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How Magento is a Suitable option for a Small Business Startup!!


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Having an eCommerce store is essential if you have a small business and you want to sell something online. There are various platforms you can use to create the store, but Magento is best among them due to its simplicity, versatility and SEO friendliness in nature. For more info, visit -

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How Magento is a Suitable option for a Small Business Startup!!

  1. 1. How Magento is a Suitable option for a Small Business Startup!! Presented By: Konstant Infosolutions
  2. 2. If you have a dream of starting a new online business, then having an eCommerce store is essential. And when it comes choosing an eCommerce platform for a shopping website, although you have many choices, but to ensure good performance and success you can’t afford to ignore, one of the most powerful eCommerce Solution, Magento. Powerful eCommerce Solution
  3. 3. Here are the various reasons to choose Magento for your Small Business Startup Making Your e-Store Live Increase in Traffic and Sales Great ROI and Cost Effectiveness User Friendly Search Engine Friendly More Secure
  4. 4. Making Your e-Store Live Being a startup you want to setup your store as soon as possible. Magento is the one which can help you in doing so. Just hire an experienced magento developer and get your fully functional eCommerce website ready in few days that without compromising quality.
  5. 5. Increase in Traffic and Sales Generally users take less than 5 seconds to decide where they want to stay on the website or not. Website developed in Magento loads faster, CMS is easy to use, website works smoothly without inconvenience and other features attracts more visitors and hence your sale increases.
  6. 6. Great ROI and Cost Effectiveness Magento can be installed at a reasonable price, thus proving to be highly cost-effective. And with the help of experience magento developer you can also get good ROI.
  7. 7. User Friendly Magento is also popular for its robustness and for being user friendly. Creating catalogues, adding products images, reviewing products, managing inventory, ordering and setting different types of payment method can be easily done in magento.
  8. 8. Search Engine Friendly Any website developed in Magento can be easily optimized because Magneto covers all the basic elements required by SEO friendly website such as meta content, use of the canonical tag, top-level URLs, search-friendly URLs, redirecting functionality etc.
  9. 9. More Secure Being a startup you cannot afford to have security issues with your website. Magento considers it very seriously and gives it highest priority. It helps in keeping your website safe by giving various options to customize multiple levels of security permissions. Along with that PCI data security, CAPTCHA equipped login screens and secondary password prompt are added benefits against unwanted breaches.
  10. 10. If you are also a Startup and want to start your business, say hello to us at Toll Free: +1-888-866-0067 Contact Us