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IDG Tech Network offers a wide array of solutions for advertisers, publishers, and content providers. Download one of our media kits and find out why IDG Tech Network is the #1 technology network, and how we can help you reach millions of technology customers.

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Idgtn sales media kit

  1. 1. IDG TECH NETWORKMedia Kit
  2. 2. IDG TECH NETWORK IDG: Your Global Marketing Partner Dear Colleague: The information technology (IT) market has changed dramatically since IDG was founded in 1964. The mainframe, minicomputer, and PC revolutions of the past have given way to the digital revolution of today. In the next 10 years, worldwide spending on information and communications technology will exceed $3 trillion a year. As the largest technology media company in the world, reaching more than 200 million technology buyers in 92 countries, IDG is uniquely positioned to help you take advantage of these new market opportunities. As a Web-centric information company, we have redefined our business for the digital age. IDG’s online business is growing 40% annually and we are using the power of the Web to further expand our global reach into emerging technology markets. We continue to aggressively invest in the video and mobile technologies needed to deliver outstanding online experiences to our audiences. And based on the needs of our audiences, IDG continues to grow our award-winning print publications and industry-leading conferences and events around the world. For more than 40 years IDG has delivered on our commitment to help you expand in information technology markets. Around the world, we develop innovative integrated marketing programs that enable you to reach the most highly qualified prospects and customers. As new markets and new technologies emerge, one thing will remain the same: IDG will continue to fulfill our corporate commitment to be your most qualified global marketing partner I am as enthusiastic as ever about the future of the market for information and communications technology products and services. All of us at IDG look forward to helping you grow your business success with the buyers of technology products and services. Yours cordially, Patrick J. McGovern Founder and Chairman International Data GroupIDG Tech Network: IDG Quality at Network ScaleThe IDG Tech Network with its more than 275 enterprise, consumer and gaming sites We also know that’s the way marketers like to buy. In the end it is all aboutcomplements IDG media brands giving marketers and publishers access to an even targeting the right audience with the right message. Whether you are seekinggreater universe of technology buyers and readers. IDG Tech Network develops and buyers of virtualization systems, data center equipment, tech gadget users or PCencourages audience engagement through first class content combined with a solid Gamers, the IDG Tech Network has the channel for you. We have sorted throughunderstanding of what content audiences find most compelling. thousands of technology websites and identified publishers that meet standards set by IDG over several decades of award winning technology reporting. With theMost advertising networks look at technology as a single category. The IDG Tech IDG Tech Network, advertising appears on the appropriate sites and is optimizedNetwork views the marketplace as a collection of vertical markets, each with its own to meet agreed upon marketing requirements.specific information needs and sources.
  3. 3. IDG TECH NETWORKReaching Majority of Technology Buyers on the Internet126M US Internet tech We reach 57M of them buyers.
  4. 4. IDG TECH NETWORK IDG TECHNETWORK # 1 Global Tech Network The world’s best and most visited technology sites. •  An entirely new way to buy premium online technology advertising •  Target by content, behavior, channel, geography, and demographics 87M 52 Unique Visitors Vertical Tech Channels 275 3Premium Publisher Sites Audience Networks 93% Site Exclusivity 143% 300%Annual Growth in # Sites Annual Sales Growth
  6. 6. IDG TECH NETWORKCutting Edge Advertising Opportunities B2B Audience Targeting SIC Code Targeting
  7. 7. IDG TECH NETWORKPublisher and Advertiser Testimonials “ The IDG Tech Network has grown significantly in importance for our media teams. We have campaigns running there for multiple clients including VMware, EMC, Webroot, Hitachi Data Systems and Citrix Netscaler. This growth has been as a direct result of campaign performance and the high ” confidence that we have that our campaigns will deliver to our client’s expectations. Dick Reed" CEO, Just Media “ IDG’s launch of the IDG Tech Network was a great addition to their strong portfolio of technology brands. CA partnered with the Tech Network to capitalize on their depth of site offerings and targeting ” to specific technology solutions. Michael Paradiso CA VP, Worldwide Media “ Mediasmith selected IDG Tech Network because their transparent network of relevant sites allows us to efficiently reach our client’s target audience. Their flexibility in creating custom campaigns and ” ability to deliver unique programs provides value beyond that of a traditional ad network. David L. Smith Founder, CEO, Mediasmith
  8. 8. IDG TECH NETWORKContent Networks •  Uniques: 26M •  Uniques: 51M •  Uniques: 17M •  Impressions: 238M •  Impressions: 305M •  Impressions: 141M Business Decision Makers! Cameras/Camcorders! Gaming! Careers! Computer Hardware & Peripherals! Gaming Game Reviews, News & Strategy! Cloud Computing! Desktops/Laptops! Gaming Nintendo! C-Suite! Education! Gaming Online Gaming! Datacenter! Green Technology! Gaming PC! Dev/Programming! Home Entertainment! Gaming Playstation! Enterprise IT! Home Office! Gaming Portable Gaming! Enterprise Software! Mac/Apple! Gaming Xbox! Finance! Mobile Phones! Government/Education! Personal Security! Green IT! Personal Software! Hardware! Portable Media! Healthcare IT! Printers/Imaging! Interoperability! IDG Syndication Network! IT Management! Tech Enthusiast! Manufacturing! Technology News & Reviews! Mobile/Wireless/Telecom! Networking! Open Source! Security! Servers ! SMB! Storage! Unified Communications! Virtualization! Web Design! Web Developer! The Web’s best and most visited tech sites across dominant vertical networks.
