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IBM Hackathon@ZendCon 2014


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Overview of the IBM Hackathon at ZendCon 2014

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IBM Hackathon@ZendCon 2014

  1. 1. Welcome to the IBM Hackathon at ZendCon 2014 Carl Osipov, IBM, @CloudsWithCarl Joshua Solomin, Zend, @JSolomin
  2. 2. Ground Rules (1 of 2)  Build an application to wow your audience, the attendees of ZendCon 2014  Work individually or as a team of up to 3 people  One prize per team  Use Zend Server 7 / PHP on Bluemix  Zend and IBM people are around to help  Sample code is available, check your hackathon registration email   Think of your own application idea or do something with  wearable and mobile application backends  API composition
  3. 3. Ground Rules (2 of 2)  Ensure that your application is accessible to anyone on the Internet via a URL  Tweet @IBMBluemix with your application URL and #zendcon to describe what you built  ZendCon attendees will be tweeting and retweeting about your applications  Hackathon starts at 8pm on Tuesday and ends at 4pm on Wednesday  We will contact you via email tomorrow after 6pm if you were selected to present Use common sense: We reserve the right to ignore any project that we deem inappropriate
  4. 4. Tools at your disposal  Bluemix PaaS  Code the way you want. Deploy in seconds. Scale as needed.  Reuse services like IBM Watson, MySQL, Twilio.  Start with a free trial. Experiment with a free tier for every service.  Zend Server 7  Fast PHP environment with extensions and libraries preconfigured  Use Z-Ray to rapidly find problems while you code  Execution time, database queries, functions, request details, and more  Sample code  IBM Watson for Travel, Cloudant (CouchDB) NoSQL, Internet of Things  MySQL  Sendgrid, Twilio
  5. 5. Top 12 Selection Process  Starting at 5pm on Wednesday, judges from Zend will monitor tweets mentioning @IBMBluemix and #zendcon to learn about your applications  Tweets that get the most retweets and favorites will be filtered out by the judges and the corresponding projects will be selected for the top 12  If your application is selected by the judges, we will contact at 6pm on Wednesday using the email you provided when you registered for the hackathon.
  6. 6.  If you receive an email notifying you that you were selected for the top 12, please be ready to present your app during a 5 minute lightning talk between 8 and 9:30pm on Wednesday  Our distinguished panel of handpicked judges will review the top 12 projects presented at the Wed event and choose the top 3 prize winners  Judges  Matthew Weier O’Phinney  Michelangelo van Dam  @DragonBe  Rob Allen Judges Panel
  7. 7. Prizes  Each winning team (or individual) will be awarded a Raspberry Pi dev kit on Thursday during the closing keynote
  8. 8. THANK YOU 8