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  2. 2. ‫ﻃﺒﻘﺎ ﻟﻘﻮﺍﻧﲔ ﺍﳌﻠﻜﻴﺔ ﺍﻟﻔﻜﺮﻳﺔ‬ ‫א‬ ‫א‬ ‫א‬ ‫.‬ ‫אא‬ ‫א‬ ‫)ﻋـﱪ ﺍﻻﻧﱰﻧـﺖ ﺃﻭ‬ ‫א‬ ‫אא‬ ‫ﻟﻠﻤﻜﺘﺒــﺎﺕ ﺍﻻﻟﻜﱰﻭﻧﻴــﺔ ﺃﻭ ﺍﻷﻗــﺮﺍﺹ ﺍﳌﺪﳎــﺔ ﺃﻭ ﺍﻯ‬ ‫א‬ ‫ﻭﺳﻴﻠﺔ ﺃﺧﺮﻯ (‬ ‫א‬ ‫א‬ ‫.‬ ‫.‬ ‫א א‬
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  4. 4. My Dream to Be a Writer Can I Join You? Dear Teen Stuff, I am very glad that there is a wonderful magazine in Egypt like Teen Stuff because it really helps Dear Teen Stuff, My name is Omar, 16 years old, and I am enrolled at teenagers with their problems and can be a friend The International School of Choueifat. I would like to to them when they haven't got one. It speaks contribute to Teen Stuff magazine with pieces of creative about many interesting things and different things writing, or get involved in any of the other sections of too. the magazine. My aim is to be in continuous contact I just want to thank Manal el Mahdy for her brilliant with you and to send articles or poems on a regular idea to create a very good magazine by letting basis. This is so that I can gain experience by working teens to write in it. for a well-reputed magazine. I assure you that there Thank you very much and I hope I can be a part are no problems with my English language skills, and of the group of Teen Stuff because it is my dream creative writing is a hobby of mine. I wrote several to be a writer. poems and short stories and will continue to develop Amira Sherif this hobby of mine if I find that they are successful. Besides creative writing, I would like to volunteer for Dear Amira, any of the sections. If there are any vacant positions On behalf of Mrs. Manal El Mahday I would please notify me. I will send samples of my writings like to thank you for your nice feedback. I upon receiving a response from you. Your response also want you to know that Teen Stuff might will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. be giving the chance t o all of you teens to Best regards, write your thoughts down but it is you who Omar Sabry really help each other when you hold the pen Dear Omar . and share your feelings and experiences with It was a great pleasure reading your email other teens. If your dream is to be a writer because it makes us really happy to see teens then it is about time to take some action, such s yourself willing to take a step towards send us your articles and we would be happy pursuing their dream. I could tell from your words to publish them for you and if you are that you are a dedicated and an enthusiastic interested you could also join our Summer person. If you are interested in contributing with Clubs. Just check the Ad. in the first page to us you could join our Summer Clubs and be one know the details. Hope we will see you soon of our Editorial Staff. Check the Creative Thinking and you will start participating with us more Workshop Ad. on the first page of this issue to actively. find out about the details. Hurry up and don't miss your chance! We are really looking forward Acknowledgments to having you with us Hello Teen Stuff and all its readers, wanted to thank you for June's issue; it was very cool This is not my first time to send you an email. I think and thank you for the article you wrote about the that Teen Stuff magazine is inspirational to all teens in Backstreet Boys; I adore them and I wish you could Egypt and the Arab world, which is why I frequently interview them one day. Also, please, I want a poster send emails. I can honestly say that I found several of David Bedingfirld in July's issue because I adored articles to be very interesting. I loved the Ramadan this guy from the first time I heard him sing his song, in History article in the 81st issue of this wonderful If You're Not the One. magazine. I wrote a lot and it's time to shut up and buy the next issue of Teen Stuff and find this letter go study! on the first page. I would consider it an honor to I love you all! have my name in such a great magazine along side Besmestic the names of all the other contributors in the country and elsewhere. I look forward to buying the next issue and I hope that my request is not rejected. Finally, I would like to thank the Teen Stuff staff for bringing us teens such an amusing, educational and inspirational magazine. Yours truly, khalid Mohamed, 15 Hi guys, How are you all doing? Guys, I am really happy because our exams are now getting very easy. I am in third secondary and I am very happy with the two exams we have had up to now. Umm!... I hope the rest will be as good. Anyhow, I just
  5. 5. What is equality? That is the question Sherihan Adel Hassabo asked in her not created for dealing with war?" Say that to every wife, article in Teen Stuff's last issue. Her answer: mother, daughter and sister who sat anxiously waiting for her male relative to return from the second World War, who "The acknowledged definition of equality is the equivalence, also ran to work in factories, breaking their backs and fingers the sameness, the fairness, the impartiality and the and risking their lives to feed their men and bring them home. correspondence of two or more objects. Relevant, to the issue What about the women who stayed up hours making food under discussion, equality is to be identified as equal rights, for the soldiers to eat in order not to starve to death in the equal opportunities and equal treatment for both sexes. trenches? May I ask why the soldiers didn't bother to make Women demand equal rights and responsibilities as that to their own food? Were they too busy polishing their guns, men's; they want to work like men, behave like men, be boasting over their medals, trying to prove their gallantry? treated like men and even talk like men." If they had time to eat, they must have surely had time to make that food. I have never been as outraged by an article as I was by this one. You have depicted independent, flourishing and feminist You do not only show prejudice against women, however. women to be broad-shouldered, bearded men-wannabes in You also attack men several times in your text. Not all men boxers and men's shoes. Is equality so hard to ask for that are egotistical who seek to destroy and posses and abuse all to get it we must become men? When did we ever ask for women they can get their hands on. Not all men are that? Who gave men the right to deny us that equality, to programmed to achieve and do not have health and family say that the fact that women are trying to achieve their rights as a priority. proves that they are inferior? Is the faded memory of a caveman, with a club in one hand and "Opposites attract". Why yes, they do. a woman being taken by the hair in the We all know that. We have grown up other, to decide our fate? Is the hearing and repeating and eventually mundane truth that simply because one reciting that common rule of life. human male decided that women are However, must all opposites consist of inferior and are his to drag around by the 'weak' and the 'strong'? You their locks is what our society is built mentioned magnets- negative and upon? If a person is given responsibility- positive charges are both as strong, are or rather has seized that responsibility they not? You cannot say that a charge through tyranny- does that necessarily of +1 is stronger than a charge of -1; mean that they are superior? Is a man's their value is, after all,1. So in trying physical ability used to overshadow a to make that point, Sherihan, you have woman's pain threshold, a woman's