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The Hundert

  1. 1. number 01 Insight into the Online Capital Berlin With contributions from Alexander Kudlich, Ansgar Oberholz, Michael Brehm, Mathias Döpfner, Carsten Maschmeyer, Christian Reber, Jan Beckers, Fabian Heilemann, Fabian Siegel, Florian Heinemann, Ijad Madisch, Jens Begemann, Klaus Hommels, Lukasz Gadowski, Joel Kaczmarek and 85 other great minds.
  2. 2. „ Berlin has the most potential of all cities in Europe“ peter thiel * Peter Thiel, Former CEO of PayPal, first investor of Facebook and partner of the venture capital firm, Founders Fund.
  4. 4. the hundert Register now, and receive every issue by mail for free! Introduction Klaus Wowereit Klaus Wowereit has been the governing mayor of Berlin since 2001, and the longest serving head of government in office of any German state. Hundert Continues as a Series! We are very excited about the response that “Hundert – insight on the Online Capital Berlin” has received. Therefore, we have decided to continue “Hundert” as a series. In the coming year we will present new issues such as, “Hundert: Online entrepreneurs speak about their biggest mistakes”, “Hundert: Startups that you should know”, and “Hundert: Online marketing experts explain the way to web success”. Every issue of the series “Hundert” is available free of charge, both as print magazine as well as PDF download. Be Berlin! Governing Mayor of Berlin People from all over the world come to Berlin to turn their ideas and visions into reality. The lively startup and founder’s scene of Berlin is greatly responsible for our city’s creativity, innovation, economic development as well as international attraction. In recent years, our Berlin startup metropolis’ digital industry has particularly made the biggest leap. More than 60,000 people are already active in this field, and the future value of the industry has already surpassed that of the construction industry. The impressive growth figures are optimistic for the coming years as well. To ensure that this trend continues and Berlin further proves to be one of the world‘s leading locations, the Berlin Senate is continuously and effectively improving the environment for startups and the digital industry. The „Hundert“ 100 portrayed people are all representatives of this development in Berlin. Whether as a founder, financer, investor or networker, they all contribute to the upswing in the German capital. They are the prominent faces of the startup metropolis Berlin. To all of the readers of „Hundert“, I can only recommend that you try and do the same. Berlin welcomes you – Start up in Berlin! Sincerely, Simply register and receive every issue for free: 7
  5. 5. 100 Claudia Helming Founder & CEO DaWanda Rainer Maerkle Partner HV Holtzbrinck Ventures Oliver Borrmann CEO bmp Ijad Madisch CEO & co-founder ResearchGate Rayk Reitenbach Investment Manager IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft Johannes Reck CEO GetYourGuide 99 Mark Krymalowski Consultant Egon Zehnder 89 Philipp Hartmann Managing Partner Rheingau Founders 80 Simon Willnauer Lead-Engineer & Co-Founder Elasticsearch Inc. 90 Gabriel Matuschka Principal Partech Ventures Aydogan Ali Schosswald founder hy! Berlin Eric Schweitzer President IHK Berlin 70 Daniel Engelbarts CEO & founder Madeleine Gummer v. Mohl co-founder & CEO betahaus 60 Ansgar Oberholz Co-Founder St. Oberholz 50 Miho Tanaka Co-founder Airmarkr 40 Verena Delius ceo goodbeans 79 30 Neil RIMER co-founder & partner Index Ventures 69 20 Fabian Siegel Partner Global Founders Capital 59 10 Bernd Monitor Member Business Angels Club Berlin e.V Max Senges Manager Internet Policy & Innovation Google Dirk Freytag CEO YOC AG Carsten Maschmeyer entrepreneur, consultant & Investor Ulrike Hinrichs Managing Director BVK Sascha Schubert spendino & Entrepreneur’s Club Berlin 98 49 Stephanie Richter COO Adspert 88 39 Joel Kaczmarek Publisher Gründerszene 78 29 Jan Borgstädt Head of European Ventures BDMI 68 19 EyeEm Team 58 09 Fabian Heilemann Founder & CEO Heilemann & Company Andre Alpar CEO AKM3 Thomas Brandhoff founder & managing director Sociomantic Labs Béa & Oliver Beste Founders Matthias Ehrlich President BVDW Alex von Frankenberg managing director HTGF 97 48 Masoud Kamali & Alexander Kölpin WestTech Ventures 87 38 Alexander Hüsing Editor-in-Chief 77 28 Martin Sinner Founder Idealo 67 18 Yaron Valler Managing Partner Hasso Plattner Ventures Management 57 08 Dominik Matyka CEO & co-founder plista Mike Butcher Editor At Large TechCrunch Pawel Chudzinski co-founder & partner Point Nine Capital Alexander Ljung co-founder & CEO SoundCloud Conrad Fritzsch CEO Kai Diekmann editor-in-chief BILD Zeitung 96 47 Lucas von Cranach CEO & founder iLiga 86 37 Nikolaus Röttger editor-in-chief Gründerszene 76 27 Marcus Börner Founder reBuy 66 17 Ulrich Kissing Chairman Investitionsbank Berlin 56 07 Stefan Glänzer co-founder Passion Capital Melanie Bähr managing director Berlin Partner Caroline Drucker Head of Int Brand Communications Etsy Ciarán O´Leary Partner Earlybird Ventures Doreen Huber Partner Operations Springstar Ralf Rogosch ceo Tradeers 95 46 Corinna Powalla founder & managing director Modomoto 85 36 Charles von Abercron Founder & CEO Glossybox 75 26 Lea-Sophie Cramer founder & Managing Director Amorelie 65 16 Stephan Jacquemot Emerging Business Lead, Microsoft Deutschland 55 06 Tilo Bonow Founder & CEO piâbo Klaus Hommels founder & partner Lakestar Lukasz Gadowski Partner Team Europe Mark Hoffmann CEO Vertical Media Torsten Oelke owner and CEO Smart Mobile Factory Lars Dittrich founder & CEO Gauly | Dittrich | van de Weyer 94 45 Constanze Buchheim founder & managing director i-potentials 84 35 Paula Hannemann Campaigns Director Germany 74 25 Jens Begemann Founder & CEO Wooga 64 15 Bernhard Rohleder Director General BITKOM e.V. 54 05 Simon Schaefer Entrepreneur Mathias Döpfner CEO Axel Springer AG Christian Reber Founder & CEO 6Wunderkinder Alexander Kudlich managing director Rocket Internet Tim Dümichen / Marius Sternberg KPMG BERLIN Andreas Thümmler Founder & CEO Corporate Finance Partners 93 44 Sven Lubek Founder & CEO Covus Gruppe 83 34 Raúl Krauthausen president & initiator Sozialhelden e.V. 73 24 Mato Perić Founder & CEO Epic Companies 63 14 Tomislav Bucec managing partner Laserline 53 04 Stefan Wolpers Founder BerlinUp Jan Beckers founder & managing director HitFox Group Ingke Weimert Head of Moviepilot Deutschland Michael Brehm CEO & Founder Rebate Networks Günter Faltin Prof. of Entrepreneurship, Founder „Teekampagne” Stephan Zoll Vice President eBay Germany 92 43 Frank Thelen founder & CEO doo und e42 82 33 Cornelia Yzer Senator for Economics, Technology and Research 72 23 Viola Bensinger Head of Technology Germany Olswang 62 13 Markus Beckedahl Founder & Editor-in-Chief 52 03 Agnes v. Matuschka Director, Center of Entrepreneurship TU Berlin Tanja Haeusler gardener gaining new grounds RE:PUBLICA 91 Nikolas Woischnik CEO Tech Open air 81 Burckhardt Bonello CEO Found Fair & Everpreneur 71 Andrea Peters Managing Director berlinbrandenburg 61 Riva-Melissa Tez Co-Founder & 51 42 Christian Vollmann Enfant Digital 41 32 Florian Nöll spokesperson Bundesverband Deutsche Startups 31 22 Florian Heinemann co-founder & managing director Project A Ventures 21 12 Heinrich Arnold Senior Vice President Deutsche Telekom 11 02 Nenad Marovac Managing Partner DN Capital 01
  6. 6. Table of Contents 10 11 20 32 46 48 49 66 90 106 Introduction Thank You Introducing the Federal Association of German Startups e.V Impressions of Berlin (in Cooperation with EyeEm) The Most Popular Cafés to Work From (in Cooperation with Yelp) Overview of Berlin Co-Working-Spaces Overview of Berlin Incubators The Cloud: IT Launchpad for Startups (AWS) Social Startups Berlin Guest Article “The hipster thing is a bad joke!” 108 126 137 166 168 170 172 174 176 178 Berlin Startups That You Should Know Working at Silicon Platz (T-Labs) Groundhog Day with Pactas The Hype is over (Sugarhigh’s Guest Article) Fashion in Berlin (Superior Magazine’s Guest Article) Scarosso; On the Way to Becoming a Multi-Channel Retailer Events for Startups and Founders Notes of Berlin What Berliners don ́t say Imprint and Contact Thank You! Without the help of all of our sponsors and supporters, this magazine would have never of been possible. Dear Readers, You may not believe us, but the fact that you have our magazine “Hundert: insight about the online capital Berlin” in your hands, makes us just as happy as you. A precise concept, three intensive months, thousands of e-mails, and what has felt like hundreds of liters of coffee are finally behind us. Above all, it was a time filled with positive meetings with extraordinary people. That was the greatest. Hundert is meant to be a sort of mosaic of opinions, capturing and highlighting the booming hype about Berlin as THE online city. And who better to compare and analyze the reality here better than the people who live, experience and shape it daily? We want to give our many thanks to all involved and thank you all for your willingness to participate in this project. We hope that the finished magazine does justice to all involved, and also conveys how much fun we have had with this project. Berlin is an incredible city to work and live in. Those of you, who did not yet know this, will find impressive reasoning in this Magazine. We hope you enjoy reading this! Jan Thomas and Konstantin Iwanow (Editors of the magazine, “Hundert” and the tech blog, Our main objective was to gather as many different opinions, insights and views in order to understand the full picture. Therefore, we not only spoke to successful entrepreneurs and active investors, but also newcomers, media professionals as well as representatives of associations and organizations. As a result of one hundred subjective articles a balanced, overall picture with hundreds of different personalities and perspectives has emerged. To avoid any bias, the selected people of this issue were not based on their importance, and the order in which they appear has no relevance to any ranking system. The contributors themselves have written the magazine text, and all views and opinions reflect only those who have written them. We asked contributors to please provide their interpretations on Berlin as an online city, as we wanted to portray the existing opportunities offered for founders and startups in Berlin. We wanted to avoid any glorification of the city, therefore we explicitly expressed that advice and constructive criticisms regarding the online city Berlin were also welcomed. PS – If you have any questions of how you can support this ambitious project, please visit for a free download. We value all feedback, and would appreciate any sharing of this through e-mail, Facebook or Twitter. Please be sure to tell all of your good friends and colleagues about this! Thank you in advance! Even if the core team of “Hundert” consists of only two people, a project of this magnitude could never have been completed alone…especially in such a short period of time. We would therefore like to thank the many supporters who have stood by our side for their help. Paul Bengelsdorf for his behind the scenes work; Susanna Pozzi, Balázs Tarsoly and the team from Operation Butterfly for the great design and incredible cooperation; Andrea Peters, Nadja Pahl, Marcus Börner, Thomas Letz, Philipp Hartmann, Jürgen Schepers, Nicolas Wittenborn, Matthias Pindter, Andreas Stammnitz, Ciarán O`Leary, Alexander Kölpin and Sascha Schubert for the many great contacts, Christian Herzog, Uwe Gralapp, Melanie Bähr, Sina Kassler, Heike Herckelrath and Jutta Chouraqui from Berlin For those of you with any questions regarding the many ads: We have simply offered these ads as a present to those who have helped us with the costs of “Hundert” along the way, and also proudly gave ads to projects such as Wheelmap, in which we support from the bottom of our hearts. Additionally, we were able to create valuable media partnerships in order to increase the reach of this magazine. We ask for your understanding in regards to how this process developed, and without all involved, we could not offer this magazine to you for free. Partner; Robin Haak for his help (we would have loved to have your article in the magazine!); Christoph Blumberg and the entire team from ´the European´ for the hospitality (we really feel so comfortable); David Pelletier, who saved us from the worst; Özlem Buran for her reliability; Thomas Schneider for his technical support; Ansgar Oberholz, Max Senger, Stefan Wolpers and Oliver and Béa Beste for their magnificent XL contributions; Christoph Raethke and Sugarhigh for their remarkable guest article; the Team from EyeEm and Superior Mag for your great pictures; Joab Nist for his humorous article (Notes of Berlin / What Berliners don’t say) Steffen Setzer and Manuela Wachs of Laserline for the great cooperation; the PR team from Rocket Internet and Team Europe for your helpfulness; Maria Widelak for editing; the many assistants who put up with their manager (keyword ‘a sack full of fleas’); Gruenderszene, Deutsche Startups and Netzwertig for your contributions of “24 Berlin Startups you Should Know”; Michaela Kagerer from Amazon Web Services; Cem Ergün-Müller from the Telekom; Elisabeth Gressl and Susanne Krüger from Olswang; Tim Dümichen and Marius Sternberg from KRMG; Anne Seubert from Yelp and of course all of the media partners, sponsors, startup events and advertisers. Last but not least, we would like to thank all hundred of the participants for their great statements. It was a pleasure to work with you all. With such entrepreneurs, great success can happen in Berlin.
  7. 7. the hundert Do what you believe in and avoid conformity the hundert Jan Beckers gardener gaining new grounds I have lived in Berlin permanently since 2008 and established what is now my fourth successful online company here: HitFox. Berlin makes this possible. Building up a strong team is currently easier for young entrepreneurs here than anywhere else. The division of Germany meant that there was very little “business” in Berlin, and consequently few jobs for highly qualified workers. Following its reunification, Berlin became extremely popular as a base for people from around the globe. The access to a highly-qualified, international workforce is therefore difficult to top. This is a fundamental advantage of Berlin as a location. Global successes such as HitFox and SponsorPay now establish Berlin-based companies on the international level. And not only company founders find everything that they need here. Everybody needs a place of work, and the digital industry is one of the capital‘s most important employers – with a growing tendency. Major VCs are now focusing their searches on Berlin. At the moment, Berlin is still “poor but sexy”, but thanks to the many successful online companies, Berlin will be “rich and sexy” in just 10 to 20 years‘ time. I look forward to accompanying the city on its journey towards achieving this. T Haeusler anja Oh, Berlin! When my parents come to visit, you are a scruffy mutt that rubs up against strangers’ knees and prefers to do its business in well-lit, central locations. When friends come to visit, you are transformed into a shaggy but photogenic mongrel that spontaneously helps blind people across the street while howling Bowie songs. Unlike almost any other big city on earth, Berlin readily submits to the eye of the beholder but never curries favor. Instead, Berlin feeds on the illusion of authenticity, because a city of character, however dubious, is a treasure in a globalized, standardized, plate-glass world. Young entrepreneurs, set Berlin a good example: do what you believe in, avoid conformity, forgive yourself for your crooked teeth, and show them now and again. Unless you‘re into pedigree dogs. We can’t afford them here. Woof! founder and managing director of HitFox Group Tanja Haeusler is one of the founding team members of re:publica, Europe’s biggest Internet conference. Together with her husband Johnny Haeusler, she also runs the Grimme award winning blog Spreeblick, writes soothing books Jan Beckers already built up two event companies POOR, BUT SEXY while studying. In Berlin, he was involved in the successful launch of Grü prior to for parents anxious about the Internet and, founding his own companies, Absolventa, Madvertise after work, worries about the sorry state of Ber- and Sponsorpay. In 2011, he launched the HitFox Group lin‘s schools, to which their sons are subjected. incubator. His company currently employs a workforce of over 400 in Berlin. In June 2013, the AppLift HitFox spinoff reported a round of investment totaling 10 million euros. 12 13
  8. 8. Mathias Döpfner the hundert the hundert founder and partner Lakestar The courage to leave gaps! CEO, Axel Springer AG I enjoy taking a stroll. While strolling through Berlin, one thing in particular catches the eye: the city‘s inconsistent structure, both architecturally and socioculturally. At times ugly, at others beautiful, bourgeois, hip or avant-garde, but it is always colorful. Berlin is the playground of a variety of different people and places. In its recent history, the city has repeatedly been forced to reinvent itself. As sad as the reasons may be, the resulting potential is huge. Too much stability leads to sluggishness, too must wealth to laziness, and too much supposed freedom to indifference. Berlin is different in this and also exudes this. Berlin is neither one thing nor another. It will always remain a building site. This is also a good thing! For this causes it to attract people who wish to build, to give their creativity free rein, to fill the gaps. A Mecca for start-ups. Berlin is a melting pot of differences, which is also why it is so very dynamic. Hopefully, we will never achieve to fill the gap. Dr. Mathias Döpfner has been with Axel Springer since 1998, where he was initially the editor-in-chief of DIE  WELT. He became a member of the management board in July 2000 and CEO of Axel Springer AG in January 2002. the city I find most intriguing right now Klaus Hommels There are few cities in the world that I find as fascinating and attractive as Berlin. It is rare to find such a colorful mixture of people in one place. Many times in its history, Berlin has been a distinctively young, hungry, creative and disruptive city. That is precisely what makes Berlin stand out, not only as a capital city, but also as the perfect ecosystem for the start-up, technology and media sectors. For years, Berlin has registered a net influx of intelligent minds from around the world. For this reason, Berlin is the city I find most intriguing right now, followed by Stockholm, New York, San Francisco and London. So, Berlin, if you show not just creativity and fun, but also discipline and staying power, a great future lies ahead of you! Klaus Hommels is among the most successful Internet investors in Europe. He has invested in businesses such as Skype, Xing,, Facebook and Spotify, among many others. He is also the founder of and partner in Lakestar. In 2013, Klaus Hommels was ranked first among European investors on the Forbes MIDAS list. 14 15
  9. 9. the hundert the hundert Melanie Bähr Mike Butcher is Editor At Large of TechCrunch. managing director of Berlin Partner for Business and Technology Mike has been named one of the most influential Europe is famously known as the place where nothing much happens. It‘s great when you want to see some history. But Berlin is the newest city in Europe. And as such, it‘s been re-making it‘s own history for at least the last 24 years (and of course, longer). But in recent times it‘s become a city that I liken to a Tabula Rasa – or a blank slate in Latin. Berlin is not so much a city as a platform on which you can build something. That‘s appropriate, because technology is all about platforms. Here, you have a city where pretty much anything is possible. And in a continent where so much has happened already, is nice to start making some new history together.  people in technology by Wired magazine and is a regular tech commentator for the CNBC and Bloomberg. He is also co-founder of, and is an adviser to the Mayor of London on digital. Mike Butcher Editor At Large, TechCrunch Copyright: Berlin Partner for Business and Technology / Christian Kielmann Melanie Bähr knows her subject. In 2006 she founded her own management consultancy in Bulgaria, which she ran for five years as managing partner. Today she works as the managing director of Berlin Partner for Business and Berlin is the start-up capital of Germany. A company is founded here every 12 minutes. This puts Berlin considerably above the national average. The experts agree: Development in the digital industry is particularly lively. Start-ups provide jobs and bring international capital into the city. Hasso Plattner and Bill Gates are leading examples of this. Berlin’s entrepreneurs are highly qualified, open-minded and driven to shape the way we will live tomorrow. They come from all over the world. Our city is also educating its own next generation, and we currently see number such as 15,000 students enrolled in courses linked to the IT and digital sectors. When it comes to investing in business and technology, tech start-ups meet people who speak their language and can give them active support. We know Berlin and open up our scientific and economic networks to support future projects. Technology. The Public Private Partnership, backed by the Senate and over 200 businesses, is responsible for promoting investment and technology in the city. Driven to shape the way we will live tomorrow 16 TABULA RASA 17
