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Evaluation q6


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Evaluation q6

  2. 2. IMPORTANCE OF TECHNOLOGYTechnology has changed greatly throughout history and thuschanging our perspective of films. Films are supposed to takethe audience on an emotional journey in a way in which theycan relate.During our the time of our project we used a number ofdif ferent technology. I think one of the main ones was Blogger.Blogger is an easy access site where it allowed the studentsand teachers to interact. This is useful as our work is recordedon the blog.
  3. 3. TECHNOLOGIES USED Video Camera Still camera SD Card Hard Drive Blogger Apple Mac Final Cut Pro Sound Track Pro Motion 4
  4. 4. VIDEO CAMERA AND SD CARDSThe video camera is one of the most important pieces of technologyout of the others as that was what we filmed our footage on. Thegood thing about the camera was that we could review our shots onthe camera and see if it was ok or not and that it filmed well inlowered lighting.The SD cards were also important as that was where all our footagewas saved on. SD cards can be used to quickly transfer items onto acomputer. We used them to transform our footage onto the harddrive so it was backed up in case anything was unintentionallydeleted.
  5. 5. MOTION 4This software was used to create our distribution company ident‘RedLine Pictures’. By creating our own company, it showed thatour thriller ‘Code Red’ is a low budget film that should besupported by an independent company by the likes of this one.Motion is a creative software which allowed us to play aroundwith the ef fects and animations to help up decide on what wethought would be an appropriate ident for the company. It wasvery useful for what we needed to make.
  6. 6. COMBINING TECHNOLOGIES Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack ProFinal Cut Pro is the software we used to edit the clipstogether and make it a whole piece.SoundTrack Pro is where we created the sound trackfor the opening.We combined the two by exporting the soundtrack wemade on SoundTrack Pro into Final Cut Pro to overlapover the sound over our actual footage. We alsoexported a few foley sounds so it can be edited intothe sequence that we’ve put together.
  7. 7. COMBINING TECHNOLOGIES Hard Drive and BloggerThe hard drive was where we stored all the work wedid on the different softwares that we used. Forexample, the soundtrack, edit in Final Cut Pro, anypictures etc.Blogger was where we posted all our work that we haddone for our coursework.The two were combined because we had to post manyexercise that we did through this as it was all saved inhere. The hard drive was also combined with the SDcards as mentioned before
  8. 8. RESULTSOverall, I would say that all of thesetechnologies are very useful. This isbecause they all had very importantroles in the final outcome of thethriller opening. I would say that FinalCut Pro, Sound Track Pro and Motion4 have more of a creative element.This is because these softwares allowyou to choose how and what you wantto do to your project.