FAQ Open General Quiz at Medical College Kolkata Finals


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The finals of the open general quiz held at Calcutta Medical College on 24th August 2013.
Winners: Hammer and Tongs 165
2nd: Quizzers Inc 130 (won on tie break)
3rd: Answering Service 130
Joint 4th: Aaj kuch Chazzy Karte Hain and Inmaniacs 125 Numbers in bracket denote the questions not answered partially or fully.

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FAQ Open General Quiz at Medical College Kolkata Finals

  1. 1. FINALS
  2. 2. Clockwise Infinite Bounce. In case a question is unanswered a team gets another question and then it will pass to the next team. Flat Scoring 10 points. Half Points are Quizmaster’s Prerogative. All Questions are open on Pounce for +10/-10 Please raise hand if you know the answer and write the full answer. No part marking on pounce. FINALS Each team has 10 pounces for the duration o The quiz.
  3. 3. FINALS 1) Essayist and philosopher of randomness, Nassim Taleb is recently best known for his work on unexpected rare events. Also the name of his 2007 book, what does he call these big-impact, hard-to-predict, & rare events beyond the realm of normal expectation ?
  4. 4. The Answer is …. FINALS
  5. 5. FINALS
  6. 6. FINALS 2) Schistosomiasis or Bilharzia is a parasitic disease most commonly known as _____ fever after the intermediary agent between the parasite and the affected mammals like humans. Just fill in the blank.
  7. 7. The Answer is …. FINALS
  8. 8. FINALS
  9. 9. FINALS 3) Why were you born when the snow was falling? You should have come to ___________________, Or when grapes are green in the cluster, Or, at least, when lithe swallows muster For their far off flying From summer dying. Fill in the blanks of this Christina Rossetti poem to identify something in the news recently.
  10. 10. The Answer is …. FINALS
  11. 11. FINALS
  12. 12. A Scottish watchmaker who plied his trade in Kolkata and was famous for his other deeds. 1st Viscount Waverley Balai Chand Mukhapadhyay Mrs Mozelle E.D.J. ____ the wife of a renowned Jewish Businessman of India in the 19th century. The two sisters of Lord Auckland Viceroy of India. 4) Connect : FINALS
  13. 13. The Answer is …. FINALS
  14. 14. A Scottish watchmaker who plied his trade in Kolkata and was famous for his other deeds. David Hare 1st Viscount Waverley. John Anderson Balai Chand Mukhapadhyay. Bonophool Mrs Mozelle E.D.J. ____ the wife of a renowned Jewish Businessman of India in the 19th century. Ezra The two sisters of Lord Auckland Viceroy of India. Eden 4) Connect : Calcutta Medical College: Blocks or Buildings in CMC. FINALS
  15. 15. FINALS 5) The first was Natalius in CE 200, the last officially was Felix V from 1439 to 1449. Who are we talking about?
  16. 16. The Answer is …. FINALS
  17. 17. FINALS 5) Antipopes
  18. 18. FINALS 6) Located at a district headquarter town of Madhya Pradesh on the banks of river Tapti, this building known as ________ ____’s tomb is often called the original ___ ____. Which town and fill in the blanks.
  19. 19. The Answer is …. FINALS
  20. 20. FINALS 6) Arjumand Banu’s or Mumtaz Mahal’s tomb in Burhanpur which is known as the original Taj Mahal.
  21. 21. FINALS 7) Connect: Schmid-Faccaro Syndrome
  22. 22. The Answer is …. FINALS
  23. 23. FINALS
  24. 24. FINALS 8) Identify the film. Yeh Naina Yeah Kajal (1)
  25. 25. The Answer is …. FINALS
  26. 26. FINALS
  27. 27. FINALS 9) Identify this animal made famous as a pet of a particular artist.
  28. 28. The Answer is …. FINALS
  29. 29. FINALS 9) Ocelot
  30. 30. FINALS 10) People gather in a particular country on April 20 each year to celebrate and consume something at 4:20 a.m. or p.m. What and why this date and time?
