that this way of begging him saying, ‘Talk Freely, pt75 per money from those parking their humiliates them. So they decided Minute” with a picture of a baby cars but of course that doesn’t to invent a new way which will using a mobile or something. You happen; as they take the money fulfill their desires. find that person yelling to for themselves and they give NO They make begging look like a everybody in the street, “Mobile! tickets. classy thing and it also has some Mobile! Mobile!” It’s really a Finally, I’m trying hard to let my rules that every beggar should successful, creative idea, as voice reach someone; to finish up follow. For example, each beggar everybody needs to make sudden what I call a misery. I’m trying to has his own street or road, and if phone calls, without having to buy stop being negative, at least by any other beggar starts begging a phone card; paying only per Nov 2005 . TeenStuff
  14. 14. missed a lecture or don’t have any interest of attending in the first place, which makes it a successful business as there are plenty of students who don’t attend! I, myself, have thought more than once to resort to them instead of asking other unhelpful students. Their notes are preferable and more useful than any other student or friends’ notes because they write everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! I heard some people refer to them as ‘The Human Type Writers’ as they write whatever is said and done inside the lecture hall. I read parts of one lecture note and it seemed pretty funny how they write the reaction of the professor, when minute (wetkalem bera7tak!) microphone and said that he won’t exactly did he laugh, when did he let anyone inside after him.” say a joke in between explanations Yasser Abbas, 18 This seems like an introduction and how he threatens the students to a story, or me describing my to make the exam real hard if 4- The Paid normal day at college. But no, they don’t keep quiet. this is actually what is written in Believe me, whatever comes out lecture notes that are sold. of the professor’s mouth is written. Patient We are all familiar with different Since some of them aren’t students, they don’t really have sold items. But have you heard a sense of judgment towards One of the weirdest jobs I’ve of the guy who sells lecture notes what’s to be left out and what’s heard about -which I doubt I can at universities? I have and it was necessary. They fear neglecting even call a ‘job’ is a person who by far the strangest job I have a very important piece of offers his body for students who heard of. The first time I heard information, so they record study medicine to practically that such a job existed was in my everything on paper. The price practice on him. Yes! Surprisingly first year of college. A friend of range of one note usually equals enough it’s true. If he has a certain mine was trying to elude one of the price range of photocopying. disease they give him money in them who was asking her But it increases a few pounds once order to see for themselves the constantly to give him that day’s exam time approaches. symptoms and test on him their lecture to add missing information diagnostic skills. And that is how to his notes before selling them. In spite of its weirdness, it still this person pays his bills! Actually So, I thought of finding out more shows how people think of odd what’s even more surprising is about this job. They’re in every and creative ways to earn money how the students do this as if it’s college no doubt. They are mostly for a living. normal! Well this makes me guys ranging in age from 21 to wonder why would anyone do 28. And they can be useful for Esraa Hegazy, 18 such a thing?! Is it because he some students out there who has no skills to fit in any other job? Is he a lazy person who doesn’t want to work? Or is it How desperate and because of unemployment? How desperate and frustrated is he to frustrated is do such a humiliating thing?! I he to do such can only imagine. Dina Wahba, 19 a humiliating thing?! I can only imagine 5- The Lecture Notes Salesman “The professor walked into the room at exactly 8:15 a.m. He closed the door, walked to the TeenStuff . October 2005
  15. 15. because no one would dare say 6- So They Say 7- A Frank that face to face!! Doaa Samy, 18 Mr. Microbus Question Assistant Never think that we’re against primitive or simple jobs, on the “Hey guys, you seem rich; how “Aiwa ogra elly rekeb odam---el can we take your money?!” contrary—you should start simple. 