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5 reasons to work for Advocacy


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Five reasons why our start-up is a great place for people who want to be at the cutting edge of marketing while having fun in the process.

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5 reasons to work for Advocacy

  1. 1. Gimme  me   5   reasons  to   work  for  you  
  2. 2. More  time  with  consumers     Agency  folks  spend  more   time  preparing  for  client   meetings  or  attending  one     We  spend  more  time  with   consumers.  Infact  we  hear   from  1000s  of  them  daily  
  3. 3. Be  on  the  cutting  edge     If  you  do  not  know  enough  about     Community  management     Gamification     Behavioral  economics   you  are  already  3  years  behind.     This  is  the  future  of   marketing.  It  is  available  now   at  Advocacy  Asia,  though  
  4. 4. Be  a  change  agent     In  how  many  jobs  do  you  get  the   opportunity  of  changing  the  field   you  are  working  in.     We  are  changing  marketing   in  China  &  Asia  by  marketing  with   consumers  not  @  them     You  can  be  part  of  creating   this  change.     New brew inside
  5. 5. Work  with  the  best     You  will  work  with  the  Best   marketers  in  the  world.  Full   stop     Word  of  Mouth  is  the  most  effective   media,  and  we  are  the  most   awarded  WOM  agency  in  the  world   ahead  of  fancy  big  4A  names.    
  6. 6. Have  fun   20+  people   7+  nationalities   Average  age  <30   Flexitime   Free  booze,  Milk,  tea,  Coffee   Monthly  team  outings   Company  Library   Company  Kindle  account   Macbook   No  politics   No  BS   Just  good  stuff      
  7. 7. We  are  waiting  at     20+  people   7+  nationalities   Average  age  <30   Free  booze,  Milk,  tea,  Coffee   Monthly  team  outings   Company  Library   Macbook   No  politics   No  BS   Just  good  stuff      
  8. 8. Are you ready ?!