contradicted yourself. intellect, a woman's ability to produce offspring?! We may not be men. I don't think we ever want to be men after spending I know quite a few boys who I could decades of fighting most of their egos. punch the lights out of if I wanted to. But stating that men have a higher place A general statistic does not represent in society and that this is the right thing the whole truth, and I refuse to accept is making you a man! Don't you see? how easily you have almost surrendered You criticized women who want to be to the outdated policies by which man equal, who want their rights, who want lives. As strong as a man is, whether to overcome the barriers that the male he has an eight-pack or not, it was a sex has put up. But in accepting those woman who brought him into the world. barriers and adopting these beliefs, you Where would his eight-pack be if she have, in fact, done just that. Instead had not sat for eight hours on a hospital bed trying desperately of fighting for your rights, you have chosen the easy way out. to get him out of her?! Where would his eight-pack be if she You might hate me, you might dismiss me, you might even was not there to nurse him, to play with him, to spoil him rip this article into tiny shreds and throw it down the rubbish and shape his personality? - which has unfortunately turned chute- but you cannot deny that in accepting this biased rule out rather arrogant and narrow-minded as noticed in a few in society you have let us down. sad cases. I do not guarantee that if a man loves and respects me I will You talked of opposite characters- women are from Venus offer him my inferiority. You have just described women as and men are from Mars. May I remind you that the fact that symbols of love and cherishing and caring and giving... two things are opposites does not mean they cannot be equal. shouldn't we be offered their inferiority? God knows we have An angel and a devil are opposites, are they not? And all the been doing a lot more than our share of loving and respecting time we hear of good and evil battling each other- but does men. I will not step down and allow someone to tell me that good always prevail? I think not. What we did is adapt this I should accept this role of being "humble", which I can tell concept of Adam and Eve- how Eve took the treacherous bite you now is made up of only bigotry and prejudice. Why can't out of the forbidden apple and caused humans to be banished a man be humble? Why can't a single mother be strong and from heaven. Must all women be punished for one woman's upright and be able to support her family? We see them every mistake? While I may offend people by this venture, I would day. A woman who has dedicated her life to a man who like to remind you that Eve was the first woman. Are you claimed to love and respect her, then left her with the kids suggesting that the human race has not at all adapted since and drifted off. I'm not saying women do not desert their then? Are you telling me that God would have placed upon families too. All I am saying is that it's not acceptable that Earth a mindless being who should not be listened to, but you are not pressuring single men into getting a wife, only owned and used- a breeding machine that would never be single women into getting a husband because men are their otherwise? Must all female lawyers, doctors, judges, opposites. Therefore, you have stated that women are weak independent business owners go home and have a few kids? and need their strong counterparts to come along and hold them up. No thanks- I think I'll continue fighting. I would also like to point out another flaw in your text. I am sure you meant well, but how could it be said that "We are Isodel, 14
  6. 6. Answering for "Responsibility, Responsibility, Responsibility" Hend, you are so pessimistic you see the world is that Egypt really needs our help. Do you too dark and the future so far away. I agree think that the government can do every thing with you that there's no need to study Arabic alone? Noooooooooo & noo. Only youth can poetry, especially along side of science. However and without them no one can do any thing. this should not be a reason for you to say that You, all teens, myself and even Teen Stuff itself after becoming a great programmer you would should have a big role. sell your programs to another country. You said that you don't consider Egypt your Ask me how? Okay, let's think together. country or home, because home is a place Do you think that youth today can do any thing where one is helped. Yeah... sure this is the but go to parties and nightclubs? Sure not all real home. But let me ask you a question. of them but most of them. We have to think What would you do if your mother was very ill about our life first and take it seriously because while you were growing up and she remained we are the only ones who can change the ill after? If she asked for your help would you country, we should write some laws. Yeah; say "I don't consider you my mother because write laws that we are dreaming of adding to you didn't help me" or will you try to help her our life and I think Teen Stuff can take a part to get better? in this by adding a page called "Teens Laws Archive". It's a good thing that you are so intelligent, but Well, did you hear about any organization in you know, there are lots of intelligent people Egypt, which is only for youth, to discuss youth's in Egypt but because they always surrender problems and hear their suggestions? I don't easily to any problems, I don't consider them think so. But why don't we make this idea come that intelligent. true. Why don't we make an organization for You have to remind yourself that Egypt can't youth and we can call it "Future's Youths", or give a fair chance to every one because it's one whatever. When we create this organization, of the Third World countries, this is simply a and after it's accepted by the government, we fact and we can not hide from it. So, the case can suggest new laws and present them to The People's Assembly to see if they are useful and discuss it. Believe me when we do all these things we will have a great country like America and France and may be even better! So, I want all of you guys, not only Hend, to think about that and tell me if I'm wrong, and I need Teen Stuff's group answers too. "Maybe, I'm dreaming but this dream can come true." Thank you very much for your time, Khaled, 18, Faculty of Law Hi Teen Stuff, My name is Ahmed Barakat and I am a great fan of this incredible magazine. I would like to add a comment on the article written by Hend,15, in the issue of May 2005, issue #87, in Bits and Pieces. Well, I think her point of view is a little pessimistic and negative and that is because, firstly, she complained about the standard of living, the horrible circumstances of a large part of the community but she didn't say what she would do in her future in order to help these people to have a better life. Secondly, she is talking about Egypt as if it is an association which gives services in exchange for your participation. Actually, I think that one must give to his country and community and try to change things in it and not wait for its services so that we can exchange that with his participation. At least try to give first before you take, as I think this is what is called patriotism. Actually I think that if all the community thinks like that (negatively) it may lead to disaster and failure of any production in our lovely country.
  7. 7. Diary an of E y ta g pi n P oet r r t se The Enemy of the People?! Dedicated to every fighter There are moments when you come to think of war as repeating itself but much fiercer and inhuman. They were bliss. In war you know your enemy and your cause and trying to steal more than just our right for self you never doubt them for a second. You know the good expression...our right to live. I felt furious, angry, and the bad side and have the brain to make the choice. disappointed, disgraced and frightened; along with other Unlike other times when your enemy becomes some thing emotions I haven't experienced before in my life. Seeing or some one from within and instead of a unified cause your own friend physically assaulted right before you and for all, each goes his own way; and you end up wondering being unable to lift a finger to stop it, is an experience who is the enemy of my people? that I pray from the bottom of my heart that no one will ever go through. One minute there was enough to make The helpless; that was us on that unforgettable Wednesday. you feel like you have driven into the very core of the Images of the day kept reappearing in my thoughts as brutal real world...our world. I sat on my bed staring at my bruised arms and shoulders. At the beginning I kept shouting trying to explain and reason with them, trying to tell them that they were on "Today is a historical day that will remain carved in the the wrong side and that we were doing this for their sakes minds of the Egyptian people for ages to come". Those too. But gradually my words were lost in the loudness of were the words of one of the TV anchors I heard that their empty slogans and name calling and accusing us of morning before going out and they kept ringing in my being traitors. Traitors? Us? Why? How? When? ears trying to remind me that nothing could possibly I then remembered Ibsen's enemy of the people and how happen. It's just a peaceful demonstration, I kept telling the actions of the protagonist were misperceived and myself as I marched along with my friends behind the misunderstood by his people that instead of being portrayed members of the Kifaya Movement, to express our as a hero ( for he was trying to save them from poisonous resentment to what is taking place and the reason why water) he was portrayed as the enemy of the people. I we chose to boycott this day's so-called historical event. wondered if this was the case today. Making the right I knew that there was more to it when I witnessed the choice became harder not because the wrong one is arrival of several buses filled with what seemed to me tempting but simply because you lost track of which is like villagers from the country side. The men were which. You don't know any more where's the right and shouting Yes Mubarak! Yes Mubarak!; just like you hear the wrong or you refuse to know - and that's even worse. them shouting Ariel, Ariel! in commercials. And the women were ululating as if in a wedding. It wasn't hard to After what seemed like days of running, we sought refugee understand that they were nothing but a bunch of hired in a corner between two buildings. It was only then that ignored human beings, whom, despite being victimized I realized that I hadn't really escaped their brutality. My by the system were promoting it. Most of the people from bag was gone and my pants were torn along with my the lower classes who actually came to vote thought it shirt, thankfully the tearing wasn't as disastrous as that was a voting for or against the President. Gradually pro- of the others. My friend had a deep cut on her forehead. Mubarak men started to increase, circling us and Kifaya. I took her and fled to a nearby hospital to find that two Honestly, till this moment I don't know whether they were of my other friends were there; one with a broken arm from the police force or the National Democratic Party or and the other unconscious from the shock. I later learnt just hired men by senior officials. I told myself, ok so that another friend was trapped inside a pharmacy unable what? I have been through this before; just pushing and to get outside after her pants were completely torn and shoving and going home smelling like a rotten fish. The other stories about the rest of the 'traitors'. I sat beside most important thing was that I had been able to come my friend as the doctor stitched her forehead while she this far and express my opinion and stand firm by my wept "This can't be happening in Egypt!". With all due beliefs. respect to the singers of the song Akeed Fe Masr, where the hell were you on that day? Hopefully, not sleeping 'Humiliation' is such a petty word to describe how others soundly in a room with an AC? and I felt. The hired men, instead of focusing their attention on the men, only started molesting the women in the protest. I witnessed both men and women being dragged I close my eyes and try to sleep when, suddenly, I feel by the legs and stepped on. As for the police forces, they immense pain. I try to find some hidden bruise or wound just watched as the audience of this play. I don't recall on my body but I can't. I know this time where the pain how or when we were separated. All I remember is that is coming from - deep down from my soul. I was running with one of my friends alone in some unknown direction chased by three of the hired men. I saw with my own two eyes men tearing the clothes of women and trying to rape them in public. I closed my Inspired by one of the protesters - not my own experience eyes and opened them again in hope of finding that this Sondos Shabayek (and for once I feel I'm over 50 yrs) was merely a nightmare, only to find the same scene
  8. 8. initiatingchanges "Here is the bottom line on enthusiasm: it's infectious. And it makes people respond" By: Mai Mamdouh, 19 And here's the story. It all started long ago. Shattered disks and chairs when a group of Architecture Second took up quite some space. Toilets were Years from the Faculty of Engineering, disastrous. Some computers at the Ain Shams University handed their computer room needed some Professor Dr.Ashraf Abd El-Mohsen a hardware, and mostly computers C.D. where they managed to get the needed software repair and updating. most terrible, unsightly pictures of the Of course, the litter was terrible. The building where they studied. The place wasn't at all clean. Doctor, kindly, decided to show everybody the data show the C.D. had For nearly four days, the cleaning was during his lecture. It was sarcastic, it almost over. The works and papers of was fun. Yet it was still painful. It hurts students that were once thrown away to watch everything desperately are now sorted out and 'trash' is screaming for a long-forgotten need recycled. This had taken place before for change and other people pretending sponsors replied as to whether or not hard to be helpless till they truly they would help the students. become so. Dr. Ashraf admired His students' perception and their positive Everyone: Professors, Leaders and determination. "We understood that sponsors started seeking sponsors to our creativity and appreciation for get them what they needed to finish beauty, as architects, should reflect the work. Some of the 'leaders' claimed on the place where we study" says that they had learned much from Omar Tourk, a freshman leader. Almost searching for sponsors. Ahmed Safwat everyone at the architecture for instance, who was a leader for a department followed the same concept. group of his colleagues himself, "Why always wait for others to start?" believed he had altered the way he says Miral Gaber who is a second year dealt with responsible ones as he asked leader. So yes, better start themselves for their help completely after a few than wait till others respond. trials. "At first, I used to go meet them directly after I was done with college" Not surprisingly, this was when he says "I was exhausted while students began racking their brains discussing things with them. And of for ways out. Under the influence of course in all ways not prepared after some professors' support- Like Dr. having a long tiring day at college". Ashraf, who was in charge of the "Later" he went on "I learned how to project, and the Head of the let my confidence show and reflect Architecture Department professor Dr. into the conversation, and it had Ali Eid- and the greater influence of amazing effects." their enthusiasm, students decided to start. They were divided into groups, Not late after this, the real work and voted for a leader for each group. started. Students worked with all Each group of students was particularly they've got for over twelve hours in charge of restoring a certain room everyday starting 9:00am. And or hall. The walls needed burnishing sometimes, guys slept over at college and paints, the benches needed to get their work done. The time was polishing. The dust over the windows really short. Professors had decided glass has cut the sun's way through to leave them one week off,
