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General commercail managment plan(fsp)


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General commercail managment plan(fsp)

  1. 1. First Spot Production Co., Ltd General Commercial Management Plan (Summary Conception) By Mr. HEANG KoolliyukkI. Executive Summary 01. Services 02. Mission executiveII. Executive Commercial Management 01. General Organization Chart 02. Executive Organization ChartIII. Marketing ManagementIV. Production ManagementV. Business Development 01. Strategic development 02. Concepts/Idea generation 03. Execution ( Storyline, Storyboard)
  2. 2. I. Executive Summary: First Spot Production Co., Ltd (FSP), principle operators are provider marketers, producer and dealers ofadvertising services and media provider in 2011 that FSP is First Business have trading with Commercial TVby LCD TV post in all popular center of Cambodia Country, This is young services will be grow up inCambodia as our team experiences provider from overseas. FSP’s industry have provide to customer,subscriber, networks, cooperation partner by professional programs media plan. FSP have summary ofadvertising part on your organization but updating standard of information provider or events management tomillion spectator that who they are existing or new Customer, Subscribers that find and join these services orproducts. This new range of LCD displays are purpose built to operate as an Advertising Display suitable forapplications in retail; public services such as any places of entertainment such as a cinema or theatre. Theyare supplied with a wall mount for mounting in landscape mode.01. Services: First Spot Production Co., Ltd (FSP) will provide expertise and execution of advertising that support brands.Our sole purpose is to generate advertising sales by growing client sales. By advertising these productstogether, we will increase consumer awareness and increase sales. FSP’s services will provide to many kindof professional provider, Media, Production, Information Provider, advertising agent or directly from customernetworks, that FSP’s services advertising Spots have following to using the LCDs for advertising networks,FSP’s main service offering is advertising spots. Literally, this means the amount of advertising time yourcampaign runs in the networks. The usual length of FSP loops run for 9-12 minutes.• 60-sec spot. Advertising the 60-seconder spot advert can communicate more information. It also offers increased standout. The is best for creating ”talk ability” strategy• 30-sec spot. Advertising the advert the lasts 30 seconds. This one makes an adverts have real stand out in the broadcast.• 15-sec spot. Advertising one of the traditional advertising lengths for FSP, the 15 –sec spot makes the material a standout if the creative is strong.• 10-sec spot. Advertising highly-impactful 10-sec spots make adverts achieve cost efficiencies not possible with longer time exposures• 5-sec spot. Advertising shorter version of ads, such as the 5-seconders are used the triggers or teaser, enabling viewers to look forward to its extended form.
  3. 3. 02. Mission executive: FSP’s business mission has to preparing location provides to many point of marketsexecution.FSP’s application marketing points: Supermarkets Hospitals Department stores Museums Markets Exhibition displays Show rooms Cinemas Shopping centers Conference halls Banks Hotel lobbies Gyms Restaurants Train/Bus stations Reception areas Travel agents
  4. 4. FSP’s Production mission has to preparing by professional skill of BusinessOperation, Marketing Networks, and Commercial cooperation to developmentservices, products, technology strength as opportunity in situation of economic and marketingbenefits: FSP Operation Provider Networks Provider Media Group (30%) FSP Operation (30%) Information Production Group Advertising Agent Group (20%) (10%) (10%) FSP’s Services & Products
  5. 5. II. Executive Commercial Management: FSP is Advertising & Production organization in limited liability, so on the FSP Organization hasreal process in employer and employee by Business Management Skill for policy commercialoperation. FSP has property providing and producing for marketing as regal Commercial. Thecompeting in Markets will be role by strategy and executive responsible by FSP Organization. TheFSP development must to strongly and clear in policy opportunity situation of FSP’s business, TheFSP Organization Chart will been strength, execution, development, all department(Operation, Marketing, Financial/Account, Production, Administration/HR). All process managementmust to be in only one managing and acting to uses for FSP.01. General Organization Chart:
