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Guinea Pig PowerPoint


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Guinea Pig PowerPoint

  2. 2. We hav bien duwin lots of resrch.Rowan
  3. 3. RESEARCH We read books and wacht dvds.Ava
  4. 4. GUESTS We even had gest specers.Maya
  5. 5. THE TURTLE LADYThe trtllat kam.Hamza
  6. 6. ODER We dusidid not to getBrandon a turdle
  7. 7. METROPRKS My mom came to shaerHenry critrs with us.
  8. 8. HENRY’S MOM We lickt hr reptils and amfibens but thay ar not good pets.Will
  9. 9. THE DECISION Are classChloe vodid on ginee
  10. 10. GENDER We wood like to gril gine pigs.Grace
  11. 11. LIVING TOGETHE R We went 2 Beckuse they like two life withDonavan Friends.
  12. 12. GENDER We do not want boys beckas they fight.Ivan
  13. 13. GENDER A boy and a grl wil hav babes.Jaden We don’t want that.
  14. 14. PET CARE We will car for ar pets.Zion
  15. 15. HABITAT We will get aBrena kayj.
  16. 16. HABITAT We will get beddengLindsay for the
  17. 17. FOOD We will feed are ginee pig.Lexi
  18. 18. FOOD Ginea pigsSara eat
  19. 19. FOOD Tha rele luek letes.Peyton
  20. 20. WATER They need water every day.Issa
  21. 21. WATER We will geet a wootr botl.Joe
  22. 22. PLAY We willGrant play
  23. 23. TOYS We will get toys for them.Bobby
  24. 24. CLEANING We will kleen avreethyng ith week.Isabelle
  25. 25. WEEKENDS We will take turns taking them home on weekends.Kaelee
  26. 26. THANK YOU! We hope you will get us our guinea pigs, please!Bryson