  9. 9. IDG TECH NETWORKWho is the IDG Tech Network Consumer? AGE ACTIVITY 18 TO 34 Product reviews, video, tech news and stories Clicks ads, visits advertiser web site & EMPLOYMENT purchases product Employed Full Time/ Business Owner First to adopt new technology Executive or Middle Management OPINION OF IDG TECHNET SITESORGANIZATION AND JOB FUNCTION Outstanding or Very Good Org Size > 1000 or > 20,000 Org Rev < $10 Million or > $10 Billion PERSONAL PURCHASE BEHAVIOR Software, Networking, Hardware, Internet, Advertising $1000 to $5000 annually Up to $500 in Games Each Year Game console, computer, smartphone, HDTV CORPORATE PURCHASE BEHAVIOR < $500K Corporate PurchaseSoftware, Open Source, Networking, Storage GAMING INTEREST AND BEHAVIOR SOURCE PC or Console Games Typing URL or through Bookmark Casual Gamer - plays to relax Focused Gamer - for social interaction Action, Shooting, Adventure, Strategy VISITATION AND TIME SPENT Plays Up to 9 hours per week 5 to 20 minutes per visit Visits more than once a day
  10. 10. IDG TECH NETWORK Who is the IDG Tech Network Enterprise Customer?ENTERPRISE SOURCE Typing URL, Bookmark, or News Aggregator VISITATION AND TIME SPENT 5 to 20 minutes per visit EMPLOYMENT Browses more than once per day Works in Middle or Executive Management ACTIVITY News, featured stories, product reviews, or learving about specific technology Watches video, participates in debate/forums, CORPORATE PURCHASE BEHAVIOR forwards articles, downloads software Is Involved in up to $500K of work based product purchase First or second wave technology adoption OPINION OF IDG TECHNET SITES Outstanding or Very Good
  11. 11. IDG TECH NETWORK IDG TECHNETWORK Who is the IDG Tech Network Tech Enthusiast Customer?TECH ENTHUSIAST PURCHASE BEHAVIOR Wants to buy a Smartphone, Computer, HDTV, or Game Console Buys products up to $2500 anually SOURCE for personal use Typing URL, Bookmark, or News Aggregator ACTIVITY News, featured stories, product VISITATION AND TIME SPENT reviews, or learning about specific 5 to 20 minutes per visit technology Browses more than once per day Watches video, participates in debate/forums, forwards articles, downloads software OPINION OF IDG TECHNET SITES First or second wave technology Outstanding or Very Good adoption
  12. 12. IDG TECH NETWORK IDG TECHNETWORKGAMING & ENTERTAINMENT Who is the IDG TechNetwork Gaming Customer? ACTIVITY News, featured stories, or product reviews Watches video, webcast, or clicks a link to learn more Downloads video games or software, uses social networking sites SOURCE First or second wave technology Bookmark or Web/email link adoption PURCHASE BEHAVIOR Wants to buy a game console, computer, or smart phone VISITATION AND TIME SPENT 5 to 20 minutes per visit Buys products between $1000 and $5000 Browses more than once per day annually for personal use OPINION OF IDG TECHNET SITES Outstanding or Very Good GAMING HABITS Prefers PC or Console-based games Casual Gamer, plays alone for relaxation or with friends for social interaction Prefers Action, Shooting, Adventure and Role Playing Games Spends 20+ hours gaming per week Spends up to $750 per year on games and accessories
  15. 15. IDG TECH NETWORKCustom Shopping Catalog Sponsorship Mother’s Day / Dad’s and Grad’s Quick Link Product Advisor Box Showcase Ad145 x 35 300x250 550 x 120 Proposed Media Rationale – Audience Composition Key Areas: •  56% of our users have an income of $75k+ •  4.5 Million Monthly Uniques •  Designed to feel as part of the page content and user experience which acts as a Top-of-mind influencer •  18 Million Monthly Page Views •  High SOV, capturing consumers while they are browsing for Units: possible mobile phone needs and raising awareness of Best Buy’s mobile phone offerings and mobile phone upgrade checker •  Quick Link / Product Advisor Box / Showcase Ad •  Customized to fit Best Buy’s brand.