  10. 10. Olswang means more than law. We mean business. the hundert CEO of AKM3 So many brilliant people surround you „ A young and dynamic team of lawyers with a unique mix of optimism only found in start-ups combined with decades of experience and industry knowledge that help deliver ‘magic circle’-level advice.“ Kanzleien in Deutschland Olswang Germany LLP Andre Alpar Working with online marketing and startups is what I am passionate about! Where better to succeed than in Berlin? It is here, in this spontaneous, inspirational metropolis that Internet and online marketing are thriving, especially within the startup community. This is felt here more than most other cities, and of course the reason why I made the move from Cologne to Berlin. In my opinion, the online scene in Berlin has an incredible future, as seen with its rapid growth in the last 10 years. What is particularly great about Berlin? So many brilliant people from almost every industry surround you! It is not easy to name any other European or global city that have so much talent and damn good online marketers working so closely together. Additionally, Berlin offers top networking and further training events right outside your front door, as well as the benefit of having Internet companies, agencies and startups all encompassed into a close proximity. As a result, networking, knowledge and experiences can be casually shared during your lunch or work breaks. Since 1998, Andre Alpar has been an online marketing (SEO focus) entrepreneur and consultant. He has successfully founded several companies and is a diversified, active Business Angel. Most recently he was a strategic consultant at Rocket Internet GmbH. He is the CEO of AKM3 GmbH and CMO of the online cigar retailer, In addition, he has organized the annual online marketing conference OMCap since 2010. 18 Berlin · Brussels · London · Madrid · Munich · Paris · Singapore · Thames Valley the hundert
  11. 11. the hundert the advertorial Introducing the Federal Association of German Startups E.V. (Der Bundesverband Deutsche Startups E.V.) “Startups need a clear voice in politics and society. That voice is BVDS, and that is why we are members.” Dr. Tom Kirschbaum, waymate “BVDS networks founders with each other, giving us a lobby for business needs.” Christian Miele, TodayTickets “The Association represents the interests of the startup industry and is the voice of young entrepreneurs.” Franziska v. Hardenberg, Bloomy Days “agility of startups alone is not enough to be successful in the long term, nor to compete against established companies – The association gives us an uncomplicated representation that is in our interest, as well as a platform to communicate on a high level” Andreas Richter, plista GmbH As the representative and voice for startups in Germany, we are committed to a founder friendly Germany. With opening political dialogue, we develop proposals that support entrepreneurship, and reduce barriers for business startups. We promote innovative entrepreneurship and support the startup mentality in society. As a network, we connect founders, startups and their friends together. PUBLIC RELATIONS: With events, we support a positive image of startups in society. Through studies, we emphasize the importance of startups in Germany. POLITICS: With a functioning ecosystem for startups in mind, we work out company founding political positions and represent them in relation to politics. NETWORK: Our primary focus is the establishment and networking of regional startup initiative in the Federal Republic. At the same time we enjoy making it a priority to work with industry associations, major institutions as well as established companies. Founded in Berlin in autumn of 2012, the Startup Association has more than 200 members. Founders volunteer, interact and are involved with the association in 8 states. 10 topics are included in the political agenda of the BVDS that were developed in workshops with more than 100 new entrepreneurs. The first results were seen when the Startup Association prevented the “Anti-Angel-Law” from passing, and continue to gain momentum. Highlights also include events from and with the BVDS. Politics also play a big roll here. Whether Angela Merkel, Philipp Rösler or Gesche Jost, there has never before been so many meetings between top politicians and startups. This year, 100 entrepreneurs were given the chance to attend German Valley Week; something they will never forget. The intensive week in the Bay Area was offered to preferred members of the association as well as non-members, and allowed the founders to meet with the likes of Peter Thiel, Marc Andreesen and Andy von Bechtolsheim. “If you want to change something then you have to get involved! I do this with the Bundesverband German startups because I am convinced that our country, along with the whole of Europe needs to become founder friendly. That’s why we’re working on it.” Christian Vollmann, Business Angel “The association has the duty to be the voice and catalyst to support the interests of the scene, help remove obstacles out of the way, to push the digital scene as a center of innovation, and pave the way for an entrepreneur-friendly Germany. Through membership with the Startup Association, GameGenetics would like to help strengthen the founder’s thought and promote innovation in Germany.” Alexander Piutti, GameGenetics
  12. 12. the hundert the hundert Max Senges By systematically integrating staff participation and taking a flexible approach to the dreams of their employees, these entrepreneurs have the potential to tap previously undreamed of depths of motivation and productivity. Berlin’s financial service providers have a greater ability than Frankfurt with its established institutions to develop a focus on transformative innovation, and particularly on the provision of venture capital and promoting start-ups in the financial sector. In this way, Berlin could in future be seen as the precursor to a reformed and integrated financial & economic location that sees start-ups as an emerging SME sector. Berlin is practiced at tearing down walls. Becoming the first German city to make the transformation from an administration ruled by paper and opening times to one that is open, that welcomes the net as the operating system of society with open arms and can thus offer a single source for online services for everything from start-up enterprises to neighborhood development. In the same spirit, Berliners understand and maintain the data that represent their digital lives as their private property. They respect and use their digital environment to support, on the one hand, democratic decisions based on solid empirical data, and on the other to make their voice heard with the help of egalitarian access to digital resources. By applying a sophisticated “reputation management” practice, they transfer such principles as tolerance for extravagances and different lifestyles from the analog neighborhood community to the networked “global village.” Dr. Max Senges has been with Google in Berlin since 2009. In 2012 he became the Internet Policy and Innovation Manager. As a link to science, entrepreneurs and civil society, Max works with the areas of Internet Governance, Innovation and Technology Philosophy. Prior to Google, he was active in academic, governmental and private organizations in the areas of knowledge management, E-learning and IT governance. Manager Internet Policy & Innovation, Google Berlin is a myth. New York, London, Paris, Rome – capital cities develop a collective hallucination. They symbolize the 24/7 world, home to such political and cultural phenomena as punk and #Occupy. They reflect the soul of a nation and represent its history and contemporary spirit. For me, Berlin is the most fascinating city in Germany. It is the German city that can best be unlocked through its diversity, through the symbolic “&.” Berlin has no center, no one branch of industry dominates here. It is East & West, corner pubs & cosmopolitan flair, hipsters & dyed-in-the-wool locals, incomers from Swabia & Hamburg, the Philharmonic & the Panorama Bar, home to squatters & the Chancellor. Berlin is big enough for everyone. Berlin is big enough for every dream. While Paris and New York have already made their mark, we are still largely free to create our own fairytale. On the last weekend in August, 34 forward thinkers from start-ups, SMEs and Dax-listed companies as well as the fields of culture and science came together at the invitation of Google, the Deutsche Bank and Shell, in cooperation with the Start-Up Campus Factory, at whose site the event took place. They debated and developed a charter setting out Germany‘s strongest opportunities for economic & social progress. For me, this charter reads like the dream of a Berlin which, in realizing the opportunities of the new digital millennium, serves as both a carthorse and role model to the rest of the nation. Being an entrepreneur is sexy: start-ups and courageous entrepreneurs, who take their chances and tackle the upheaval of our changing times head on. 22 Similarly, an integrated and synergetic infrastructure for data, energy and mobility is fundamental to this Berlin dream. Thus Berlin could take the lead in the energy revolution, sparking a chain reaction in the entire region. Berlin can consolidate its attractiveness to artists and other producers of informational commodities by developing contemporary monetization models for the digital and thus effect in practice a genuine reform of the Magna Carta of the information society: copyright and patent law. Somewhat along the lines that “the new system only works in practice and not in theory“ (adapted from Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia). When science and business are interlinked, monitored and promoted by politics and authorities, we can take an assembly line approach to innovations and start-ups on the one hand, while, on the other hand, an open educational infrastructure can be created that will make the educational opportunities available to kindergartens, retirement homes or naturalization programs more fun and more relevant. Discussing the Berlin of our dreams, the heroes of our age, will help us to form our collective aims and thus to drive on the implementation of this social & economic movement. BERLIN IS EAST AND WEST, NEIGHBORHOOD PUB AND COSMOPOLITAN, HIPSTER AND ‚ICKE‘, FLOODED WITH PEOPLE FROM SWABIA AND HAMBURG, PHILHARMONIC HALL AND PANORAMA BAR, SQUATTERS AND THE CHANCELLOR‘S HOME 23
