Moves of the Day by Dr. Dina Gentile


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Coach Gentile provides a visual breakdown of two moves that will help create space for players during small-sided or game situations.

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Moves of the Day by Dr. Dina Gentile

  1. 1. Moves of the DayCoach Dina Gentile
  2. 2. Moves create space for players to operate• To start the practice, have each player with a ball dribbling around the grid.• Use similar terms you have used all season. Move from crowded to open spaces, chin up, do not crash into another player, and keep the ball close.
  3. 3. Challenges• A difficult aspect to teaching “moves” is that some coaches cannot perform them.• Let’s break down some simple moves you can easily incorporate into your practice.• Find a player that can demonstrate the move (if you cannot).• Test each player during the activity (this will motivate them and keep them engaged in the process).• “Moves” create separation from the defender. Separation means more time to possess the ball so we can dribble, pass, or shoot.
  4. 4. Move: Fake ‘em out! Simple Step Over Move: • Purpose: Have the defender think you are going one way (step over the ball with the right foot), push the ball forward to the other direction (left foot pushes the ball to the left side). • Mistake: Players do not lift their knee to step over the ball completely. Explain that we are exaggerating the move so the defender thinks we are going right, then suddenly we shift our body position and accelerate forward to the left. • Mistake: Some players will play the ball with their left foot (the new direction) with the side of their foot we want to move forward. Have the players use their “shoelace” part of their foot to accelerate in the new direction. • Try this stationary: Have each player with a ball. Have them lift their knee high and step over the ball, shift body position to the other side and push the ball forward. • Switch sides: Now use the left foot as the step over (fake) and push the ball forward with right foot.• .
  5. 5. Move: Fake ‘em out!A. Player must step over the ball. Get them to lift their knee up an over the ball. A BB. The player pushes the ball forward away from the defender.
  6. 6. Step over and turn!• Turning allows players to once again separate themselves from the defenders. When a player finds themselves cut off by a defender they can use this move to get away and find open space.• Challenge: The most difficult aspect of the turn is the pivot foot motion for younger players.
  7. 7. Step over and turn!A. Player must step over the ball with left foot. B C A LEFT FOOT RIGHT FOOTB. The player pivots on left foot toward the left.C. Player pushes ball with right foot back to starting point.
  8. 8. Practice makes perfect!!Keys to Success: 1. Test the players as you are asking them to perform these moves. Give instructions as needed. 2. Practice stationary first. Make a dance move out of these fakes (have fun)! 3. Have them move around a grid to perform move. 4. Coach can be added to apply pressure. 5. When you see them execute during your small sided games or regular games – celebrate with them!!!
  9. 9. Elevate the gameon and off the fieldvisit to learn how