  17. 17. IDG TECH NETWORKExclusive IDG TechNet Talent for Blog and Social Media Integration Jeff Pulver Chris Pirillo Chairman and founder of, Jeff Pulver is one Founder and maintainer of Lockergnome: a network of blogs, of the pioneers of the VoIP (Voice over IP) industry and web forums, mailing lists and online communities. For the a leader in the emerging TV on the Net industry. He is past two years Pirillo has hosted the TechTV television the founder of FWD, the VON coalition, Program Call for Help, where he started the first annual Call-, Vivox and is the co-founder of for-Help-a-Ton. He has also been know to frequent many Vonage. Pulver’s expertise is utilized throughout the online videos on sites like CNN, YouTube, and his communications and Internet industries worldwide. In own website. Since 2001 Pirillo has organized “Gnomedex,” 2003 he was named by BusinessWeek as one of their a yearly conference covering art, science, social media, “Tech Gurus.” He commits his time to furthering IP blogs, and emerging technologies and concepts. An expert communications and is often featured in the media as a in his field, Pirillo is the author of several books and ebooks true expert in his field. covering technology, social media, and much more. -
  18. 18. IDG TECH NETWORKTalent Integration Capabilities Sponsored Analysis: Talent creates persuasive product review for Advertiser Banner Ads remain accentuated throughout the duration of the campaign Sponsored Bloggers: Advertiser can influence the direction of a sponsored blog post Talent initiates a thread for the Advertiser bloggers to direct conversation Sponsored blogs are embedded with links to Advertiser website Talent creates a series of product review videos for Advertiser Tweets with #ad Sponsored blog posting Four-part video series on Talent’s YouTube channel “Product of the…” day, week, month Advertiser product placement within the content of a website Optimization in Search Engines included IDG TechNetwork’s Talent audience grows by day
  19. 19. IDG TECH NETWORK Talent Integration Example PaidAdvertiser Content
  21. 21. IDG SYNDICATION AND NETWORKS IDG TECH NETWORK IDG Syndication ChannelIDG Content with IDG Sold Ads on key pages within the technology sections of the Internet’s most visited websites
  22. 22. IDG SYNDICATION AND NETWORKSSample Links – IDG Tech Network Owns Real Estate including Content & Ads on these Pages Content includes Text, Videos and Advertising from IDG Tech Network AnchorFree: WIBW Site List Constantly Evolves
  24. 24. IDG TECH NETWORKPushdown Unit (970x418)A Pushdown appears on screen asa narrow strip (970 wide by 90 tall),expands for 8 seconds to 970 wideby 418 tall and automaticallycloses for a 1/24x frequency.Controls allow consumer to openand close unit.
  25. 25. IDG TECH NETWORKTower (300x600) Tower (300x600) LIVE EXAMPLE (click below) HBO!
