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             A Level Too Difficult
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                                        exams, which
                                          come in subjec...
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                                                                        One young student asked
            ...   TeenStuff . September 2005
the Rock and Roll
    Practice what you preach. Even teen writers, here at Teen Stuff have complained in the past about
the Rock and Roll
 rhythmically aggressive" Dino says.      States, gaining many fans along the        isn’t to be famous ...
the Rock and Roll
 actually working on the parts a lot more before I recorded them."
 "It's about showing people that ther...
TV’s Dark Angel Grows Full Wings
 By Ahmed Raafat

If you’d have asked anyone about
the name Jessica Alba some two or
says Eglee. "If you're really going to assemble the best of humanity, why not cross the whole genetic spectrum?
So that's ...
A Scene Through Three
                                   Different Screens
most of the new
                                                          regulations. This also
hilarious one were the an...
The mutual mistrust between the government and
                the community is the biggest problem in Egypt; it's
community? According to our survey      said 10, and 20% said 8.                 about coming to
results, the majority of ...
Exclusive Interview

     The Nile FM crew go on trial! So,
    are they guilty? Read on to find out
      what these f...
you out of your memory!
      And a few other little                Rob: It wasn’t me I swear! he squeaked.
      things t...
Up next on the stand was Alison Espirit!                                       That was that…and then I caught a glimpse
Emmy Tarek, 18

September 2005 . TeenStuff
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  1. 1. comment
  2. 2. G - articles A Level Too Difficult course in the world, constant Quite simply, anyone who tells you problem solving, revision and that the IGCSE is easy, or advises practice. Physics, of course, is no you to choose it because it is easy, different, but with less problem have no idea what they are talking solving and more information. Other about. I can tell you this with OL subjects may be enjoyable, but confidence since I am, as are most are not easy. For instance, Business of my classmates, an above average is a great subject, but in the end it student and have just finished my all comes down to memorizing. three years of IGCSE. English depends to a great extent on writing skills and Literature and First and foremost, the main your ability to read and write and limitation is the size of the subject analyze a story. These eight are just matter. Everybody has to take eight a taste of what is to come. O Level (Ordinary) subjects in order to achieve a Secondary School Besides the eight OL’s there are the Certificate. These are taken over A levels. Hope I am not bogging a period of two years. Some, such you down too much in the details, as Biology and Chemistry, are but I have to give you an overview. dependent mainly on memorization. Each A level consists of two parts; No matter how many Many will tell you all you have to AS and A2. You can do an entire times you have heard it, do is just understand, and are not AL, or just the AS. These AL’s are burdened with memorizing huge what ultimately determine your final I am going to say it again! amounts of information like students percentage and which faculty to Your high school of the Egyptian certificate. Absolute join. I do not want to seem like I education and grades will lie! Although you have to understand in order to be able to study and am exaggerating too much when I say they are a nightmare, but that pretty much determine solve questions effectively, you are is what they are. AL Biology is an what the rest of your life burdened with just as much example. Some students I have will be like. There are memorization, if not more, than the spoken to say “I love Biology more than any other subject which is why many people our parents’ I want to enter Medicine”. age now who wish they Some parts of the syllabus are truly interesting, but others are a living had studied harder 20 or hell. The amount of information 30 years ago to have been you have to memorize and digest able to enter better is massive, and you have to revise at least once a month if you are faculties and enjoy a to keep the topics fresh in your better life than the one head. Besides that, is the practical work, which the ‘Thanawiya Amma’ they currently lead. students do not have to go through and which the teachers themselves Everyone knows the Egyptian admit that they are not sure what secondary educational system the examiners correcting your paper ‘Thanawiya Amma’ is no picnic. On are looking for. Bio is just an the contrary, it is a grueling, example, but Chemistry is the same exhausting experience accompanied with too many annoying little details by constant stress and anxiety. And here and there that will drain every who can blame the students who bit of energy from your brain. study for this certificate? After all, even half a mark can mean the Another difficulty of the system is difference between the Faculty of the exams themselves. They are Medicine and Faculty of Science. In nothing like the Egyptian exams. recent years, many students have Whereas in the Egyptian exams the been looking to other secondary questions are memorized to the school systems like the IGCSE, the letter with a model answer and Secondary school certificate offered every question you see is a by the University of Cambridge, in repeated question, in the IGCSE the hopes that it will be “easier” or exams, a question can come in any more “enjoyable”. I wish to expose number of ways to the point that the truth behind this myth. I will there will be many instances when not deny the many advantages this ‘Thanawiya Amma’ student. The OL you know the information, but do system offers over the Egyptian MathYour high school syllabus is pretty large, and not know that you are supposed to system, but I wish to explain its requires, just like any other math say it in an exam. Multiple choice limitations and drawbacks. education and grades will pretty much determine what the rest of your September 2005 . TeenStuff life will be like
  3. 3. G - articles exams, which come in subjects like Biology, Chemistry and Physics, are nowhere near easy. Plus, the time given in each exam is something many people have a problem with. Training yourself to finish in the given time is itself an effort. The final drawback, and perhaps the biggest, is the percentage required for admission to a good faculty. The admissions system is unfair and discriminatory. As I said, the percentage you get depends on the number of AL’s you take. There is no limit to the number of AL’s you can take. Many students have this inexplicable urge to take as many subjects as is humanly possible. So, their percentage goes up, and universities, consequently, raise the admission requirements, which force the next students to take more subjects to meet these requirements, and so on. For example, a few years ago, the Faculty of Medicine in Alex used to accept around 108 percent but now it accepts about 114 percent (don’t ask me how they calculate it if you want to finish reading this sometime today!) This, in turn, forces students to take up to three or four AL’s, which is an incredibly difficult task to accomplish. Also, you will be forced to study subjects in Summer to be able to complete three or four AL’s. This means you will be studying for almost three years, and will not get a summer of complete freedom till you finish your three years. Many IGCSE students that were in my school and graduated told me “I wanted Medicine and couldn’t get it in Alexandria so I was forced to go to Tanta”. Those are the lucky ones, as others were sent all the way to Assuit. Not to mention the fact that all the IGCSE, American Diploma and other certificates besides ‘Thanawiya Amma’ are given only five percent of the places in the universities, whereas the other 95 percent are given to the Egyptian certificate. I realize that with all this I sound very anti-IGCSE, but I do not regret choosing it. All I wish to do is explain straightforwardly the drawbacks of it. I have taken care not to bombard you with all the benefits of it, as these will be found in ample supply in any school website or brochure. So, for those of you still planning to enter IGCSE, you have been forewarned. Anyone telling you it is easy is either an idiot or a liar, plain and simple. Those of you in your first year in IGCSE, study hard and work hard or you will regret it. Baher Ibrahim, 16
