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Geo vision presentation overall system 25 3-2012


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Geo vision presentation overall system 25 3-2012

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Geo vision presentation overall system 25 3-2012

  1. 1. 2GeoVision NVR Solution
  2. 2. 3 Recording Server NVR NVR-Lite Enterprise (32-128Ch) Professional (1-32Ch)Basic (1-8Ch)
  3. 3. 4 Basic Professional Enterprise GV-NVR Lite GV-NVR GV-Recording Server Recording Server No. of Camera 1-8 1- 32 32 - 128 Integration GV-POS V NVR V V NVR-Lite GV-CMS V V V GV-LPR V VGV-Access Control V Enterprise V GV-GIS V (32-128Ch) V Video Analytic 4 Professional Advance Motion detection, Basic VA Privacy Mask, Scene change, (1-32Ch) 14 14 Basic (1-8Ch) People counting Advance VA - 7 7
  4. 4. 5GV-NVR Dongle • No Based License • Buy only camera dongle • Dongle can be combined • No Mac Address Lock • No Yearly MA • Free CMS 160 Channels +
  5. 5. 6Protocol Support Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)
  6. 6. 7 Application- Scan & assign camera channelusing utilityAssign camera with IP device utility Benefit - Easy & quick camera integration
  7. 7. 8 Application- Apply dual stream for livedisplay higher resolutionOn Demand Display streaming will be used. Benefit - Ease loading on CPU decoding
  8. 8. 9 Application- Limit Max frame rate withmotionless recordingEconomic Recording Mode Benefit - Efficient use of recording storage
  9. 9. GPU Decoding 2MP
  10. 10. Mobile PhonesRemote Viewing made simpler!
  11. 11. GPU Decoding 2MP
  12. 12. GPU Decoding 2MP
  13. 13. GV-Video Analytic (For GV-NVR System)
  14. 14. Free Bundled Video Analytics
  15. 15. GPU Decoding 2MP
  16. 16. GPU Decoding 2MP
  17. 17. GPU Decoding 2MP
  18. 18. Scene change detection 19 Application- Detect a camera beingtampered physically. Benefit- Automatically alert theoperator immediately when thecamera is moved, covered or outof focus.
  19. 19. Advanced Motion Detection Application- Area or zone with differentmotion sensitivity- Size of motion object Benefit- Reduce false alarm- Customizable
  20. 20. Privacy Mask Application- Block private or sensitive area Benefit- Protect sensitive area- Can be removed after
  21. 21. Missing object detection 22 Application-Detect missing objects in thecamera’s view and alert operator ifit is missing Benefit- Automatically alert theoperator if the object selected ismissing from the camera’s view.
  22. 22. Unattended object detection 23 Application-Detect an unattended objectsuddenly appears in the camera’sview Benefit- Automatically alert in airport ortrain stations where suspiciousobject is a big concern.
  23. 23. Intrusion Alarm 24 Application- Detect intrusion in a predefinedarea of camera’s view Benefit- Automatically alert theoperator if suspect has entered aspecific area
  24. 24. Digital Tracking 25 Application- Without PTZ camera, it providesreal-time tracking of up to 7moving objects and automaticzooming. Benefit- It combines PIP View or PAPView to aid in spotting anysuspicious activities under thesurveillance area.
  25. 25. People/Object Counting Application- People counting- Integration with GV-Web Report. Benefit- # of People In/Out of the Store- People remaining in an area- Valuable Market data analysis
  26. 26. 27Integration GV-Web Report Key Features •Support for up to 1000 units of GV-Systems and GV-Smart Boxes •People traffic monitoring •Real-time, daily, monthly, yearly counting reports and graphs •Grouping function to combine desired devices’ cameras for data analysis •Remote playback of recordings from GV-Systems. •Face snapshots from GV- Smart Boxes
  27. 27. 28GV-Web Report
  28. 28. Smart Search Application- Post recording video analytic- Search events by motion andarea Benefit- Save Time- Evidence search
  29. 29. Advance Analytics
  30. 30. Panorama View Application- Combine scene from multiplecameras- Large view of an area(parkinglot) Benefit-Combine cameras of a securityarea without dead spot.- Without the need to changefrom one camera to another
  31. 31. Defog Application-Enhance visibility from foggy orblurred environment-Use in situation caused by badweather such as rain, snow or fog Benefit-Enhance the visibility from liveview and playback
  32. 32. Stabilization 33 Application- Reduce camera shaky images,leaving you with clear and steadyimages Benefit- Steady images from camerassetup in cars or on top ofbuildings with windy conditions
  33. 33. Crowd detection 34 Application- Detect crowd of people gathersin a specified area and exceedsthe defined time threshold. Benefit- Automatically alert theoperator if there is a crowdgathering or littering in a specificarea of importance.
  34. 34. Face counting 35 Application- Capturing face for multiplepurpose like mask detection- Allows face counting thenumber of people coming in Benefit- Face counting for counting- Able to see the face whilecounting- Mask detection
  35. 35. GeoVision CMS Structure
  36. 36. CenterV2 Video Alarm Center
  37. 37. CenterV2 Video Alarm Center
  38. 38. CCTV Control Center
  39. 39. GIS Googlemaps integrated Software
  40. 40. Access Control System1. Integrated with access control software over the Internet2. Remote live view, video playback, stop alarms and force the door to lock/unlock
  41. 41. License Plate Recognition Software Feature Highlight [6]•License Plate Recognition integration with video surveillance system• Support dual display for vehicle recognition and live video monitoring• Provide video evidence by querying car plate number• Retrieve video of any camera before/ after vehicles being recognized• Access video recording remotely• Support pure IP (NVR+LPR)
  42. 42. POS System Integration 51 + + =POS Surveillance
  43. 43. GeoVision POS Solution
  44. 44. POS GV Software Features POS Loss prevention
  45. 45. POS GV Software FeaturesPOS Loss prevention Alarm notify •I/O •E-mail •SMS
  46. 46. Thank You!For more information:Web Site: