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Section A   1. “Explorative research is better than descriptive research”. Do you agree with this statement?       Why or ...
vi.   Did the media coverage that you saw or heard increase your awareness of free or               low-income fitness and...
controls and marketing efforts. In order to end this, analysts at HATCO proposed that a multiple     regression analysis s...
Jubaida                      F       16 Malay       Malayan     Cola               4          4 Alvin Wong                ...
Section CCase Study:                                              MICRON LtdMicron Ltd. is a consumer durable products com...
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Exam paper


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Exam paper

  1. 1. Section A 1. “Explorative research is better than descriptive research”. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? 2. A company would like to create customer segments by using the following criteria: quality perception, travel time, sales, and kilometres travelled per year. Which analysis method can be used to make such customer segmentation? 3. What is a moderator? Explain with the help of a suitable example 4. Citibank wants to introduce a new type of credit card to existing consumers and wants to conduct a survey to know the perceptions of its consumers. List various survey research methods and explain which one will you choose 5. An instructor teaching an introductory course in marketing has 500 students enrolled in her class. Some students in the class request the instructor to cancel her class on Friday as they have to submit an assignment. She agrees to do so if 70% of the students agreed with the proposal to cancel the class. Instead of asking every student to participate in the poll, she asks students to write their names on index cards and put them in a collection basket. She then asks a student to pull out 100 cards from the basket without looking at the basket or the cards. What kind of sampling technique is she using, and if you were in her position, will you follow a different sampling technique? 6. Explain the differences between interdependence and dependence methods. Provide one example of a method each. 7. Explain the differences between Spearman’s Correlation and Pearson’s Correlation 8. State any 3 differences between ANOVA and Regression analysis 9. Distinguish between nominal scale and ratio scale. Provide suitable example 10. A producer of chocolate would like to change the package of its 100g chocolate bar. Thus, the company would like to test the perception of two different packages in a pre test. In a questionnaire consumers were asked to rate their intention to purchase the products. Which analysis method would you apply to solve the problem and why?Section B 1. Discuss the activities or steps in the problem definition process in the context of launching a new mobile phone for high-end consumers. The steps should detail what you as a researcher will do with reference to the case. Do not provide just theoretical response 2. Below are 10 questions that might be found on questionnaires. Comment on each as to whether or not it is a good question. If it is not, explain briefly (in one or two sentences) why it is not a good question. i. Do you read marketing digest regularly? ii. Have you ever committed a marketing fraud before at your work? iii. Don’t you think the Government is doing a great job now? iv. If McDonalds starts selling Samosa, how often would you visit McDonalds? v. How much did you pay for the last cell-phone you purchased?
  2. 2. vi. Did the media coverage that you saw or heard increase your awareness of free or low-income fitness and recreation opportunities in your community? vii. Are you satisfied with the service provided by the hotel? Please rate on a scale of 1 –7 viii. Did you eat the strange yellowish Mushroom curry in Paradise hotel? ix. What is your age? x. Do you own a car or frequently travelled in cars?3. Raju, the manager of a car dealership, did not want to stock cars that were bought less frequently because of their unpopular color. The five colors that he ordered were red, yellow, green, blue, and white. According to Raju, the customers chose cars last year which are provided in the expected frequencies column in percentages. He felt that consumers will follow the same pattern. However, he now took a random sample of 150 customers and asked them their color preferences. The results of this poll are shown in Table 1 under the column labeled observed frequencies. Advice whether Raju can order according to the previous year or should follow the survey result? (The table value for Chi Square for 4 df and P=.05 level of significance is 9.49.) Category Color Observed Frequencies Expected Frequencies Yellow 35 30 Red 50 45 Green 30 15 Blue 10 15 White 25 454. A production manager wants to examine the relationship between (a) Aptitude test score given prior to hiring, and (b) Performance rating three months after starting work. A random sample of 10 production workers was selected. The test scores as well as performance rating was recorded. Ascertain whether there is any association between the two variables. Aptitude Performance Worker Test Rating (Out of 100) (Out of 10) 1 59 7 2 47 4.5 3 58 6 4 66 7 5 77 8 6 89 9 7 63 5.5 8 44 6 9 94 9.5 10 71 8.55. HATCO management has long been interested in more accurately predicting the level of business obtained from its customers in the attempt to provide a better basis for production
