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Filming day 1


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summary of first day of filming

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Filming day 1

  1. 1. Filming Day 1 BEHIND THE SCENES Verse 1 – Richmond Bridge Date: 25th October 2013 Time: Midday Costume: jeans, jumper, boots, coat
  2. 2. Shot Types We started off taking shots of the performer walking along the bridge. We took a variety of shots to showcase our ability of using the camera effectively e.g. wide shots, mid shots, close ups, over the shoulder and incorporating the rule of thirds into it.
  3. 3. Discussions We made sure to talk to the performer in between shots to make sure that she understood what emotions she was meant to be portraying and making sure it suited the theme of the lyrics. Also, we were giving her motivation and encouragement as it was slightly cold and we were repeating the shots over and over to make sure we got it just right.
  4. 4. Problems.. The only main problem we had was the public that were passing by that kept getting into the shot or looking into the camera which ruined the illusion of it looking natural. We overcame this by waiting to shoot when they wasn’t looking directly at the camera and they wasn’t obstructing the view of the performer. We didn’t want to cut the public directly out of the video as this would appear to be unnatural as there usually are people walking by in a natural environment.
  5. 5. Although it looks rather odd, Kellie and I both decided to film here as we wanted to film a certain shot to the best of our ability and it was difficult to use those camera function by yourself. I was carefully doing the zooms while Kellie was panning and tilting the camera. This was so there wasn’t any unnecessary jolts in the camera movements. We wanted to use these to functions together to create
  6. 6. Role Allocation We made sure to give out the responsibility of filming to more than just one person. This is so we could bring across an array of different skills rather than that of one person. In some of the pictures in this slideshow you can see that myself and Kellie are both filming. I was better at creating angles and close ups whereas Kellie was better at filming without the camera and adding movement to the shots using pans and tilts,
  7. 7. Reviewing the Footage We made sure to look over the footage as we were filming to ensure we took the best possible shot we could. We didn’t want to leave so quickly after shooting the shots we did in case it resulted in us wasting time redoing those shots on another day. We made sure the footage was up to good standard before we moved onto anything else. Although we had days on our production schedule allocated to reviewing footage, we thought it would be best to do it on the day as we wouldn’t face any continuity problems filming it again on the same day as opposed to doing it on another day.