White paper: Korrio hosted websites


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Helping sports organizations understand the benefits of integration and brand through Korrio hosted websites.

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White paper: Korrio hosted websites

  1. 1. WHITE PAPER: KORRIO HOSTED WEBSITES Helping sports organizations understand the benefits of integration and brand through Korrio hosted websites. October, 20121941 1st avenue south, seattle, WA 98134 telephone: 206.333.2400 • www.korrio.com
  2. 2. Overview.Your logo, crest, color and website banner are only part of the equation when it comes to brand.Prospective families don’t visit your site because of how cool your graphics are or because theythink your site is prettier than your competitors. They come to your site because they heard you werethe best sports organization to deliver coaching and player development to their young athlete. Theycome to your site because you are unique. They want to read about your organization, about yourstaff, your mission, how you support the community, what events you offer and what your goals are.Your website should have the relevant data they are looking for in a clutter-free design that peoplecan find easily. That is a huge competitive advantage and speaks volumes for your brand. This isyour opportunity to connect with your customers and prospects.We have identified four main reasons people visit your sports site: ✓ To learn more about your organization ✓ Members of organization want to read blogs, news, event info or latest team successes ✓ Parents want to register their children ✓ Parents and players of a team want to find games times, tournaments, field locations, etc. Challenges.1. Getting sports organizations to stop thinking about their registration system and their website as two different platforms/solutions.2. Eliminating teams using their own home grown solution for a team website. This dilutes and weakens your brand. Your organization should be consistent and organized in one platform.We see sports organizations spending substantial investments on a customized website that cannot beeasily managed or updated to represent their brand. Content and graphic changes need to be submittedand often can take weeks (frustration builds). Publishing content is the glue to clearly communicating yourbrand - and the ultimate goal when building your sports community. You must deliver your messageclearly, connect your membership emotionally and motivate your families and players. At the end of theday, its about building trust with your customers. Relevant and current content is the key to your success.Website considerations: - Cost? (development, fees, hosting, storage, back-up, graphics, updates, etc.) - Is it easy to manage and update? - Is it mobile optimized? 1
  3. 3. 57% of survey respondents indicated they prefer to visit organization’s website for communication and updates. - 2011 Korrio Soccer Leadership SurveyThere has never been a solution to date that allows an organization to manage everything from admini-stration, web hosting, communication, scheduling, team rostering and social tools all in one place. Untilnow. Brand.What is brand?Building a successful and reputable sports organization is about more than wins and losses on the field.The experts – the coaches and administrators who’ve grown leagues from grassroots community clubs tolarge regional organizations – know there’s more to it. They know that branding and marketing are keyelements in any successful game plan.Interpreting the American Marketing Association’s definition, brand is the personality that identifies aproduct, service or company and differentiates it from the goods of other sellers (as expressed through aname, term, sign, symbol, design or combination of these elements). Brand also personifies company orproduct philosophy, situating it in relation to its key constituencies – customers, staff, partners, investorsand the wider community. “Your brand resides within the hearts and minds of your customers”All organizations want to improve and grow through increased membership, community support and fi-nancial resources. A well-crafted brand is a powerful tool that can help accomplish ambitious organiza-tional goals. Goals such as building a new turf field or a concessions stand at your facility. A brand tellsthe larger community who you are and helps attract like-minded members and supporters to your organi-zation. Competition amongst youth organizations for field space is a growing concern. Losing members toemerging clubs is another challenge. Branding can be the powerful first step towards securing member-ship and community visibility. 2
  4. 4. “We want to look different than our competitors”It’s common for any sports organization to want to separate themselves from their rivals. The key is toaccomplish this in a way that supports a volunteer based operation with maximum return and minimaleffort. Your website is your face to the world - it’s what defines your organization.There are four key factors you should consider: (1) Does your site reflect & communicate your brand? (2) Is your site content fresh and current? (3) Is your site easy to administer and update by a non-technical volunteer? (4) Is your site mobile optimized for families on the go?Having these items figured out gives your organization a competitive advantage, so you can spend yourtime and energy on player development and skills. Hosted Websites.What do we mean when we say integrated?We mean taking organizations, teams and families/players and connecting them all through one smartsystem that delivers the info each user cares about right to their fingertips. Integration in the modernsports world starts with your organization’s website (your face to the world and key recruiting tool) andcascades through team pages and individual dashboards. • Korrio automatically creates team sites when a team is formed during the rostering process. • Korrio automatically creates a dashboard for players and parent/guardian that signs up for a program.Your members do not have to lift a finger. Three separate universes are now aligned and connected,allowing improved brand, operations and communications. Everything needed to run a successful youthsports organization in ONE place. Now that’s powerful. 3