  31. 31. The Answer is …. FINALS
  32. 32. FINALS 10) Marijuana/Cannabis as the law against its consumption is under section 420 in USA
  33. 33. FINALS 11) A famous case in the history of cryptography many different codebreakers during both world wars tried to solve its writing system. Still unsolved presently in the Yale University rare book collection. Identify the artifact.
  34. 34. The Answer is …. FINALS
  35. 35. FINALS 11) Voynich Manuscript
  36. 36. FINALS 12) Only two national flags in the world have the heptagram or the seven sided star on them. Identify the two countries. (.5)
  37. 37. The Answer is …. FINALS
  38. 38. FINALS 12) Australia and Jordan
  39. 39. FINALS 13) Identify the subject of this film.
  40. 40. The Answer is …. FINALS
  41. 41. FINALS 13) Gustave the Giant Crocodile of Burundi.
  42. 42. FINALS 14) This instrument discovered in the 18th century is majorly used in aircrafts and other industrial applications. What is it called and what is it used for?
  43. 43. The Answer is …. FINALS
  44. 44. FINALS
  45. 45. FINALS 15) A very famous type of Saree made of cotton with Zari brocades. Identify.
  46. 46. The Answer is …. FINALS
  47. 47. FINALS 15) Maheshwari Saree
  48. 48. FINALS 16) In newspaper parlance what does the term hibernation reporting mean? (1)
  49. 49. The Answer is …. FINALS
  50. 50. FINALS 16) When a certain person is in the news older filed reports on this person is republished as if they are current news.
  51. 51. FINALS 17) In the period of Romanticism (1800- 1850) X came to be denoted as the classical artist, a skilled mature craftsman, while Y symbolised the romantic artist, whose impetuous, passionate and rebellious nature, as well as his defiance of formal aesthetic and social conventions, may ultimately prove to be self- destructive. Identify the mythical X and Y.
  52. 52. The Answer is …. FINALS
  53. 53. FINALS
  54. 54. FINALS 18) Identify the two players from the finals of a Davis Cup of 1929. They had played a legendary match at Wimbledon two years earlier.
  55. 55. The Answer is …. FINALS
  56. 56. FINALS
  57. 57. FINALS 19) Connect.
  58. 58. The Answer is …. FINALS
  59. 59. FINALS Fokker: The founder Antony Fokker’s Nickname… Davy Jones from Pirates of the Carribean : Captain of a Ship named… Overture from Richard Wagner’s opera named …. ‘The Flying Dutchman’
  60. 60. FINALS 20) This name of this object is derived from the Latin word meaning ‘to weigh together or balance’. In the current world it has become synonymous with the creation of Jimmy Wales and earlier avatars were in high demand for Quizzers. So what’s the good word?
  61. 61. The Answer is …. FINALS
  62. 62. FINALS 20) Compendium
  63. 63. Special Round of 8 questions on Food and Beverages. 4 questions clockwise and 4 questions anti-clockwise. All pounce and bounce rules apply. FINALS
  64. 64. FINALS 1) The name of this dish is derived from a Latin word meaning hulled or crushed grain. In earlier times Barley was the main ingredient, later replaced by a ‘new world’ item. Identify.
  65. 65. The Answer is …. FINALS
  66. 66. FINALS
  67. 67. FINALS 2) Asado is the national dish of Argentina. The term in reality means a technique or a social event. Formally the preparation is done by an assigned Asador. What does the word Asado mean?
  68. 68. The Answer is …. FINALS
  69. 69. FINALS 2) Barbeque
  70. 70. FINALS 3)A relative of the more universally known beer. Barley, millet (finger-millet) or rice grains are used to brew the drink. Semi-fermented seeds of millet are served, stuffed in a barrel of bamboo called a ‘dhungro’. Boiling water is then poured in and sipped through a narrow-bore bamboo tube called a ‘pipsing’. It is made with boiled barley which has cooled, some yeast or dried barm is added and it is left to stand for two or three days when fermentation begins; this concoction is called glum. The barm consists of flour and, often has ginger and aconite added to it. After fermentation is complete, water is added to the brew and is then ready for consumption. Identify the drink.