  4. 4. G - articles One young student asked her older friends how she might resist unwanted peer pressure. How can we help the next generation not to make our own mistakes? “Don’t be a wimp!” “You dress like my parents…ha, ha, ha!” “Come on! Everyone’s doing it.” “One wrong thing won’t hurt, besides, you never do anything wrong.” peer pressure: “I have had a lot of peer pressure in my life Stand Firm in what you believe in. because I am quite small and Do not allow anyone to sway you sometimes I used to get bullied. from your beliefs and values The way to sort of deal with that Remember that you have the right is not let it get to you. It can be to say No really harmful and all but you The word ‘DARE’ starts with the have to realize that you still have letter D and so does the word friends and you still have a family ‘DUMB.’ Don’t be dumb. Don’t be who support you. So, these controlled by a dare. people that pressure you into The pressure students can feel is genuine and all teens have to face How can young people resist peer it some way. Farah says, “I would pressure and resolve problems in have to say that I have very little schools and colleges? self-confidence and I’m unsure of Farah Bishouty, from the Modern myself and so everyone else English School has suggested one around me has more influence way: over me because their ideas and “You have to choose wisely. If you what they think is always on the think that people are going to top of my mind.” pressure you in to saying or doing My dear friends, we all have to things that you don’t want to do, resist external pressures. Life is a then it’s better for you just to leave big choice. You have the right to them and find people who actually choose which road you want to respect your ideas and principals.” walk along. Any decision you take will affect your prosperity and well- On the other hand, there is a being. In difficult times, cling to a positive side to peer pressure. For true friend and to your family. example, when you see others They will support you through the excelling at school, or you hear a long journey of life. friend traveling abroad to do Noha Kandil, 12, charity work, this can inspire you Modern to succeed. Wanting to be like English someone else; successful, smart, School funny, active or adventurous can be a good thing. Attempting to be a role model for your group is a very positive attitude. Unfortunately, there is a higher trying is a big you do something Life to make choice. You percentage of negative peer that you don’t want to do must have the right to choose pressure than positive. Many not be a road you want to which high priority.” people can be tempted to smoke and take drugs in their teen years walk along You can help a friend by being because they see cool images one. This means that if someone which make this acceptable. Others is smoking, you can’t stop them are dared to prove they are tough. as this is difficult - they might If you can resist smoking during think you are attacking their your teen years, which is a very privacy - but the least you could critical period, you probably will do is be their friend and support never smoke in your life. them and help them in their times Samantha Muller from the Modern of difficulties. English School Cairo states her I believe that there are three key opinion about how to deal with ways you can resist peer pressure. September 2005 . TeenStuff
  5. 5. TeenStuff . September 2005
  6. 6. the Rock and Roll Practice what you preach. Even teen writers, here at Teen Stuff have complained in the past about the music section, especially about the lack of diversity in the genres we write about, yet haven’t done anything about it. We've been getting emails about how features are often uninteresting, or how all or most of the reviews are about Pop music. At times, this is even out of our own control, since most of the album reviews are handed down to us from their respective label companies. But we’ve finally decided to take a stand and introduce something new. Aside from our new Musical Thoughts section, we have a few features in store for the coming issues, focusing mainly on less known, though quite talented, artists and bands. In this issue, due to the absence of our head writer, Amr and I have taken it upon ourselves to compile a feature about four 'under the rock' bands that are either misjudged, or completely unknown to the average music listener. Read on about these four very ear-tingling bands, give our recommended tracks a spin, and we guarantee you won't regret it! dredge: (drums), the group was performing original material with cover songs thrown in at local clubs before they had even graduated from high school. The one thing that separates dredge from other 'alternative rock' bands, aside from their habit of creating conceptual, flowing albums, is that they vividly paint a cultural picture within the music they create. Their musical abilities, desires, and many influences, blending cello, piano, xylophone, and various percussion instruments, allow them to cover all ends of the musical spectrum; everything from rock to jazz to ambient drum and bass. Their sound can never be categorized, but it has been best stated as ‘Audio Scenery.’ Dino and Mark began playing together in eighth grade, and their older band mates joined during the next few years. dredge was all over the place, music wise, at the "Is there logic to be found in every of reality, brings emotion to him beginning, starting as a "rapcore" painting and in every work of art, and causes it to be in him?" band, which is evident from their a design pleasurably acceptable to Hailing from Los Gatos, California, first two demo releases, with the intelligence, details gathered dredge (officially spelt with a nothing really known about the unerringly, in a coherent, rounded lowercase ’d’) began making music first, but the second was titled, arrangement? And is there that in the early 1990's. Comprised of Conscious. Then in 1997, the band which moves a person, stirs him Gavin Hayes (vocals/guitar), Mark set out to record an EP which was in no confined way, pervades him Engles (guitar), Drew Roulette released independently. "Our first with the serenity and discontent (bass) and Dino Campanella two recordings were written to be September 2005 . TeenStuff
