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Physical characteristics of the United States power point


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Physical characteristics of the United States power point

  1. 1. PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE UNITED STATESImages fromMicrosoft ClipArt Created by Karen Hirschfield
  2. 2. ObjectivesIdentify physical characteristics as features thatare found in nature, either made of land orwater. Identify major types of physical characteristics.Locate physical characteristics on a map of theUnited States.
  3. 3. Microsoft ClipArt Microsoft ClipArtPhysical Characteristics are found in nature.They are not made by humans.Physical characteristics can be made of land, calledlandforms, or are bodies of water.
  4. 4. Connecting Back to What You Already Know  Landforms:  Bodies of Water:  Mountain  Ocean  Hill  Lake  Peninsula  Pond  MountainRange  River  Sand Dunes  Waterfalls  Islands Microsoft ClipArt
  5. 5. 2 Categories of Physical Characteristics LAND WATER Desert  Ocean Valley  Lake Mountain Range Plain  River System Coastal Plain  Gulf Plateau Basin Canyon Microsoft ClipArt
  6. 6. Answering Geographic Questions The 5 major  When studying Physical Characteristics themes of it helps us understand the PLACE. geography:1 – Location  Remember, PLACE is one of the 5 major2 – Place themes of geography.3 – Human and Environment Interactions  We can answer the following questions:4 – Movement  What is it like there?5 – Regions  What are its physical characteristics?
  7. 7. Literacy Connection: Noticing Physical Characteristics in Song LyricsThis Land Is Your Land America the Beautiful“This land is your land, this land is my “O beautiful for spacious skies, land For amber waves of grain,From California, to the New York Island For purple mountain majestiesFrom the redwood forest, to the gulf Above the fruited plain! stream waters America! America!This land was made for you and me God shed his grace on thee And crown thy good withAs I was walking a ribbon of highway brotherhoodI saw above me an endless skyway From sea to shining sea!”I saw below me a golden valleyThis land was made for you and me!” By: Woody Guthrie By: Katharine Lee Bates
  8. 8. Physical CharacteristicsThe following slides contain physicalcharacteristics that may be new to you.Notice the definition, examples, and photos tounderstand each!Remember: Physical characteristics are not madeby humans, instead they are found in nature!
  9. 9. Mountain RangeDefinition:A row ofconnectedmountainsExamples:AppalachianMountainsRockyMountains All images from Microsoft ClipArt
  10. 10. PlainsPlains Coastal Plains Definition: Low-lying stretch  Definition: Low land that of flat or rolling land lies near the ocean Example: The Great Plains  Example: The Coastal Plain along the Atlantic Ocean Microsoft ClipArt Microsoft ClipArt
  11. 11. Microsoft ClipArtPlateauDefinition: Flat land with higher elevation than aplainExample: Ozark Plateau
  12. 12. Basin Definition: Low land surrounded by higher land Example: Death ValleyBy Ansel Adams By David Hiser
  13. 13. ValleyDefinition:Low landbetweenhills ormountainsExample: Microsoft ClipArtSanJoaquinValley Microsoft ClipArt
  14. 14. Taken by MariannaBolognesiCanyon Taken by Karen HirschfieldDefinition: A deep, narrow valley with steep sidesExample: The Grand Canyon
  15. 15. Bodies of WaterRiver System Gulf Definition: A river and all the  Definition: Part of the ocean that rivers and bodies of water it cuts into a large piece of land connects to  Example: The Gulf of Mexico Example: The Mississippi River System Microsoft ClipArtMicrosoft ClipArt
  16. 16. DesertDefinition: A region that gets very little rainExamples: Mojave Desert, Sonoran Desert, Painted Desert Microsoft ClipArt Microsoft ClipArt
  17. 17. Where are some of these physical characteristics located?Death Valley Ozark Plateau Mississippi River System Map courtesy of FreeRoamSoul
  18. 18. Thinking Ahead… Microsoft ClipArtThere are many characteristics of the UnitedStates that ARE made by humans.What can you think of that is made by humans?Are these human characteristics near physicalcharacteristics? Why?
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