  26. 26. IDG TECH NETWORKContent Spotlight Plus •  Aligns your brand with IDGTN publishers’ content •  Custom 300 x 250 ads featuring articles on a topic to create an integrated ad solution of your choice. Prominent positioning, including logo and a link to your site •  Relevant content enables your ads to appeal to a highly targeted audience •  Branded content links to white papers or case studies alongside publishers’ editorial content. •  Establishes a strong relationship between customer and sponsor. •  Ad unit (deployed on all of our Publisher sites) and content landing page (micro site) with full length article pages and premium ad placements. Customizable Ad Unit Integrated Content Sitelet Sponsor Benefits Sponsor Placements •  Direct association with relevant content 1. Intro Animation for Customizable Ad Unit: subject (e.g. Enterprise IT) •  “sponsored by” logo/link •  “sponsored by” representation within animation •  Sponsor relationship reinforces link between brand and publisher/editorial 2. Content/End Frame for Customizable Ad Unit: •  “sponsored by” logo/link •  links to articles/relevant research
  27. 27. IDG TECH NETWORKPre-roll Video High quality pre-roll video ads create a dynamic way to target customers.
  29. 29. IDG TECH NETWORK Our Process - Lead Advantage The IDG TechNetwork now offers the Lead Advantage program, which seeks out new business opportunities for advertisers. This one-of-a- kind program offers the highest quality leads, as well as in-depth reporting functionality and a wide variety of placement opportunities across the network.Working with usThe IDG TechNetwork understands the needs of advertisers within the technology vertical. Our lead generation programs provide extensiveaudience targeting high-quality site content. Our advanced lead filtering process and in-depth reporting functions deliver the information andtransparency advertisers need. All of our leads are pre-screened and qualified, allowing us to effectively differentiate the lukewarm leads fromthe best leads for your campaigns. Real-time delivery ensures that your sales team can immediately follow up on hot leads before they turncold. Lead Gen Features1 • Demographic and Geographical Targeting- targeting and customization via category via category-specific channels • Superior Data Validation- Advance technologies verify leads prior to delivery • Flexible, Real-time Lead Delivery- leads delivered in real-time • Comprehensive account management- intuitive online platform for creating and managing your campaigns • Customization- creative customization to complement your brand and campaign
  30. 30. IDG TECH NETWORK eNewsletters IDG TechNetwork’s eNewsletter placements empower advertisers to reach highly-targeted audiences with a versatile set of advertising opportunities ensuring leads come from only the most relevant and interested audiences. Your company’s assets will be placed in eNewsletter mailings within IDG Tech Network’s roster of sites. Placement is based on the content of a given newsletter, so that they attract leads who are a fit for your industry. Sponsor Advantages •  Whitepaper listings can be run through a large assortment of publisher communities •  Assets integrated with highly relevant editorial content •  Image Maps/Dynamic - Prevents listings from being blocked or ignored by readers Sponsor Placements •  CircleID •  4syops •  ECT News Network •  Digital Media Net •  Business Brief •  IT- Director •  Webmaster Talk •  Xconomy •  EDA Blog •  and many more… 10 Benefits of an E-Newletter 1.  Enhances companies reputation and increases lead generation 2.  Increases lifetime value of your recipients 3.  Cost-efficient and cost-effective communication channel with recipients 4.  Leverages marketing efforts 5.  Provides instantaneous trackable results 6.  Opens opportunity for clients to easily and immediately interact 7.  Promotes dialog with recipients 8.  High response rate since it is sent to a more specific target audience 9.  Positive reinforcement to the media 10. Quickly identifies undeliverable so an effort can be made to correct them and resend them** 10 Benefits courtesy of J. Glenn Ebersole Jr., CEO if J.G. Ebersole Associates and The Renaissance Group **
  31. 31. IDG TECH NETWORKWhitepaper LibraryThe IDG TechNetwork’s Whitepaper Library serves as a robust, easy-to-use asset directory. A resource offering content that covershundreds of topics in the information technology, marketing and finance verticals.Users are directed to the Whitepaper Library by clicking on the link in a given site, through the e-newsletter and through email listings.Search engines and direct links are an efficient way to draw in organic traffic. Sponsor Benefits •  Additional exposure via all lead generation campaigns (All are posted to Asset Directory) •  Users can browse areas they’re interested in; assets are categorically placed based on content •  Assets that are part of the Lead Advantage Program receive prime placement •  Assets are archived in the Asset Directory after campaigns are completed Sponsor Placements •  All whitepaper assets are stored in the library •  Assets are filed into specific content categories
