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  1. 1. IIT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION SINGAPORE Varanasi Bhubaneshwar Gandhinagar Mandi Hyderabad Indore Rajasthan Ropar Patna
  2. 2. IITians ….are everywhere
  3. 3. Some notes from the press
  4. 4. 20%+ Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Directors Influencers & Opinion Leaders in our communities Access to a strong network of IITians & other High Net Worth individuals in Singapore, India, Asia Pacific, USA 75% working in Fortune 500, SGX Mainboard and S1000 companiesAlumni profile
  5. 5. What we do Social Events Professional Events Pan IIT APAC 2012 Diwali Celebrations Professional Talk seriesHoli Celebrations Giving Back Art & Culture Events Entrepreneurship Cell IPL Finals Social impact Cricket Team S R Nathan’s Book signing event Fundraise Internship collaborations
  6. 6. Event Highlight ● First ever PANIIT outside USA and IndiaPAN IIT APAC’12 ● 1000+ Executives from around the Globe ● High Profile Participation in regional conference ● Current and ex-President of Singapore ● Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore ● Nobel Laureates ● Industry Leaders ( HCL, Tata, P&G) In partnership with
  7. 7. Event Highlight • Panel discussions with eminent industry leadersProfessional Talk • Discuss and implement ground-breaking ideas • Drive the spirit of innovation in APAC • Some speakers so far: • Vinayak Lohani (Parivaar), • Sanjeev Sanyal (DB Global Strategist) • Prof Utpal Bhattacharya (IITK, Columbia University) With • Collaborative events with entrepreneurs, VCs and PE investors eCell • Build a strong eco-system for business leaders in APAC diaspora • Incubate start-ups and mentor entrepreneurs With • Create networking opportunities
  8. 8. Event Highlight • Holi , Diwali and New Year celebrations • Celebrities at events: Social Events • Raja Hasan, Usha Utthup, Devinder Singh (planned) • Average family size attending events ~ 3 • Average turnout ~ 400+ people • Average Non-IITians participation ~ 20% • Managed by professional event managers With • Lead in the highly competitive Singapore Cricket League Sports •19 registered players •Best All-rounder SCA Award •Finished 4th in the Singapore Cricket League Div 5, in our first year of participation!
  9. 9. Event Highlight ● Support social enterprises through women members group (IIT Shakti) Social Impact ● SINDA : Mentorship for needy youth & women ● Protsahan & Parivaar : Enabling support mechanisms for educating children in India ● Partnered with Tan Tock Seng Hospital : Fundraising for SG health care services With ● MOU with Contact Singapore Education ● Enabled 25+ students from IITs to intern at Singapore over past 2 years ● Interns placed at local and multinational firms like SCB, Citi, Barclays, Merck, Energizer, 3M etc With
  10. 10. Sep ‘12 Oct ‘12 Nov ‘12 E-cell hack-a-thon E-cell Angel talk E-cell Tech Entrepreneur talkLantern Walk for photography Prof Talk : Real estate investing Diwali SINDA youth mentoring Dec ‘12 Jan ‘13 Feb ‘13 Prof Talk : Impact Investing E-cell incubation workshop 1 E-cell incubation workshop 2 New Year celebration Family Trekking Prof Talk : Global SustainabilityArt campaign for marginalized SINDA women empowerment Gala Dinner Mar ‘13 Apr ‘13 May ‘13 E-cell hack-a-thon Prof Talk: The power of Media E-cell event Holi AGM Micro-finance workshopAsia initiatives - environment Jun ‘13 Jul ‘13 Aug ‘13 E-cell event E-cell event E-cell event Prof Talk: VC & PE Family Day Prof Talk: F&B industry
  11. 11. Contact the team
  12. 12. 2,00,0001,000+ 3,000+ 10,000 Alumni ++ Friends of through Access to ourSingapore Asia Pacific Singapore the partnerAlumni Alumni Alumni global PanIIT organizations network Beyond the numbers, we provide access to a high net-worth talent pool. IIT Alumni will be among the key leaders of tomorrow and ambassadors of India’s role in the global economy.
  13. 13. We believe in nurturing and growing mutually beneficial long term partnerships