  6. 6. Acting •Sales/ Marketing Department: - Control Information Marketing- Marketing Research( Costumers, Cooperation Partners, - Follow up services to ( Costumers, Cooperation Competitors, Providers, Marketing Points) Partners, Competitors, Providers, Marketing Points)- Analyst of Marketing Research - Preparing Proposal- Marketing Plan for marketing operation - Directly communication to ( Costumers, Cooperation- Marketing Plan for Sales/Marketing executive Partners, Competitors, Providers, Marketing Points)- Marketing Plan for comparing competitors - Team Department & General team- Marketing Plan for forecast benefits - Reporting and Informs to General Manager and- Marketing Plan for Business Development ( Services, General Team Products) - Media Research & Plan- Marketing Plan for Commercial Cooperation - Touch Point Analyst from Media Plan for FSP- Marketing Plan for Proposal to ( Costumers, Cooperation Marketing Partners, Competitors, Providers, Marketing Points) - Commercial Executive- Sales Plan (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly) - Assistant to Operation Department…- Updating Sales Reports- Training Sales/Marketing Executive- Research Competitors ( Strength, Strategy, Services, Quality Products, Technology Provider)
  7. 7. •Financial/Accounting Department:- Financial/Accounting process - Contribution chart- Executive of Accounting - Break-even chart- Account payable/ Receivable - budgeting process- Balance control (Daily) - Total cost of sales analysis, manufacturing- Tax Declarations industry- Preparing Monthly Employee’s Salary - The profit-volume graph- Close Account (Monthly, Years) - Fund Preparing for Development- Controlling Finance/Accounting System - General Team- Payments/ Income - Department Team- The strategy and planning process - Updated Reports to Operation Department and internal Department•Production Department:- Production Executive - Analyst all Network’s Products Provided- Products Operation - Maintenance station Provider and IT Officer- Spot Development - Cooperation team with FSP’s Networks and- Website Developer Customers- Media Conception - Feedbacks to happening services and Products- Services/ Products Quality Analysis - Acting all IT officer (Competitor, FSP’s existing, New) - Strategy and executive of Production- Research new concepts and Operation - Technical Development and executive- Technology Development - Production Training internal of FSP…- Video Spot conception and Designing- Responsible and Controlling Quality of FSP’s Products
  8. 8. •Administration/ HR Department:- Front Office - Social activity- Call Center - Assistant to Operation Department- Administration office - Team HR to financial Accounting Department- Talent recruitment - Meeting Management- HR Executive - Office Management- Contract Executive - Officer activity advisor- Cooperation administration …………. 01. 02. Executive Organization Chart: Managing Director General Manager Sales/Market Financial/Account Production Admin/HR Department Department Department Department Marketing Fin/Acc Production Adm/HR Manager Manager Manager Manager Sales Sales/Marketing Account Account Production Operation/Maintenance Front Officer Admin ExecutiveRepresentative Cooperator Officer Executive Executive Executive Video Designer Technical Call Center Sales/Marketing Executive Coordinator IT Executive
  9. 9. Acting Marketing Organization:Marketing Manager: Sales/Marketing Cooperator: Sales/Marketing Coordinator:- Sales/Marketing Managing - Sales/Marketing Executive - Sales/Marketing Executive- Marketing Research Plan - Marketing Cooperation partner - Marketing Coordination to Cooperation partner- Marketing Analyst Research and Customer- Preparing Sales Plan - Development Marketing Points - Development Administration Marketing- Assistant to General Manager - Updated Sales location Department- Media Executive - Development Services with new - Contract executive- Team Player FSP partner - Analyst benefits from Sales/Marketing Plan- Cooperation Plan - Assistant to marketing manager - Research Risk Management of Marketing- Conception Marketing - Report to Marketing Manager - Competitors analysts- Competitors Research - Team Player FSP - Analyst about Commercial Cooperation- Report to GM Agreement- Preparing to targets Sales - Reports to GM- Development Services - Team Player FSP Sales Representative: - Sales/Marketing executive - Sales plan executive - Communication to customers - Take care existing Customers - Sales Services FSP executive - Sales to competitor’s customers - Representative sales Target - Feedback transfers from Customer to Marketing Manager - Assistant to Marketing manager - Reports to Marketing manager - Team sales/Marketing player - Researching competitor updated - Coordinating to Customers - Update to sales targets - Team Player FSP - Sales plan executive