  13. 13. the hundert Es gibt Sprünge nach There are leaps upward and there es leaps to the top. oben und aregibt Sprünge nach ganz oben. You have the choice. Du hast die Wahl. Wenn dein Start-up Erfolg haben soll, ist es besser, einen starken, kompetenten Partner an der Seite zu haben. Das Smart Start Team von KPMG versteht dein Geschäftsmodell und kennt deine Herausforderungen. Wir begleiten dich auf deinem Weg nach ganz oben. Wir entwickeln mit dir einen Business-Plan und helfen If you want your start-up brauchst. it is Wenn have dir, wenn du Geldgeber to succeed,Also:better todu a strong, competent partner on your side. The Smart fachkundige Unterstützung und eine persönliche,Start Team at KPMG understands your business model individuelle Beratung suchst – sprich uns an! and knows your challenges. We‘ll accompany you on your way to the top. We develop a business plan with you and help Deine Ansprechpartner you when you need investors. So: If you‘re looking for Tim Dümichenand personal, individual advice — talk to us! expert support T +49 30 2068-2939 Your contacts Tim Dümichen Marius Sternberg T +49 30 2068-4707 T +49 30 2068-2939 Marius Sternberg T +49 30 2068-4707 Rainer Maerkle Berlin has always been important for our VC fund, and this is reflected in our portfolio. However, we have seen that the start-up ecosystem has accelerated significantly and gained momentum, over the last few years especially. Undoubtedly, one factor is the vastly increased interest in entrepreneurship among young professionals; for top performers on the ideal path to a successful career there is simply no way around entrepreneurship nowadays. This talent is absorbed by the founders of the first generation of start-ups, who today act as mentors and financial backers. A growing number of institutional investors have also intensified their focus on Berlin. With more capital resources, the ambitions of companies established today are greater and more international, right from the outset, making them attractive takeover candidates for international buyers. Furthermore, the capital of such successful exits is mostly reinvested in new ideas and start-ups. Thus the momentum grows, and Berlin continues to gain importance in the international market. Over the last few years, momentum of the start-up ecosystem has increased significantly Rainer Maerkle is a partner at HV Holtzbrinck Ventures where he is responsible for investments such as Zalando, Home24, fahionforhome, partner, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures Outfittery, Quandoo and Stylight. Besides previous operative experience in the technology industry, prior to his time at Holtzbrinck he helped build up companies such as the start-up 123people. Rainer has a degree in electrical engineering from the TU München and an MBA from INSEAD. © 2013 KPMG AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft. All rights reserved. 25
  14. 14. the hundert the hundert at the heart of digitizing and rejuvenating the European economy Aydogan Ali Schosswald is publisher of The Kernel, an online CEO, Tech Open Air magazine, and founder of the Berlin-based platform hy!, which brings together Europe‘s startups, media and the old economy. In 2013 he was chosen among the NEXT 100 as one of the most important heads of the digital industry in Europe and was also named a „digital economic miracle“ by GQ Magazine . www. I am a vegan, university dropout and entrepreneur. Where else should I have gone, if not to Berlin? With its colorful, ever-changing culture and its unique history, I consider the capital to be the perfect sandbox for entrepreneurs and designers. All you need is a ticket for the U8 subway to meet hundreds of people who are all trying to make our lives easier, better and more exciting. Here there are brilliant teams working to reinvent academic collaboration, to develop quantified self technologies and financial services for the 21st century, to democratize publishing, to personalize and digitize education, and so much more. Then there are all the international startups that come here to find investors. If we manage to act as a catalyst for these developments by making capital and resources accessible and by creating infrastructure, Berlin will be at the heart of digitizing and rejuvenating the European economy. Aydogan Ali Schosswald Tolerance and an almost unlimited freedom of expression Nikolas Woischnik I have a love-hate relationship with Berlin. My first impression was the most important, but it was not love at first sight. True, I moved to Berlin in winter, which was, of course, a typical beginner‘s mistake. A hefty pinch of masochism is needed for Berlin in winter (which feels like nine months of the year). This is when the streets feel broad, gray and empty. A sort of melancholy hangs over the city like the angels in Wim Wenders‘ film „Wings of Desire“. After five years, Berlin and I still have an on-off relationship. There have certainly been some hot nights, but it is not (yet) a great love. Berlin is just not an easy place and definitely not a pretty one, but the way in which it throws (longed-for) light on its history and the sensitivities of its residents makes it genuine. As my mother used to say, „it is what is inside that matters“. Residents of Berlin have an almost absolute carte blanche in the city. Tolerance and a nearly unlimited freedom of expression are at the root of the creative energy which also drives our start-up scene. Freedom, lived and learned, is an example to the rest of the world. The last time I visited the USA, it almost seemed that „I loooove Berlin“ was the mantra of the Williamsburg/Portland generation. At such times I cannot imagine another winter without Berlin! Nikolas Woischnik is the founder of Ahoy! Berlin, TechBerlin, and the Tech Open Air Berlin festival. Their purpose is to create open platforms to facilitate an exchange between various disciplines (technology, science, art and music) and technologies. Nikolas also acts as an adviser to several start-ups, gives lectures on the Berlin start-up ecosystem and is a trustee of the Zeitbild foundation. publisher of The Kernel and founder of hy! Berlin 26 27
  15. 15. the hundert the hundert The world’s sexiest city Ingke Weimert Head of Moviepilot Germany Ingke Weimert has been with moviepilot since 2009. She built up the company’s sales business and ensured profitability before taking charge of all German business ( in 2012 and helping the management team to shape internationalization in the USA. Ingke hails from Bonn, and previously worked for ProSiebenSat.1 and NBC Universal Networks in Munich. Moviepilot GmbH employs over 80 people in Berlin, Los Angeles and London. According to the 02/2013 issue of Business Punk on Moscow, “In spring, snow still lies where the Russian Silicon Valley currently is”. This brief description of the climate could also be applied to Berlin. While there was no snow in our city in April 2013, it was certainly bitterly cold at -17° Celsius. If it had snowed, the layer of white would have remained and covered over spring. This is how it is in Berlin: sometimes it is hard and cold, yet it is also giving and so very green in the summer, with endlessly long, light-filled days, and purples and oranges in the late summer and autumn. The colors allow winter to be forgotten. Berlin has over 80 beach volleyball courts, which are located at the very heart of the city. Berlin is sport – whether it be volleyball, soccer, ice hockey, handball or basketball. There is every type of sport imaginable – at the highest level or otherwise. They take place in the midst of it all, everywhere. Berlin is Wowereit, up with the times (he visited us in the Moviepilot offices in July 2013). Berlin is Germany’s Abbot Kinney Boulevard, and the premieres shown at the Sony Center are more impressive than those shown on Hollywood Boulevard. Berlin has “creative garbage heaps” or little men, who feature on the street signs simply because. Berlin is colorful and the people creative and full of passion. Berlin is “entrepreneurial” and the people ardent entrepreneurs, which is why it is possible to grow here. Both economically and personally, alongside others. Things and companies can exist and occur here simply because everyone somehow wants them to, and this makes Berlin the “world’s sexiest city”. We wish you a wonderful time in Berlin! 28 Berlin is really the perfect city to start a tech company. It is creative, international, youthful, innovative and vibrant (there is always something on from music and theatre to art and design). Additionally, it possesses incredible high living standards while still remaining one of the most affordable cities on the planet. An entrepreneur with a passion for technology and productivity, Christian Reber is the Founder and CEO of Berlin based 6Wunderkinder. As the creator of the much loved to-do list, Wunderlist, Christian is responsible for creating a global success. Wunderlist has been downloaded by more than 10 Here you get the feeling that anything is possible; and it is. As such, we are seeing the rise of a new generation of entrepreneurs based in Berlin. They are disrupters focused on providing a truly creative and unique product that is capturing the attention of international markets. And for all the right reasons! While we still have some way to go, I can happily say that I am now seeing much more technical innovation and a move towards smarter solutions that enrich the users life than a few years ago. It’s often been said that Berlin itself is a startup and well, I truly believe that we are on the verge of something really special here. million people across the world, boasts more than five million registered users, and has been named Apple’s “App Of The Week” in 104 countries. THE FEELING THAT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE ChristianReber Founder and CEO, 6Wunderkinder 29
  16. 16. the hundert Lukasz Gadowski is Partner at Team Europe, an internet entrepreneur and an investor. Lukasz founded spreadshirt, When I founded Spreadshirt in 2002, the German internet landscape was in a kind of post-apocalyptic state of shock. The tech-heavy Neuer Markt stockmarket had just crashed and the bubble burst, destroying millions worth of assets. Even after eleven years of reunification, Berlin was still not at all close to being thought of as the „place to be“ for start-ups in Germany. When I moved to Berlin in 2006 the startup scene was very small – everyone knew everybody and people supported each other. But there has been fast growth in recent years, with no end in sight. Unfortunately I no longer have the time to really stay on top of what is going on with all the exciting start-ups, accelerator programs and incubators. However, what I have seen over the last few years is that a strong foundation has been created in Berlin through hard work. Naturally there are overrated and underrated companies, some of which are successful after ten years and some of which were simply declared successful right after founding. But starting a business is like climbing stairs: some take one step at a time, some two steps, and some run out of breath. The most important thing is to keep steadily progressing. And in Berlin that is what will happen. was a founding investor of brands4friends and studiVZ, and is involved in several internet startups as a business angel. Lukasz has received numerous awards for his entrepreneurial achievements. He is also on the Advisory Board of the digital economy startup organization Junge Digitale Wirtschaft. Partner, Team Europe A strong foundation created through hard work Lukasz Gadowski 30 Pimp up your start up! For more than five years has supported start-ups. As a cross-sectoral business association we connect people, the media and their ambitions. Our program helps young companies to catapult themselves towards success. Our Investors’ Dinner is a culinary idea that pays off. Why? We want to increase chan- ces, support with exciting contacts, accompany visions, create sustainable jobs and strengthen Berlin-Brandenburg even more.