  7. 7. the Rock and Roll rhythmically aggressive" Dino says. States, gaining many fans along the isn’t to be famous and make money, "We did the third one, Orph E.P., way. Leitmotif also happened to the goal for them is to be able to because we wanted to grow up the catch the ears of several record create and evolve as artists and to right way, from our roots with companies. dredge was approached connect with others who understand harmony and melody." in late 2000 by Interscope Records and appreciate their art. El Cielo "And before the sun runs out, a who offered them a contract allowing was another concept album, and journey can change the mind." them full artistic/creative control again many of the songs flowed Then Drew (bass) took a trip around over their music. The band took the continuously together. In August of the globe, and when he returned contract and went to write and create 2003 the band began writing new the band set out to the desert to new music. They demoed some material for their next record. The record another album; this one material for the label, and somehow album was completed in the spring entitled Leitmotif. With this release the songs ended up on the Internet, of 2005 and released in June with in 1999, the band offers a tasteful but were never intended to be heard. the title; Catch Without Arms. view of the musical forces that make The band at this point decided to Recommended first-time listener them so unique in a 45 minute record their album at Skywalker tracks: Of The Room - Sanzen - The recording of continuous music. The Ranch (Star Wars anybody!), and Canyon Behind her - Planting Seeds release quickly gained much then finish it up on the East coast. - Hungover on A Tuesday. recognition and received great El Cielo was released in October of reviews, while the band toured 2002, gaining them great reviews continuously all over the United and more recognition. Their goal Muse the others were pop or funk- pop, kinda Jamiroquai if you want. We knew we had no chance to win - we were not the best musicians - it was a matter of 'fitting'. So we did the best we could, we took advantage of our feeling of being 'different'. the world events of the last year and a half. It's not that we're a political band but I think it's impossible to avoid those things. I think there's a lot of apocalyptic stuff going on in a lot of the songs. While we were recording all the war (with We came on stage with Iraq) was coming out and make up all over our face, we were in the process of we were very aggressive, recording while watching we played very violently and that. The direction definitely then we broke everything took a pretty harsh change on stage. All that, to say in the middle of it all. In that the will, the attitude relation to the album it's meant a lot to us. So we come across more as a won. And I think that general fear and mistrust psychologically it changed of the people in power. It's many things in our heads. about moments of extreme Because we came to lose, fear, and a fair bit of end of we expected to lose. And the world talk." we were angry somehow. Matt also explains how it is And we had just realized at different from Showbiz and this time that we could Origin of Symmetry, their replace lots of things. We last two albums. "In the realized that emotion, the past I was layering guitars vibrations that you create quite a lot but this time I are as important as your wanted to get just one technical skills. We had just guitar part to stand out and discovered something: be just perfect. On the last music is a matter of album, Origin of Symmetry, emotion. Rocket Baby Dolls for example, on songs like was then renamed Muse. Citizen Erased or Micro Cuts, "It's about moments of I did a lot of multiple guitar extreme fear..." parts. But when I went to Their newest album, do it live, I actually found "Music is a matter of came when Matt, Dom Absolution, was going to be myself simplifying the guitar emotion." and Chris formed a band uplifting, but then the US parts and found that the English in origin, Muse named Rocket Baby Dolls and the UK went to fight simple parts were much consists of Matthew and entered a ‘battle of Iraq in the Gulf and more effective and much Bellamy (vocalist, the bands’ competition. "I everything changed. "In more powerful sounding. So guitarist, and pianist), remember the first real terms of general context," in making this album, Chris Wolstenholme (bass concert we ever made was says Matt "The world has instead of recording the guitarist) and Dominic for a band competition," changed in the last year, songs in layers, I was Howard (drummer). The says Matt "We were the beginnings of the band only real rock band; all September 2005 . TeenStuff
  8. 8. the Rock and Roll actually working on the parts a lot more before I recorded them." "It's about showing people that there are things inside buried that should be exposed, and having no shame about them." 2004 was full of drama for Muse. A live show in Glastonbury was marred by tragedy as just hours after coming off, Dom’s father died of a heart attack after seeing his son play live. "It was the biggest feeling of achievement we've ever had after coming offstage", Bellamy says. "It was almost surreal that an hour later his dad died. It was almost not believable. We spent about a week sort of just with Dom trying to support him. I think he was happy that at least his dad got to see him at probably what was the finest moment so far of the band's life." Muse's future still seems to be full of creativity, as they plan to record their fourth album after taking some time off with family and friends. "For me", Matt says, "Muse is about getting the hopes, dreams, desires, frustrations out of your system that you wouldn't normally be able to do. It's about showing people that there are things inside buried that should be exposed, and having no shame about them. We can communicate no matter the environment." Recommended first-time listener tracks: Plug In Baby - Muscle Museum - Dead Star - Sing For Absolution - Showbiz - Stockholm Syndrome - The Small Print. Korn: meningitis. 1998 was the year that 2001 and entered the studio for their witnessed the bands best selling LP, next album. Follow the Leader. Their next studio album was While recording the album the band Untouchables (2002)that included the made national headlines when a student songs. Here to stay and Alone I break. The album was followed by ‘’Take a look in Zeeland, MI, was suspended for in the mirror’’ there 6th studio album wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the released in 2003, includes the hit single group's logo; the school's principal later Did My Time, the song was taken as the declared their music "indecent, vulgar sound track for the movie Tomb Raider. and obscene," prompting the band to Same year the band also, covered the issue a cease-and-desist order. song one of Metallica, the song was Their annual ‘Family Values Tour’ also played at MTvIcon Metallica. started in 1998, featuring a lineup that Greatest hits Vol. 1 2004 the bands latest releases includes there best consisted of Korn collaborators such as recorded tracks over the years form Limp Bizkit and Ice Cube and likeminded Korn till Take a look in the mirror also, artists such as Rammstein. The tour the band cover the three parts song of was an enormous success, so much so Pink Floyd Another Brick in Wall, also that it continued on with Korn overseeing the band recorded a video for the three ‘’Musical revolutions can foment in the the lineup for years after. part songs. korn filmed the video live oddest places: Athens, Georgia; A Year after 1999, the band released at st.louis on the ‘’Projekt revolution’ Aberdeen, Washington; Bakersfield, there fourth studio album, Issues. The tour this summer. California’’. band went on tour for there new album The band latest news: Korn has parted ways with guitarist Brian ‘’head’’ Welch Bakersfield…that was it, a bleak, arid but unfortunately their efforts were cut chosing another religious path. Korn little town. short by an injury that took out drummer respects brain wishes and hopes that Korn began its existence as the David Silveria. Instead of canceling there he finds happiness in what he’s searching Bakersfield, CA-based metal band LAPD, tour they hired former Faith No More for. Jonathan, Fieldy, James and David which included guitarists James ‘Munky’ drummer Mike Bordin to help them finish are personally closer than ever and Shaffer, Brian ‘Head’ Welch, bassist the remaining shows, and took a short currently in the studio for their 8th Reginald ‘Fieldy Snuts’, Arvizu, and rest before joining a summer tour with record. The record is due to be released drummer David Silveria. After issuing Metallica, Kid Rock, Powerman 5000, this coming September. Recommended Tracks: Freak on a Leash an LP, the members of LAPD in 1993 and System of a Down; one of there - Make Me Bad - Alone I Break - Here crossed paths with a troubled past best tours ever. to Stay – Blind. named Davis, the lead vocalist for the Hope you enjoyed our new section local group Sexart soon after asking Silveria made his return once again but ‘’Under the Rock’’ (and Roll), that Jonathan to join the band. The band rumors were spreading of leaving the features bands that you know and bands found a name for there new lineup with band for a fashion career, but these that you don’t know. So keep on check’ Davis ‘Korn.’ Korn was a combination were merely stemming from some in our new section, till now rock on m/. of two bands: Sexart and LAPD. They modeling work he had done before his all had common influences - the angry, injury. Fieldy released a ‘gangsta’ rap album and Davis scored the film Queen Written by: Amr Reda, 20 urban styling of hip-hop, the heavy, riff- of the Damned in the meantime, but driven angst of death metal. Mohamed Maged, 19 the band resurfaced as a unit toward Compiled by: Together the band signed there first the end of recording label, Epic's Immortal Imprint.’ Amr Reda, 20 After signing, the band issued there debut album in late 1994 that carried the band name Korn. The album raised the charts and went gold. The band tour schedule included stints opening by Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth, Marilyn Manson, and 311. Two years Sources: later (1996) the band released there second studio album, Life Is Peachy. Muse-official The album was even a more immediate dredge-official smash, reaching the number three Guitarist Magazine spot on the pop album charts. The Q Magazine following summer the band was the Herald Sun Newspaper forced to drop off the tour when Shaffer was diagnosed with viral September 2005 . TeenStuff
  9. 9. TV’s Dark Angel Grows Full Wings By Ahmed Raafat If you’d have asked anyone about the name Jessica Alba some two or three years ago, you’d have probably gotten the same obvious answer- it must be someone associated to that Swiss watch brand in one way or another. The fact is that before this summer movie season kicked off, she was an obscure name that would only be heard in sci-fi conventions, and that’s it. Now, she’s cemented a solid reputation as the hottest up and coming on the scene, as we’re treated to a double dose of goodness from Jessica Alba, who takes the female lead in two of this summer’s biggest blockbusters: as Nancy Callahan, she is the heart of Robert Rodriguez’s murky world of Sin City, the big screen adaptation of Frank Miller’s critically acclaimed comic book noir, and as Sue Storm, AKA The Invisible Woman, she is the maternal instinct of superhero team the Fantastic Four, in yet another big screen adaptation of the long running Marvel comic book series. So it’s fair enough to say that it’s near impossible to avoid Jessica Alba this summer. commercials for Nintendo and J.C. Penney followed, But we can’t imagine why anyone would want to and at the age of 15, Alba relocated to Australia as anyway. Once known to the world as James she was signed as a regular in a revamp of the Cameron’s Dark Angel in Fox’s short-lived TV sci-fi dolphin-friendly family TV series, Flipper. series, Alba, with party-size lips, soulful brown eyes, a sizzling diamond smile, unflappable sassiness and A growth spurt in all the right places ensured that dark beauty, has overnight become an object of Alba gracefully made the transition from child starlet fantasy for male movie-goers. But it’s not all looks to adult stardom, and a couple of guest appearances for Alba, and behind that pretty face and taut body in television serials and supporting turns in Never lies talent that begs to be taken seriously. Been Kissed and Idle Hands didn’t harm either. And while Alba’s career wasn’t descending into anything Born in Pomona, California, on April 28, 1981, Jessica worse, as it is the case with most child stars, it Alba was literally dragged across country as her wasn’t moving forward into anything better either, father, an air force officer, traveled from one area and Alba was desperate for a career boost. Then to another. In love with the idea of becoming an came James Cameron with a chance of a lifetime. actress from the tender age of five, she was 12 Fresh from Titanic, Cameron offered Alba the titular before she took her first acting class. Nine months role in his first TV effort, a sci-fi feature pitched as later, Alba was signed by an agent, and made her an urban youth ensemble drama, a hip-hop Jump debut in the 1993 kids movie Camp Nowhere. Street sort of thing, with transgenics- genetically Originally hired for two weeks, she replaced a enhanced humans engineered to break hell loose. principal actress when the latter suddenly dropped out. Jessica cheerfully admits it wasn't her prodigious Alba, as it happens, is something of a genetics talent or charm that inspired the director to tap her experiment all her own. Part Spanish, part Danish, to take over the part--it was her hair, which matched part Canadian, and part Italian, she isn't exactly the original performer's. The two-week job stretched the blue-eyed Aryan that usually gets cloned on sci- to two months, and Jessica ended the film with an fi shows. Which is precisely what Cameron and show impressive first credit. Two national television producer Eglee wanted. "The Nazis had it all wrong," September 2005 . TeenStuff
  10. 10. says Eglee. "If you're really going to assemble the best of humanity, why not cross the whole genetic spectrum? So that's what we were looking for. We wanted someone with a transgenic look, but who was also a good enough actress to carry an entire show." Cameron spent more than a year scouring casting agencies and college campuses, auditioning close to a thousand actresses before Alba's video ended up on Cameron's TV monitor. And even then it wasn't love at fist sight. "She didn't look that beautiful to me when I first saw her on tape," Cameron says. "She wasn't the ravishing beauty we now know her to be. And she wasn't particularly physically fit. But there was something about her-an attitude, a sass-that made me keep thinking of her." Eventually Alba landed the role of the leather-clad, biker-chick Max Guevara, a transgenic runaway who fights an oppressive state in a 2019 post-apocalypse, Pacific Northwest together with a colorful array of characters, who have clearly been molded carefully to cover every demographic. The show was an immediate hit, and Alba’s career was elevated to new heights. But despite the show’s sheer popularity, it was cancelled after a meager two seasons only to be replaced with Joss Whedon’s Firefly, and, Alba was out of work again. Trying to capitalize on her streetwise attitude, and the urban persona that the fans now identified with, Honey was an unremarkable attempt at an urban, hip- hop Flash Dance. The unfeasibly gorgeous brunette then decided to dye her hair blonde and realized that not only do blondes have more fun; they get better roles too. According to director Robert Rodriguez and writer Frank Miller, Nancy Callahan is arguably the most important character in their gore fiesta Sin City. Listen to the dynamic duo talking about Nancy and words like ‘angel’, ‘innocent’ and ‘hope’ will probably pop up every three seconds, which if shows anything, it is that the role of Nancy Callahan is quite different from any of Alba’s earlier roles, a thing that gave Alba a hard time trying to get the part. ‘It wasn't easy,’ says Alba. ‘For a lot of other people it was, "Please come and be in my movie". With me, it was, "Oh, really? Jessica? For Nancy? Does she want to do that? Can she do that?" I had to go and fight for it, because I've never played anything so sweet and innocent; I always play girls who are a bit more brassy and tough and kick-ass.’ Even Alba herself had doubts of whether she wanted to shake off her young girl image and cultivate a more mature one taking up a role as complicated as Nancy. So, she might symbolize innocence in the filthy world of Basin city, but she’s also an exotic dancer who’s in love with an older man she’s met when she was only 11. ‘I don't know. Honestly, I change my mind so much and you grow so much, I'm really young, 22, and in five years, my idea of what I want to do and not do may change,’ Alba explains. Alba’s other movie for 2005 was yet another big screen adaptation of a famous comic book, this time the Fantastic Four, Marvel’s long running series about a family of superheroes. In Fantastic Four, Alba plays Sue Storm, a once- scientist-turned-superhero after exposure to solar radiation which left her with the power to become invisible. She also serves as a love interest to the team’s leader, Dr. Reed Richards, AKA Mr. Fantastic, and the older sister of Johnny Storm, AKA the Human Torch. The decision to cast Alba as Sue Storm somewhat enthralled the fans at first, because of Alba’s ethnic origins, and even blue contacts and a skin tight suit couldn’t change that much. ‘I expected them to boo me, because of the whole Latin thing,’ explains Alba, ‘I thought they were going to hate me, and they were nice. I do what I do for a living for the fans. I don't do it because I'm excited about being famous, or because I like to watch myself on screen. I don't believe I'm any better, or special, or any of that. I truly do it because somebody can have a good time and escape their life and fantasize. That's why I go to movies, to escape my reality and go into someone else's world for an hour and a half.’ Next for Alba is Into The Blue, which we should be queuing for already if Alba’s synopsis was any accurate. ‘It’s Blue Crush meets The Fast and The Furious. Just go with no expectations, have a good sugar rush and watch a lot of pretty pictures.’ Pretty pictures, we are sure getting a heap load of that. TV’s Dark Angel Grows Full Wings TeenStuff . September 2005
  11. 11. A Scene Through Three Different Screens found great difficulty in entering the museum and conducting the survey there. After a series of arguments and finally getting permission, it all ended up by the fact that we, first, have to take permission from the State Security to conduct our survey and we were actually kicked out!! Now, I guess you are all ready to read this survey that subjected us to this bad experience. Knocking the Doors Starting up, the opening question was, “If you were given the chance to live abroad, would you go for it?" Half of the teens interviewed (50%) chose to live abroad if they were given a real chance there. Others preferred to stay for the sake of their parents and families. The rest, simply, said ‘No.’ Half of the teens interviewed (50%) chose to live abroad if they were These questions led to endless discussions and talks, it was like everyone had something on their mind and given a real chance there wanted to express it frankly. The Social Club thought of sharing the idea with teens and youth out there so as to reflect the clear image on a wider screen! We divided ourselves into two groups. A group went to We were hoping to meet anyone to tell us, "I'd City Stars and the other group went to El Tahrir Square stay because this is my country and I can't live since we were looking for a diversity in age groups and anywhere else" but, unfortunately, we didn't. classes. The latter went to AUC first and then to the Egyptian In addition to all the situations that we faced in Museum. It's worth mentioning that the second group the process of conducting this survey the most September 2005 . TeenStuff
  12. 12. most of the new regulations. This also hilarious one were the answers that were so clearly shows how contradicting. Egyptians no longer Well, the question was, “What major problems are feel the brotherhood we facing as a society and who do you think is between them as dictionary. And the second one is that responsible, the government or the community?” citizens, as some some Egyptians take their full rights classes in our society and others don't enjoy these rights, We never knew what hit us! We were dumbfounded deny the right for maybe because they have no idea who by the diversity of the responses. None of the others to live a they are. answers focused on a single problem, every body better life. People stated a very different answer from the other, none of them agreed on one thing! Don't you think it's feel that they are not in their homeland as Firm Vs Firmer Regulations a little bit weird that out of the 60 or more people they see foreigners As we said before, more regulations we asked none of them had the same answer to are treated better negatively affect poor, helpless citizens. the problems we are facing as a society? Population, than them. Besides, So what can we do to overcome employment, prices, ethics, no regulations etc… We the government negative things in Egypt? As we all see can go on forever about the answers we got. The offers them security we don't need more regulations as we real fix is this, about 95% thought that the one more than it does to have many laws already existing but responsible for all problems is the government Now that is hilarious! The government may be responsible but hey! So are we…we can't just blame every single When you throw paper problem we are facing as a society on the government. When you throw paper on the street, or break the speed limit on the road, this is a choice! Now, all that was just an intro to what we were about to face. on the street, or break “Do you consider yourself a dedicated citizen? And do you think we lack the spirit to make Egypt better?” the speed limit on the I expected the answers to these two simple (or so I thought) questions to be at least related, but little did I know. Most of those who answered said that road, this is a choice! they all considered themselves dedicated but some how they also said that they lack the spirit!! For Egyptians. Through where are, the executive authorities in me, this survey helped me realize something I didn't our survey we found all this? Careless behavior of some see at first; we have no idea what we want, every a bit over 35% of citizens is a result of the absence of body wants something different and we rarely agree the people say that strong executive authorities. Why don't on anything! Egypt, as a we have a direct path of discussion government and between the government and all the community, doesn't Fighting on Both Fronts respect the rights of citizens? This path will regain the mutual trust and respect that we all lack. This Egyptians and a bit path will also help in stating the rights over 33% of them of citizens and the rights towards our Many of us are calling for change in each and every say that rights are area of our life. One of the main changes needed country in order to change the attitude respected to some of Egyptians. Making a new way for is giving more rights to citizens. Talking about rights extent which gives reminds us of a big question mark which is, "Are favoritism will help a lot in executing us