Group8 Vespa Marketing Presentation


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NYU, Stern Advantage, Marketing project: Repositioning Vespa Piaggio in the US market as Women's new accessory with speciffic targeting at young women in the metropolitan area.

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Group8 Vespa Marketing Presentation

  1. 1. Ro d a a mp  Ve p fo Me Only? sa r n  W m n’ Ne Ac e s ry o e s w c so  W a Tho eStile sa Ge Aro ! er s tto nd t und
  2. 2. P fita ility & Ec no icP s e ts ro b o m ro p c •Europe: Market leader for scooters •USA •Growing presence in scooter market •28.7% increase in sales last year
  3. 3. P fita ility & P s C m a ns ro b a t a p ig European Ads Switzerland, 1946.
  4. 4. United Kingdom, 1961. Independence Campaign. Italy, 2005.
  5. 5. P fita ility & P s C m a ns ro b a t a p ig U.S.A. Ads
  6. 6. Unchartered Territory: Gender Market Share 60% 40% •Women make and influence buying decisions •Women’s earning potential is growing •Women are natural marketers New York Times, October 31, 2003.
  7. 7. Unchartered Territory: Age Distribution •13% of women are in the “active population” ages 25 to 34 years old U.S. Census Bureau, July 2008.
  8. 8. Unchartered Territory: Geographic Market Share 43% 19% •Almost half of the U.S population lives in condensed, urban areas. World Bank, Ranking America, March 2009.
  9. 9. Unchartered Territory: VALS •48% of women fit the psychographic profile of a potential Vespa buyer SRI Business Consulting Intelligence, VALS, 2004. U.S. Census Bureau, 2009.
  10. 10. Who’s That Girl? SHE IS •25 to 34 years old •Metropolitan •Active, smart, professional SHE NEEDS •To commute efficiently SHE WANTS •Independence •Success •Style SHE DEMANDS YOUR FULL ATTENTION! There are over 4 million of her with disposable income, representing a potential market value of $12.7 billion in sales.
  11. 11. She’s Got It! 4 Million Target Women = $12.7 Billion Market Value
  12. 12. Who’s Not Reaching Her? Yamaha – With all their horsepower and “seriously sporty image” Honda – Bike-focused for the male “idealized freedom seeker” Vespa Piaggio – Not yet...
  13. 13. Vespa’s Competitive Advantage •Lightweight •Good-looking •Female-friendly •Eco-friendly •Accessible •Focused on YOU, the owner
  14. 14. Putting Vespa In Her Sight • Product • Classic, established brand • Price • Set price, appropriate for the target • Place • Elaborate dealership network across USA • Suggestion: training dealers to work with her • Promotion • Suggestion: reach out to her in new ways
  15. 15. How To Reach Her The Best Way to Get Around in Your Stilettos Drives Like a Car, Parks Like a Bike Helps You Save the Planet on a Budget
  16. 16. The Best Way to Get Around in Your Stilettos •Women’s New Accessory •Style Icon •Gear Shift on Handles •Flat Floorboard •Pass-Through Leg Area Design
  17. 17. Drives Like a Car, Parks Like a Bike •Ideal for Tight-Spot Parking •Designed with Ample Storage Space •Agile •Stable •Compact •Mobile
  18. 18. Helps You Save the Planet on a Budget •Vespanomics for Women •$8 dollars per tank •70 miles per gallon •Unobtrusive footprint •Reduces traffic congestion •Doesn’t sacrifice speed •Benefit of a tax rebate “Vespanomics” Green Seal of Approval
  19. 19. Putting Vespa Out There For Her To See •Commuter Trails and High-Traffic Areas •Style Magazines •Designer-Sponsored Test Rides •Celebrity Endorsement (Michelle Obama!) •Steady Advertising Campaign
  20. 20. In Vespa, men already found freedom and fun… Now, women will find independence and style
  21. 21. Q&A
  22. 22. Sa ty fe  Exte ives fe a c s o s ns a ty c e s rie  Trainingthro h yo d a rs ug ur e le hip  Mo rc leSa ty Fo a n (MSF) Rid rC urs to yc fe und tio e o e