  71. 71. The Answer is …. FINALS
  72. 72. FINALS
  73. 73. FINALS 4) Heat three tablespoons oil in a pan, add ginger, garlic and onion and sauté for two to three minutes. Roughly chop Brassica Juncea leaves. Add to pan and stir. Roughly chop spinach and melde leaves. Add to pan and stir. Break green chillies and add to the pan. Add salt to taste and stir well. Let it cook till the greens turn soft. Add cornmeal dissolved in a little water and continue to cook till the greens are completely cooked. Cool and grind to a coarse paste. Transfer back into the pan. Add the remaining oil and mix. Simmer for two to three minutes. Garnish with butter. Serve with unraised corn bread . Identify the dish.
  74. 74. The Answer is …. FINALS
  75. 75. FINALS 4) Sarson da Saag
  76. 76. FINALS
  77. 77. FINALS 5) This has two names one translates to thousand leaves and the other was originally after an city but later altered to that of a similarly sounding personality. Identify this confectionary.
  78. 78. The Answer is …. FINALS
  79. 79. FINALS 5) Mille Feuille or Napoleon Cake
  80. 80. FINALS 6) Cocktail named Black Death. The main ingredients are Vodka and what? (1)
  81. 81. The Answer is …. FINALS
  82. 82. FINALS
  83. 83. FINALS 7) Which Indian sweet is made from this vegetable known as Ash Gourd.
  84. 84. The Answer is …. FINALS
  85. 85. FINALS
  86. 86. FINALS 8) This Calcutta Restaurant was the favourite haunt of the American GIs during the Second World War. This was due its authentic steak, well stocked bar, great ambience and impeccable service. Identify this Restaurant.
  87. 87. The Answer is …. FINALS
  88. 88. FINALS
  89. 89. Back to the Normal Round FINALS
  90. 90. FINALS 21) The temple trusts of Sri Ranganathswamy temple Srirangam, Thillai Nataraja temple Chidambaram and Meenakshi Temple Madurai have jointly lodged a case in the New Delhi high court against the HiT Entertainment UK in 2007. The case has been transferred to Jim Pattison Group since 2008 and is yet to be resolved. What is this case all about? (1)
  91. 91. The Answer is …. FINALS
  92. 92. FINALS 21) Guinness Book of World Records adjudging that Akshardham Temple is the largest functioning temple in the world. These temple trusts refute the claims.
  93. 93. FINALS 22) Identify the Voice. Bhoy Dekhash Na Please.
  94. 94. The Answer is …. FINALS
  95. 95. FINALS
  96. 96. FINALS 23) This monument was inaugurated on 16th June 2013 as a commemoration. To whom is it dedicated to?
  97. 97. The Answer is …. FINALS
  98. 98. FINALS 23) Valentina Tereshkova celebrating 50 years of her flight.
  99. 99. FINALS 24) Directed by Baz Luhrmann as a part of The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s series “Impossible Conversations”. Judy Davis is playing one legend while the other is in person having an imaginary conversation over dinner. Identify both (.5)
  100. 100. The Answer is …. FINALS
  101. 101. FINALS
  102. 102. FINALS 25) Referred to as ‘New World Pigs’, identify this animal found in southwestern North America and the whole of Central and South America.
  103. 103. The Answer is …. FINALS
  104. 104. FINALS 25) Peccary
  105. 105. FINALS 26) A cabinet minister of an European country but his most famous legacy is a creation of 1971 a result of his African experiences. Identify him and his creation.
