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Ancillary production pitch


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Ancillary production pitch

  1. 1. Ancillary Production Pitch Korima Begum
  2. 2. Overall Theme I would say that the overall theme for my ancillary products simplicity. This is because I want to focus and trying to establish this new artist into the music industry and the best way to do that is to keep it simple and let the music do the talking! Five words that would best summarise my theme is: O Elegant O Playful O Feminine O Neutral O Simplistic
  3. 3. Info on the digipak My digipak will have the usual four panels. I decided to do this because it is our artist’s (Eva Ellis) first album and as she isn’t established enough in the mainstream music world I felt that having four panels would be best way to start out and if she moves onto better things then she could have 6 or 8 panelled digipaks.
  4. 4. Where will the magazine advert be placed? As our target audience is teenage girls so we would expect to see them in magazines catered for that audience e.g. O Seventeen magazine O Shout O Teen Vogue
  5. 5. Influences I got a few ideas for my digipak from three different albums: O Mariah Carey – Charmbracelet O Nicole Scherzinger – Her Name Is Nicole O Taylor Swift - Fearless More detail on next few slides 
  6. 6. Mariah Carey Charmbracelet I like this one simply because of close up shot of her face and the simplicity of it all. The main idea of it is to the sell the artist and that is essentially what is going on here as there is nothing but Mariah to focus on.
  7. 7. Nicole Scherzinger Her Name Is Nicole Again here on the front panel you see a simple textured background with the artist on the front of it. I like this because again you focus solely on the artist as she is what stands out. Also I like the neutral colour theme on it. It seems more feminine and elegant which is something that I may use.
  8. 8. Taylor Swift Fearlessinto some Taylor I decided to look Swift digipaks because from the audience feedback when I had asked about what they would expect, they said they'd expect to see something that you'd get from Taylor Swift as that's who they associated our artist with. Again I like this one because of the simplicity of it because it looks more girly and feminine. I also like beiges used in this. I also like the creams and blows in the shoot. the way her hair We shot a few pictures of our artist with her hair blowing in the wind. I wasn't so sure of this at first but after seeing this digipak I am starting to warm to it and I may use one of those for my own one.