  33. 33. IDG TECH NETWORKIDG Tech Network Social Media IDG Technet’s social media portfolio enables marketers to weave their messaging and positioning into active community conversations regarding important technology issues IDG Technet focuses on creating a conversational bridge between our Publishers’ properties, established communities and leading social networking platforms using innovative conversational/peer engagement tactics IDG incorporates a strategic and exclusive partnership with that leverages a proprietary social media platform for producing, serving, integrating and tracking community-based online units and user engagementsabout IDG invested in - specializes in generating positive word of mouth about products and brands. Their campaigns tap into social media properties to spark genuine responses from users. IDG has exclusive partnership rights in the IT space with, we don’t simply place ads in IT social media spaces. We create ad campaigns that leverage social media strategies. The Advertising Platform is the only ad serving platform built from the ground-up to deliver socialized ads, with a patent pending to cover how our technology works. No other commercial ad serving technology, including DART and Atlas are able to deliver socialized ads. Whether you are looking to deliver friend-to-friend, peer-to-peer, or community-based ads, or incorporate Twitter into your display advertising efforts, this Platform is architected to socialize ads - at scale
  34. 34. IDG TECH NETWORKIDG Tech Network Enabling Social Media for Advertisers IDG TechNetwork’s Social Media Overlay will collect and inject social context into your ads on our network thus increasing trust, relevance, and performance. •  Increase performance (10% to 20% CTR lift on average) •  Turn any ad running anywhere on the IDG network into a social ad •  No changes required to Advertiser creative •  Provide T-mobile with valuable social insights into their campaigns with the new social dashboard
  36. 36. IDG TECH NETWORK B2B Audience Targeting Bizo is short for Bizographics Business demographic information about a business person definition including their seniority, Job Function: Information Tech industry, job function, Seniority: Mid-Management company size, education, and Company Size: 100+ location information. Industry: Healthcare Location: Chicago, IL IDG Tech Network uses bizographics for messaging and targeting.Reaching precise B2B Tech Audiences online is difficult and expensive. IDGTN in partnership with Bizosolves this problem. Our combined offering extends your brand reach across the IDG tech network ofsites and more efficiently targets qualified B2B tech audiences.
  37. 37. IDG TECH NETWORK Behavioral Targeting Based on our contextual segments, users across our networks are cookied whenever they visit a site in the IDG Tech network. This snippet of code identifies that user as having visited one of our User on IDGTN Transactional data captured Offline Databases contextual segments. network website ALL personally Identifiable Information is removed - Household demographic data - Offline purchase data Then, over time, our system records - Customer data the frequency of visits by that user to that specific segment. Once a certain threshold is reached (3 times per week, 5 times per week, Deeper insights from 10 times per week), that user iscomprehensive reporting classified as a low, medium, or high intensity person in that segment. Your ad targeted to User found on Anonymous cookie the relevant dropped consumer no matter another IDGTN Site where they are on the But No Personally identifiable information Once classified, that user can be IDG Tech Network targeted throughout the IDG Tech network, regardless of the content he or she is viewing.
  38. 38. IDG TECH NETWORKContextual Targeting We have created contextual segments based on our 40 tech vertical categories Each segment was created by taking 50 to 100 authoritative web pages on the vertical subject and running them through our semantic engine. This process takes into account the frequency and position of specific keywords in order to gain some insights into how they relate to the vertical. For example, “Server” could belong to the Hardware, Datacenter or Developer categories. However, by recognizing that a page has “Server” along with “Energy Efficiency”, “Scalable” and “Corporate Clients’ our system will correctly classify that page in the “Datacenter” contextual segment. Rather than relying on just keyword matches, this semantic analysis yields much more successful results and enables very accurate audience segmentation/ targeting.
  40. 40. IDG TECH NETWORKE-Newsletter Sponsorships •  Reach Millions of weekly opt-in subscribers to a newsletter with prime, above-the-fold positioning •  Hit the demographic sweet spot that matters to you most Banner Ad •  Newsletters can be built by Advertiser. •  IDG can also write newsletters and whitepapers for Advertiser, and email to targeted audiences
  41. 41. IDG TECH NETWORKCONTACTSwww.idgtechnetwork.comadsalesIDGTN@idgtechnetwork.comIDG TechNetwork New York IDG TechNetwork San Francisco989 Sixth Ave, Floor 18 501 Second StreetNew York, NY 10018 San Francisco, CA 94107