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gtFace: Business Intelligence BI


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gtFace: Business Intelligence BI

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gtFace: Business Intelligence BI

  1. 1.  Kliknij, aby edytować styl wzorca podtytułu vContact: | | | (+353) 851 261 081 BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE (BI)
  2. 2. Our clients
  3. 3. Our team 10+ years on the market 300+ specialists 5+ years of experience in Business Intelligence (BI) 40+ specialists in Business Intelligence (BI)
  4. 4. How can we help you? Business Intelligence Big data Data integration Data warehouses Maintaining, administration and system development Customer Intelligence Data Quality Management Master Data Management Reports Data analysisMobile Business Intelligence
  5. 5. Business case
  6. 6. Problem Knowledge of the company is usually spread in many IT systems: ERP, CRM, Accounting System, Circulation System documents, Intranet, etc. Each system has a limited range of reports, which usually can not be extended Decision makers in the company are not able to obtain a complete picture of the company and its decisions must be based only on intuition Solution Construction of Stage database integrating data from all major IT systems in the enterprise Preparation of data warehouse grouping data according to their relevance business, not broken down into IT systems from which they come Implementation of modern reporting tool enabling reports, advanced analysis and presentation of data on mobile devices Effect Easy access to data from different sources Providing employees an opportunity to doing reports by themselves Improving work of managers and other decision makers by providing them reliable and easily accessible information Building of data warehouse
  7. 7. Lead Management Problem An extensive sales network (115 branches) and a large number of retailers (around 2500 ) Complicated sales process There is no possibility of verifying the effectiveness of sales and finding weaknesses in the sales process SOLUTION Business requirements analysis Integration of data from different systems Preparation Lead Management data space in data warehouse Preparation of custom reports for : EFFECTAcquisition of control of all 2,500 dealers in 115 branch offices Finding the weakest points in the process and eliminate them Weekly verification of sales effectiveness at all levels of the organization sales managers in branches Call center employees of company’s central units Advisers of commercial network Board of Directors
  8. 8. Problem Knowledge about customers is spread in many IT systems: CRM, customer base, surveys, orders, complaints, Internet, etc. Expensive and inefficient advertising is being made to find clients Lack of a comprehensive view of the customer Solution Integration of data from different systems into a data warehouse Data analysis to identify the characteristics of customers Preparation of a plan and specifications for marketing campaigns Effect The possibility of comprehensive analysis of customer interaction with the company (customer experience) Allowing the preparation of dedicated marketing campaigns for small but specified customer groups Increase of effectiveness of marketing communications in relation to its cost 360 degrees knowledge about the client
  9. 9. Data quality PROBLEM The company already has a data warehouse and a reporting system. Unfortunately, the collected data have poor quality: duplicate, incomplete, inconsistent and imprecise Preparation of reports based on low grade takes long time and generates high costs Making decisions based on such data is exposed to a high risk of error SOLUTION Improvement of data quality through the use of Data Quality Tools Process of profiling data, which consists of: EFFECT Ensuring adequate data quality level Streamlining and reducing the costs of preparing reports Increasing the effectiveness of systems based on the data, eg. reporting, communication profiled to customers data standarization data correction data consolidation data enrichment
  10. 10. for your attentionThank you vContact: | | | (+353) 851 261 081