  9. 9. accordingly, they needed to focus all initiating a true change, independently, their energy on this quite tight interval. and that's what matters. I guess the They even worked on official holidays hardest thing that could ever happen to extent the week to twelve days non- to a person is him failing to maintain stop. Everything began to glitter once emotional connection with his more. They used everything the surroundings. That's why I envy them sponsors offered: The paints, as for reaching an understanding to the sponsors taught them how to mix paints fact, they helped achieve, that the place and use them, Spotlights for toilets where they go study everyday is 'home'. (after electricity problems were managed), white boards, baskets for "We are charged, faithful, committed the litter, curtains, new desks and chairs. and self-confident. We are the students Students could pick colors until they of FEDA" ran out of some. Girls and guys worked at the new toilets and cleaned everything "Can we?... surely, we can!" themselves. It was quite common to see a few guys sweeping floors or wiping Your feedback is of great importance. them. Others cleaned windows or Share with us your own achievement hanged curtains. Students were, as well, stories for other teens or just comment given lectures on 'time management' on what those Architecture students did and 'team work'. It was all contagious at They and heartfelt. deserve your praise. Special thanks to: A. Safwat. And Dawlat Al-Mosalami. And it's worth noting that these twelve days were only a week or two away from the finals. And yet, of course with the exception of a few who preferred studying at home, Students worked all along the twelve days. "They lost a lot, and didn't even realize it until it was over" says A. Safwat. For every one of those who worked for this, the rewards were more a sense of satisfaction than anything else. "Of course it wasn't fair, we all had projects put off and papers not touched, and still devoted ourselves for the thing. Meanwhile, they were getting all of this done for themselves" says A. Safwat about those who refused to work with them. Omar Tourk claimed that some of those who refused to work had serious problems with the place before the project started; they wanted it to be clean! It all, unfortunately, came to an ending. The results were simply wonderful. Everything clean. Some assistant lecturers drew very nice painting to be hanged. I don't want to dig for details. You should see for yourself. All students agreed that the best part about this is that they got emotionally bounded to each other. "I got to know a lot of second and third years as friends. In fact, we need help when we're working on projects from older colleagues. So it was really good to have made friends with many of them" says A. Safwat. And Dawlat Al- Mossalamy, a freshman, said "I guess it's because having a common motive brought us together, it was like we were gathered to walk towards our common goal". "We've become one family" says Mai Medhat, another freshman. This, exactly, is how it became like. I've been holding tightly on to my emotions as I was writing this in case my excitement overflows. This is not just about a few paints and a litter problem. It's way more profound. They didn't shake their heads back and forth. They didn't call whoever they think is responsible names. They did "what others thought was not possible" as Mai Medhat says. They succeeded in
  10. 10. Lifeuccess S Ifyouknowthatyouaresmart but believe you bad you that have luck, useyour“smartness”tochange Most of us have that dream of the future, getting you need to learn to speak English fluently because a well paid job; having a home, a car, getting it has become a major need in all work fields. If married and having children etc... you learn to speak English fluently, you will become Have you ever asked yourself what you need to successful in a level of your (TAL) and you'll feel reach your dream? then that you can do more and you'll keep going on. How to be successful in your work: Third you have to know that no precious things Some people have the dream, but they don't have come easily and you'll meet many difficulties. the will to do, or say that they don't believe they can do it, but instead they think that they were The following is an extract from two years of hard born useless failures and have bad luck all the working, difficulties, frustrating situations and time. persons and PATIENCE. Unfortunately these kinds of people really fail, not - During your job there are couple of things you because they have bad luck, but because their have to learn such as: thoughts affected their performance and drove - Communication skills: How will you deal with them to fail. others? Don't cause problems or you'll find yourself fired; you must be smart dealing with others, I was one of these people who got bored of too likable, easy going and an effective member. many failures. I believed that there was something - Team work: Every company has a target. You wrong with me and that I had to correct it. However, must know that you are a member of the now I'm a manager of two sensitive departments achievement team and you are not on your own; in my company. don't be selfish and work as a team in order to If you know that you're smart but you believe that achieve the company's target. you have bad luck, use your 'smartness' to change. - Fast learner: Ability to learn is a major factor to You are the only one capable of changing your life be a team worker; everyday you'll know that you attitude, so get your hands on depressing factors were mistaken yesterday and no body is too smart of your life and reflect over them and it'll be a to learn. double power in the success direction. - Entrepreneurial: If your post is a direct First of all you have to believe in a major thing: responsibility position, you have to be an that if you worked and fought really hard for your entrepreneur, turning ideas into a profitable finished dream, God would give you the greatest feedback product or achievement. for your hard work. - Generous: Never hide your abilities and don't be Secondly, maybe you can't get a job so easily in afraid of not being appreciated, for sooner or later the current circumstances, but you don't have any you'll get your deserved appreciation. choice but to think systematically to create your - Gaining experience from all the jobs you've done own opportunity - there's no place or time, is one of your (TAL), because experience and frustration or depression. learning virgin knowledge makes you unique and needed. Some tips that may be helpful: - Sometimes companies don't give the acceptable First you have to define your abilities and know feedback or appreciation, or use their employees that you can use them, and then to specify your right down to their last bit of strength and don't target and focus your abilities to get it. You don't give them their fees. You have to know that there's need to give too much care to the subject you no problem in searching for another job, for even graduated in, because the Egyptian work if you have to leave your current company, you'll environment depends on what can you do. It's the get another job sooner or later, but never give up! main thing - because there are many people who Finally you have to remember the major thing: don't hold super certificates but have additional your dream, your targets, your (TAL) and all of talents in their personality or their hobbies your acts in life must seek God's gratification compelling them to meet a career need. because it's what we're born for, so we'll definitely Second you have to define this Targets Achievement get it. Levels (TAL) and take a good care of the time factor because it's a major part of success. For example, Amr Marwan, 21
