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Measuring and Reporting the Impact of Learning and Development


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Presentation given to National Public Sector L&D Evolution Conference - Canberra Australia - October 2015

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Measuring and Reporting the Impact of Learning and Development

  1. 1. Measuring and Reporting the Impact of Learning and Development National Public Sector Learning and Development Evolution Conference 14October 2015 Crowne Plaza Canberra
  2. 2. Learning Impact Our Agenda Today: ¡  State of Learning Evaluation ¡  L&D in the Public Sector ¡  Importance of Business Alignment ¡  Performance Story Reporting ¡  Case Study
  3. 3. Learning Impact
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  11. 11. Learning Impact Debunking Three Myths of Learning Measurement – Bersin by Deloitte – July 2015
  12. 12. Learning Impact ✗ ✗ ✔
  13. 13. Learning Impact The L&D budget is often an early target when agency budgets contract L&D planning needs to be aligned with agencies‘ strategies Need a shift in focus from what is being spent on training to the relevance and effectiveness of training being undertaken Insufficient data on the the value of L&D more broadly Three Key Findings
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  16. 16. Learning Impact Access LPI Accreditation for L&D L&D departments are pretty good at the day to day operational stuff and service delivery, but not so good at facilitating a learning culture, reporting on the value we add and alignment with business
  17. 17. Learning Impact
  18. 18. Learning Impact Three key ingredients of alignment are: Clarity —  Knowing and understanding the plans and priorities of the business —  Ensuring the business knows and understands how the L&D function is supporting these plans and priorities. Consistency —  If you’ve said something is important – clarity – then keep reiterating this in a continual and consistent manner —  Don’t say one thing and do another Commitment —  Business providing adequate funding / resources for agreed interventions —  L&D executing and delivering interventions as as agreed. Jonathan Kettleborough (@jkettleborough)
  19. 19. Learning Impact What is ‘Performance Consulting’: •  Performance consulting allows you to take a broader and deeper perspective of the issue and develop a solution that will lead to improved performance. •  ‘Performance Consulting is a process used by L&D and HR Business Partners to understand the real business problems behind requests for people solutions’ (Harrison, 2008).
  20. 20. Learning Impact Download the model in detail here Image courtesy of : view/l-d-capability-performance- consulting
  21. 21. Learning Impact participatory-performance.pdf Participatory Performance Story Reporting (PPSR) technique is a five-stage participatory process whereby the information is generated and the report presented The process steps include clarifying the evaluation process (i.e. measures of success) , developing guiding questions for the social inquiry process and identifying the evidence that will be used Final conclusions about the extent to which a program has contributed to outcomes are made at an ‘outcomes panel’ and recommendations developed at a large group workshop
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  24. 24. Learning Impact Con Sotidis CAHRI, Fellow LPI (UK), Member of ATD (US) Learning And Performance Consultant Mobile: +61 (0) 417 305-284 Email: Twitter: @learnkotch LinkedIn: Con Sotidis