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Physical Security Consulting Services


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Physical Security Consulting Services

  1. 1. LJT & Associates, Inc. Physical Security Consulting Services LJT & Associates, Inc. provides a comprehensive array of Physical Security Consulting services that help our clients identify and resolve threats and vulnerabilities against their facilities. Furthermore, LJT enables our clients to make informed and educated decisions and plans of action based on accurate, reliable information. Our Physical Security Consulting Services include: •Risk Analysis Vulnerability Assessments (RAVA) •Force Protection Engineering Studies •Entry Control Point Studies •Antiterrorism Workshops •Blast Analysis Studies •Planning, Training and Documentation Risk Analysis Vulnerability Assessments (RAVA) Performing a RAVA quantitatively measures the vulnerabilities and risks associated with specific assets targeted by specific threats. The vulnerability analysis will produce the baseline (existing) and optimized (potential) vulnerability ratings. The analysis includes recommendations of innovative security countermeasures to mitigate those vulnerabilities. LJT then develops options and alternatives to mitigate and reduce identified vulnerabilities and risks, identified via the RAVA. Potential countermeasures include but are not limited to: •Procedural modification •Policy changes •Physical security •Electronic security •Site layout changes (roads, fences, entry points, etc) Force Protection Engineering Studies An Engineering Study includes a site visit, analysis of collected data, compilation of comprehensive cost estimates, and generation of a single detailed report. In addition, conceptual plans are drawn to scale in AutoCAD format for each building identified will be produced and included in the report. Entry Control Point Studies LJT provides studies to help clients identify conceptual layouts associated with vehicle and pedestrian entry points. On- site assessments are performed at entry points where pedestrian and mobile terrorists may pose a threat at a given site. At each control point, significant local data are collected including, but not limited to the following: standoff distance, security policies and procedures, communication and monitoring methods, lighting for nighttime operations, manned patrols, traffic counts, vehicle types, vehicle and pedestrian inspections and access, line-of-sight, existing and natural barriers. These data are then analyzed and compiled to derive preliminary entry point design recommendations, based on the threat potential for each control point. LJT & Associates, Inc. 512 Herndon Parkway Herndon, VA 20171 Tel: (703) 481-3000 x12 / Copyright © 1994-2006 LJT & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. LJT & Associates, Inc.LJT & Associates, Inc. Physical Security Consulting Services Antiterrorism Workshops LJT delivers Antiterrorism Workshops worldwide using government developed and controlled curriculum. These workshops have been developed specifically for managers, designers, planners, and security staff involved with new or retrofit construction projects who are asked to provide protection of facilities against the threat of terrorism. To accomplish this task, the individuals must have a fundamental understanding of physical security requirements for antiterrorism and force protection and how to apply them to the security design of a facility. These workshops provide an overview of security fundamentals, existing hardware, and a review of Federal ATFP (Anti Terrorism and Force Protection) construction standards to include the DoD Anti Terrorism and Force Protection Minimum Construction Standards. Blast Analysis Studies LJT has experience performing Blast Analysis Studies, because as important as mitigating the risk of a terrorist attack is understanding what effect a successful attack might have on facilities, mechanical equipment, and people. LJT’s Blast Analysis Studies help our clients understand the potential effects of an explosion in a particular location, and show them how to mitigate those effects through the implementation of structural improvements and best practices. Planning, Training and Documentation LJT assists our clients in the development of ATFP and physical security methodologies and criteria including design manuals, user guides, unified facilities criteria, and regulatory documentation. Once developed, we facilitate the dissemination of critical methodologies and information through customized training classes and workshops. Federal clients can easily access LJT services by using one of several contract vehicles. LJT & Associates, Inc. is a SBA Certified 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business. This certification allows for simplified contracting and enables federal organizations to fulfill their Small Business requirements. LJT’s relationships with key ATFP firms and other service providers enable us to provide the appropriate resources to accomplish any ATFP related project. For example, in December of 2003 LJT-ATFP, LLC, a Joint Venture spearheaded by LJT & Associates, Inc., was awarded a contract by the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Contracts Office to provide Antiterrorism and Force protection Engineering Services for the Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center (NFESC), Port Hueneme, CA. The Joint Venture is comprised of LJT & Associates, Inc., ACTA, Inc., Karagozian & Case, Inc. and The Systech Group, Inc. The team also includes sub-contractors General Physics and Battelle (Memorial Institute). LJT & Associates, Inc. 512 Herndon Parkway Herndon, VA 20171 Tel: (703) 481-3000 x12 / Copyright © 1994-2006 LJT & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.