  10. 10. Financial/Accounting Organization:Financial/Accounting Manager: Account Officer: Account Executive:- Financial/Accounting Managing - Assistant to Financial/Accounting Manager - Assistant to Financial/Accounting manager- Tax Balance - Account Receivable office - Collection Payments from Customers- Payment controller - Preparing & checking request payments - Information to customers about payments- Salary Begets form from Team FSP - Balance customer payments to- Request Payments - Team to administration/HR Department : financial/Accounting Manager- Assistant to GM Salary monthly - Feedback payment information from customers- Team Player FSP Benefits Payments pay out to financial/Accounting Departments- Responsible Payments - Purchasing assistant - Transfer feedback to customers to- Payments & income balance - Report to Financial/Accounting Manager & Financial/Acc Manager- Balance sheet GM - Reports to Financial/Accounting manager- Profits balance & Loss - Team with sales/Marketing department- Collection Payments plan - Contact & Preparing collection tasks from- Collection payments managing Fi/Acc manager- Financial Reports to GM- Cooperation to Business networks- Financial coordinator process Production Organization: Production Manager: Production Executive: IT Executive:- Production Managing - Quality controller - Video /Images Designer - IT Office- Assistant to GM - Technical Managing - Assistant to Pro-Manager - Out site IT for Public- Conceptions Executive - Technical Plan - Graphic executive executive- Video /Images Designer - IT Development - Production executive - Assistant to Pro-Manager- Cooperation to Business - IT Managing - Preparing new concepts - Checking process of Point networks - Creative new concepts - Cooperation to customers provider- Products development - Researching Competitor quality - Technical of Advertising - Reports daily to Production- Information services & Products and technology Spot and Development Department updated - Researching information for - Reports to Pro-Manager - Solve with team of- Analyst of developing products customers & development FSP Production- Team Player - IT officer- Media Services & products plan - Reports to GM
  11. 11. Operation/Maintenance Executive: Technician:- Operation services Executive - Technical Executive- Operation Development executive - Preparing- Maintenance for services & Products providing - Checking Report to Operation/Main-Executive- Controlling Operation provider - Team player- Technical Operator - Stand by- Maintenance operation- Maintenance location Provided of FSP- Training technician- Feedback Operation to cooperation partner & customer- Coordinator technical- Report to Pro-ManagerAdministration/HR Organization: Administration/HR Manager: Front Officer( receptionist): - Administration/HR Managing - Front Office executive - Assistant to GM - Follow up information - Front Office managing - Information messages executive - Assistant officer - Coordinator with Quest or customer - GR Development - Cooperation in office FSP to all team - Events management - Solves social in Office - Social Executive - Reports of activity employee executive - Meeting Management - Report to Admin/HR Manager - Agreement Executive - Team Player Telephone Operator(Call Center): - Office Management executive - Telephone operating (call: go out and come in) - Reports to GM& Financial/Acc team - Pass messages to team for solve information Administration executive: - Services information provider - Assistant of Admin/HR Manager - Cooperation activity executive - Admin Executive - Reports daily to Front Officer - Follow up information office daily - Office Coordinator - Contract executive - Meeting management - Feedback officer - Recruitment executive - Reports to Admin/HR manager
  12. 12. III. Marketing Management: Services FSP Products Opportunity Researching Sales Plan Analyst Strength Project Weakness Marketing executive Fund Executive Competitor Coordination Management Skill Development Customers Competitors None Agent 3nd FSP
  13. 13. IV. Production Management Services FSP Products Opportunity Researching Production Plan Analyst Strength Project Weakness Production executive Fund Executive Competitor Coordination Management Skill Development Customers Competitors None Agent 3nd FSP
  14. 14. V. Business Development:01. Strategic Development The Strategic is Concept that True Repaired for Developing or Update in the new points that we had thought to done, So on The Strategic madefrom Analyst of Strong Concepts to be one Success Concept. Producing Clever Service Clever Programming Costumer Costumer New Idea POP Costumer Develop Info- Strategic Political Costumer Organization Concept with Requirement Info- Financial Costumer Economic Marketing/Sales Costumers Competitors02. Concept/Idea Generation Analysis by information of Economic, life style, Political, Showing Ages, Lost (Run Out), Communication, Standard Repaired, Quality Works, RealPower (Staff’s Works).So on this point cannot without Business Running!
  15. 15. 03. Execution ( Storyline, Storyboard) We will know how can make storyline and Storyboard, than can make understand some solution that we need to use in Execution BusinessDevelopment! STORYLINE Happening Experience Difficulties faced Research Analysis Strategic Develop Forecasting Business Plans Strategic Develop Analysis Analysis Strategic Develop Execution Execution Repairing Careful Repairing Careful Run Out Run Out Developing plus (More) Developing plus (Normal) STORYBOARD Conception for FSP only!