3arabya fadya wara!” Most of them All what you have read are real If you review the introduction, you are very noisy and annoying. They ways to do something and take will find me saying, “We do NOT have to start great” I mean, one should go here and there, try every possible chance and grab the tiniest opportunity! The narrow street always ends up in a wider one, and that wider one is the way to the widest! Being ambitious, and aiming the best, accompanied by hard work and devotion only make the man. (These are my own proverbs that I personally believe in) Here, and on those pages, I hope we could show you the BIG difference between those who hardly dig in life’s wells and those who prefer to collect money as a result of nothing. I’m sure you got it…” So, what do you think guys; are these nice discoveries? Tell you the truth, there Aiwa ogra elly rekeb odam.... are some jobs that el 3arabya fadya wara we only found about have their own language with the money in return. But what if you coincidently! Well, drivers. They know how to send were asked that clear question? it’s your turn now to them messages on when to stop, to drop off or pick a person up. Let me tell you the story. feed us back _ and They collect money from people I was with my Dutch family in Khan tell us, did you ever and try to cheer up the atmosphere El-Khalili, during their last visit to in the microbus. Their language is Cairo two months ago. As we just meet people like the of course down-to- earth! They call people on the streets while walked in front of a bunch of sellers - and you know how narrow the ones who told my hanging out from the supposedly streets in Khan El-Khalili are. They family and I, “Hey closed door, yelling, “Ta3ala Ramsis! Aiwa Saeyda Aisha!” They have a kept on smiling and walking around our place when suddenly I heard guys! You seem rich, very strange job. The microbus that comment! My aunt and how can we take driver can manage without their cousins are Dutch, and neither help, just like microbuses that put speak nor understand Arabic but your money?” a sign in the front telling the destination, and collect money they look Middle Eastern. So, surprisingly, those coarse people Waiting your mail at: themselves from people. However, said it in English to let them info@teenstuffonlin they’re really funny, and a part of the Egyptian street life. I can not understand!! See how rude? I’m Egyptian and I know all about those imagine driving in the streets of people but what about the Egypt without hearing the foreigners, huh? They love Egypt recognized voices calling, ‘Abbas and love its kind generous people el 3a2ad? Tayeb, 3asher 3asher!!” but what about after hearing that? Think Green Club To our good luck, my family Illlustration by: Adnan Heshanm Yasser Abbas, 18 laughed and thought they were kind of psycho or something; simply 26 . October 2005 . TeenStuff
  16. 16. Like You’ve Never Seen … "Respect the masterpiece. It is true reverence to man. There is no quality so great, none so much needed now." Frank Lloyd Wright The Mausoleum Chamber which made the mosque no longer suitable for prayers The Mosque and School of Sultan Hassan It has always been one of the if you are most outstanding major fascinated by its monuments of the Islamic world. entrance only, that can only mean that It combines spirit and science, you are in for an as it was not just a mosque, but unforgettable also a school for the four rites experience through of Islamic law - a wondrous its twists and turns, architecture that enriches the dark hallways to lit senses and drives for the search chambers, till you of knowledge and wisdom reach the courtyard hidden within its walls, (sahn), where you chambers, hallways and can find an ablution courtyards. The building has fountain and four riddled many architects, uneven and historians and scholars on enormous vaulted different levels but one thing halls (iwans) for remains sure; it will always have each school. its mysteries and we will always enjoy them. Through the biggest vault, and Light are hanged from the vault to give the As you pass through its passing the feeling that prayers are held directly below the magnificent portal, you cannot sanctuary which is stars, and the vault itself is built to give a powerful echo during prayer callings help but feel overwhelmed and ‘Qebla’ oriented, on TeenStuff . November 2005 . 27
  17. 17. Ablution fountain the left side of the niche, the mausoleum (dareeh) can be found; an unusual plan, considering it is prohibited in Islam to pray facing a mausoleum, but from an artistic point of view, the dome and the stalactites give the chamber a serene feeling, and it could take you hours to read all of the inscriptions. Not because it is not clear, but just because it is so beautiful and captivating. Unfortunately, it was never completed. The founder of the mosque, Sultan Hassan, was not one of the major rulers of Egypt and the building process was accompanied by a famine and it was under his orders that it be built so people would find work. The two minarets which were supposed to be above the portal, had an unfortunate fate, as one fell on an orphanage beside it, killing almost 40 children, and the other was never completed but the building withstood all that and still stands to tell us its story. Many of us never visit Islamic Cairo and we have little knowledge of the great heritage we have. And although this mosque is highly recognized all over the world, I never heard of it till I was in college! If you can take some time out to visit places in your country that are sought by travelers from all over the world, then please do. Tarek Rakha, 20 The stalactites cover the portal to give cave-like impressions, as solitude was sought by scholars and they turned to caves for that. The entrance is dark in order to have no one rush into the mosque for prayers until his vision adjusts to the darkness November 2005 . TeenStuff