two different the composed laws. In our survey one our current rights as Egyptians respected by the conclusions. First of government and the community?" half of the people divided agreed to them is that some apply firm and strict regulations but Looking to life around us we found many rights are respected circumstances related to this subject. One of the the other half totally disagreed as we and other rights already have the laws but we lack solid examples is that poor, helpless citizens are the don't really exist in ones who always suffer from the consequences of strong and strict executive authority the Egyptian which will help a lot in getting the people accustomed to the regulations from the beginning. The Bigger Dilemma "The mutual mistrust between the government and the community is the www.teenstuff biggest problem in Egypt; it's the most dangerous disease that can affect a country. Each of them blames the other for any problem" That was one of the replies we got when asked, ”to what extent do you trust the government talk?” It was shocking to know that more than ninety percent of youth lack that trust. Maybe because people are fed up with promises and optimistic visions of the reality they are living in. At the time people want to know the truth, they find an extreme contradiction between what they read in the National newspapers on one side and the opposition newspapers on the www.teenstuff other side. The same applies to our National TV channels compared with other satellite channels. People simply TeenStuff .September 2005 . 59
  13. 13. The mutual mistrust between the government and the community is the biggest problem in Egypt; it's the most dangerous disease that can affect a country find themselves lost between two we still do have the Egyptian spirit. loving and caring about each other. extremes, not knowing which to To our surprise, many focused on It always happens that Egyptians believe. That brought us to ask about the fact that Egyptians are the can't produce good team work; we the improvements the people felt in kindest, friendliest, and funniest and, prefer more individual work. We keep the last few years. Approximately above all, the most welcoming people criticizing each other all the time not 70% replied that there were no great you'd ever meet around the world. knowing that this way we are losing improvements; the rest believed that Moreover, they added the fact that our cooperative spirit altogether. there were some important National Egypt is a secure country and has Ending up, we asked everyone about projects like Toshka, tax laws and charming weather in winter. Others his predictions for Egypt after twenty above all, a more Democratic focused on places like Sharm El years. atmosphere. Moreover, they added Sheikh and Hurghada alongside other We got very discouraging answers; projects such as bridges and malls. natural places like Siwa Oasis and only 30% said that we will be better. The answers for this question Egyptian rural life. It's a fact that reflected two main points. The first Egypt is rich, maybe the richest in Away From Home: Egyptians Living its old monuments and ancient places Abroad Many of us are but we still have other unique things to offer. According to the CIA Fact Book, calling for change Stepping Up to the Better nearly five million Egyptians are living abroad. Since this number is in each and every We tried to inquire about the first very large, we have decided to conduct a survey directed towards area of our life step that should be taken to make Egypt better. We got a variety of those five million. Even though many of them tend to lose their Egyptian answers, some said education while identity overtime, on average, they others said democracy. Here, we visit Egypt once a year. is that not all people are aware of reached a, somewhat, stopping point. what improvements are done in our How can teens and youth conclude country. The second one is that no Many Egyptians living abroad are that the first step is democracy while among the educated class and are one can deny that we are improving the majority of them don't participate day after day but the thing that really used to living in First World in any activity related to political life! Democratic nations. Thus, they can counts is the rate we are improving We aren't criticizing more than by. easily point out major problems, stating the fact. Maybe the media here in Egypt, that are seen on a or the educational background made daily basis. These problems, as we Smelling the Charming us either careless or preferring not all know, include traffic, Egyptian Scent to participate in any of these overpopulation, and pollution. Based activities. on the survey, some added that Egypt is not only the great past with Another question that really bothered peoples’ manners are deteriorating its ‘Pharonic’ scent but, for us, it is us was, “What things should be which makes them harder to deal both the present and the future. changed in our lifestyle as Egyptian with. Moreover, a very common issue That was what we were trying to teens?” found worldwide is that actors and prove by asking the people we Many teens said we must be less singers are more respected than surveyed, “What would you say to Westernized and stop blindly postmen and laborers, although, convince a tourist to visit Egypt imitating the West all the time. We they put all their effort into without mentioning any historical have no other choice than being contributing to their country. places?” ourselves and we must have the full About 75% of the answers were confidence in our Egyptian traditions. But who is to blame?! Is the really encouraging and showed that In addition, we must try to be more government responsible? Or is it the September 2005 . TeenStuff
  14. 14. community? According to our survey said 10, and 20% said 8. about coming to results, the majority of Egyptians Egypt. They living abroad believe it is both the Sometimes we wonder why believe that government and the community’s immigrants leave the country and Egypt’s history and responsibility, while a minority put if they would ever want to come landscape is the blame solely on the government. home. Well, people mostly leave for absolutely f job opportunities. Most of them say that ascinating and amazing, which Egyptians no longer they would return if the overall condition should make us all proud. feel the brotherhood of Egypt is better. But, as the saying goes, ‘Once you have drunk The Top Funniest Answers between them as from the Nile, you will return.’ We'd like to share with you the funniest answers we heard about citizens In the Eyes of a some of our questions. We never imagined that we'll get such answers out of the blue! In order to solve the problems that Stranger. What are the things we should Egyptians are facing, we need to decide, what is the first step that (Foreigners) change in our lifestyle as Egyptians? should be taken to improve towards Finally, the last part of the survey Our names!! a better and brighter future? The was to ask non-Egyptians about majority of people surveyed under what they think of Egypt. These If you were given the chance to this category are convinced that foreigners included people from the live abroad, would you go for with better education, youth would Middle East, Canada, and USA. 40% it? have a wider range of general of these foreigners have visited Denmark knowledge. With knowledge, we Egypt, while the remaining 60% would have the power to do have not although they would love Do you trust the government anything we wish for. to. One of the people surveyed said, words? Why? “I want to visit Egypt for the history No. See the history! After observing the attitudes of of it and to compare the differences many Egyptians, one can conclude between how I (representing