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Jpeg image viewer_error


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Jpeg image viewer_error

Published in: Technology
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Jpeg image viewer_error

  1. 1. JPEG Image Viewer fails to update images after the latest version of JAVA software is installed Article ID: GV07-04-25-26 Release Date: 4/25/2007Applied toJPEG Image ViewerSymptomJPEG Image Viewer failed to update images on Microsoft Internet Explorer when the recent version ofJava Runtime Environment Version 6 was installed.CauseThis problem may be the result of incompatibility between Java Runtime Environment version 6 andJPEG Image Viewer.GeoVision Inc. 1 Revision Date: 2007/8/16
  2. 2. ResolutionWe suggest that you do not use Java but Microsoft Virtual Machine instead. Follow these steps:1. Open the browser.2. Click Tools and select Internet Options.3. Under the Advanced tab, clear the selection of Use JRE 1.6.0_01 for <applet> [requires restart].4. In Microsoft VM, select JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled [requires restart], click Apply and then click OK. If Microsoft VM is not installed on your computer, you can download it at Inc. 2 Revision Date: 2007/8/16