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ICRA 2013 Tilt-TriRotor


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Presentation given during ICRA 2013 to accompany the following paper: C. Papachristos, K. Alexis, A. Tzes “Model Predictive Hovering-Translation Control of an Unmanned Tri-TiltRotor”, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, ICRA 2013, Karlsruhe, Germany

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ICRA 2013 Tilt-TriRotor

  1. 1. University of PatrasLaboratory ofAutomation & RoboticsETH ZurichAutonomousSystems LabChristos Papachristos Kostas AlexisUniversity of PatrasLaboratory ofAutomation & RoboticsAnthony TzesC. Papachristos, K. Alexis, A. Tzes
  2. 2. C. Papachristos, K. Alexis, A. Tzes
  3. 3. The multitude & increased demands of modern applications imposethe design of specialized vehiclesMonitoring & Surveillance Monitoring of wildfire breakouts over forested areas Continuous & uninhibited monitoring in populated areas Border interdiction detectionAssistance provision Missions in hazardous locations (e.g. Nuclear Reactors inspection) Search & Assist missions Aerial Photography & Mapping for Civilian & Civil Engineering ApplicationsC. Papachristos, K. Alexis, A. Tzes
  4. 4. Reconfigurable AircraftforFlight-Mode ConversionFixed-Wing Aircraft High-Speed Flight EnduranceVTOL Rotorcraft Vertical Flight High-PrecisionManeuversC. Papachristos, K. Alexis, A. Tzes
  5. 5. Rigid-Body DynamicsNewton-Euler FormulationRollPitchYawLongitudinalLateralVerticalActuation Subsystem Dynamics–Frequency Domain IdentificationAugmented Linear Model around HoveringCompact Representation of Rigid-Body + Actuator DynamicsGeneralized Hovering Operating PointActuators Control InputsRigid-Body States (Rotation & Translation)Actuator States (Rotors Thrust & Angles)C. Papachristos, K. Alexis, A. Tzes
  6. 6.  1.6 GHz Atom MCU Cortex-M3 ARM 100 Hz AHRS Sonar Optic Flow Camera Rotor RPM Encoders High-Update Rate ESCs 800 W Main Motors High-Torque Servos Ubuntu Linux OS Matlab Real-Time Workshop OpenCVSpecificationsSoftwareMechanical CAD-based DesignC. Papachristos, K. Alexis, A. Tzes
  7. 7. State Estimation – Control Computation – CommunicationsControl ComputationAHRSMeasurementsLow-Level InterfacingAlmost Real-TimeExecution ControlWirelessCommunicationsVision - Optical FlowCamera Model-basedRotation-CompensatedTranslational States EstimationOptical Flow + IMUC. Papachristos, K. Alexis, A. Tzes
  8. 8. Attitude Controller: Gain-Scheduled P-D-dDRoll Tracking Response&FD-Identified Closed-Loop Roll ModelTranslation Controller: Constrained Model Predictive ControlState, State setpointControl Input Move Input, InputSetpointGain Scheduling providesImproved Tracking ResponseWithout Violating Constraints:State & Control Input Constraintsaccounting for limitations based ondynamics & mechanical limitationsof the UAV (i.e. Adverse ReactionMoment during Rotor-Tilting)C. Papachristos, K. Alexis, A. Tzes
  9. 9. Translation External DisturbanceTranslation Step Reference3D-TrajectoriesC. Papachristos, K. Alexis, A. Tzes
  10. 10. Hovering SetpointGo-and-ReturnManeuversZ – stepY – stepX – stepBy employing Rotor-TiltingFaster LongitudinalDynamicsare AchievedVideo Results corresponding to Illustrated DatasetsC. Papachristos, K. Alexis, A. Tzes
  11. 11. Current Work: Exploitation of Yet-Unexplored Capabilities of Reconfigurable UAVsMock-Up: Desired UAV Path: Heavy Obstacle Blocking Doorway EntranceRotor-TiltinggivesFull LongitudinalActuationC. Papachristos, K. Alexis, A. TzesPushHeavy Obstacle(5kg)Aside
  12. 12. Christos Papachristospapachric@ece.upatras.grKostas Alexiskonstantinos.alexis@mavt.ethz.chAnthony Tzestzes@ece.upatras.grC. Papachristos, K. Alexis, A. Tzes