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Artfinger Stylus pen intro

  1. 1. Updated : Nov. 1, 2011.Enjoy Smart and Awesome ExperienceTOUCHNS
  2. 2. What we want to enjoy together…. Touchns Co., Ltd. aims to provide smart solutions through touch and touch, meaning the communication between humans and smart devices such as iPhone, iPad and to create customers’ unique style through this. Touchns products are inspired by customers who wish to keep their own styles. The images of professional businessmen who achieve the cooperation and satisfaction of various stakeholders in complex business environment as well as leaders who take initiatives and collaboration are contained in the products. By challenging things that no one finds it possible to be achieved, we realize design never imagined and functions never imag ined by customers. Touchns realizes customers’ hope and imagination and tend more advanced imagination and hope of customers based on it.
  3. 3. Business Field Our passion is concentrated on creating enjoyment combined smart gadget with applications. We,, manufactures brand driven iphone and iPad accessories and applications. We think how to enjoy applications more differently and effectively, so we find smart device need to extend their potential abilities with gadget and applications. Create smart gadget and applications, and make awesome experience something different, it’s our business.
  4. 4. Artfinger Generally it is said, stylus pen for iPhone iPad, but we deeply think what is stylus pen, and what does it give us any experience? Now we arrived new conclusion, stylus pen if for gaming, studying, meeting, and enjoying new life. Artfingers are consisted of three concept stylus, for biz, drawing & game, and entertainment. Sometime it’s changed sword, pencil, brush, drum stick, and peak for guitar.
  5. 5. Artfinger Biz One day I met a person, he said stylus shape is only straight bar type in the world, never make other type pen. We think some day we have to draw, write on the pad with stylus, so we have to create stylish stylus pen. Specification BODY Length : 124mm Weight : 18g Diameter : 10mm Material : Aluminium CLIP Length : 92.5mm Weight : 7g Diameter : 10mm Material : Chromium-plated Stainless Steel • Compatible with Capacitive Touch Screen. • Rubber tip made with special silicon and with high polymer abrasion-resistant coating. • To write easily rubber tip is motivated oriental calligraphy brush and designed lower center of gravity. • Gives you smooth touch and comfortable grip sense.
  6. 6. Artfinger Kiz One day I left office and straight go to home, because my kid was happy when I come back home with iPad. He is really happy not to meet me, but iPad. He want to play drawing apps. So I bought a stylus pen for us, but he dont like use stylus pen, because its not suitable for him. So I think to make stylus of him. Its Artfinger for KIZ. Artfinger KIZ is made of silicon body and shaped crayon. Specification Length : 99mm Weight : 14g Diameter : 10mm Material : Silicon • Compatible with Capacitive Touch Screen, like iPad, iPhone, and iPod. • Rubber tip made with special silicon and with high polymer abrasion-resistant coating. • To write easily rubber tip is motivated oriental calligraphy brush and designed lower center of gravity. • Included strap plug can be plugged into the earphone port of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.
  7. 7. Contact Information The product design of Touchns is to find a surprise in familiarity. Our efforts are continued for us all to enjoy the surprise together. Touchns can be found at about 500 apple premium resellers and department stores in about 80 countries. We are always open to partners who wish to make our customers happy together. Our requirements when selecting a partner are not business sizes or capitals. It is the passion to enjoy the newness with customers only. Please enjoy the best benefits given to the partners of Touchns. Touchns Seoul 1007ho, Digital empire B/D, 685, Gasan-dong, Guemchen-gu, Seoul, Korea. Tel : +82-70-4355-5536 Fax: +82-70-4369-5453 Email : Skype : giejun Facebook :