  17. 17. 3 4 5 7 2 6 1 8 12 11 9 10 13 19 15 16 18 18 14 17 20 25 27 21 28 26 23 24 22 30 32 29 Impressions of Berlin EyeEm photos by 31 Made by the eyeEM community 1 Erin L. Hubbs 2 tommasolana 3 tobikirstein 4 steffibley 5 spiegeleule 6 sophiehechinger 7 herr_licht 8 JURB76 9 silkeappetico 10 rbc 11 potemporaer 12 miss_boho 13 is4 14 icerainshadow 15 mohideen 16 mabelle 17 mabelle 18 mabelle 19 LarsFronius 20 Janaanthea 21 clemensmaurer 22 gittestark 23 herr_licht 24 gibsy 25 LAX2NRT 26 freundindernacht 27 evagolightly 28 berliniqueblog1 29 fholznag 30 flinder74 31 berlineska 32 garni
  18. 18. the hundert the hundert co-founder and partner Point Nine Capital Berlin, you are simply wonderful because… Head of International Brand Communications, Etsy … you are young; … you have had a turbulent history; I‘ve lived in Berlin since 2001. I originally planned to move to Berlin for 2 years, however plans change, which is a lot like Berlin. The thing you can always depend upon in Berlin is change – constantly shifting and expanding to make the most of new cultural and technological undercurrents from around the world. Anyone who tells you it was better before hasn‘t been here long enough or doesn’t like change. If you don’t know of anything fun or interesting going on, you’re not looking hard enough! The creative energy and relaxed but determined Berlin attitude which transforms empty factories into dance-clubs, co-working spaces or installations made it an ideal space for Etsy to open their first European office in 2010. It’s simple to hire creative, passionate people who are attracted to the high-standard of living here.  Indeed, it’s what’s kept me here far longer than I had ever anticipated and what’s turned Berlin into my home. … you are international, increasingly so, yet your own character is strengthened and not lost; … you have a huge, almost magical, appeal that goes far beyond Germany’s borders; … you attract talented, well-educated people from across Europe and inspire them to realize their lifelong dreams in Berlin; … you gave birth to a vibrant tech start-up scene that provides an important economic mainstay and high growth potential for Berlin; … you make and give us all space to develop and be true to ourselves; … you are the gateway to Eastern Europe and enable me to stay reasonably close to my family and friends in Poland; … you enjoyed being “poor but sexy,” but where there is spirit, money will always follow. Thus you will always continue to develop. Caroline Pawel Drucker Chudzinski Berlin, I wish… … that you will never lose your character; … that the seed being planted will enable you to grow so strong economically that you can compete with other global capitals, and that you will not become a second “Silicon Valley”, but the first real “European Valley!” … that you will be able to offer a future to the people who come to fulfill their dreams and inspire them to stay; … and above all, that we will continue to have a lot of fun together! Caroline Drucker heads the international brand communi- There is only one constant in Berlin: Change cations at Etsy. Previously, she was a Product Manager and Partner Marketing Manager at SoundCloud, the world‘s Pawel is co-founder of and partner at Point Nine Capital. leading platform for sound and music. Caroline also has Before setting up Point Nine Capital in 2011, Pawel was the extensive experience in media and publishing: She played co-founder of and partner at Team Europe, where he was a major role in the German market launch of VICE responsible for heading up the European investment team. Magazine, led the business development of the DUMMY Before that, he was an associate of the US investment bank magazine, and developed the digital strategy for the Greenhill & Co. in Frankfurt and London. Pawel has a degree re-launch of Der Freitag, a left-liberal weekly. Caroline studied German and urban development at Bryn Mawr College in the United States and graduated magna cum laude. The Canadian currently lives in Berlin. 34 from the School of Management in Leipzig (HHL). Originally from Poland, he speaks fluent English, German and Polish and a little Russian. Pawel writes a blog on which you can read I wish that Berlin and I will have a lot more fun together! more about his thoughts and opinions. 35
  19. 19. the hundert the hundert founder and managing director, Sociomantic Labs 15 Years of Global Technology Investment Banking made in Germany Professional Corporate Finance Advisory from A-Z Around the Globe CHOOSING BERLIN WAS ONE OF OUR MOST FUNDAMENTAL BUSINESS DECISIONS Trade Sale to Trade Sale EUR 150,000,000 to Investment of up to EUR 5,500,000 Trade Sale to Trade Sale to other investors included Adviser to Albumprinter Beheer B.V. and its Shareholders Adviser to Founders and Minority Shareholders of Private Sale GmbH Adviser to Cerbomed GmbH Adviser to the Shareholders of DailyDeal GmbH Adviser to Ensogo Inc. and its Shareholders October 2011 December 2010 CFP BioConnect AG September 2012 September 2011 June 2011 Acquisition of Trade Sale to Sale of Trade Sale to USD 273,000,000 Adviser to Adviser to Nextag, Inc. Adviser to the Shareholders of AG Adviser to the Shareholders of intelliAd Media GmbH Adviser to Jamba! AG July 2004 June 2011 October 2011 July 2012 June 2004 Trade Sale of 74.9% Capital Increase by Capital Increase led by EUR 265,000,000 Trade Sale Trade Sale to Adviser to kaufDA and its Shareholders Adviser to yd. yourdelivery GmbH Exclusive Adviser to Privatesportsale GmbH Exclusive Adviser to the Founder and Majority Shareholder of nikoma Adviser to OfferMobi March 2011 June 2012 July 2012 February 2000 August 2012 Trade Sale Trade Sale to Trade Sale to Capital Increase 61.59% to Investor in intelliAd Media GmbH T Brandhoff homas Thomas Brandhoff co-founded Sociomantic Labs in 2009. As Managing Director, he heads the company’s commercial and organizational development. He helped the company grow without external investments from a team of three founders to a global company with 150 employees in 14 offices. Prior to Sociomantic, Thomas was the Global Industry Manager at zanox. He holds a degree from the University of Hertfordshire England. 3,000 Euro, one big idea and the raw energy of Berlin were all that we had when we founded Sociomantic Labs in 2009. Choosing Berlin was one of our most fundamental business decisions that set the stage for everything to follow. The city simply has it all: the zest to attract inspiring and inspired people from all over the world, the charm and quality of living to retain them, an advanced technological infrastructure, and the benefits of a well-connected capital in the heart of Europe. My co-founders and I have always believed in the power of diversity when breeding innovation. The bustling mix of cultures in Berlin has enabled us to hire the most talented people from all over the world to build a daring team with ambitions that go above and beyond all our expectations – and all geographic borders, too. Today we are a growing team of more than 150 persons of 28 nationalities spanning 14 offices in 12 countries — a dream made reality, thanks in large part to Berlin. to Restructuring EUR 884,000,000 USD 50,000,000 to Trade Sale to Investor in intelliAd Media GmbH to USD 15,000,000 led by Sale to EUR 515,000,000 conditions not disclosed Senior Facility Agreement EUR 300,000,000 Mezzanine Capital Financing EUR 69,000,000 Adviser to PrimaCom AG Adviser to the shareholders of Qype GmbH Adviser to redcoon GmbH and its Shareholders Exclusive Adviser to SYSGO AG and its Shareholders Exclusive Adviser to Trademob GmbH December 2005 October 2012 March 2011 November 2012 November 2012 This could be Trade Sale to Sale of Sale of 25.1% Your Deal Trade Sale EUR 214,900,000 + earn-out payment EUR 48,290,000 to a consortium of to to Adviser to visionapp AG and its Shareholders Adviser to WebMedia GmbH and the Ebner Group Adviser to the Shareholders of AG Adviser to Cinco Capital GmbH Exclusive Corporate Finance Adviser April 2011 December 2000 November 2009 July 2007 Frankfurt • Berlin • Vienna • Budapest • San Francisco • New York • Tokyo • Shanghai • Beijing 36 Global Headquarters: Corporate Finance Partners | Kennedyallee 70a | 60596 Frankfurt | Germany | Phone: +49 (69) 90 74 76 10 | Fax: +49 (69) 90 74 76 70 |
  20. 20. the hundert the hundert CEO, YOC AG The hype surrounding Berlin almost scares me Breeding ground for exciting and internationally competitive projects Dirk Freytag The hype surrounding Berlin almost scares me. A great deal is written; everything is cool, creative and cheap.  A great deal has been started, but virtually nothing is really big yet. After three and a half years in New York and two years in Berlin, I have come to think that the fundamental reason for this is that it is cheap. There are of course creative minds for whom ideas are more important than money, however most software developers like to have money coming in every month. A great deal of potential is therefore lost. In Berlin, you can rapidly get involved in a start-up with little money and high percentages. In New York, you pay twice as much and have fewer shares as an investor. This means more money for the company founders, who then have more money for trial and error. I believe this is lacking in Berlin. Even people with great ideas make mistakes and they ought to have the opportunity to do so. This simply is not possible with the money we investors provide Berlin-based company founders with. If we solve this problem, I believe that Berlin will then be only sexy – and no longer poor. Oliver Borrmann Dirk Freytag has lived in Berlin since 2011 and is currently investing in nine different After studying at the University of St. Gallen and start-ups. Two of these are in the US, one is in a position at a Munich management consultancy, Israel and four are in Berlin. After selling ADTECH to AOL, he spent 3 and a half years living in New York and held various positions at AOL. Oliver Borrmann relocated to Berlin in 1992 where he founded bmp. Initially begun as a consulting firm, bmp switched its focus to venture capital in 1997. It has since financed many successful Berlin businesses including aap, Jerini, ivu, and Heliocentris. 38 CEO, bmp Beteiligungsmanagement AG Berlin is a colorful, cultural medley: relaxed and, despite its burning social issues, safe, open and always surprisingly different. This attracts creative and intellectual talent alike, and offers a fertile breeding ground for exciting and internationally competitive projects. It is a lot of fun to already have been an active part of the Berlin venture capital scene for over 15 years, during which I have made a total of over 30 investments in the city, and built up economically sustainable businesses, some of which employ hundreds of people. If Berlin maintains its intellectual vigor, we will continue to see many more successful start-ups in the city. However, we should not be too euphoric because the venture capital infrastructure in Berlin bears little comparison with that of London or Silicon Valley. And should the economy falter again – as it does in Berlin from time to time – investors will disappear very rapidly. Berlin has had to live through that experience more than once. 39
  21. 21. e the place to b f o r t al e n t . Berlin wants tomorrow’s talent. When will you arrive? Job candidates are invited to visit to find out about employment offers in Berlin. Companies can use the site to advertise job openings. The job portal is integrated into the city’s business portal, the Business Location Center, which itself offers a quick overview of important information regarding living and working in Berlin and about schools, cultural and recreational opportunities in the German capital. The portal provides an ideal outlook for job beginners, specialists and executive staff. Come and find your dream job!
