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Visual Communication Design Associations


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This slide lists down the various things like objectives, corporate ids etc of the three famous design organizations: AIGA, ICOGRADA and AGDA.

All the information is taken from their sites.


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Visual Communication Design Associations

  2. 2. Present known Design Associations  AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts)1914  AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale)- 1951  AGDA (Australian Graphic Design Association)- 1988  ICOGRADA ( International Council of Communication Design)- 1991
  3. 3. AIGA     Known simply as “AIGA, the professional association for design” Mission: to advance designing as a professional craft, strategic tool and vital cultural force Represents: a variety of professions under the umbrella of communication design Support: design professionals, educators and students throughout their careers.
  4. 4. What does AIGA do?      Inform: about best practices, standards for ethical conduct and professional expertise Communicate: design’s importance to the public and business leaders about the power of design Inspire: through articles, online galleries, profiles, videos and exhibitions Represent: the profession through a network of chapters and student groups Stimulate: discussion of the industry through events, social media and websites
  5. 5. AIGA: Identity
  6. 6. What does it do?          Competitions Exhibitions Publications Educational activities Projects in the public interest Conferences Seminars Lectures Annuals         Board meetings Chapters National Programs Members and benefits Design Awards Documentaries Talks Call for actions
  7. 7. ICOGRADA      International Council of communication Design A partner of International Design Alliance Serves the worldwide community For the advancement of worldwide understanding and education through the effective use of graphic design Foundation is a company limited by guarantee in England
  8. 8. Aims and Missions         be the non-partisan and non-governmental representative and advisory international body for communication design; represent the interests of professional communication designers in a responsible manner, within the broader design community; define and increase awareness of professional standards and best practices governing communication design practice; advance the best interests of humanity and the ecology through design; foster recognition and respect of design by individuals, clients, and society at large, as a valued and vital profession; facilitate knowledge management; facilitate cooperation amongst organisations of designers and allied institutions, especially in promotion of the vision, mission and objectives of the International Design Alliance; and support the development of communication design education (theory, practice, and research).
  9. 9. What does it do?             Awards Design weeks Competitions Endorsements IDA congress (dialogue between designers and stakeholders of design in a summit format) Indigo (network of designers and a series of projects that explore its meaning and interpretation throughout the world) Iridescent (Icograda Journal of Design Research) World Design Survey (research project) World Communication Design Day- 27th April + Design (Program that collects inspiring design solutions) Design Education Manifesto News from around the world on design
  10. 10. ICOGRADA: Identity
  11. 11. AGDA    Australian Graphic Design Association To facilitate the advancement of the graphic design profession in Australia The purpose of AGDA is to promote design as a discipline, profession and cultural force
  12. 12. Strategy:       Encourage and assist students, new designers and practising designers in the development of their design quality and professional practice. Provide educators with feedback on industry expectations of graduates. Assist buyers and users of design in understanding the value of good design and distinguishing between levels of design quality and professional practice. Improve the partnerships between experienced designers and suppliers to the communication process. Educate the general public on good design, its value and what is required to become a professional designer. These objectives clearly identify our key constituent groups: students, designers, design educators, buyers and users of design services and the government. Enable and promote environmentally sustainable design practices for, and to, its members.
  13. 13. What do they do?             Australian Poster Biennale Ausralian Design Biennale Awards Student Awards Design Effectiveness awards, hall of fame etc Conferences Scholarships Getting work Articles Post projects Help professionals Online journal Classified
  14. 14. AGDA: Identity