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What hope for privacy in an IoT world?


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Presentation on privacy and Internet of Things at Privacy Week 2016 in Wellington, NZ

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What hope for privacy in an IoT world?

  2. 2. INTERNET OF THINGS • It’s in your home • Personal, intimate data • Data invisible and re-use unclear
  3. 3. “As the Internet of Things makes the collection and storage of personal information near universal, there will be little we do that isn't tracked and analyzed by industry.”
  5. 5. HOW BIG WILL IT BE? The Internet has led to disruptive innovation of digital industries like communications and entertainment. By digitising physical industries, the Internet of Things is setting off a bigger wave of disruptive innovation for physical industries like agriculture, infrastructure and cities.
  6. 6. INTERNET OF THINGS • It’s all about data and analytics • Business models drive services based on more and more personal data • Extensive personal data reuse and combining with other datasets • Supercharged big data- volume, variety and velocity
  7. 7. INTERNET OF THINGS • Increasingly there is no digital interface • Low or no access barriers • Accepting terms and consent more complicated • The Internet of Things is always on • Many unanswered questions- what happens to personal data if company goes out of business, changes business models, or changes terms?
  8. 8. INTERNET OF THINGS • “Things” can have 10-20 years life • Software upgradable products • Closed systems with Digital Rights Management locks • Collective intelligence • Differentiate between personal and “things” data
  9. 9. WHY IS SECURITY SO POOR? • Lack of interest and incentives • Lack of skills • Long life of “things” • Business models still developing • Difficult to update But we’ve been here before…
  10. 10. WHERE TO FROM HERE? A series of ever increasing amount of personal information in “unhappy equilibrium”
  11. 11. KOTAHINET • National wireless network purpose-built for the Internet of Things • Data as a service from sensors • Complete solutions for primary industries
  12. 12. SUMMARY • Internet of Things will have a bigger impact on our lives than people expect, especially in the medium and long term • Big opportunities and benefits but privacy concerns clear • Exponential growth in personal data adding to big data • New challenges such as lack of digital interfaces • While security can be solved, privacy needs attention
  13. 13. VIKRAM KUMAR KotahiNet Email: