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Richard Bagnall: Dette må du vite for å bruke Barcelona-prinsippene i praksis

Barcelona prinsippene ble utformet i 2010 og representerte en overordnet veiledning for måling av kommunikasjonsarbeid. I 2015 ble Barcelona-prinsippene oppdatert. Hvorfor trenger vi dem og hvordan kan vi best bruke dem i praksis? Richard Bagnall vil gi innblikk i hvordan kommunikatører kan bevise verdien av arbeidet sitt gjennom å måle det som teller, ikke det som er lett å telle.

Richard Bagnall er administrerende direktør i PRIME Research UK og styremedlem i AMEC. Han har skrevet flere bøker og er medforfatter i boken «Share this and share this too» som er en bestselger om sosiale medier.

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Richard Bagnall: Dette må du vite for å bruke Barcelona-prinsippene i praksis

  1. 1. Operationalising the Barcelona Principles RICHARD BAGNALL @richardbagnall CEO, PRIME Research UK Director, AMEC
  2. 2. More content than ever
  3. 3. The media has changed
  4. 4. PR & Comms has changed
  5. 5. “We should measure success not on old mass media metrics of thousands of eyeballs… “but by answering did we help you meet your goals, improve your life and improve your community?” News media questions its metrics
  6. 6. Britain’s No 1 most influential person?
  7. 7. 80 million votes 3.5 million ‘likes’ Increase of 600% 140,000+ tweets 60,000 new followers 2.9 billion impressions 17 million unique views RESULTS:
  8. 8. To communicate the right message to the right target audience… … to achieve an objective MY DEFINITION OF PR
  9. 9. Outputs Out-takes Outcomes Outputs, Out-takes and Outcomes
  10. 10. GOAL SETTING & MEASUREMENT are fundamental to PR Measuring communications OUTCOMES is recommended. Not just OUTPUTS! The EFFECT ON ORGANISATIONAL PERFORMANCE can and should be measured Measurement requires QUALITATIVE & QUANTITATIVE methods SOCIAL MEDIA CAN AND SHOULD BE MEASURED with other media channels Measurement should be TRANSPARENT, CONSISTENT & VALID AVEs are NOT THE VALUE OF COMMUNICATION
  11. 11. Organisational Goals & Objectives PR Goals and Objectives PR Strategy PR Tactics START HERE Tools & services NOT HERE OR HERE!
  12. 12. Outputs Out-takes OutcomesActivity Research / Plan Define Success / set objectives Creative ideaOrganisational objectives
  13. 13. Paid Earned Shared Owned Organisational Objectives OutputsActivities Impact on Organisation Out-takes & Outcomes Plan / Inputs
  14. 14. Join experts from around the world! • 50+ top international client, PR and industry speakers from top brands and organisations. • 20+ separate plenary and workshop sessions. • Special session on launch of new AMEC integrated metrics. • Practical sessions on PR and measurement. • Network with experts. • Supported by PRCA, CIPR, LGA, ICCO and PRSA.