  22. 22. Burckhardt Bonello the hundert The European Mecca for new businesses CEO and founder of the hundert CEO Found Fair & Everpreneur Daniel Engelbarts It is no coincidence that Berlin is Europe‘s Mecca for new businesses: The German capital is ingenious and different. That is the reason why I came here. Berlin offers ideal conditions for originality, authenticity and creativity. To generate business success from these qualities, you need the courage and self-confidence to set something unique in motion. In a city like Berlin, with its lively online scene where you can feel new ideas and projects coming to life every second, believing in your own idea and your own project is almost the most important thing. After all, I have to be able to convince others of my ideas – over a beer, on a rostrum or on my website. All these different options for making contact, and the informality with which you meet people here, make Berlin a very special place for me. Daniel Engelbarts is the founder and CEO of, one of Germany‘s leading recommendation and advice portals for online shopping and saving. Prior to this, as the head of transactions at Axel Springer AG, he was responsible for the product management of (including the Games, Mobile, Shopping and Search areas). The future is exciting Burckhardt bonello has founded 4 successful startups as the CEO (myBet/QED, Novedia AG, sMEET, Berlin has an inspiring environment for creative people who want to achieve something. Although Berlin still has many clone projects and lifestyle motivated founders, fortunately the city still attracts more and more true visionary tech entrepreneurs from all over Europe. Berlin is still enticing for those who have the courage to be real game changers, such as FriendSurance and SoundCloud who chose our city as where they feel comfortable. In addition to a lack of 1 to 10 million of investment capital, Berlin is also missing heavyweights such as Google and Facebook for a healthy eco-system as well as local exit channels. Berlin needs all of these things in order to become established, grow as a sustainable global tech center against Silicon Valley, and to avoid becoming a „melting pot“ for seed startups. Berlin not only has the potential for it, but it is now the best city in Europe to start a startup, and of course, last but not least, to party. The future is exciting. Univent) with up to 600 million in net revenue. He studied technical computer science and completed research as a PhD student and lecturer at the Technical University of Berlin and as a teaching assistant at Stanford University. He is currently CEO of Found Fair, a Berlin company builder focusing on a few disruptive models, and CEO of a small seed fund. As a company builder, he is the co-founder of successful game changers such as FriendSurance (insurance at half price) Returbo (eCommerce) as well as 3 other startups. 42 43
  23. 23. the hundert the hundert Berlin: I never wanted to move here, but now I never want to leave CEO and Founder, Rebate Networks For Berlin, the best is yet to come Everyone looks to Berlin: once the city of division, Berlin is now at the center of Europe, and is closely linked with the world. Internet start-ups have played a major role in this, and have helped the city to rank alongside London as the start-up capital of Europe. The benefits of Berlin as a location are as clear as ever: it is an exciting city and offers a great quality of life. Thousands of good graduates want to stay in Berlin, or move here, from practically every country on earth. The price level continues to be competitive. Many entrepreneurs have taken advantage of this to build up highly successful firms . These start-ups have given rise to new generations of young entrepreneurs and online specialists who now make up this highly praised ecosystem. More recently, companies have started to emerge out of Berlin which, although based in Berlin, generate most of their revenue in other countries around the world.  At Rocket Internet we love Berlin too and we are building a largely Berlin-centric company. Established in 2007, we are now the largest internet incubator in the world. Our portfolio currently encompasses 75 ventures in over 50 countries with more than 20,000 employees. We will remain faithful to Berlin and celebrate the huge development of its internet sector. We are sure of one thing: for Berlin, the best is yet to come. Michael Brehm is a serial entrepreneur and start-up investor with shares in 20+ start-ups. He is currently, among other things, the founder and managing director of Rebate Networks, which runs Alexander Kudlich has been the eCommerce firms around the world. managing director of Rocket Internet After graduation and a stint at a bank, GmbH since 2011. Among his previous he became managing director of the positions, he worked for Axel Springer as studiVZ Group which he built up to assistant to the CEO and then for Zanox, become one of the largest social a company in Axel Springer’s portfolio. networks in Europe before it was Kudlich studied business at the University bought by the Holtzbrinck publishing of St. Gallen and has a master’s degree group in early 2007. Since then he has in philosophy from UCL London co-founded numerous other firms. and an executive MBA from ESMT. Michael Brehm Berlin was a city I never wanted to move to. Now it is the city I never want to leave. It is contrasts like these that make this city so uniquely exhilarating. In early 2006, when I first put my suitcase down in an apartment on the Hackescher Markt, I was shocked by how run-down our capital still was: there were semi-ruined houses everywhere, daubed with fading, ancient graffiti. But if you just get one step closer, that is precisely where you will see a lively bustle of cafés with customers thronging around a few old wooden tables, decorated with colorful wild flowers. It is a revelation: in this city, beauty is created by people living out their dreams, on whatever scale. Every street corner, every broken-down car can be transformed overnight into a sales stand selling lactose-free organic ice cream or the venue for a new tech start-up. Being part of this transformation, witnessing people putting so much love into getting something of their own off the ground, is what makes Berlin unique for me: a city in which there is great joy in seeing dreams come true every day. managing director Rocket Internet 44 Alexander Kudlich 45
  24. 24. the hundert coffee and an inspiring atmosphere. It is reassuring to know that on and the Yelp app you get the best cafés in your preferred neighborhood in which others have already checked the sofa thickness, power outlets, Wi-Fi av ailability, Milch und Zucker Oranienstr. 37, 10999 Berlin – Kreuzberg und Warschauer Str. 69, 10243 Berlin – Friedrichshain – Extras: free Wi-Fi, carrot cake, two locations in Berlin Atopia café attracts customers with its spacious rooms, living room vibe and ping pong table for a quick game now and then. It is not surprising that freelancer Joaquim R has practically set up his office here: “I come to Atopia every day to do my programming. The staff are super friendly, there is free Wi-Fi, good coffee, lots of sofas and the prices are fair. The music varies, but most of the time it is lounge style. There are dance events in the evenings and they even have classes!” hy Prenzlauer Allee 187, 10405 Berlin, Berlin- Prenzlauerberg Extras: free Wi-Fi, ping pong table, sofas grap “A stylish, peaceful oasis amid the hustle and bustle of Berlin,” wrote Natalye R. “I love to come here and write after work, when everyone else has hurried off home for dinner or to a restaurant. The atmosphere is good, there are usually only a few other customers around and the café has lots of places to sit. The choice of music suits the surroundings and the free Wi-Fi is reliable.” And hopefully there will still be a slice of divine carrot cake behind the glass counter if you fancy a snack! hoto Atopia Kaffeehaus p UM C TR “BASE_camp offers lots of space to work, free Wi-Fi, a great selection of drinks and snacks and usually some interesting people to talk to,” said Michael U. “Events also take place here regularly and you can check the dates along with the daily menu on the website. Prices are very reasonable for the location.” BASE store, café and co-working space – the concept really works here. SPE UAL 04 , VIS lmer service and accessibility. 08 westberlin Friedrichstr. 215, 10969 Berlin – Kreuzberg – Extras: sandwiches, free Wi-Fi, designer furniture 05 Sankt Oberholz Rosenthalerstr. 72a, 10119 Berlin – Mitte – Extras: entrepreneurial spirit, co-working space, apartments Jasson S discovered Sankt Oberholz in the winter. For him, it is the “German version of the Coupa Café in Silicon Valley: a great place for coffee with friends, to do a few hours’ work on the laptop or simply to people watch. The coffee is good, as is the food, but what this place is really all about is the atmosphere, the energy!” This legend among Berlin’s digital hotspots on Rosenthaler Platz even has its own ice cream counter in summer! BASE_camp Mittelstr. 51, 10117 Berlin – Mitte – Extras: free Wi-Fi, events space, E-Plus mobile sales L . Ba It was for good reason that Yelp Berlin held its coffee shop working hours in Espresso Ambulanz in September. Beatrice K tried out the café early in the morning: “This espresso bar is a recommended way to start the day as it opens at 7:00 AM. The service is on the ball, music lilts softly in the background and you can either lounge on the sofa or perch on one of the bar stools and gaze at Oranienburgerstraße out of the big window.” 03 erably one with a stable wireless connection, good Espresso Ambulanz Oranienburger Str. 5, 10117 Berlin – Mitte – Extras: free Wi-Fi, great cakes, open from 7:00 AM 02 or you don’t even have one? Go to a café! And pref- n Julie 01 Where can you work if your office is too cramped, 13 ©20 Berlin’s Yelp community presents the best CAFÉS for workspace the advertorial 06 Mein Haus am See Brunnenstr. 197-198, 10119 Berlin – Mitte – Extras: open 24/7, live gigs in the basement, separate smoking lounge “Mein Haus am See is a comfortably furnished café and the ideal place to meet friends and make plans. The Internet connection is excellent and the comfy sofas with small tables are perfect for relaxing with a laptop and pen and chatting about things with friends. A bit like at Starbucks, only the opposite of commercialized and much more cozy.” Manuel M knows what he is talking about when he recommends this former bookshop. The city’s creatives can be seen working away on their laptops here even at three in the morning. 07 Brezel Bar Kreuzberg Friesenstr. 2, 10965 Berlin – Kreuzberg – Extras: fresh pretzels, power outlets at every table, reading lamps “The back of the Brezel Bar is a wonderfully peaceful area to work in. I like to order a glass of fresh green tea and enjoy the funky music. The staff are really friendly and the café is rarely overcrowded, even though it is not particularly big. The prices are OK and although the selection of food is not especially large, there are lots of different sorts of coffee and tea,” said Kifah A. “Such a beautiful (not to mention delicious) place as this is not what you would normally find in this part of Berlin, which is full of chains and tourist joints,” enthused Julian S. “There is space to relax and read the many interesting magazines and newspapers (which you can also buy) and Wi-Fi for laptops on the large table with power outlets. The café offers excellent coffee, cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit juices and some of the greatest sandwiches I have ever eaten in Berlin!” What is Yelp? Yelp is an online city guide. Yelp is av ailable as an app and a website. Yelp is a community of capital city 09 Cuccuma dwellers who love Berlin and want to share their favorite places with you. And anyone can get in- Zossener Str. 34, 10961 Berlin – Extras: balcony, smoking lounge, walnut tart This little café in Bergmannstrasse is a typical locals’ café. “It feels as if the staff know everyone who comes in here and will even recognize you again after a couple of weeks,” said Mason D. “Cuccuma is the ideal setting for a few hours’ work, with free Wi-Fi and lots of places to sit inside and outside.” He recommends a slice of home-made cake to go with the reliably good coffee. volved on Yelp by providing descriptions and reviews of exciting places: from cafés, concept stores and dentists to the latest hot Italian restaurant. Yelp was founded in San Francisco in 2004, and since then Yelp communities have sprung up in 23 countries around the world. Yelpers have now contributed over 42 million reviews on local businesses and have 10 Café CK Marienburgerstr. 49, 10405 Berlin – Prenzlauerbergé-ck-berlin-2 – Extras: pancakes, French press, brownies “CK was the first place I stopped for a coffee in Berlin. I found it from Yelp recommendations and can confirm that the cappuccino is phenomenal! Not only is it perfectly balanced, it also blew away my jet lag,” reported Berlin newcomer Grey J. “Honestly, it is first class stuff for coffee enthusiasts. Add the steady Wi-Fi connection and pleasant atmosphere, and CK has become somewhere I can while away several hours, no problem.” made Yelp the leading portal for everything local. Yelp’s mobile app is used by around 10.4 million individual mobile devices every month. The Berlin Yelp community is continually setting out to discover the city together – and enjoy it. For further information, please visit Berlin or contact Anne, the Berlin Yelp community manager, at: –