  5. 5. There are 6 things that define true integration in youth sports: • Your club/organization website is easy to brand, maintain and update. • Every team in your organization has their own team site or “hub” to improve their experience both on and off the field. (kids can communicate in a safe online environment) • Every member in your organization has their own personal dashboard to their sports life. Korrio is 100% kid centric — one that is architected around the player, so all the data that matters to that kid and his/her parents flows right into their personal Korrio dashboard. • Your brand is consistent and teams are not using their own custom solution. • Your sports organization can now communicate more effectively because everything is connected. • Korrio calendar syncs with your personal calendar. Korrio messages forward to your personal email and last minute changes and alerts are sent right to your phone.Real world example: An admin can now provide authorized addresses to your organization profile thatwill auto-complete the address field for your members when they are entering event information in their 4
  6. 6. calendars. This is particularly helpful for the various field locations your organization uses for practicesand games.After you have entered in these locations your coaches or managers will only need to start typing thename of the field they are playing on and the address will auto-complete. This ensures everyone gets theappropriate driving directions – no more getting lost! Plus, less work for coaches and team managers.We don’t change the way you work – we just improve it. Now that’s integration.Safe and secureKorrio’s patent-pending privacy engine decides what you can see or do based on your role (such as anadministrator, registrar, parent, coach, team manager or teammate) and which pages you are allowed toview. You can only see information for those closest to you, and vice versa. Easily providing safety for youand your family.Korrio delivers the most reliable and secure service possible to youth sports organizations. Korrio pro-vides full SSL encryption security on every page. Your data is safe while making profile updates or proc-essing transactions. In addition, every Korrio hosted club and team website has full SSL encryption.No engineer required. Simple administration.Survey data shows that half of volunteers reportedly serve their organization for only one to three sea-sons. 25% of respondents also reported that they spend over 60 hours per week during season dealingwith administrative functions. These results mean dealing with regular turnover, recruiting and trainingconcerns (recruiting volunteers was top challenge facing youth sports - 56% agreed). The burden on vol-unteers can be overwhelming as we know it takes an army to run any successful youth sports program.Sports should be fun - for all stakeholders. That is precisely why Korrio designed technology to makethings simpler and more efficient. Low level skills are required to make web updates.Hosting your website with Korrio utilizes contemporary technology through a CMS based system de-signed with simplicity in mind.Relevant, fresh content makes all the differenceYour customers (parents and players) need to find accurate data - FAST, 24/7. They expect (no, they de-mand) that your site is current and ready to deliver what they are looking for. If it doesn’t, it causes doubt,frustration and aggravation. Examples of content include field closures due to weather, information onupcoming camps, clinics or tournaments, data on coaching certification, community programs or newsupdates. They also want to hear from your experts in a blog, view photos and get coach/players tips.From their personal dashboard, they are one click away from your organization and team website.Flexible and CustomizableThere is a fine balance between customization and ease-of-use. Publishing content is key to a wellbranded website for any sports organization. We want to keep things easy, yet allow sports organizationsthe creative freedom to brand. Korrio allows the following customization: • Set banner and carousel images 5
  7. 7. • Replace group title text with banner • Set custom background image • Choose custom color palette • Connect to social platforms via siteClub and team sitesTeams receive free hosted team sites with their club’s membership. Each team website is automaticallygenerated during roster process when you create team shells. The organization does not need to lift afinger and the coach/team manager is ready to go! No coding, design or technical skills required. Hostyour club or team site with Korrio and manage everything in one place. Our sites are mobile optimizedand designed to help people find what they need fast. • Free, automatically created team pages • Cloud-based reliability • Standardized addresses, directions and maps for fields 6
  8. 8. • Every member has their own personal dashboard connected to their teamsThese sites act as the “hub” for your club/team community to find everything they need in one location.Your website can also easily connect your membership to your social sites through pre set social mediaicons activated in the admin panel. “The most important component of brand is the Customer Experience. Working hand in glove with your customers will create a truly differentiated and remarkable experience for coaches, players and fans to build your unique brand.” - Former Nike, Reebok, Starbucks leader and Korrio Advisor, Martin ColesIndividual dashboardsEvery person who signs up for a program (player, parent/guardian, coach, team manager, etc) has theirown personal dashboard to their sports life. Korrio automatically creates this dashboard upon registration. Our smart technology knows who you are and who you are connected to - and presents the information that matters to you. When you sign in, your dashboard displays everything connected to your family - at a glance. Updates are pushed there automatically. Your personal dashboard stays with you through time and sport. You have ONE place to organize and share sports. Simple.ConclusionBuilding, maintaining and growing a successful sports organization or club is a perpetual effort. Establish-ing a strong brand can help ease some of these challenges. How can you best service your customersand minimize administrative tasks? Your time is best spent teaching, building educational curriculum forcoaches and players, building your community and having FUN!Korrio’s mission is to transform youth sport by delivering a contemporary sports automation system thatunifies and amplifies sports for every stakeholder. Gone are the days of cobbling together multiple prod-ucts from multiple vendors to get the job done. Korrio provides the tools required to get players on thefield as well as an online environment for staff, families and fans to share and build community. Every-thing you need in ONE place.One for all. All for sports. Visit us at korrio.com to learn more.*Survey Source: Korrio youth soccer leadership survey 2011 7