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Geospatial Consulting Services


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Geospatial Consulting Services

  1. 1. LJT & Associates, Inc. Geospatial Consulting Services LJT & Associates, Inc. offers a wide range of geospatial consulting services to help deliver accurate spatial information and analysis. From client needs assessments, through the data acquisition process, to end user application development, LJT can provide end-to-end geospatial services and solutions to our customers. Our solutions assist end users, such as facilities engineers and planners, to visualize spatial information and analyze events. These activities enable them to make educated decisions and develop plans of action based on accurate, reliable information. Our services include: •Project Management •Site Assessments •GPS Surveys •Aerial Data Collection •Digital Orthophotography •Photogrammetry •Geodatabase Development and Migration •Integration of GIS Technology with Enterprise Applications and Databases LJT has an impressive track record of successful GIS (Geographic Information Systems) projects. Our experience began nearly a decade ago when we deployed some of the first GIS applications. Since then we have successfully migrated multiple facilities to SDSFIE (Spatial Data Standard for Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment) compliant Geodatabases and mapped numerous government installations worldwide. Some of our experience is described below. Project Management LJT has been managing multiple, large-scale GIS projects worldwide for nearly ten years. Due to the truly global nature of our work, the many logistical challenges involved with data collection and processing, and the fact that many individual skill sets are needed to produce a GIS from start to finish (e.g., surveyors, pilots, architects, GIS analysts, application programmers), good project management is of paramount importance to a successful GIS implementation. LJT has excelled at providing overall project management to several GIS projects. Our clients rely upon us to ensure that, no matter how complex the work or how remote the location, their GIS efforts are completed successfully on time and within budget. Site Assessments LJT has deep experience defining specifications for aerial data collection missions, data extraction, QA/QC performance on delivered data (imagery and extracted features), and the development and delivery of final data in required formats. These are often the product of detailed site assessments and planning efforts. LJT & Associates, Inc. 512 Herndon Parkway Herndon, VA 20171 Tel: (703) 481-3000 x12 / Copyright © 1994-2006 LJT & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.