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Research output as api accessible data


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This presentation was given at the Pubmet Conference in Zadar, Croatia on 21th of October, 2016.

The example used is OpenAIRE API with a specific to Croatian data held in the system.

This will become the base for supporting TDM and APIs in the future,

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Research output as api accessible data

  1. 1. Research outputResearch output as APIas API accessible dataaccessible data Constantinescu Nicolaie, information architect Zadar, Croatia 2016
  2. 2. On the memory lane Henriette Davidson Avram (October 7, 1919 April 22,– 2006) ISO 23950: "Information Retrieval (Z39.50): Application Service Definition and Protocol Specification" TargetOrigin Peer 2 peer 1968 MARC Search/Retrieve via URL/Search/Retrieve Web service HTTP Representational state transfer (REST) SRU SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) SRW
  3. 3. The next big thing!? Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting OAI-PMH Dublin Core Schema XML over HTTP Open Archives Initiative Object Reuse and Exchange OAI-PMH OAI-ORE Repo structure Object structure Repo centric Web centric Metadata centric Resource centric Metadata harvesting Object reuse
  4. 4. “The model for a shell” SIP = Submission Information Package SIP DIP Administration P R O D U C E R C O N S U M E R queries result sets MANAGEMENT Ingest Access Data Management Archival Storage Descriptive Info. Preservation Planning orders AIP AIP = Archival Information Package DIP = Dissemination Information Package The OAIS Reference Model
  5. 5. Only data is reusable, not the SHELL Only morphed Through refactoring
  6. 6. All resources are DATA!!! Audio Audio/Video/ Streams Text Sets Eprints 3 DSpace Greenstone Invenio
  7. 7. We build models, seeking for patterns function searchFibonacci(dim){ var contor; var set = [0]; for (contor = 1; contor < dim; contor++) { set[contor] = (set[contor - 1] || 1) + set[Math.max(0, contor - 2)]; } return set; }
  8. 8. Modern data representation is pure TEXT CSV JSON TXT XML
  9. 9. GNU.ORG DATA APIsAPIs participantCountries=hr participantCountries=hr&format=json
  10. 10. OJS/OMP The new released version (August, 2016) of Open Journal Systems includes a brand new API allowing a faster connections and a better interogation through REST
  11. 11. Research means piecing together data Harvesting is not linking Resource Description Framework
  12. 12. The fastest route from Open Access to Linked Open Data is the funding you ll never get!’ Start tinkering now. Blow your stacks and inject semantics
  13. 13. Hvala!Hvala!