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The chocolate industry


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The chocolate industry

  1. 1. The Chocolate Industry: Issues of Production and Consumption
  2. 2. So where does chocolate come from?
  3. 3. (Image:Cocoa Barometer 2012 p2) Cocoa Supply Chain
  4. 4. (Cocoa Barometer 2012 p3) Smallholders and Production …earn their livelihoods by cultivating cocoa … are rural workers who depend on cocoa for their income Ivory Coast and Ghana alone contribute 59% of the global cocoa supply
  5. 5. Global Production and Import of Cocoa (Image:Cocoa Barometer 2012 p4) Australia ranks ninth in global chocolate consumption per person beating the USA, Japan and Brazil (World Vision Australia 2012 p1)
  6. 6. So what’s the issue?
  7. 7. SocialIssues World Vision Australia (Cocoa Barometer 2012 p7)
  8. 8. (Cocoa Barometer 2012 p7) Environmental Issues Mars, Austria
  9. 9. (Cocoa Barometer 2012 p7) Greenshoots Communications / Ala/Alamy Economical Issues
  10. 10. Potential decline in workforce 2012-2030 (Cocoa Barometer 2012 p7) increase + workforce = cocoa in demand shortage shortages & less exporters > Brazil no longer major exporter; > low income now consumes as much as it produces > poor working conditions > Some years before Asia become an > decline in farmer population important global export market.
  11. 11. So what is being done?
  12. 12. The ‘Fair Trade’ Movement “Fair trade” is a market-based approach to trade and economic development that aims to give producers (especially in developing countries) a fair wage, improve their trading capacity and promote sustainability.” -World Vision Australia 2012 p5 Ethical certification schemes
  13. 13. (World Vision Australia 2013 p2) What are Australia’s leading chocolate companies doing?
  14. 14. (World Vision Australia 2013 )
  15. 15. (World Vision Australia 2013 )
  16. 16. (World Vision Australia 2013 )
  17. 17. (World Vision Australia 2013 )
  18. 18. What can I do? People Power Purchase Power Write to your favourite chocolate company! Ask them to do more to source ethically certified cocoa. Or contact them via their social media channels! Look for the labels Check out World Vision’ Good Chocolate Guide for Australia
  19. 19. Sources Hütz-Adams, F. and Fountain, A.C. (2012): Cocoa Barometer 2012 Text: Friedel Hütz-Adams (Südwind-Institut), Antonie Fountain (STOP THE TRAFFIK) World Vision Australia (2013 ) ‘Chocolate Scorecard’, Don’t Trade Lives World Vision Australia (2012) ‘Forced child labour in cocoa industry fact sheet’, Don’t Trade Lives Presentation by