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Audinace survay


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Audinace survay

  1. 1. Target audience
  2. 2. Results
  3. 3. What is your gender?12 The reason why the genders are equal is10 because I gave 10 to the males and 10 to 8 the females this is because I wanted to find out what both 6 male gender enjoy in a female film. 4 2 0 gender
  4. 4. Which category below includes your age? age As we can see in the16 results my largest age14 ground in located in the12 17 or younger range.10 However this could be 8 because of my location 6 (school) 4 age 2 0
  5. 5. what genre of film do you like to watch?10 These results 9 show that this 8 gender group 7 isnt gender 6 stereotypical. It 5 shows that both 4 females and male males enjoy a 3 female romance and a 2 action movie but 1 the results as 0 expected isnt horror adventure musical sci-fi drama comedy historical other war chick fick action going to be romace identical.
  6. 6. how often do you go to the cinema?876 The results from this question show us that5 in this time and day4 everyone goes to the male cinema(I’m not saying3 female that everyone in the country has been to2 the cinema but my1 group has)0 never once a once a 2 and year month above
  7. 7. what makes you go and watch a movie?12 This set of results10 show that the trailer is the most8 important tool to make a audience6 want to watch your male movie.4 female20 cast story genre trailer director line
  8. 8. how do you find out about a film?1210 8 6 male 4 female 2 0
  9. 9. What factors affect you from visiting the cinema?98765 male4 female3210 price location price of food