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Recruiting your candidates via Facebook - Maersk Drilling


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During the Social Challenge from the 2nd till the 6th of March 2015, 5 webinars were hosted by international social media experts.

Fredrik Tukk, Head of communication, branding & marketing at Maersk Drilling gave a very inspiring presentation with honest challenges and solutions about how he started recruiting 3000 new employees through Facebook.

About the presentation:
Can you use social media to recruit new people to your organization? Maersk Drilling has created a digital strategy to support one of their corporate strategic targets: to find, attract and recruit 3,000 new employees. In here the focus is on how the corporate strategy lays the foundation for a successful implementation of the right channels, how Facebook has become one important tool for lead generation of new employees, and how the Employee Value Proposition is displayed in content stories, pictures, videos and testimonials – and the keys to success for online recruitment.

About the speaker
Fredrik Tukk is an experienced professional with more than 15+ years from Management Consulting, international Project Management, Corporate Strategy, internet and market development. He frequently performs as keynote speaker at global events within Digital Recruitment and Online Strategies.

In his position at Maesk Drilling is Fredrik responsible for the strategic development and execution of all internal and external communication on a global basis with key stakeholder groups, development of new and existing communication channels, driving corporate branding, digital presence strategies for social media and website, and marketing strategies in cooperation with Commercial department.

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Recruiting your candidates via Facebook - Maersk Drilling

  1. 1. We start at 11 am CET. Until then, enjoy the music and introduce yourself in the chat. The hashtag for the webinar is #socialchallenge! Recruiting your candidates via Facebook! ! Vera Verkooijen Partner relations & events Komfo Laura Forne Elkow Customer relations manager Komfo
  2. 2. Social Media Marketing at Scale!
  3. 3. Maersk Drilling – Recruiting your candidates via Facebook Komfo Social Challange, March 5th 2015 Fredrik Tukk, Head of Communication, Branding & Marketing
  4. 4. Situation… •  Growth strategy to double the size of the company – need 3,000 new employees •  Unstructured website with outdated content – recruitment channel for applicants •  15,000 unique visitors/month spent less than 2 minutes •  No competitors had established social media presence •  Developed a Social Media strategy to recruit people via social media Challenges… •  Number 10 in the market place •  Senior management resistance •  Getting HR on-board •  What to communicate?
  5. 5. “You can’t recruit people via Facebook – it’s unprofessional and for private use only”
  6. 6. # Branding online – we don’t publish job ads # Storytelling – let your employees speak # Online Strategy = Corporate Strategy # Campaigns – targeted recruitment # EVP – develop it through dialogue # Success is measured – engagement of key target groups # From Corporate Communication to people-to-people stories # Organic growth - haven’t bought likes/fans/followers Employer Branding = Marketing = Communication
  7. 7. page 9 Digital strategy supports the implementation of our corporate strategy §  Increased number of visitors to our website with +45% in 2014 (average 80,000 uniquie visitors/month) aligned with HR’s key target markets Norway, the US and UK §  +30% of the unique visitors come in via mobile and almost +10% via tablet §  Facebook: +155,000 fans •  LinkedIn: +52,000 followers •  Established on five additional channels: Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr •  Leading +10% directly to job applications on website via social media •  High engagement rate (likes/comments/share) of 10-18% on our posts, while on Facebook in general the average is less than 1% page 8
  8. 8. page 10 Business Partnering Project to Support PLAN3000 Facebook results •  The recruitment campaign was targeted at the US •  It reached 246,657 unique people •  Before the campaign our Facebook page had a weekly reach of 50,000, at the end of the campaign that number had increased to 180,000 •  Link to the vacancy page on was clicked 7,641 times during the campaign and our Facebook page received 3175 new likes HR Results •  HR Houston registered 694 new applicants, compared to 90-100 applicants per month in Q1 Quality of applicants •  Most of the applicants were Floorhands and Roustabouts, but also Crane Operators, DPOs, Electricians, ETs, Hydraulic Mechanics applied and several people where hired as a result of the process Total investment •  USD 2,000
  9. 9. “You cant fool people online. You have to be open & honest every time” “Social media is not about B2B or B2C - it‘s about P2P” “We don´t want to have a lot of followers in social media channels, we want to get into dialogue with the right people”
  10. 10. page 12 Key to success - Strategic initiative – buy in from top management - Start with corporate strategy - All competence in one team – interconnectivity - Clear goals – find,attract,recruit 3000 new employees - Success is measured – engagement of key target groups
  11. 11. page 13 Thank you! Contact details: LinkedIn: Fredriktukk Twitter: @fredriktukk Follow Maersk Drilling Case video: Articles: executives-arent-always-right-why-social-media-recruiting- has-a-place-in-every-industry/ online-recruiting Blogpost: 20140826212100-2314046-is-this-the-world-s-best-facebook- recruiting-campaign?trk=prof-post Interview: 20140901205407-2314046-how-maersk-drilling-achieved- their-incredible-facebook-recruiting-results?trk=prof-post
  12. 12. Please rate the presentation!! Kim Steenkjær Mortensen !! Twitter: @KS_Mortensen!! Fredrik Tukk Twitter: @fredriktukk Linkedin: Fredriktukk