  11. 11. It is of no doubt that we are gifted with a country that is and has always been unique than the others in every way. On this land you experience wonders that you might never even think of in other places. Together we shall review few of those wonders or if others might like to call them downsides in hope of finding some way to reform ourselves along with our country. Welcome to our exclusive recount of the marvels of the mother of all lands EGYPT! friend found what she came for in one of the shops. I thought it was safe enough to leave her there inside and go and catch the prayer. Around the mosque and up till its door was what we call now the phenomenon of commercializing religion....turning our religion...our worship to God into a business.. Anything and everything that is or could be related to a religious ritual was sold starting from the seb7a, sewak....and up to incense (bo7'or), with sellers chanting songs about God or shouting the blessing that will be granted to the buyer. I stood and looked at a collection of old and dusty seba7 when someone knocked on my shoulder. I turned around to find an adult dressed in rags having obviously painted his face in black in attempt to give a piece of dirt on your face and no certain image. He kept reciting parts one around you informed you of its of the Quran and asking me by the existence, how will you ever remove prophet's name and his God and it? by the heaven that awaits me in It's not that I don't welcome the other world to give him criticism from readers, on the something. Even though I despised contrary arguing is my hidden the sellers, all of a sudden I Before I start recounting a new pleasure, yet I can maintain my respected them. At least they have adventure allow me to respond right for self defense can't I ? something to offer in return to a certain criticism I heard regardless of what it is. I turned repeatedly concerning the fact that I exhibit the country's Reflections in Khan around leaving the beggar cursing me and my entire family and negative aspects. In my very EL Khalili.... promising me hell at the end of the first article of Long Live Egypt I journey and a miserable destiny in made it clear that my intention I knew quite well how the place our world. I felt that a gloomy cloud wasn't to create sarcastic would look like on a holiday and had absorbed me and tried to look monologues. We have lived for what repercussions we will have to for anything to cheer me up. And so long blinded by the appraisals endure as a result of a decision like just at the right moment my friends of writers and media this, nevertheless I agreed to go I found one of my favorite practitioners and look to where with my friend to Khan El Khalili..... supposedly edible Egyptian items we stand right now. My It was clearly established in our "The Egyptian marshmallows! ". nationalist feelings aren't less minds that we would have to The latter shouldn’t be mixed up than any one. And it's because employ our maneuvering and with the marshmallows we are all of this nationalism that I choose squeezing skills to accomplish our familiar with because, same as to criticize and point out the mission. We strode for a while everything else in this country, it shortcomings. If you had a black moving from shop to shop till my maintains its own exquisite taste
  12. 12. the outcome is the same. We limit the role religion plays in our lives by just dedicating time in our day for prayers or like what I have seen sitting in mosques. Away from that our acts are based on absolutely nothing. Values are derived from religion and so are manners. We had reached a point where understanding our religion and applying it has become a necessity, otherwise our feeling of security will extinct and our world simply wouldn't be safe enough to live in anymore. And those people whom I felt disgusted from show how irresponsible we are, you are privileged by your education, which implies that you share in the responsibility of teaching the unprivileged. I'm not preaching, never did and never will. I'm just sharing my thoughts with you.....when we think of reform...we and texture. It takes the form of the feet and arms of several women. think of how to reform ourselves short fingers or circles in the colors Ohhh God what now....after several ....and others, needless to mention white and pink. I cant describe the moments I was able to get up and that the others are part of ourselves taste, you'll have to try it yourself, continue my prayer in fear of another no matter how we deny it.... I just just go to the mosque and right in attack. I realized latter on what had hope the day would come when we front of the entrance to the women's happened...a women came in with actually start taking actions to really praying area you'll find the guy with food to distribute among the needy make a change instead of just a stand on which lies packs of this inside, luckily I happened to be keeping on filling pages. substance. And they call us not praying right beside the women with innovative! Wait till you taste it! food. Women snatched and fought Sondos Shabayek (18 &12 months) I was wasting time gazing around for the food ruining any sort of Illustrations by: Adnan Hesham the place leaving my friend trapped remaining spiritual atmosphere. With in a shop. So I paced up to the door all my might I squeezed myself out PS: For those who might think that making it a point to be as quick as of the place. I walked away looking this is a religious article we want to possible and not allow the attractions back behind me at what seemed to correct them. This article is not of the place to distract me. The first be the most vivid manifestation of intended to be a religious one it is thing you see as you come closer to people's ignorance. At one point I just an attempt to throw the spot the door are men in white dresses felt disgusted, afterwards responsible light on a phenomenon which who seem in quite good health asking and then helpless. Those people happens to take place in sacred for money while repeating prayers inside thought they were carrying places and which has spread in our for you and your family. I managed out some religious duty or gaining society. to squeeze into the crowd of women the blessing of God by just sitting If you have any opinion regarding fighting and cursing one another to inside the mosque gossiping and this matter or you would like to share enter the place of worship. Inside eating plus of course making the with others your feedback, just send the mosque on the right corner is a lives of those who want to pray and us e-mail on wooden stand and two men who have a moment of solitude miserable. take women's shoes and give them a metallic number. Even though I At the very beginning, I thought why knew that no one would want to should I write about those people if steal mine I pushed them inside my we aren't like them but then it struck bag to avoid the fuss. I forgot to tell me that Egyptian mentality and you my friends that it was Friday! behavior is the same in all classes The famous forbidden going to public and all places and the difference lies places long for my rules in how it is manifested and with what Women were seated not praying but degree. The men dressed in galabeya gossiping or eating sandwiches. The playing the role of a blessing giver smell of the carpet captivated my shows not only how religion is being senses before I knelt to put down commercialized but the very fact my bag. I had no clue how I was that we tend to depend on others going to disregard the noise and the for our living. Even those who work unbelievably repulsive smell and don't carry the responsibility, if you pray. I chosen the safest place I ask any employee in a governmental could find and placed my bag right institution he'll always say that the before me and started to pray. government is responsible of providing living for every Egyptian We all experience moments in our citizen. Ask yourself and the answer lives when we think that our life is "My parents" will be heard even at stalk and all it takes to save it is though in other countries kids work a miracle from God..... when they reach a certain age and I don't recall how or when it help in the expenses of their happened, all I remember is that all education. Moving on to another of a sudden light and air were point which is religion, regardless blocked out. I tried to get up but whether you're Muslim or Christian found myself trapped underneath
  13. 13. T ou hs h gt Love is of the other person accepting the other person just the way they are and not trying to change I Love You them to be something else Love is the source of unity Love is I don't know what to say I don't know the freedom to pursue your what to do own desires No words can explain how much I while sharing your love you experiences with the other You were as a dream in me, but now person it becomes true the growth of one individual And I want to share every second of alongside of my life with you and together with the You are the one I was trying to find growth of another individual Love is the source of You are so kind I can't get you out of my mind success My feelings for you are so deep inside You are my eyes when I am blind Love is I am always going to be by your side the excitement of planning And never going to hide things together You made me love the sea the excitement of doing You made me feel free things together With you I am the one I want to be Love is the source of the Please don't ever leave me future Beside you there's no fear There's no tear Love is I love you my dear the fury of the storm You aren't just my lover, but also my the calm of the rainbow best friend being happy for the other Love is the source of person passion Whose love will never end I want you to achieve your goal when they are happy And protect your soul being sad for the other Love is God bless you the one whom I adore. person when they are sad giving and taking in a daily being together in good situation Raghda Gasser, 15 