Zombies on campus


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Zombies On Campus is a game that explores careers in the health sciences.

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Zombies on campus

  1. 1. Zombies OnCampusAaron KonyerStephen BensonSimon FessehayeSohaila RajabiBrandon HaydukJake Brand
  2. 2. Zombies on Campus Our project is to make a mobile application to educatestudents on potential health professional careers, and topromote the University of Alberta (UofA). To this end, ourapp will apply principles of gamification to create a gamebased app called Zombies on Campus. This android and iOS app will be used by mostly highschool students that are enrolled in the course Career AndLife Management (CALM) in Alberta, as a way of exploringand learning about a variety of careers and occupations inhealth sciences. This will also help the users, some whichare prospective students, become more familiar with theUofA campus.
  3. 3. Purpose Of Project:● Inform high school students about careers in Health Sciences/Public Health.● Promote the University of Alberta as an educational institute.● Familiarize potential University of Alberta students with the universitys campus and the specific buildings related to Health Sciences.
  4. 4. Look And Feel:● Cartoonish and humorous characters● Overall design inspired by games such as Plants Vs. Zombies● Intent to keep users interest within a high school audience.● Zombie theme map while still resembling the Campus.
  5. 5. Features:1. Campus map intractable through both touchscreen and gps location2. 2D Platform Zombie-themed mini-game for gamification of experience3. iOS and Android releases4. Videos related to each healthcare profession5. Ability to follow and track users progress6. High Score Leaderboards
  6. 6. Project Overview: When a user starts a new game, they will begiven a brief exposition introducing the plot andgame. The user will then be free to explore theinteractive campus map through either thetouch screen, or the users gps position. From the campus map the user will be ableto explore different buildings. Inside of eachbuilding will be a video of the related healthcareprofession, along with some fun facts and amini-game.
  7. 7. Project Overview: The mini-game will be a 2D platformer wherethe user must capture a zombie. The mini-game will serve to keep the users attention, aswell as adding a level of gamification to theapp. After the zombie has been captured, theuser will receive more plot exposition, anddirections to find the next health professionrelated zombie. This will continue until the user captures allof the zombies and beats the game.
  8. 8. Technologies:● IBM Worklight Eclipse Plugin / PhoneGap to create a cross-platform HTML5 Android and IOS application● jQuery Mobile● Impact Javascript Game Engine