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Summer Work Overview


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summer work overview - Queen - I Want To Break Free

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Summer Work Overview

  1. 1.  A base track is an ongoing shot you film from an angle. From this shot you can cut back and forth from this in your video. On the sequence we shot there were two main base tracks we used. The first was the mid shot of the main character and the second was the close up of the main character.
  2. 2.  We also used a few cutaways in a different location. This is because in music videos you tend to see a lot of cuts of different things within the scene and things related to it. For example, there’s one close up of the person in the background, one of the people in the kitchen etc.
  3. 3.  When we were editing we used markers on the audio to help us cut to the beat because one of the conventions of a music is to do this. It also helped us to match the lip- syncing done in the film to the song so it is in time to the audio.