  18. 18. Flashback Just when you were all toddlers, the Berlin wall was falling, and the world was on fire… Ahmed Raafat The best memory any of you would have of winter 1989 is, well, school; and a bit of thumb-sucking too, probably. For some it was their first trip to the movies, it was their first book, or perhaps, their first dose of solid food, after years of feeding off Gerber jars. And while your biggest concerns were your monthly exams or deciding which toy to buy next, the world, Europe in particular, had a lot more to worry about. Until its fall on November 9, 1989, The Wall was over 155 km (96 miles) the Berlin Wall had remained to the long. In June 1962 work started on a world a relic of WWII; a key symbol, second parallel fence up to 91 metres and a constant reminder of what (100 yards) further in, with houses in October1989 Western powers regarded as between the fences torn down and their Communist tyranny, particularly inhabitants relocated. An empty no man's after the high-profile shootings of land was created between the two would-be defectors. The Wall was barriers, which became widely known as erected in 1961 as a way to combat the ‘death strip.’ It offered no cover; it the mass immigration of skilled was mined and booby-trapped with labor force from East Germany, tripwires; and, most importantly, it offered then, controlled by the Communist a clear field of fire to the watching guards. Bloc, to the West, a shared territory The ‘fourth generation wall’ known between France, Britain and the officially as ‘Stützwandelement UL 12.11,’ United States, via Berlin, the only was the final and most sophisticated Egypt point in the East/West Germany border where the border remained version of the Wall, completed in 1975. During the Wall's existence there were Produces open. The drain of labor and around 5,000 successful escapes into Nuclear economic output threatened East West Berlin; 192 people were killed trying Germany with economic collapse. to cross and around 200 were seriously Fuel This had ramifications for the whole Communist Bloc and particularly the Soviet Union. injured. And after more than two decades, the world was slowly accepting the Berlin Wall as an international fact of life. But this was all bound to change on August 23, 1989, as Hungary removed its border restrictions with Austria, leading to more than 13,000 East Germans escaping through Hungary, and mass demonstrations against the government in East Germany began in the fall of 1989. A newly appointed government decided to allow East Berliners to apply for visas to travel to West Berlin. However, Günter Schabowski, the East German Minister of Propaganda had been on vacation prior to this decision and hadn't been fully updated on all the protesting and this particular decision. During a press conference on November 9, 1989, he was handed a note which he decided to read out loud and that turned out to be a huge mistake. The note said that East Berliners would be allowed to cross the border with proper permission. Tens of thousands of people immediately went to the checkpoints in the Wall and demanded entry into West Berlin. They quickly became a major crowd control problem for the surprised and overwhelmed border guards. In face of the escalating crowd safety situation, the guards eventually just yielded, opening the access points and allowing people through with (at most) minimal identity verification checks. The ecstatic East Berliners were soon greeted by jubilant West Berliners on the other side in a celebratory, party atmosphere. November 9 is thus considered the date the Wall fell. In the days and weeks that followed, people began arriving at the wall with sledgehammers and physically demolishing it, section by section. The fall of the wall was the first step to the unification of Germany, which was concluded on October 3, 1990. TeenStuff . November 2005 . 29
  19. 19. Thoughts A Sad Moon in a Black Night A sad moon in a black night Looking for its silver light Crying on the black face of the sea Tear after tear Wiped by the restless waves Rising mourning echoes to the caves And no one is there but me To listen and behold The sobbing moon and the mourning sea The three of us together are free To open up and release The suppressed pains and fears We don't know why all of us are Stricken in love by a curse; No beloved will love And no lover will dance Haythem Mahmoud,18 My Lecture Me, Myself and I I'm too quiet to be noticed Something’s creepin’ upon me I'm kind enough to be fooled But I can’t see I'm desperate enough to commit suicide Fear is screaming out of me I'm too free to be ruled Struggling to break free My world is spinning I see kids dying while people laugh While my blood is spilling It's like they're dying on their behalf I’m losin’ control I wonder where's justice when cruelty is everywhere? While they’re taking my soul And the idea of living this which I don’t bare I'm always crying, wishing to die I’m slipping away When you're praying trying to get by From the pain inside of me And when that black cloud spreads over you Voices in my head You say it's fake although you know