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  • Magazine pitch

    1. 1. Magazine Pitch { Korous Arghianey
    2. 2. This magazine will be aimed at teenagers and above due to the literacy skill need to read the magazine and also because the colour scheme would not be appealing to the younger audience. The genre of this magazine is Pop/Music technology news. Pricing of the magazine will be set between £1.50-£2.00Intro
    3. 3. I had a number of magazine title ideas I placed them in a survey and let the pubic(my target audience) chose the title :  Horus  iMusic  Music Weekly  Frist Music  Tech.Music.Sex The two most popular titles were Horus and Tech.Music.Sex however the most popular was Horus. I also believe Horus would be the best choice even though the title does not relate to the subjects in the magazine, the title would add curiosity and a sense of history to the magazine.Magazine title
    4. 4. My target audience are teenagers and above(13 and higher) the magazine would appeal to both the male and female audience due to the fact that this magazine is a pop/ music technology news. My target audience would enjoy pop music and also like to have knowledge about music technology.Target audience
    5. 5. How many hoursteens spend on theinternet: Horus will be advertised on TV, billboards, pubicgeneration-of-teenagers-spend- transport and social networking sites such asmore-972381 Facebook and twitter. The reason for these typesWacthing TV: of advertising is because teens are a percentage when looking at the stats for the use14.htm of pubic transport and spend the most time watching TV and the internet. More than 20 hours a week on the internet and more than 30 hours watching TV. This will result in Horus having national recognition fast. Advertising
    6. 6. The USP of this magazine is that the magazine contains both pop news with music technology instead of focusing on one genre.USP(unique selling point)
    7. 7. Pricing Horus at between £1.50-£2.00 is a suitable price because it is aimed at teen and above and will appeal to my audience because it is affordable.Price
    8. 8. Horus will be sold at main super markets such as Tescos, Sainsburys and Co-op. Horus will also be available in new agents as well as being available to buy online and you may want to get a subscription that will include a discount.Where is Horus going tobe sold?
    9. 9. Horus will aim to interview both artists and bands also students that will appeal to the audience this will mean they will be up to date with music tech news and the world of pop music. The magazine will aim to interview the bands or singers about their music and will interview the students about music tech new such as subject as music piracy.The story
    10. 10. Moodboard
    11. 11. Publishing will be done thought companys such as Bauer Media, IPC media, Haymarket media company.Publishing