times being patient with each and being together in bad other's needs and desires times Love is the source of sharing Love is the source of strength Love is knowing that the other Love is person being honest with yourself will always be with you My Life at all times being honest with the other person at all times telling, listening, respecting the truth regardless of what happens missing the other person when they are away but remaining near in heart at all times My life is what you now see and never pretending Love is the source of Darkness is invading me Love is the source of reality security Turns failure from success My high hopes falls like death Love is Love is I am searching for what I have done an understanding that is so The Source of Life! Dark cave cannot see the everyone complete that you feel as if you are a part Raha Sayed Mohamed, 15 Listen, this is what you may show I am what you are, I am you Nothing Can Be Worse.. Take my hands and start all over Stand up struggle now, maneuver Through pains, hates, and depressions Find a high land for successes Live your life, face your fate Death comes once and is never late Trapped in a fantasy by an untimely muse, Struggle like a true man but nothing can be worse than losing you. Never listen to those who ran Drowning in an ocean so deep and blue, From the battlefield of life but nothing can be worse than losing you. Time is at your back with a knife Abducted by aliens and stranded on the moon, Live your success as a failure but nothing can be worse than losing you. Feel the warmth and you will know how to chill Executed by a jury for a crime I'm accused, Thunder never strikes in one place twice but still nothing can be worse than losing you. Luck is just when you play with a dice Even starving to death from lack of food, Life has now meaning but nothing can be worse than losing you. Until you find the leading Fighting a battle against love only to lose, Life has no meaning aggression and the lack of is the worst that could happen because I'd be feelings losing... Sameh Mohamed, 19 Losing you. Sara Abdelrhaim, 17
  14. 14. Introspection SOLITUDE It is strange to stand on the top of a high mountain and watch the whole world turning out to be emotionally vacant and powerless because of love "Then try to face all your sins and repent." "I can face it all when I forget all about it." "No, you can't, for you will always feel unable to that seems to have gone. walk about this place till you find the door which will take you away to reality." Sometimes life appears to me like a battle with an uncertain outcome. Everybody is fighting to prove I could feel how this voice could find an account his existence and those of the wicked fights are with some remarks on such perfect experience. Its taken to be prisoners to be locked up and then perspective experience worth puzzling over, I thought. carried to another world in which they are forced to I stood up and started walking about the place, indulge themselves in solitude. They stoop while thinking deeply of what it had been hinting at. After addressing virtual voices that happen to be their a long pause I uttered "I can try to speak." masters and then whoever tries to slip away on any account becomes wet with warm blood. "Perfect." "I feel like confronting the fact of a menacing death." I have been sitting alone for days that were passing "It has to be this way." gradually like never ending years. I tried hard not "Maybe." to think of that memory since everything seemed "How have you been wrong?" already to have gone. I couldn't get over it. Tears "Aside from being wrong or bad, I failed to prove were streaming down my face and blood was dripping my existence. off my body. I forced myself several times to close "How?" my eyes and peer inside to seek out a resolution "I have been cruel and foolishly emphasizing doubt but I always failed! all along". Now my eyes were apparently moist. I tried to wipe out my tears but I failed. "I'm a human I could never face it. It had never departed me. and all humans make mistakes." I felt as it had claims on me. I could see it recurring "That's true but they have to face it all and not to every moment with the strongest potential to exist shirk it" in my mind. It started to play tricks and show me "I'm trying but I always fail" the things that I fear to see. Thus, I kept shutting my eyes to shirk this emphatic memory which kept The voice gave no reply. It wanted me to think unsettling my mind for long. But it always ended on aloud to myself. It was reading my thoughts which the contrary. I could watch myself, sitting alone in were pulled in different directions. silence and giving all my senses to a voice which was flirting like a barely heard echo. However it kept "I'm imposing my thoughts and feelings on the addressing me "Why are you silent?" way I have been deserted. I ... can't "I have nothing to speak of", I always could answer. "You know you have, it's all in your head" I could give no reply as it suddenly stopped. I sat down on the cold floor of my place and started to look around me not to see where it had gone, for I always knew that it could come back, but to look for some company. I always found nothing but high dirty walls that made me feel more than once that I deserve such dangerous isolation. "Stand up and walk away to real life", the voice suddenly recalled. "How?" I asked. Outside stands the world with its reality which seems emptier than my wicked solitude. It is totally vacant since everything is already gone. Whenever I stand out there I feel that it is offering me a perfect isolation which exists side by side with the realization that there is also another world, my world, where I'm bound to think of what I have done, what I have lost and how I will compose my own soul to face my sins. I thought. "You are right", utters the voice. "What do you mean?" "I can read your mind." "What do you want then?" "I want you to speak of your past." I couldn't hide my faint smile when I replied “You called it a past” "Yes, maybe I did call it a past, but you know it never did." "How come you are certain of it?" "Simply because you are still here." "Yes, I am."
  15. 15. Prose For Those Not Here " I have pictured you with flowers in your from that world that you come from, and hair." where you are now. Amongst a life that's made in China, and Everything I did to you was so wrong..but people who know what they're doing, I am why did you smile in the end? why did you sad. smile? I gaze at walls and planes and cars and I won't meet you again, I know it. Because televisions and I set another cigarette ablaze I don't belong to that world, the one you before I put it in my mouth and I start come inhaling your memory. from.. the one where you are now..instead, I take the final step down and I go out, out I'll keep gazing at cars and planes and into the so-called world and I see people televisions passing by and the sun blinds me and it still and setting myself patient by the fact that feels so unreal compared to the dreams you I will see you tonight, and evernight until bring me everynight when I shut my eyes. I am no more. I wish I didn't know the meaning of "I have pictured you with flowers in your departure. I wish you were always here. I hair wish I can And I have brought you something.. smother everyone in this world and hyptonize I ripped it from my chest.." them and tell them about you, and how Until I meet you in my dreams, beautiful you are..Sweetheart, speak, answer Very truly yours, Anonymous. me, and tell me..where go the boats? If you're reading this, please be sure that Omar Khalifa, 21 my love for you is not from this's Solitude I have waited so long and I am afraid that I am not that strong. I‚ve suffered Why Don't enough solitude and I don’t think I was ever rude. You broke my heart and you tore it apart. Right on from the start! I‚ve waited so long for the day that I would be appreciated. But now I seem to be massively hated and this pain still hasn’t faded. It’s long like eternity and I am trapped, never free. All I do is keep Why don't you say it to me, thinking of that maybe someone out there why don't you want to rest my mind in peace, really cares and not give me nasty stares. why do you like it leaving me thinking like this, I have had enough. The pain comes why do you feel nice tearing my heart into pieces, through time and time again. The pain, why can't feel my love towards you, if I could take it all away it would obviously why do you keep throwing your sharp warm looks directly be today. When I am here they would to my weak loving heart and just leave me after that, just say terrible things right in front of why don't you tell me do you love me or not, while I can my face not giving me any space, not feel something not normal in your looks, in your touches caring if I got mad or angry or even cried. and in your caring words, I feel like there is a deep dark hole right why don't you tell me the truth, in my soul. All I feel is emptiness inside is it because i told you that i will be always here for u, and to just go hang out and have fun is is it because you know that i really love you, running through my mind. I really do or is it because their is someone one else, believe that no one other than my family someone took my place in your heart, cares about how I feel inside. Nobody why do you keep telling me sweet soft words, likes me everybody hates me or despises why do you feel glad knowing that i can't belong to me. But all I want is to be just free and someone else, happy until eternity. For all I am just an but I swear with your precious love in my heart that this ordinary person who is lonely. All I just won't last forever, want is a friend who will stick with me I will leave you but in the right time, until the end. and I will take my revenge by leaving you when you start to love me and I think that you already started to love Rhanda El Meliegy, 13 me, I swear that I will go and never come back, I swear that I will throw out of my life, I swear that I will take back my heart and hand it to the right person, a person who will be really caring. Zeinab ElAgroudi,16
