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How did i attract


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Published in: Business, Technology
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How did i attract

  1. 1.  My target audience would dominantly be middle class. As a result someone who goes to the movies on regularly on a Saturday and Sunday. They are more likely to visit shops such as ‘Top shop’. My target audience would be ages 17-25 ‘REWIND’ appeals to both males and females however, through research and target audience research I found that stereotypically males are more into action and suspenseful movies therefore, in terms of gender, are more likely to be attracted towards ‘REWIND’ in comparison to females.
  2. 2. This particular footage would most likely appeal to males rather than females because males are stereotypically intocreepy, suspenseful movies. The lighting it self emphasises the genre itself. The low key lighting black and white lighting creates a cold vibe to the audience and implies that this perhaps is happening in the past. This image would appeal toThe font itself is very thick, malesthis symbolizes the violenceand horor in the film This image attracts to ages 17- 25 because the eyes are looking directly at the audience. The black Suddenly this image turns into The close up background grey making the audience think grabs the represents the what is going on and therefore audience attention death within this attracting them genre.