If you are trying to convince a that our Egyptian society lacks the Americans) perceive it and the foreigner to visit Egypt, what sense of patriotism. How often do actual reality of it.” would you you hear anyone say “I’m proud to say? (Excluding any historical be Egyptian”? Hardly ever! Most When asked about what they think sites... etc) people gain their patriotism only when they first meet an Egyptian, Stay there, and take me with you! after leaving the country and feeling most of the ones surveyed believe that it is unfair to judge Would you ever want to come people based on live in Egypt? Why? (to a appearance or race, but foreigner) rather get to know that No, because my girlfriend is there. Some Egyptians take their person and have a full understanding of their full rights and others don't background and culture, instead of bias Reaching the Core enjoy these rights, maybe judgment. Last but not least, we had to say that we wrote this article out of our because they have no idea As we have asked other great and true love to our country Egypt. It was out of the complete who they are people, we have asked non-Egyptians for their perception of what Egypt really perspective on how we, means to all of us. We decided to as Egyptians, should take the initiative to make it better change for a better and and to focus on both the negative brighter future. and positive points. We thought that Although many would it's our role that pushes our pens not respond since they to write about this thorny issue in are not well-informed the democratic atmosphere that enough, an interesting we're enjoying nowadays. response that was given by a Canadian was that Written by: we should drive better!! Alaa Jalal, 19 I wonder how she knew Injy Yehia, 20 about that. Another Kareem Abd El Moniem, 21 foreigner said that we Noha Samara, 21 need to be happier. Raghda Salama, 15 However, the most Rasha El Komy, 20 important response that every Egyptian citizen should take as a piece Compiled by: of advice is, Noha Samara “Remembering the past, Head of the Social Club while embracing the future. A lot of older Special Thanks to: countries tend to strive for one.” Dina El Sebaie, 20 homesick. In our survey, we asked Noha El Nahal, 21 a number of Egyptians who have As a final and closing question, we Shady Sadat, 21 immigrated to state their level of asked the foreigners, “Would you patriotism on a scale of 1 - 10, ever want to come live in Egypt and Illustration by: where 10 is the most, and 1 is the why?” Adnan Hesham least. According to our results, 80% The majority are very enthusiastic TeenStuff . September 2005
  15. 15. Exclusive Interview The Nile FM crew go on trial! So, are they guilty? Read on to find out what these four very different personalities are up to in court! Simon: A lot! Bigger Simon: Nodding competitions, more his head concerts, more chances vigorously, “Yes, to meet their favorite yep, yeah celebrities, more definitely, for chances to travel and sure, guess what, with all absolutely...” I that going on, we’ll still had to cut him off First off, I started with the big be delivering the best and say ‘got it’ kahoona...the one and only, Simon new music and fresh otherwise, he Ramsdon. young talents out would have said there! Hahaha...but I yes in every MOE: “Do you swear to tell the think Cairo and the known language. truth, the whole truth, and nothing rest of the world can but the truth?” I asked, standing handle it, don’t you? MOE: What do you up as tall and scary looking as I I just nodded like about Egypt? could. wondering what Simon: The Simon: “Yeah, sure why not?” he would happen if I diversity, it’s a very asked in that relaxed tone of his. asked for some free diverse country; it’s I smiled and relaxed...this could tickets. a country full of actually go smoothly, I thought. MOE: What about many stories. It’s a MOE: “So, Mr. Simon...”I was cut new additions to the country that takes off...Simon raised his hand into Nile FM crew, you everywhere! He my face! anything stirring up said that with the Simon: “Objection!” he yelled out. there? music in the “Just call me Simon,” he said with Simon: There is a background that a smile… Wow! Was that smooth big possibility of made me crack up or what! taking on two or and fall over MOE: OK, Simon, you’re the boss, more people, laughing...I actually but does that mean that what you possibly local fell down on my back, say goes? talents. My and laughed for a few Simon: “Well.” A smirk appeared eyebrow shot up... seconds before on his face. “Within reason, you maybe I had a regaining control of see, I’m always open to shot! myself and wiping the suggestions from within and MOE: Radio, radio, tears from my eyes. outside the team...fehemt?” I radio. Is working MOE: What don’t you nodded still on my best behavior. in the radio like about Egypt? MOE: So, what can the listeners industry all you Simon: Not a lot. The expect from the Nile FM in the ever wanted to traffic and people near future? do? always trying to cheat September 2005 . TeenStuff
  16. 16. you out of your memory! And a few other little Rob: It wasn’t me I swear! he squeaked. things that don’t deserve MOE: Did you or did you not let the horse out of even mentioning. its stable? Remember, you are under oath! MOE: In three words After biting at his nails, shaking and sweating he express how you feel confessed. about Nile FM in Egypt. Rob: I did! You see, i had a vision in the night Simon: Excited, weary as from beings from a far off planet. I think it was in ...ya3ny, and Pluto, I can’t remember, but they optimistic. made me do it! They teleported MOE: How would you these little things into my head which enabled me to read the horses describe yourself? Simon: I like to think that thoughts, and the horse screamed, ‘Out let me out!’ You see, the poor BiG MoE I’m caring. I like to give people chances I never thing was allergic to hay; I can’t help had when I was young myself! MOE: So, is our Simon Ramsdon in love? MOE: Tell me Rob, what is it you Simon: Blushing and really miss about the UK? biting his lips; “There is Rob: Family, seeing my little sister's a sweetheart.” baby growing up, the convenience MOE: “Simon, I’ll say a of buying things I really need; things word and you have to say I can’t buy here. He said this with the first thing that pops the weirdest grin I’ve ever seen! I into your head.” He nods. miss clubbing all night long to the bark of dawn. I miss Birmingham, Nile FM = funny my home town. Love = confusing MOE: What do you dislike about Music = exciting Egypt? Rob: Cruelty to animals I guess. Did Radio = passion Cow = milk Check you see those starving donkeys Studio = knobs (I burst Me getting smacked with huge sticks? That really gets the kettle boiling, out laughing when he said that) Out! that does! Egypt = complex MOE: Tell me something about you; UK = crowded something you’ve kept to yourself Lou = good hearted and not bothered telling people. Rob = kind Rob: I'm alone, very lonely, I'm Alison = ambitious single, I hate being single. Can you Nat = funny put my mobile number in Teen Stuff? Tom = complex On second thought, I better not, I'll Heba = sweet get shouted at! Saffy = hungry MOE: What have you learnt since Moe = down to earth coming to work at Nile FM? Rob: I haven't learnt anything new Simon then had to get on I guess. Maybe I did learn how to live and adapt air, grabbed Rob shoved to Egypt, oh yeah, tolerance, I learnt how to have him into his little office, a lot of tolerance. shut the door and eyed MOE: “Rob, I’ll say a word, and you have to say him. He sat looking up at the first thing that pops into your head.” He nods. Rob me. Nile FM = moment of silence then he bursts into laughter. It's cool Love = being with someone you care about Exclusive Interview Music = passion Radio = his leg now bobbing up and down. Exciting Cow = milk Studio = cockpit Egypt = smoking UK = beautiful but cold Exclusive Lou = caring and funny Alison = funny and bubbly Nat = confident and knows what she wants out of life Interview Tom = talkative, and very ambitious Heba = loud and great fun to be with Saffy = he is a small young dude Simon = mad Moe = one cool dude MOE: Rob one last question; can you see yourself working with Nile FM? Rob: “No. you see Moe, there is always someone out there trying to get into your shoes, in radio nothing lasts forever but for the music.” Well said. TeenStuff . September 2005