it's true When I’m lying in my bed Just wishing to live this another day They just won’t go away Why do they stay? I don’t know why I want to run away I’m going insane I'm glad and pleased to say "I'm gone!" I can’t take the pain When you're relieved to see that sun Coming up with all its yellow beams Fear and hatred is all I can see Like fired bullets I guess it seems While they’re suckin’ life out of me I wonder where I should go Torture is all I can feel When time is passing yet so slow And the wounds just won’t heal And if you ask me who I want to be They’re taking it all I'll tell you this little one called me I feel so small Cause without love… or with love All they do is lie Life was just great and fine with me My eyes can’t see the sky All my answers were up above Now death is one foot away from me Gehad Hussein, 15 So why did I say I want to die When all I needed was a little cry? Although life's great and extremely good And I should have lived it as I could So I’m going to live it all and I'm not to waste time And you're going to hear me one more time Singing the song of my life Featuring me, myself and I ChaToOtA, 16 November 2005 . TeenStuff
  20. 20. Open Letter Sir! Silence I know you’re a powerful speaker but can you listen for a second only? I need only one moment to have you listen to my silence talking Talking and my feelings which I fail to put in words. Try to read my thoughts, to listen to my heart beats which say all I want to say. Try just to stare into my eyes and you’ll understand me by your heart and feel my broken feelings. You know, there are a lot of living things which are killed by words. Everything is better if I don’t say it. Sir! Listen to my silence which tells you all my secrets which calls you by tears when you leave. It dances when it remembers a happy memory and smiles when you’re back because silence is a wonderful language to declare your love. Stop talking for a second and let’s listen to the silence talking. One sense will stop and all the other senses will work. One language will stop and all the other languages will be. Saragonara, 14 Bruised and battered by your Bruised Even though it was my decision to words…dazed and shattered now it leave all what we could have done; hurts! like the future that we could have Could you elaborate what do you think shared together. about that? And I'm still convinced of the so many Sometimes it's fair enough that you reasonable reasons that made me demand others’ point of view about unable to continue with you. what was said or what you’ve done Yes, I'm better off now in one way or especially when these words were another, but let me be still said to someone in particular. got something that makes me get in Yes, I know it differs from one person a daze and it's beyond being sane to to another about expressing what you think that I was the one who chose think about it. But it won't hurt you all of that! if you say your perspective about what was said; even if you’re shy or used Maybe because I still see your things to acting cold as a way to face such or maybe it's me who doesn’t want situations. to let go of what happened. I know nothing about you now or you For God's sake you’ve made me lose about me and I pray that you're not what I've been always known for, ‘The facing what I've been through; I know most reasonable and the solver of that it was hard on you too! most problems concerning So please God, let me out of his head relationships between girls and guys." for good as well as his life, and I hope And now I'm going insane with all that he has the life he deserves, if it's these thoughts and questions that I was suggesting? not now then when God wills. were left unanswered and only God Why did you take my words for Simply because it’s been a difficult knows if it’ll remain like this. granted? Why haven't you tried to paradox to solve getting over you, get me back in your life? even when it was me who decided to! Why did you let me go so easily? It’s been five months now - why Why didn’t you object or refuse what haven't I let you go yet?! Anonymous, 20 November 2005 . TeenStuff
  21. 21. The Young Innovative Awards Project: Chance of a Life time for Young Graduates developed by Egyptian college students Amideast. of Egypt’s Technical Faculties. YIA offered a number of L.E. 4000 grant Where do you get the funds from awards for the best project ideas for this project? submitted by applicants. At the beginning, most of the prizes Why was the faculty of were from individual/family pledges. Engineering especially chosen for But this year we created corporate this project? partnerships with companies like Proctor and Gamble- Egypt, which is There are a lot of organizations here already in action, committing 12 in Egypt. We realize that whatever we awards this year and it will serve up do as an NGO is a limited intervention, to 60 students and will be used to but is highly needed. So we had to sponsor five graduation projects in get specific with our project which is three national Engineering Schools, a sub-effort of what NM does. We at the Mechanical Engineering wanted to make a difference by helping Department, in addition to two other research and