  25. 25. Coworking – Berlin incubators – Berlin Coworking spaces are an interesting alternative to traditional offices. Emerging as the result from freelancers, young startups and creatives who no longer wanted to work at home alone or in cafes, coworking spaces offer not only a cheap place to work, but also the opportunity to exchange valuable experience in an environment with like-minded people. Through the various rental offers, you are sure to find something suitable to your needs. You can rent a space, a desk or even an entire room for daily or monthly rates. We are happy to take this opportunity to introduce Berlin Coworking Spaces to you Instead all starting up alone with the hopes of finding an Angel or VC funding, incubators provide support for potential founders or already founded startups. It is not only about the capital, but also the startup experience, the technical know-how, network and office space, which promises relief to the beginning of entrepreneurship. Below we are pleased to present Berlin Incubators. Nest Coworking Space House of Clouds Axel Springer Plug and Play hub:raum The Nest Coworking Space offers comfortable interior combined with functionality and the charm of a traditional Berlin old building apartment. A spiral staircase to the restaurant NEST on the ground floor directly connects the office space. The space also provides a beautiful view of the Görlitzer Park. Spread across 150sqm, three spacious group rooms for 6-8 persons are offered, as well as a large conference room for up to 20 people for creative development. At our coworking space, we offer offices and fixed individual workstations. A workplace for 168 € per month consists of a large working desk with plenty of storage space, electricity, cleaning, Wi-Fi and fair-use printing. Offices, individualized or fully furnished, start at 298 € per month. Axel Spring AG and the Plug and Play Tech Center, a leading startup investor and accelerator from Silicon Valley, has established the Axel Springer Plug and Play. The offer includes not only the exchange of knowledge, but also office space as well as 25,000 € of seed funding per startup. The program concludes with a “Demo Day” in which teams present to a panel of international investors in order to vie for further financing. In May, 2012, Telekom opened its own incubator in Berlin called hub:raum. The incubator is a support center for startups, and the aim is to back young startups with new ideas for telecommunications, Internet services as well as digital media. All startups can receive seed funding in amounts up to 300,000 euros, are provided office space, and can draw on the expertise of a high-caliber mentor pools. Welance – space for professionals THE WOSTEL Magic Cube – Berliner Brutkasten für lokale Preisvergleiche Rheingau Founders A community of skilled experts ready to take on almost any web-related challenge. We believe in our diverse team of specialized professionals working within the Welance co-working space. Get in touch and start your project now! The Wostel is a place where freelancers work in a family environment and can exchange thought and ideas. Through the 1930s - 1960s décor, a cozy and timeless vintage feel is created. Startups like Amen and as well as firms such as Nokia and eBay have already used our coworking space. Jan Dzulko and the founders of CHECK24 launched the Magic Cube in 2012 with a focus on domestic price comparisons. From driving schools to carsharing all the way through to gravestones, M Cube and its subsidiaries seek out to provide clear price comparisons order in non-transparent, local markets. M Cube is located in Kreuzberg, and currently employs about 40 people in its six portfolio companies, and there is always room for more. Do you have the heart of the founder or already have a specific idea for the price comparison market? Then apply at M Cube and become part of a team with over 14 years of Internet excellence! Rheingau Founders is a Berlin-based, professional co-founder with a focus on digital business models. In addition to financial support for the startup phase, Rheingau Founders actively helps its investments with operational expertise and its international network, which can be critical for the development of a sustainable enterprise, especially in the first 12-18 months after laying the grounds of foundation. The company was founded in 2011 by three partners, Philipp Hartmann, Dr. Tobias Johann and Kai Hansen in Berlin, who, as experts in the digital industry, previously founded Lieferando and madvertise. other coworking spaces: Agora Collective, – Neukölln; Betahaus, – Kreuzberg; Club Office, – Wilmerdorf; co.up, – Kreuzberg; creative|media|lab, – Mitte; Fireworks, – Wedding; Halle am Wasser, – Mitte, mobilesuite, – Prenzlauer Berg; Puls Raum, – Kreuzberg; raumstation, – Moabit; St Oberholz, – Mitte; Tante Renate, – Kreuzberg; uberdesk, – Prenzlauer Berg; Webworker Berlin, – Treptow; Weserland, – Neukölln other incubators: BeVation, – Mitte; Covus Ventures, – Mitte; Found Fair Ventures, – Wedding; FoundersLink, – Prenzlauer Berg; HitFox Games Ventures, – Mitte; MAS Angel Fund, – Kreuzberg; Project A Venture, – Mitte; Rocket Internet, – Mitte; Springstar, – Mitte; Team Europe – – Mitte; YouIsNow, – Friedrichshain; Epic Companies, – Kreuzberg; garage berlin, – Lichterfelde; K - New Media, – Mitte; Möller Ventures, – Wilmersdorf
  26. 26. the hundert the hundert CEO Vertical Media The only city in Germany where you don’t have to speak German Berlin’s entrepreneurial scene is like a wildfire. It’s happening because of the DNA of the city. Nobody engineered this; it’s happening in a 100% organic way. The main reason is that it is one of the most inspiring urban English speaking environments in the world, and this is where entrepreneurial talent is migrating to in large flocks. Where talent goes capital will follow. We are so optimistic due to the fact that entrepreneurship is center stage in Berlin; it is defining the city. CIARáN is the only Irish with a Bavarian accent. He is most passionate about consumer web products, dev platforms and building the Berlin tech ecosystem. O’Leary is a Partner at Earlybird. Partner of Earlybird Mark has been the CEO of Vertical Media since April of 2010. Previously, he was the Editor in Chief of the games news site, GameBizz. His previous positions included work with various online and media startups such as Turtle Entertainment, GIGA Digital and SponsorPay, in which he worked as a Manager’s Assistant, TV Presenter and Editor in Chief. like a wildfire! Ciarán O´Leary Mark Hoffmann When I came to Berlin four years ago, I had no expectations for the German capital. Maybe this was just the right thing, because I have seen many people who have succumbed to the pressures and the possibilities of (night) life in Berlin. For me, Berlin is the only city in Germany where you don’t have to speak German. It is here where so many different worlds live so closely together, separated merely by the zebra stripes in the roads. This is the city in which you can celebrate as being the new star with your first round of financing today, and tomorrow have to walk with your head hung low to the Charlottenburg district court. From the city facets, the potential of the people and the drive for innovation, let us create what we want. Let us not be the next Silicon Valley, but rather THE European capital for the European digital scene. After all, if you want to be something, then you should not be constantly comparing yourself to something else. 50 51
  27. 27. the hundert co-founder and CEO SoundCloud Berlin is a city that immediately captured my attention when I moved here six years ago. In 2007, Eric Wahlforss (SoundCloud’s co-founder and CTO) and I ventured into Berlin and were instantly struck by the city’s air of optimism and determination. As Berlin is a relatively cheap place to live and its population is young – half of the population is under 45 – there is an infectious youthful entrepreneurial atmosphere. We often refer to it as ‘punk meets tech,’ to describe the alternative, ambitious lifestyle of ‘going your own way’ that is still very present in the city. In addition, Berlin is growing all the time; I read somewhere that 1,300 start-ups have been founded here since 2008. Given that there is a very diverse pool of talent and a strong relationship between technology and art, it’s a great place to find developers and designers, and it made perfect sense for SoundCloud to establish its headquarters here. We’re proud to call the German capital home Alexander Ljung launched SoundCloud in 2008 with Alexander Ljung co-founder and CTO, Eric Wahlfross. As CEO, Alex is responsible Alex’s personal interests lie in the positive change and wider for SoundCloud’s vision, overall strategy and leadership, societal impact technology and design can have. In his spare and oversees a global team of over 200 people. time, he enjoys listening, traveling, geeking out on academic theories, diving shipwrecks and trying to not break his foot SoundCloud is the world’s leading audio platform that in South American coastal cities. He’s also a proud member allows everyone to discover new, original music and audio, of The Cloud Appreciation Society.   for creators to build audiences, and for everyone to share what they hear, on the web or on mobile. Creators on Prior to co-founding SoundCloud, Alex began his career SoundCloud now post over 12 hours of music and audio every working in sound design for feature films and obtained minute, and the platform reaches over 200 million people. a M.Sc. degree from The Royal Institute of Technology. He was born in the UK, grew up in Sweden and splits his Alex was named a “2012 Social Maverick” in February 2012 by time between SoundCloud’s HQ in Berlin and the U.S. DETAILS and through his leadership, SoundCloud was featured office in San Francisco, California. Modular. Flexible. Scalable. as one of Fast Company’s “2012 Most Innovative Companies“ for giving the internet a voice. 52 Learn more about the universal furniture system from Berlin:
