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Crossing the California High Sierras with Marmot Bob

A photo memoir of one man's 60 year adventure backpacking the California High Sierras

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Crossing the California High Sierras with Marmot Bob

  1. 1. A Photo Memoir of 60 years (1954-2014) Author: Robert H. Kelley, Ed.D. Editor: Konley Kelley Photographers: Robert Kelley Evan Serpa Kurtis Kelley Konley Kelley and many others over the years
  2. 2. Feature Pages  Dr. Robert H. Kelley bio  The California High Sierras and John Muir Trail  Rod & Rum Club  John Muir Wilderness  Trails  Trailmarkers  Bear Creek  The Granite Shelf  Hiking the Pass  Wildlife  Fishing  Flowers  Trees  Meadows  Lakes  Above the Timberline  Backpacking Tips  Old-timers follow pioneer trails across Sierras By Leon E. Emo  Farewell  Family and Friends  Appendix Marmot A Photo Memoir of 60 years (1954-2014)
  3. 3. John Muir (1838-1914)
  4. 4. Trails
  5. 5. Trailmarkers
  6. 6. Camp
  7. 7. Wildlife
  8. 8. Fishing
  9. 9. Flowers
  10. 10. Rose Marie Meadows
  11. 11. Lakes
  12. 12. Marcella Lake Marcella Lake is off the beaten path adjacent to a large granite shelf and lush meadow that flows into the lake. It is a eerie place with large tree trunks and numerous fallen trees partially submerged in the lake and around the shoreline. When the wind blows through the shattered trees, it makes a haunting sound that reminds me of the war cry of Indian braves. At dawn and dusk, the mosquitos blow in from the meadow. Before you know it the lake is filled with rings as fish strike the mosquitos. It is a fly fisherman’s dream. There are few places like it. At night, sit back and enjoy the sundown with your friends and loved one.
  13. 13. Apollo Lake
  14. 14. Page A6 - Madera County Times Thursday, July 27, 2000 By Leon E. Emo, Times Feature Writer
  15. 15. I am forever grateful to the family and friends who journeyed with me to the High Sierras over these 60 years. I love and cherish the memories we made. A family surviving in nature with their belongings on their back is a freedom never forgotten.