development here in companies but they are not yet in Egypt. So we chose the final year at action. Egypt’s technical colleges in which they already do their graduation Does P&G financing these projects projects. We chose the Telecom mean they will provide these TPA’s Productive Youth Department in the Faculty of students with job opportunities Engineering because it is a science later? Campaign is up and strong, very needed nowadays and in the reaching out to Egypt’s future. As we had very limited ‘Nahdet el Mahroosa’ YIA project younger generations and resources and funding, we started in focuses on R&D. Proctor and Gamble paving the way for their one place, which was Cairo University, conversely focuses on both R&D and successful future. It’s never but now we have expanded to Ein- recruitment. Here comes the problem too late to produce and it’s Shams and Alexandria Universities as of applying these projects in real never too late to advance. well with still a further-expansion plan. business where if you did not even Recently, we’ve had the honor work for them later, it is a good thing to meet up with Mr. Loay El Your aim from this project is to on your C.V. that P&G actually housed increase R&D here in Egypt, but you for your graduation project and Shawaby, Product Manager what guarantees those students attempted to apply your valuable and a founding member of the that their projects will be used recommendations. They would also ‘Nahdet el Mahroussa’ with their names and will not be try to provide Egyptian youth with Organization. This stolen ( i.e. their intellectual opportunities at their R&D facilities organization is an NGO created property rights)? abroad. a project (YIA – Young Innovative Awards) to help We do not buy these projects, we just What is the deadline for this year’s serve graduating university finance them meaning they are not admission? transformed by us into real businesses. students of the faculty of We had eight awards last year and we The deadline is November 25, 2005. Engineering with their final distributed six of them which benefited We printed posters and posted them year projects. Read more of 30 students. Currently, two of the wherever we could in the faculty which the following exclusive beneficiary projects are trying to start has all information needed. interview and find out how this a real business now and we have organization can help you. already helped by providing them with What does the future hold for the links to do that. The idea behind this organization and for senior Can you brief us about the ‘Nahdet is to give students a chance to look students who wish to get el Mahroussa’ Organization which at the optimistic side of life instead of involved? the YIA project relates to? being pessimistic. If you compete and win a prize at the end, that will give ‘Nahdet el Mahroosa’ is planning to The YIA project belongs to the ‘Nahdet you a very good push, which is our create an NM R&D fund with assistance el Mahroosa’ Organization which works principle. The aim behind this is a from partner-organizations, and will through three main channels; an better society, where by research you start promoting the fund in December incubator which helps support and can achieve the know-how of things. 2005. The size of the fund is projected implement innovative project ideas; at L.E. 10 million and is expected to a discussion forum where different How are graduates chosen to support 200 awards annually, and to ideas and concerns about Egypt’s compete and how are the winners run other complemantary programs. present and future are vocalized and chosen? debated, and finally a think tank By providing the YIA, ‘Nahdet el (under development) whose primary There is an online-submission form, Mahroussa’ can teach those who strive objective is to study and make practical so any student team who fits the enough to win their award, the real recommendations to the Egyptian criteria can participate. We give them meaning of how to enter the work community at large in the area of lectures about how to make proposals force before they even land a job. development. It is voluntary work for their projects to all the students Through this NGO, graduates can get from us. I am the Project Manager who submitted. Then we make a their first close-up view of what it is and a founding member of the ‘Nahdet committee to choose the projects. We like to be part of the working market. El Mahroussa.’ organize another three lectures for the chosen students; one about the What is the YIA project and how role of R&D in stimulating the economic For more information and do university graduates benefit growth, another about how to convert participation in the project from it? your project to a commercial one and please visit the NM website: The YIA project aims at stimulating the person who gives this lecture is a the culture of research and very successful 30-year-old Egyptian development in Egypt. It hopes to entrepreneur. He acts as a role model for them which gives them hope. The Mai Ibrahim, 20 realize this objective by financially supporting innovative project ideas last one is about the chances of R&D after graduation and it is held by