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A bundle of sticks


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A bundle of sticks

  1. 1. Learn the vocabulary
  2. 2. StickThis is a stick.
  3. 3. BreakI can breakthe stick.
  4. 4. BundleThis is abundle ofsticks.
  5. 5. FightCannot fight.
  6. 6. StrongHe is strong.
  7. 7. Write in your writing book:1. Stick2. Break3. Bundle4. Fight5. Strong
  8. 8. A Bundle Of Sticks
  9. 9. Maya has two brothers.They are Farid and Faud. They always fight.
  10. 10. One day, their father calls them.
  11. 11. They break the stick easily.
  12. 12. Then, their father says,“Here is a bundle of sticks.Now, break this bundle ofsticks.”
  13. 13. The children cannot break the sticks.
  14. 14. Their father tells them,“You are strong when you work together.”
  15. 15. What did you learn from the story? We are strong when we work together.
  16. 16. ActivityRearrange the sentencesto make a story.
  17. 17. Maya has two brothers. They always fight.Their father calls them to break the sticks.They can break the sticks easily.Their father asks them to break a bundle of sticks.They can’t break the sticks.Maya’s father tells them that they will become strong when they worktogether.
  18. 18. The end