  17. 17. Up next on the stand was Alison Espirit! That was that…and then I caught a glimpse MOE: “Remember Alison, you’ve been sworn under of Natalie Carney trying to make an oath that means you can't lie.” She grins eating her escape…oh no…she wasn't going to get Pringles and nods. away. MOE: OK…there’s something in Ali that everyone likes, whether it be your sense of humor, or how MOE: So you thought of getting away! easy going you are…but what do you like about you? Did you or did you not steal Alison's pen? Ali: “My humor.” Then she bursts into laughter for Natalie: “Probably did…I stole something no apparent reason…OK! else too,” she said, with a smirk which MOE: If you could be something other than a radio made me go through my stuff fearing presenter, what would you be? she had robbed me…but no, everything Ali: “A music producer, oh yeah, definitely!” Just for the record, hehehe…is what followed; she kept was in its place. giggling all the way through the interrogation. Other Moe: Are you a real blond? than working in the music industry, a plus sized Natalie: I'm a dirty blond. OK…if you say model, as to represent all the big sized women out so… That's why I sometimes I dye my there. Isn’t she just the sweetest thing around?! hair a lighter shade. MOE: What don't you like about Egypt? MOE: What's your personality like? Ali: People ripping you off. In my opinion, that really Natalie: “That depends on whether I'm lets the country down. in Mohandeseen or Maadi.” Fair enough. MOE: What do you like? MOE: What's the weirdest call you ever Ali: Kooshary! The people here and the sunshine got? come second to kooshary that's for sure! Bursts out Natalie: “There is that rude one, and into laughing fit, and so do I! some guy who said he recorded MOE: Simon’s the boss, but does everyone do what everything I’ve ever said on radio, and he tells them to do? then all he does is play back my voice; Ali: “No! Of course not! Simon has no power over some people may think it's nice, but I us.” Laughs a little and has that big childish grin. think it's weird!” I agree. “Don't tell me him I said that though, OK Moe?” MOE: What would you want to be other MOE: Sure thing! My lips are sealed…. and my fingers are crossed…hehehe…who's laughing now! than a radio presenter? MOE: What’s the most annoying call you ever got? Natalie: “A war correspondent for the Ali: This really rude guy; very, very rude guy who BBC.” That knocked me off the seat calls all of us, I think he needs some mental help MOE: A question off the record - what if you know what I mean…he’s just rude and very do you think of a stud like me? weird! Natalie: Give it five years and you can MOE: “What's the most memorable call you got, leave your number at the door, and besides me calling you?” Cheeky little guy, aren't I? maybe cause your Lebanese, you can Ali: This really nice 40 year old gentleman, who scratch a couple of years off making called up and sang on karaoke night even though that three years…I'm not complaining! he didn't like today’s style of music. He joined cause MOE: What do you love about Egypt? he really liked the show and Natalie: The friendships, the weather the way it was presented, and the opportunities. that meant a great deal to MOE: What don't you like about Egypt? me. Natalie: Taxi horns and people staring at me all the time…you're MOE: So, what do you think doing it now! She pokes me in the eye and I fall off the table! of a cute 19 year old six foot Help! Natalie is attacking me. She does a body dive and her tall, handsome guy like me? Ali: Too young for me, but elbow crashes down on my chest breaking a few ribs in the very cute. process! Just joking. MOE: OK…ask me a question MOE: What do you miss about Canada? you want to know the answer Natalie: The fresh air in general and rocky mountains. to MOE: Tell me something no one knows about you. Ali: Can I have the necklace Natalie: Only those really close know this; my family and now you're wearing? all the Teen Stuff readers, I have a very low self- esteem; and MOE: “Hell no!” I screamed oh! In my past life, I was Marlin Monroe! out! Then, politely gave the MOE: “Nat, I’ll say a word, and you have to say the first thing necklace to Alison. Simon that pops into your head.” She nods. was behind us screaming, Nile FM = desert and tomato sauce “Oh Alison how mean! I knew Love = journalism and Lebanese guys. She winks and I wink you were going to ask that!” back. MOE: “Alison, I’ll say a word, Music = guitar and chocolate chips and you have to say the first Radio = polar bear fur thing that pops into your Cow = chicken and a girl I knew back in high school head.” She nods. Egypt = happiness Nile FM = fantastic Love = complicated Simon= spiritual Music = wicked Alison = happy and giggly Radio = fun Rob = tall and hilarious Cow = moOoO Tom = the never ending story and oranges Studio = technical Moe = Lebanese Egypt = cultural UK = cold And that was that. The Nile FM crew were found guilty of being great presenters! Alison Simon = funny Moe = very talented… Interviewed and written by: hehehe… Mohamed El Fadel, 19 AKA BiG MoE September 2005 . TeenStuff
  18. 18. Emmy Tarek, 18 September 2005 . TeenStuff
  19. 19. Open Letter Prose Friendship You sit there like you're perfect. Well, you're not. You think that you have something that no one else has got. You act like the queen of the world but you're like any other girl. Why are you such a show-off? No one really even cares. Why did I get stuck with you when the teacher put us in pairs? Yes, I'm stuck with you, how can this be? Did the teacher have to do this? Put you in a group with me? But I'm finding out more about you than I ever thought I knew; whose mind I never knew. I guess that old saying's true; “there's more than meets the eye.” Now I know that you have as much troubles as I. So, in the Friendship begins with than many people will inside there's as much as there meeting someone along ever know." the path of life, is to me as you I have one thing someone you get to Friendship is “two left to say; I'm sorry that I judged know and gradually get hearts that share and you. to know even better. which are able to say You discover what a joy things no outsiders ever Marybeth, 13 it is to spend your could. It's an inner door moments with this that only a friend has person. the key to.” It's nice the way the Friendship is a gift good feelings remain, continually giving the happiness lasts and happiness, it’s strong the memories you make and supportive, and few start to turn into some things in the entire of your favorite world will ever compare treasures. with the joy that comes Friendship is “two paths from its wonderful bond. converging on the way Friendship is "the only to the same beautiful thing that everyone view." must cherish all his life, Friendship is walking because it’s something the way together. that every person can Friendship is “opening always count on. up to one another, sharing thoughts and So please guys, if you feelings in a way that find real friendship, never felt very don’t ever lose it or let comfortable before. It's it go. a complete trust, sweetened with a lot From: Reham Sabry more understanding To: Amira Hussein and communication