How effective is the combination of your main


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How effective is the combination of your main

  1. 1. When creating our teaser trailer,magazine front cover and film poster, wewanted to create synergy between thethree so that they work well together andthe audience can link them together.
  2. 2. Our film poster and teaser trailer are of thehorror genre so when creating ourmagazine front cover, we decided to makeit a horror special to carry on the theme ofhorror.
  3. 3. In our teaser trailer we used the Algerian font inred, on our film poster we used this exact samefont, in the same colour, and we also used thesame font for the magazine front cover so thatthe audience could relate the three together.
  4. 4. In the teaser trailer, when the credits appear we used a backgroundimage of the forest where we filmed, on the film poster we also usedthe same image, however we edited and manipulated it in a differentway, for the magazine front cover we once again used the sameimage but edited it differently, we did this because we wanted themain product and ancillary texts to work together however we didn’twant it to be too repetitive so we slightly changed it with eachproduct
  5. 5. We used the same colour scheme with all three productsso that they relate. We used conventional colours whichrelate to horror, such as red, black and dark dreary coloursto reflect the mood and genre.
  6. 6. We were heavily influenced by other horror films so decided that we neededto feature some references to them. In our teaser trailer we had referencesto Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project so the audience could seethe style of film that we were trying to convey. In our magazine front coverwe referenced the same films so that the audience could relate the twotogether, we also referenced other films which are classic as we wanted toshow the audience that our film is original and authentic. In our film posterwe didn’t directly reference any films but we used the same features as theCabin Fever film poster so the audience could recognize the similarities andlink the two together.
  7. 7. We have represented the character quite ambiguously, in our teaser trailerthe main character (antagonist) is hardly seen so the audience cannot relateto the character which intrigues the audience to see the film to learn moreabout the character. Similarly in our film poster we have an image of the filmsetting but no image of the characters, we used this technique to show thehorror genre, we wanted to make it mysterious and give the impression thatthe character was hiding. In the magazine front cover we had an image ofthe main character, we used an image where she was standing quite casuallyand had a neutral expression this made it hard for the audience to read thecharacters personality and emotions which will intrigue the audience intowanting to learn more.