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Unity in diversity


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Published in: Education, Spiritual, Business
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Unity in diversity

  1. 1. UNITY IN DIVERSITY In IndiaSubmitted TO By Anand Gupta
  2. 2. UNITY IN DIVERSITY In India• 5,000 year old civilization• 325 languages spoken – 1,652 dialects• 18 official languages• 28 states, 5 union territories• 3.28 million sq. kilometers - Area• 7,516 kilometers – Coastline
  3. 3. UNITY IN DIVERSITY In India• Parliamentary form of Government• Secular democratic constitution• Worlds largest democracy since 55 years• 4th largest economy• Fastest growing IT super power• Indian Railways ,the biggest employer inthe world.
  4. 4. UNITY IN DIVERSITY In India India: Pharmaceuticals• The Indian pharmaceutical industry at $6.5 billion and growing at 8-10% annually, is the 4th largest pharmaceutical industry in the world, and is expected to be worth $12 billion by 2008.• Its exports are over $2 billion. India is among the top five bulk drug makers and at home, the local industry has edged out the Multi-National companies whose share of 75% in the market is down to 35%.
  5. 5. UNITY IN DIVERSITY In IndiaYOGA- Made in India Origin –5000 BC Documented by 200 BC – 300 AD
  6. 6. India- Land of unity in diversity
  7. 7. Languages of India Urdu Punjabi HindiRajasthani Assamese SanskritGujarati Bengali Oriya Marathi Telegu Konkani Tamil Kannada Malayalam
  8. 8. RELIGIONS IN INDIA HinduismJainism Christianity Buddhism Sikhism Islam
  9. 9. The Seven Classical Dance Forms KathakMohini Attam Manipuri One of the most enduring symbols of India is the figure ofKathakali Kuchipudi NATARAJA Odissi Bharatnatyam
  10. 10. UNITY IN DIVERSITY In India The Famous Goa Beach St Francis Church GoaGir National Park Mount Abu - Rajasthan Bollywood
  11. 11. UNITY IN DIVERSITY In India Sun Temple, KonarkJagannath Temple, Puri Konark TempleMukteswar Temple Wheel of Konark Rajarani Temple Temple, Bhubaneswar
  12. 12. Indiathe land of unity in diversity
  13. 13. Famous places In the WestWestern Thar Desert, Rajasthan The Ajanta and Ellora caves Hawa Mahal - "Palace of Winds" Jaipur
  14. 14. Great IndiansMohandas Karamchand Gandhi “Father of Nation” Vinoba Bhave National Teacher of India Amitabh Bachchan Famous Bollywood Actor
  15. 15. UNITY IN DIVERSITY In India Rabindranath Tagore Poet and writer of India’s national anthem and Nobel laureate in literature in 1913, (1861-1941) : "Oneness amongst men, theadvancement of unity in diversity – this has been the core religion of India”.