Desso: Cradle to Cradle® To boost innovation and a build a responsible business inspired by nature


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"Gear your career to the green agenda", was the title for our 7th career evening, Nov 27th 2013 at Copenhagen Language Center.

Michael Aastrup, managing director at Desso for the Nordic countries presented the companies visions for and experiences with cradle to cradle principles in development, production, distribution and waste management.

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Desso: Cradle to Cradle® To boost innovation and a build a responsible business inspired by nature

  1. 1. ® Cradle to Cradle® To boost innovation and a build a responsible business inspired by nature Mail: Facebook: michael aastrup Twitter: @Michael_Aastrup Michael Aastrup Managing Director The Nordic Countries
  2. 2. Our vision How to make the floor work for our health and wellbeing? We want to be the world leader in making environmentally responsible flooring products that deliver outstanding value in design and functionality and thus contribute to people‟s health and wellbeing. Today, most people spend 90% of their time indoors. As a supplier of carpets to the commercial and consumer sectors, we believe it is our responsibility to develop products that contribute to a healthier living and working space. At Desso, we say „the floor is yours‟ to underline the fact that we maintain a relentless focus on our customers at all times. It underpins everything we do. We know that our success depends on it. DESSO a Cradle to Cradle® company
  3. 3. Innovation through 1. Creativity 2. Functionality 3. Cradle to Cradle® DESSO a Cradle to Cradle® company
  4. 4. Eco-efficiency Desso has been making a difference with ecoefficiency for years. These are examples of what we do in the area of eco-efficiency: Energy consumption 32% reduction in energy consumption per carpet tile produced from 1998-2010 in Waalwijk, the Netherlands. Recycling 100% recycling of pure textile manufacturing waste at Desso’s production plants. In 2011, 88% of all packaging materials were recycled DESSO Mosaic 9990 DESSO a Cradle to Cradle® company
  5. 5. Being less bad Copenhagen want’s to be the worlds first CO2 Neutral capital
  6. 6. “I can‟t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I‟m frightened of the old ones.” John cage (US composer, 1912-92) DESSO a Cradle to Cradle® company
  7. 7. The result of an old idea… Landfill or burning DESSO a Cradle to Cradle® company
  8. 8. Towards a circular economy... The linear approach: Take, make and dispose The circular approach: „Waste is food‟ Arsenal FC DESSO a Cradle to Cradle® company
  9. 9. What is Cradle to Cradle®? According to the Cradle to Cradle® principles, products are made from pure components that are easy to disassemble, so that new products can be made from them (= up-cycling) in both the biosphere and the technosphere. Michael Braungart William McDonough DESSO a Cradle to Cradle® company
  10. 10. Cradle to Cradle® - Why?  It is a good, positive quality initiative  Not only for the environment but also for health (in-door air quality)  Waste becomes food for other products  It is not only good for people & planet – it is a business building opportunity DESSO a Cradle to Cradle® company
  11. 11. Eco-effectiveness 1. Positive footprint 2. Improve quality of life and environment 3. Re-utilize all materials used in the product. Design criteria: easy disassembly 4. Use post-customer materials as raw material in the product 5. All raw materials should be 100% safe for humans and environment 6. Use renewable energy in all stages of the cycle It’s all about Eco-Effectiveness DESSO a Cradle to Cradle® company
  12. 12. The Cradle to Cradle® cycles Biological cycle Technical cycle DESSO a Cradle to Cradle® company
  13. 13. DESSO Take BackTM programme Desso offers clients a Take Back™ programme to ensure that products will be recycled according to the Cradle to Cradle® principles. Our goal is to collect 50,000 tonnes of post-consumer carpet via our Take Back™ programme by 2020. Products will be taken back by Desso after their useful life, and will be safely recycled into new carpet products, or used in other recycling initiatives. We encourage the international collection of all types of used carpet, except for those products containing PVC.
  14. 14. DESSO Refinity® In 2009, Desso developed an innovative separation technique called Refinity®. NOW  Post-consumer PA 6 yarn up-cycled into new yarn  Post customer backing used for:   Road works / cycle paths Cement industry FUTURE - Cradle to Cradle®  Backing is up-cycled into new backing (DESSO EcoBase®)  Yarn and backing are up-cycled in other industries such as office chairs, vacuum cleaners etc. All non-recyclable fractions will be used as secondary fuel in the cement industry. DESSO a Cradle to Cradle® company
  15. 15. Cradle to Cradle® as an innovation platform Innovation Platform  Encourage all stakeholders (suppliers, design community, waste management partners, customers) to consider new products and C2C design paradigms.  Jointly develop know-how and new technology.  Provide better content to CSR/Sustainability policies of companies/governments.  Enable improved wellness/well-being with our products, such as AirMaster® and SoundMaster®.  Offer outstanding design DESSO AirMaster® 2914 DESSO a Cradle to Cradle® company
  16. 16. Using Cradle to ® to boost Cradle innovation ‘How can we make the floor work for your health and wellbeing’
  17. 17. DESSO AirMaster® The carpet that clears the air
  18. 18. DESSO SoundMaster® The carpet that improves acoustics
  19. 19. DESSO Light Reflection Master® The carpet that gives you energy Tree 2917
  20. 20. LedMaster® 2014 &
  21. 21. Thank you! Mail: Facebook: michael aastrup Twitter: @Michael_Aastrup For more information, please contact us or visit our website Join us on Facebook: Watch our videos on YouTube: Follow us on Twitter: look for Desso DESSO a Cradle to Cradle® company