  28. 28. Béa and Oliver Beste the hundert THE SECRET OF BERLIN‘S WONDER OF FOUNDERS IS THE UNIQUE ENTREPRENEURIAL CULTURE THAT THE PEOPLE OF BERLIN, THEIR POLITICIANS AND THE MEDIA HAVE PRODUCED IN THE SECOND DECADE OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM. Founders of Tollabox Berlin 2020: triumph for the city’s people and politicians. Berlin has the highest quality of life and one of the lowest unemployment rates in Germany. People flock to Berlin from all over the world to work and study. They also come to party. Berlin’s nightlife, clubs, tolerance and liberality are legendary. The number of artists and musicians grows from year to year. To experience Berlin is to want to stay. The number of motivated young people is one of the drivers of the Berlin miracle. Berliners recognized the economic effects of the club scene early on, and skillfully encouraged them. Berlin is the undisputed capital of the new wave of start-ups in Europe. Berlin’s start-ups achieved striking success with their stock market presence. Several of them have attained European and global dominance. Money is flowing into Berlin from investors around the world. The city has a magical attraction for start-ups and keen wouldbe entrepreneurs. Onlookers all over the world wonder how Berlin has made the leap from Internet hype to becoming a sustainable European megacity for start-ups. Is it because Berlin has been a major city, but with affordable wage levels? The well-educated young people? The fact that living costs and rents were low in international terms? The farsighted subsidies available to start-ups? The major German crowdfunding platforms or the innovative funding programs open to angels? The fact that Berlin’s authorities only needed one day to set up a limited liability company, which could also be done electronically without having to deal with government agencies and, if desired, in English? Or that Berlin’s politicians worked together to set up an immigration program for skilled labor from across the world, which bypassed the ominous bottlenecks in the system at a stroke? All the formalities in English via the Internet with no need to visit in person? 54 As important as these influences were, they could not in themselves transform hype into a sustainable ecosystem. The experts have agreed: the secret of Berlin’s start-up miracle is the unique entrepreneurial culture created by the people of Berlin, their politicians, and the media in the second decade of the new millennium. Entrepreneurship is taught in every college in Berlin, and from as early as the 7th grade, there are annual business plan games. Highly motivated teachers work alongside entrepreneurs who serve as mentors. Students and teachers are competitive. Berlin’s professors and researchers are respected and rewarded for setting up spin-offs. Berliners, school children and pensioners alike, take entrepreneurs as role models. There is no stigma in failure; instead it is seen as valuable experience and an occupational hazard for courageous start-ups. Outside Germany, there is envy for the support offered to Berlin’s start-ups by its authorities, universities and politicians. Start-ups are the hundert Béa Beste is an education entrepreneur, was born in Romania, studied in Berlin at the University of the Arts, worked at in SAT.1 and BCG, and founded the Phorms bilingual schools in 2005. In 2011, after six years as the CEO, she traveled on an education expedition throughout India, Australia, Indonesia and the United States. She then founded to encourage learning through games for children ages 4 and up. Her husband Oliver partners the project, using his experience as a CEO in E-Commerce. Oliver Beste studied politics, and was involved in finding a solution to overcome the East-West conflict, in which to his surprise became reality in 1989. After 4 years of‚ re-training‘ at McKinsey, he found that the world had enough consultants and needed more entrepreneurs. Oliver went to the „most exciting German City“ and founded companies such as, but not limited to MYTOYS, FOUNDERSLINK, DEAL UNITED, TALENTORY and RATEPAY. Oliver is fascinated by Nobel Peace Prize winner Prof. Yunus‘ „Social Business“ concept, and tried to encourage more and more people (including women!) to found their own companies. regularly featured in the press. These models and the atmosphere of cooperation between start-ups and angels are infectious, and they attract more and more would-be entrepreneurs to Berlin. There are also more female start-ups in Berlin than anywhere else in Europe. Founders of successful start-ups act as coaches and angels to foster success in the next generation. Berlin’s mayor makes headlines in 2020 with an appeal to the pupils and students of Europe: “Do you want to see the future? Do you want to learn more about yourselves, life and the economy than you can anywhere else? Then come to the coolest city in Europe and take up an internship in one of Berlin’s many international start-ups.” 55
  29. 29. the hundert the hundert entrepreneur, consultant and financial investor Carsten Maschmeyer is a successful entrepreneur, consultant and financial Ijad Madisch is CEO and co-founder investor. As such, he is continually in search of ResearchGate, the professional of promising business models. All consulting network for scientists. The physician activities, joint ventures and investments established the company back in 2008 are united beneath the strategic umbrella together with his friends Sören Hofmayer of the Maschmeyer Group. Maschmeyer was and Horst Fickenscher. Over three million born in Bremen on May 8, 1959. Initially he researchers now use the network to studied medicine in Hanover, but worked collaborate, exchange findings and part-time in the sales department of efficiently advance their research. a financial consulting firm. From 1982, he Investors include Benchmark, devoted himself entirely to financial the Founders Fund and Bill Gates. consulting. Carsten Maschmeyer is father of two sons and engaged to German Silicon Valley or Berlin? The decision came easily to me. I lived in the USA for a few years, gained experience there and met many people – this is unlikely to have been such a success without the ResearchGate. Despite this, I wanted to return home. In Berlin, I found what I needed for our young company: creative, highlyqualified individuals from around the globe, who are eager to achieve great things. This is the advantage over Silicon Valley, where people capable of achieving something have often already had their fill of success. In contrast, Berlin is still fine-tuning its profile. The city‘s history and art scene play an important role in this. Start-ups complement this and drive the city‘s economy. This does not happen overnight though. The frequently criticized “copycats” have created an ecosystem of highly-qualified specialists, who now wish to work creatively on entirely new ideas. These exact companies are currently establishing themselves and will make Berlin the European hub for start-ups. Perhaps we can then also be proud of Berlin without calling ourselves “Silicon Allee”. Carsten Ijad Madisch Maschmeyer actress, Veronica Ferres. Currently, the trendiest metropolis in Europe with a pulsating creative scene While I am not from Berlin, I certainly enjoy returning to the city for a visit. Berlin is currently the trendiest metropolis in Europe, with a pulsating creative scene in which young people from around the globe come together. This is the ideal hotbed for innovative start-ups. Time and time again I am astounded by what young entrepreneurs come up with here, far from all convention, rigid structures and career paths. At the same time, Berlin is Germany‘s political center. For me, it is exactly this mix that makes the city so very interesting. Unlike Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg, Berlin is still searching for its own identity. After the Wende (the fall of the Berlin Wall), the city had to rediscover itself entirely, and I do not believe it is yet a real unit. However, it does not even need to be; It is exactly these stark differences between the people and city districts that explain the city‘s uniqueness. I firmly believe that Berlin is the Silicon City of Europe. 56 Creative, highly-qualified individuals from around the globe CEO and co-founder of ResearchGate 57
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  31. 31. the hundert the hundert ASHTON MEMORY 60 KUTCHER‘S SPACE 61
  32. 32. the hundert When we considered how we could better support start-ups on over five years ago, the optimism in Berlin was clearly discernible. However, the hype and dynamism that this city would experience in the years that followed exceeded even our expectations. As a media industry network, our underlying principle was to bring the old and new economies closer together. This mix of “young talent” and “old hands” was not new to In line with the exponential growth of the new media at the start of the 21st century, the word ‘new’ originally also featured in the company name at the time of its founding. With the end of the Internet euphoria, companies of the old economy also increasingly joined the association, and newmedia. net became berlinbrandenburg. Today, over 150 of the roughly 400 member companies are once again start-ups, and our established formats, such as the and the Investors‘ Dinner, show just how important networking is for both sides.’s history highlights the appeal of this city: lively networks, a spirit of trial and error, versatility and trend sensitivity. The new economic power is a great opportunity for the city. It is now up to us to make use of it. the hundert It’s fantastic when networks work Prof. of Entrepreneurship, Founder „Teekampagne” In 1985, Günter Faltin initiated the “Teekampagne” as an archetype for the foundation of new enterprises. The professor for entrepreneurship is a business angel of various startup companies including “Ebuero”, “Direkt zur Kanzlerin”, “ePortrait” and “Waschkampagne”. 16 years later, in 2001, he started his own foundation, the “Stiftung Entrepreneurship” and in 2009, the Teekampagne received the German Founder’s award (“Deutscher Gründerpreis”). The German Federal President recently awarded Günter Faltin with the Federal Cross of Merit for being a “pioneer of entrepreneurial mindset in Germany”. Berlin – more than Silicon Valley Andrea Peters has worked in the media industry for over 25 years. She became Managing Director at berlinbrandenburg e.V. on march 1st  2008. Under her leadership, the network has developed into the capital region’s largest creative network. Andrea Peters Managing Director, berlinbrandenburg 62 Günter Faltin Crucial impulses and innovations arise from the encounter of ideas from different cultures and disciplines. Diversity drives innovation. In such an “idea space,” one creates the spark to ignite extraordinary developments and ways of looking at things. This is called the “Medici effect”. The Medici family supported and financed creative work across the entire spectrum. Thanks to the climate they created in Florence, sculptors, scientists, poets, philosophers, painters, financiers and architects learned from each other and moved beyond the limits of their own disciplines and cultures. They generated breakthroughs and innovations that we still admire today. Cities like Berlin have long enjoyed a scientific and cultural scene that does not lag behind that of Renaissance Florence. The Medici built bridges, creating an atmosphere in which there was an open invitation to “look over my shoulder” rather than an anxious emphasis on differences: an idea space that – due to the invention of the internet – constantly gains diversity. These are perfect prerequisites for creative entrepreneurs, whom we as a society, in respect of the problems that we face today, need now more than ever. This is more than Silicon Valley can offer. That’s Berlin and what it has to offer. 63