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Top 12 frameworks for android app development


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Discover 12 most popular Android app development frameworks which can be used for building a cutting edge android applications for smartphones as well as for tablets.

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Top 12 frameworks for android app development

  1. 1. Top 12 Frameworks for Android App Development Presented By: Konstant Infosolutions
  2. 2. Titanium  This is a famous framework for Android app development.  More than 2 billion apps are running worldwide on platform are made in Appcelerator.  Titanium SDK is a part of Accelerator.  It utilizes JavaScript programming language to build apps for great performances.
  3. 3. TheAppBuilder  One of the most buzzing framework amongst developers.  This framework has simple drag and drop and codeless interface which makes tasks easier.  It includes huge social networking integration and allow direct submissions of apps to Google Play.
  4. 4. SproutCore  This framework offers a clean MVC architecturewith optimizing performance and scalability for apps.
  5. 5. Sencha Touch 2  It is a popular framework which provides 50 built-in components, an integrated MVC system and state management.  It also offers a free native packager that streamlines distribution to stores like Google Play.
  6. 6. PhoneGap  This is a popular framework and currently being sponsored by Apache and Adobe.  It is built for HTML5, CSS and JavaScript Development.  For putting your PhoneGap code in bigger apps it has added Cordova WebView.  Its 2.0 version provides Windows phone support, new libraries and CLI functions.
  7. 7. Mono for Android  Xamarin's C# is similar to mono touch version.  Developers can completely write their code in C# and deploy it in Android for developing games and apps with this framework.
  8. 8. Kendo UI  It offers a wide selection of UI widgets and Plugins.  It provides an MVVM framework, performance optimization, and validation.  It also provides for internationalization features.
  9. 9. jQuery Mobile  A very popular and lightweight HTML5 framework is built on jQuery.  It is the leading cross-platform framework among Eclipse open source developers.  It helps developers to build responsive apps that are accessible on all mobile devices, tablets and Smartphones.
  10. 10. Dojo Mobile  It provides HTML5 mobile JavaScript framework to have quick development of mobile apps for Android.  It also provides MVC controller, set of forms and wonderful themes to design your application.
  11. 11. DHTMLX Touch  This framework is uses open source JavaScript library which is used for building HTML5 based mobile web applications.  It provides a set of top level UI components (Calendar,Chart, Data view,I Frame,Form, Google Map,Grid,Layout,Accordion,Carousel, Multitier, List /Unit list,Group list,Page list,Popup,Scroll view,Template,Toolbar,Video & Window).  It includes multiple controls (Button, Checkbox, Combo Counter, Date picker, Icon, Image button, Label, Radio etc.). Using there components developer can build mobile web apps in a fast and efficient way.
  12. 12. Corona SDK  Corona is most popular and widely used among game developers.  Build 10x Faster  Corona’s graphics engine is the standard for 2D.  Mostly used in building rich mobile games and apps in record time  It supports all major platforms Maximum code reusability, minimum pain.  We can even call any native API or library from our Corona app with corona enterprise.
  13. 13. Basic4Android  It supports all Android phones and tablets (Android 1.6 to Android 4.x).  It is simple and powerful RAD tool for developing native Android applications.  It shares the code with B4J(a development tool for desktop applications)  It is a rapid debugger which supports quick deployments, hot code swapping and expressions watches and no other Android tool supports these features.  It is highly extensible with support for custom Java libraries and it supports all Android core features.
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