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indonesia maritime business opportunities


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a naive initial exploration to indonesia maritime business..

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indonesia maritime business opportunities

  1. 1. Indonesia Maritime Business Opportunities intro and marina case
  2. 2. membangun Indonesia berbasisekonomimaritim SiswantoRusdi Pico Seno
  3. 3. where to look for opportunity?
  4. 4. good opportunity
  5. 5. even better opportunity
  6. 6. great opportunity!!
  7. 7. those can only be seen when you switch yourchannel from daily drama of KPK, SBY and hissupporting ministers, DPR, and other reality showcraps to maritime oriented media programs
  8. 8. I had switched mine already... and Iactually went to the salt water toexplore... ..and here some what I found..
  9. 9. traditional fishermen
  10. 10. offshore rig supply
  11. 11. and I talked to some friends too • a fishery co from china books an annual 7 billion rupiah revenue • it’s illegal licensing (does it matter?) • law? (does it really matter?) • corruption? (you spot the hole, don’t you?) • gerdakayasinay knows how..
  12. 12. and to another friends • easier entry • Rp. 75 million/week per group • • ask elyamuskitta@edemesq uita
  13. 13. some informationscome with details
  14. 14. mind map your knowledge
  15. 15. maritime business works just like anyother businesses• finance• market and sales• legalities• the people
  16. 16. only.. there’re precautions to care about• the weather• 9-11 working months calendar• more uniqueness of the sea nature..
  17. 17. barriers to entry?• lack of capital?• lack of substantial knowledge of market, of anything..• don’t know anyone on the business.. whom to ask? where are those sea-nerds live?
  18. 18. Well actually those barriers are just anotheropportunities, yes?
  19. 19. next step: Jump in!
  20. 20. critical question• how do I compete with giant foreign corp and all other cronies they brought along..?
  21. 21. critical question• how do I compete with giant foreign corp and all other cronies they brought along..? provocative question
  22. 22. tips on ethics• get advance with social skill.. the people is the most critical element in this new business• you know and you’ll learn fast. thus you also respect more than your foreign competitor..• once you have firm grip on it, protect it with everything..• and nevermind the regulations if there isn’t any.. even if there’s any but not for the benefit of the people..• pray that government will know people better.. for better regulations..• and..
  23. 23. join the club
  24. 24. now into marina case
  25. 25. is this a marina?
  26. 26. NOT!
  27. 27. this is a marina
  28. 28. Challenges in Indonesia• Highly regulated• Bad infrastructures• Bad marketing campaign
  29. 29. What to do
  30. 30. imagine more marinas along 95.181 km coastal line of nusantara• seaweed
  31. 31. The Journey Continues