  16. 16. Get Grooooooooovy in this cool summer collection Special thanks to Magrabi for supplying us with sunglasses
  17. 17. Adolescent amnesia "Human beings are animals with memory" So what if you lose this memory? I can't remember my own address! Ever experienced meeting an old friend and standing for almost 15 minutes chatting and, when saying goodbye, you discover that you have forgotten his/her name? Ever since I moved to Cairo my take action was my observation of forgetting the name of a friend or capacity to remember started the cases of other people of my the address to the place you have deteriorating each day till it reached age and especially that of my two been to zillions of times. The a very pitiful condition. Forgetting best friends. One of them has the performance of our memory in our names of people I knew for two memory of a gold fish and the daily life can turn our lives into years and met every single day second hardly qualifies as a person heaven or hell. Because of memory became the least of my concerns. with a memory at all. And so my problems people forget life time I solved this problem by calling friends, I decided to take action interviews and deeply regret it for every single girl "otta" or "gamila" and try to find a solution. It is a long time afterwards. I don't want and every single guy "Ahmed". interesting though to note that to go in depth about the extent to Some sensed it and decided not to while doing some research before which a weak memory can influence disgrace me. But as the situation writing this article, I found out that our lives, but let me just say that got worse and I was caught in the nine out of ten times the teenager's it can change people's lives middle of one of my attempts to first response to any question is "I drastically. remember my phone number, don't know". others realized and urged to me to How memory works take action. My condition reached For those of you who share my To understand the problem of its peak when several times when problem (and I'm sure many do) having a weak memory or capacity I decided to take a shower, I forgot bear with me; in the following there to recall, we have to first midway between my bedroom and may be a solution that would comprehend how the memory thing the bathroom and indulged in eventually stop me from forgetting works. something else and remembered my name. The process is divided into three only two days afterwards about it. stages; registering new information, However what really urged me to Forgetfulness isn't just about storage and recall. Let me clarify
  18. 18. them in an example. You meet a friend A who very poorly. People suffering from the latter two are introduces you to another friend B. Later on that day usually preoccupied with their inner feelings and too you run in to B and you greet him and say 'hello B, distracted to pay attention to new information or record we met this morning'. The first stage is basically when it properly. you register or record the information (when your friend A introduced you to B). Secondly, comes the 3- Physical Disability: stage of storing (when your brain stores friend B's Having any sort of disability e.g. poor vision, makes name and the situation in which you met). The third the memory function poorly. and last stage is when you retrieve this information (B's name and the situation in which you were 4- Illness: introduced to each other); in the example this happened Certain types of diseases such as heart disease or when you met B for the second time and recalled his diabetes that cause stress often weaken the patient's name. All three stages are essential for your memory memory. to work, otherwise you wouldn't be able to recall B's name. 5- Lack of sleep or sleeping disorder: The whole process is more like the placement of a The brain consolidates learning during two particular letter in a filing cabinet in order to be able to refer to phases of sleep. it in the future. Think of the letter as the new item of Through those two phases the brain plummets certain information. chemicals that allow information to flow out of the There are different types of memory, each of which hippocampus (memory region) and into the cortex is used to store different kinds of information. The where it is distributed into appropriate networks and part that stores facts, such as people's names is categories. Afterwards the brain re-enacts the lessons different from that which we use to store knowledge from the previous day and solidifies the newly- made about how to do things. connections through the memory banks. Studies show Now that we know how the memory works, let's see that whether it is sports or music, both will be greatly what interferes with this process. helped by getting a good night's sleep and that students' ability to remember things, be it a lesson on geometry 1-Overload: or the causes of the Second World War, is mediated Often a person forgets information when the amount by sleep. of information exceeds his capacity. Imagine yourself 6- Alcohol: at an orientation party where you are introduced to Of course it is well known that alcohol tends to damage lots of people; it will definitely be hard to recall all brain cells and accordingly memory and cognition. And their names afterwards. Busy people are the ones the fact that it's the New Year or the Halloween doesn't most prone to face this problem. give the body a reason to react differently towards this poison. 2- State of mind: Anxiousness and depression leaves the memory acting The following is a questionnaire to know how well your memory is: if you are prone Questionnaire to one day waking up unable to For each question please put a ring identify around the number which best applies yourself to you. When you have answered all the or not. questions, add up your score. 1= Never or hardly ever ( a few times a year or less ) 2= Occasionally ( a few times each month) 3= Quite often ( a few times each week) 4= Very frequently ( every day) 1 Forgetting where you have put something. Losing things around the house 1 2 3 4 2 Failing to recognize places that you are told you have often been to before 1 2 3 4 3 Having to go back to check whether you have done something that you meant to do 1 2 3 4
  19. 19. 4 Forgetting to take something with you when you go out 1 2 3 4 5 Forgetting that you were told something yesterday or a few days ago, and maybe having 1 2 3 4 to be reminded about it 6 Failing to recognize by sight, close relatives or friends whom you meet frequently 1 2 3 4 7 When reading a newspaper or magazine; being unable to follow the thread of a story; losing 1 2 3 4 track of what it is about 8 Forgetting to tell somebody something important. Perhaps forgetting to pass on a message or 1 2 3 4 remind someone of something 9 Forgetting important details about yourself, for example, your date of birth or where you live 1 2 3 4 10 Getting the details of what someone has told you mixed up and confused 1 2 3 4 11 Forgetting where things are normally kept or looking for them in the wrong place 1 2 3 4 12 Getting lost or turning in the wrong direction on a journey, a walk or in a building where 1 2 3 4 you have often been before 13 Doing some routine thing twice by mistake. For example, putting two lots of tea in the tea 1 2 3 4 pot, or going to brush your hair when you have just done so 14 Repeating to someone what you have just told him or asking the same question twice 1 2 3 4 Total score What does your score mean? 14-19 Your memory is very good indeed. You have no need to worry 20-29 Your memory performance is about average 30-39 Your memory is below average. This may simply mean that you are leading a busy life, which puts considerable demands on your memory. 40-56 Your memory is very poor.