  3. 3. controls and marketing efforts. In order to end this, analysts at HATCO proposed that a multiple regression analysis should be attempted to predict the product usage levels of customers based on their perceptions of HATCOs performance. So as to predict the product usage levels, they took the following points into consideration, based on previous research: Delivery Speed, Price Level, Price Flexibility, Manufacturers Image, Service, Sales force Image, and Product Quality. State the type of independent and dependent variables in the above situation, and also write the linear model. 6. Explain two group difference methods and explain two differences between them. Also provide an example, when such a method is used 7. Consider the following data obtained from a survey conducted by an office canteen in Singapore.Respondent Preferences for Consumption per Sex Age Race Food Drink weekZahid Ibrahim M 19 Malay Malayan Cola 5 2P. Narayanam M 17 Indian Chinese Non-cola 3 5Tony Chia M 20 Chinese Malayan Non-cola 1 7Winnie Teo F 19 Chinese Indian Cola 5 2Jimmy Tay M 18 Chinese Chinese Cola 4 4Halima F 18 Malay Malayan Cola 4 4Albert Wong M 17 Chinese Indian Non-cola 3 8Molly Tan F 19 Chinese Indian Non-cola 7 1Zulekha Aini F 19 Indian Malayan Cola 2 6Alfred Tan M 17 Chinese Chinese Non-cola 5 3Eddy Gan M 18 Chinese Chinese Non-cola 5 1Julie Chew F 20 Chinese Indian Cola 2 6Jack Tay M 18 Chinese Chinese Cola 4 4
  4. 4. Jubaida F 16 Malay Malayan Cola 4 4 Alvin Wong M 17 Chinese Chinese Non-cola 5 4 Felicia Tan F 19 Chinese Indian Non-cola 1 7 Zohair Ali M 18 Malay Malayan Cola 4 4 James Wan M 17 Chinese Malayan Non-cola 3 8 Lily Tay F 16 Chinese Indian Cola 5 1 Jacob Goh M 18 Chinese Malayan Cola 2 6Analyze the data and write a short report. Your report must containi. A frequency distribution of respondents’ age, gender and race.ii. Total consumption of three types of foods and two types of drinks 8. Explain ‘multicollinearity’ and its importance in multiple regression 9. “The relationship between variables can be explained in various ways”. Explain the different ways in which a relationship can be explained with the help of relevant examples. 10. You are a successful manufacturer of sport equipment and you sell your products in three identical outlets (with regard to layout, location, size). You would like to improve the layout of the store by using certain fragrances in order to boost sales. For that reason you would like to know which flavour most positively affects the consumer’s decision to purchase. You conduct an experiment by testing three flavours (orange, lemon, and vanilla) for five days in the three stores. You measure sales in each store. In order to analyze data you will use (one way) analysis of variance (ANOVA). a. What is the concrete management problem? Please transfer this problem to a concrete hypothesis that should be tested by applying (one way) analysis of variance (ANOVA) b. Shortly explain the key objective of an (one way) analysis of variance. Please indicate the independent and dependent variable for the example described above. c. Please indicate an advantage and a disadvantage of the (one way) analysis of variance (ANOVA). Which alternative analysis method(s) could be used to overcome this constraint of the (one way) analysis of variance (ANOVA) (it is assumed that the assumption of this alternative method can be fulfilled)?
  5. 5. Section CCase Study: MICRON LtdMicron Ltd. is a consumer durable products company marketing a range of products in India. Looking atthe competition among different types of consumer durables it had decided to specialize in MicrowaveOvens. They justified this choice as its penetration in Indian markets is very low while in most of thedeveloped countries it has reached practically every household. They saw no reason as to why an Indianhousewife should not go for quick, frying free and uniform cooking.Sales of Micron microwave ovens did not pick up in first few years. Then they resorted to pricereductions. After trying all possible cost cutting measures they had reached to almost the rock bottomof prices. Still the sales were not picking up and long hoped growth phase of the product lifecycleremained elusive. This was so after about two decades of the launch of product in India.It was suggested that the product was not taking off as it doesn’t suit Indian cooking habits like deepfrying and cooking fresh meals all the time. This prompted the management to think of repositioning theproduct as reheating gadget rather than primary cooking equipment. They were also thinking aboutalternative distribution methods. This was necessary as with the low prices and margins the retailerswere not very keen about giving the right amount of attention and efforts that the product required forselling to the customersThe management of Micron Ltd., was looking appropriate market research to provide sound and logicalanswers to the questions in their mind.Question: Prepare a marketing research proposal to help Micron Ltd.