  106. 106. The Answer is …. FINALS
  107. 107. FINALS 26) Bernard Kouchner who was the co- founder of
  108. 108. FINALS 27) Connect:
  109. 109. The Answer is …. FINALS
  110. 110. FINALS 27) The hometown of Yelena Isinbayeva and the subject of the film ‘Enemy at the Gates’
  111. 111. FINALS 28) Daniel (David) Nathan, alias Frederic Dannay (1905– 1982) and Manford (Emanuel) Lepofsky, alias Manfred Bennington Lee (1905–1971) were cousins who wrote together under a pseudonym and also founded a magazine that is most influential of its kind. What was their pen name?
  112. 112. The Answer is …. FINALS
  113. 113. FINALS
  114. 114. FINALS 29) What was this person talking about?
  115. 115. The Answer is …. FINALS
  116. 116. FINALS
  117. 117. FINALS 30) Nike released these shoes named ‘SB Dunk Lows’. Who or what is the inspiration behind these shoes? (Look at them you should get the answer bigger slide next)
  118. 118. FINALS
  119. 119. The Answer is …. FINALS
  120. 120. FINALS 30) Mondrian Paintings
  121. 121. FINALS 31) Name this type of wooden furniture which fine lacquer work on indigenous woods and hails from which region of the country? (Do not give me the state) (1)
  122. 122. The Answer is …. FINALS
  123. 123. FINALS 31) Sankheda furniture from Saurashtra
  124. 124. FINALS 32) Which Kingdom was believed to have been founded by a descendant of the Yadavs of Mahabharat named Arakalla and the last king was Veera Ballala III (1292-1343)?
  125. 125. The Answer is …. FINALS
  126. 126. FINALS 32) Hoysala Kingdom or Empire
  127. 127. FINALS 33) The most expensive mosque in the world which houses the largest carpet in the world. Where is this mosque located? (1)
  128. 128. The Answer is …. FINALS
  129. 129. FINALS 33) Abu Dhabi
  130. 130. FINALS 34) Identify the singer and the film. Jab Nahin Aye The Tum
  131. 131. The Answer is …. FINALS
  132. 132. FINALS
  133. 133. FINALS 35) Which country has 32 Restaurants which are rated three star by the Michelin food guide the highest possible rating? (As per 2012 Guide)
  134. 134. The Answer is …. FINALS
  135. 135. FINALS Japan
  136. 136. FINALS 36) An example of a _______ Lake. Fill in the blank.
  137. 137. The Answer is …. FINALS
  138. 138. FINALS 36) Moraine
  139. 139. FINALS 37) The rift valley rivalry is generally between which two countries in which sport? (Be a bit specific on the sport)
  140. 140. The Answer is …. FINALS
  141. 141. FINALS
  142. 142. FINALS 38) Kintoor village named after Kunti the mother of the Pandavas in Barabanki district is supposedly the location for the only of its kind in the world. It has widespread references in Hindu religious myth and legend. Efforts to recreate it have failed till date. Its age has been calculated to around 5000 years. What are we talking about?
  143. 143. The Answer is …. FINALS
  144. 144. FINALS
  145. 145. FINALS 39) Gangkhar Puensum is the number one on this list. What list and what is the reason for its top ranking which will not change in the near future?
  146. 146. The Answer is …. FINALS
  147. 147. FINALS 39) The highest unconquered mountain peak (7570 m.) in the world. Located in a remote area of north Bhutan on the border with China. Since 1994 climbing beyond 6000 metres was banned in Bhutan due to religious beliefs and mountaineering has been completely forbidden since 2003.
  148. 148. My Thanks to: Nirban, Avradeep and Niladri from the Calcutta Medical College Lobotomists quiz team who invited me to do this quiz. This is a great endeavour keep it going. FINALS The participants and the audience Aniruddha Bhattacharjee aka Anida for being Partial Guinea Pig.
  149. 149. FINALS 40) The inspiration of the first was from the Jivaro tribe of the Amazon basin. The name of the second is however a tongue in cheek reference to the favourite pastry of the author a small yeast cake saturated in hard liquor usually Rum. What are we talking about?
  150. 150. The Answer is …. FINALS
  151. 151. FINALS 40) Arumbaya and the Rumbaba tribes from: