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Chapter 10 power point


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Chapter 10 power point

  1. 1. Essentials of Fire Fighting 6th Edition Firefighter I Chapter 10 — Scene Lighting, Rescue Tools, Vehicle Extrication, and Technical Rescue
  2. 2. Identify types of emergency scene lighting equipment. Learning Objective 1 10–2
  3. 3. Emergency scene lighting equipment is required at certain incidents. 10–3
  4. 4. All firefighters must operate the following equipment. 10–4
  5. 5. Electrical generators power both emergency scene lighting and portable rescue equipment. 10–5
  6. 6. Lighting equipment is divided into two categories. 10–6 CourtesyofRonMooreandMcKinney(TX)FD
  7. 7. CAUTION Never connect more lights than the power source can support. Overtaxing the power source results in poor lighting and possible damage to the lights, generator, or electrical system. It may also restrict the operation of other tools using the same power source. 10–7
  8. 8. All auxiliary electrical equipment must be waterproof, intrinsically safe, and designed for its intended use. 10–8
  9. 9. Do not exceed the power capacity of electrical cables and extension cords. 10–9 CourtesyofShadCooper/WyomingStateFireMarshal'sOffice CourtesyofTedBoothroyd
  10. 10. Twist-lock receptacles and connectors provide safe and secure connections. 10–10 Safe until immersed in waterSafe until immersed in water
  11. 11. Junction boxes and adapter connections give firefighters great flexibility. 10–11 CourtesyofShadCooper/WyomingStateFireMarshal'sOffice
  12. 12. REVIEW QUESTION What types of emergency scene lighting equipment can be used for vehicle extrication and technical rescue incidents? 10–12
  13. 13. • Your duties include using lighting equipment of all types while at emergency scenes. Summary 10–13