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Photostory presentation

  1. 1. What is MS Photo Story 3?
  2. 2. Requirements• Digital camera• Digital images• PC• Software – MS Photo Story 3• MicrophoneNote:PhotoStory 3 requires Windows Media Player 10. It will not install onlower versions. Windows Media Player 10 available as free download.
  3. 3.  –  download ms photo story 3  lo ad  w n DoWhen asked to Run or Save – click Run.This will install the programme
  4. 4. Using Photo Story in the classroom• Allows teachers to create teaching and learning tools and resources from digital images• Bring photos to life• Add text• Add audio• Create teacher presentation tools• Create student presentation tools• Class projects• Share information/projects on the school network or website
  5. 5. Suggestion for using Photo Story in the classroom• Talking book• Number book• Shape book• Famous artist, writer, singer• Famous historical person or building• Scientific processes• Field trip Report• Favourite Sportsperson• My Hero• A Day in the Life• Local historical landmark
  6. 6. Beginning your Photo Story Select option
  7. 7. Import pictures When you click to import pictures, you will browse through folders to find the required pictures. If you wish to select individual images from a folder, hold the Ctrl key while clicking on the images.
  8. 8. Arrange pictures Removing black borders may cause problems by cropping essential parts. Leave borders on. Click and drag to rearrange slides on timeline To delete a slide, select it and hit the delete keySave project at each step Image editing features
  9. 9. Add text to pictures Text can be added to any slide. Select the slide and type text in the box. Text can be formatted and aligned.
  10. 10. Add narration Before recording narration, ensure microphone is connected and tested. •Select a slide •Click red button and record narration •Click stop button when finished •Narration can be deleted with undo buttonMotion of complete slideshow will be customised automatically or you maycustomise each slide individually.
  11. 11. Customise motion Set start and finish point to customise motion of each slide individually. Set number of seconds to display each image.
  12. 12. Transitions Choose transition for each slide.
  13. 13. Add background music Choice: Select a piece of music from a file on your computer or Create music
  14. 14. Select Music If you choose to select a music file, you must browse through your folder system to find the required file.
  15. 15. Create Music If creating music, there is an array of genres, styles, moods, etc. to choose from. Tempo and volume may be altered. Keep volume low/normal if narrating.
  16. 16. Save your story The final Save will save the story as a movie. Click Browse to find the folder in which to save the story. NB Save the project You can go back and edit the project at any time. When the final movie is created, it cannot be edited.
  17. 17. Save the final movie When the project is finally saved as a movie file, all multimedia is embedded and cannot be altered. If you wish to make changes, you must go back and open the Project version
  18. 18. Completion