  20. 20. How to cope with unreliable memory: Before discussing practical solutions you some tips for finding things. for weak memory problems, I first Maybe there is hope that I might need to stress on the fact that it find my facial gel every day without is very essential to be honest with hours of searching. one's self. You need to admit that you need to work on your capacity Tips to find things: to remember, don't wait for some one to say "How the hell did you 1- Organization: forget our appointment after being The most famous word of all reminded three times about it?" Mothers is actually one of the very But then again the fact that you effective solutions to our case. are reading this article shows that Being organized comes hand in you are not submissive towards hand with finding things easily. your problem. 2- Lists and labels: Secondly, tell your friends and close You can make a list of where things relatives about your problem and are, label cupboards or stick labels ask them to help you overcome it. with your name and address on It'll be much easier when they know your possessions, so that if found, about it; you won't have to go on can be returned to you, if of course improvising apology statements they fall in the hands of an honest whenever you forget something person (but let us not count on important because they will that possibility very much, because understand. here in Egypt the only possible reason why you could get your 1- By eating healthy food things back is that the man simply wants to go and rob your other I believe very much in the Egyptian possessions). saying "The healthy mind exists in the healthy body" don't expect your 3- Remembering where you put cognitive abilities to function something: properly if you are an unhealthy Make a deliberate effort to person. I'm not asking you to quit remember where you have placed eating junk food and take with you the thing you are looking for. You to school a lunch box filled with may find that saying out loud where fruit and vegetables but try to you have put the object or relating balance your diet. If you eat out it to the place, useful. the entire week make sure you eat at least once at home. Try to eat 4- Remembering names: more sea food and add more garlic Of course there isn't one perfect to your food. And if you want to solution for this common problem. be practical try swallowing three Try to pay close attention to the cloves of garlic each morning. name of the person to whom you were just introduced and repeat it 2- Diaries, notes, lists and throughout the conversation and calendars inside you head, especially if it's Now I don't go anywhere without an unusual one (I had a colleague my note book and the reminders' at school named Ahmed El list on my mobile phone is always Shewarby, I kept calling the guy full. Buy yourself a small notebook Shabrawy throughout the whole and keep it with you to record year till one day I discovered my things you need to remember later mistake and couldn't face the guy on and assignments that you have again). If someone's name is on to do. the tip of your tongue, exert some You can use 'post it' notes that effort to recall it; go through the stick on walls. Make a list every alphabet letter by letter. time you go shopping or to the supermarket. You can also buy a wall calendar to register important Finally, I hope this works. I will events and make sure you don't leave you now to try to recall the forget your best friend's birthday name of the girl I met today and again. Don't be shy to use an planned to go out with! Waiting for your feed back. Never organizer or any of the above items. Most of the successful people mind if you forget, I will "I don't want to go in use them on a daily basis. understand. depth about the extent 3- Don't depend solely on to which a weak the above for memory Sondos Shabayek, 19 memory can influence improvement. Try to help yourself by yourself. Don't rush to our lives, but let me your organizer to remember what Sources: - Understanding forgetfulness and Dementia by just say that it can you have to do; try to concentrate and recall it by yourself. Dr. C.N. Martyn and Dr Catherine Gale. - change people's lives - drastically". Before I end this article let me give
  21. 21. "There's been a time for war, a time for impressive, with Wonder strife, a time set aside for everything championing the effort to under the sun. We must now set aside a make Martin Luther King's time for love." birthday a national holiday, Great words once said by a great artist. as well as becoming a driving I could only describe him as the master force behind 1985's USA For of tunes. He is a real talent and for decadesAfrica Campaign. has enchanted us with great music and Stevie Wonder's highly songs and now my dear readers he is anticipated new album, A back ... Stevie Wonder is back! Time To Love, arrives as a Born Steveland Morris in Saginaw, wake-up call to the restorative powers of Michigan in 1950, Wonder now enters his love, and, according to Stevie, the timing fifth decade as one of the most prolific couldn't be better. "My thing has never artists in music history, delivering 35 U.S. been about creating music on some sort albums - 28 major studio releases - with of schedule," says Stevie. "When creating album sales totaling more than 72 million music you have to live life - be inspired units. The singer/songwriter has scored by life - to create experiences that are more than 30 Top Ten Hits, 11 #1 Pop worth sharing with the world. A Time To singles, winning 19 Grammys (and a Love is saying that there is a need, now, Lifetime Achievement Grammy in '96) more than ever, to bring love back into and a host of other awards, including, the forefront." Well I couldn't agree more. most recently, Billboard's 2004 Century For sure this world needs more love I Award. His contribution to worldwide think; this is one album I sure wouldn't social and political change is just as want to miss! BLACK EYED PEAS - MONKEY BUSINESS Black Eyed Peas return with their highly anticipated follow-up to Elephunk entitled Monkey Business, with first week shipments of 700,000 across UMI territories. Don't Phunk With My Heart is their raging first single from the album, which debuted in the top 10 in twelve markets, including No. 1 in Australia. They were recently presented with The Platinum Award in Paris during the European leg of their tour, for sales for their last album Elephunk which sold over 5 million units UMI. The 'Peas are, currently, gearing up for their US tour due to start in June and July. FLIPSYDE (THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK) Piper - Vocals in a post-modern world where cultures, Steve Knight - Vocals, Acoustic beliefs and music collide like wrecking balls Guitar but, at once, coexist, interlace and augment Dave Lopez - Electric and Acoustic our everyday human experience. Guitar When asked to describe Flipsyde's unique unconventional, yet harmonious sound, Piper offers the following analogy: mix of styles. The top and bottom of their "Our music is like water, it has no form innovative sound is straight-up Hip Hop but can cover you ... or morph into while the middle punches with Rock. These anything." parts are made whole through Piper's Flipsyde's debut album on consummate MC skills and stinging rhymes, Cherrytree/Interscope Records is aptly Steve Knight's emotive voice and adhesive titled We the People. As Piper explains melodies plus Dave Lopez' inspired Latin- "It's 'We the People' ... of the world"; a flavored flourishes of blazing guitar. Of new declaration of independence without course ... Flipsyde is a natural amalgam political boundaries. PATRIZIO BUANNE 'THE VOICE OF ROMANCE' A charming, Italian, romance singer who re-sings the most moving love songs of old times. He impresses the world with his performance and is a huge hit on the European charts. Patrizio Buanne is a 26 year old Italian, signed by Lucian Grainge to Globe Records (part of our UMTV Division). Recorded at Abbey Road Studios with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, his debut album The Italian is a compilation of timeless, romantic songs. It was released in the UK on 28 February, debuted at #12 and went Gold after two weeks. With The Italian, Patrizio has delivered a sophisticated album that instantly conjures up images of classic American and Italian icons of the 50s and 60s; from Federico Fellini, Sophia Loren and Gina Lollabrigida to The Godfather, Goodfellas and The Sopranos. Not only a great performer, Patrizio is charming, suave, sophisticated... and a real hit with the ladies! Check him out people!