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Actualog Social Product Information Management


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The first social network for B2B products

Actualog is an innovative cloud-based social Product Information Management platform that brings together the expertise and knowledge of the manufacturers and most competent customers from around the world.

Actualog helps companies to share information about products, materials and technologies focusing on complex technical products using the ideas of social interaction.

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Actualog Social Product Information Management

  1. 1. Actualog is the first B2B Social Product Information Management platform UNIFIED PRODUCT CATALOGS IN THE CLOUD • Data Quality • Product Information Management • Catalog Management • Business Data Integration
  2. 2. WHAT IS ACTUALOG? Actualog is an innovative cloud-based social Product Information Management platform that brings together the expertise and knowledge of the manufacturers and most competent customers around the world. Actualog helps companies to share information about products, materials and technologies focusing on complex technical products using the ideas of social interaction. Our mission is to allow business worldwide regardless their size benefit from the best practices in product information management.
  3. 3. ACTUALOG PROVIDES SERVICES FOR SALES AND MARKETING AND PROCUREMENT ORGANIZATIONS. Sell- side Print catalogues eCatalogues Product Documentation Product 360 Buy- side Supplier integration Parametric procurement Master Data Management for Product, Data Quality Procurement catalog management
  4. 4. ACTUALOG FOR CLIENTS Manufacturers and distributors 1. Use new sales channel to establish effective relationships with your customers and partners. 2. Increase sales opportunities by supplying the customer with uniform high quality product information. 3. Promote your company brand in the international market with the Actualog Expert Community. 4. Reduce cataloging costs by creating online catalogs in 35 languages using professional terminology. 5. Provide relevant information about your products to customers and distributors, taking advantage of the product profile 360 ° 6. Distribute documents like user manuals, instructions, advertising materials, communicate with your clients and keep them informed about product updates. Procuring organizations 1. Search for products and compare them to find the best products using characteristics and parameters; 2. Preparing tender documentation or RFQ and use the list of product characteristics from Actualog; 3. Search for innovative products; communicate with innovators at early stages; 4. Create and share your procurement program with potential suppliers; 5. Reduce Product Information Management costs by using product information created by experts; 6. Invite your suppliers to pace information about their products in Actualog and get the complete and unified product description; 7. Standardize communications with your suppliers, reduce errors, improve communication time and streamline processes.
  5. 5. ACTUALOG ENSURES PROCUREMENT BEST PRACTICES Suppliers provide product information using pre-defined product description format and catalog structure; Buyers use catalog to identify items and they can use product characteristics to find an item and possible alternatives; Product catalog is organized using a unified classification approach and product characteristics.
  6. 6. PRODUCT DATA INFORMATION MANAGEMENT CHALLENGES Companies are faced with a unique challenge of aggregating content from thousands of suppliers using disparate formats and processes into one user-friendly catalogue. Then the challenge of providing customers with rich product information that is current is next. Since each customer uses the content to drive their own procurement initiatives, accuracy is mission-critical. To be effective in marketing, selling, manufacturing, distributing, and sourcing products requires more consistent and higher quality product information.
  7. 7. GARTNER HIGHLIGHTS THREE TRENDS THAT WILL SHAPE THE MASTER DATA MANAGEMENT MARKET Growing Demand for Multidomain MDM Software By 2014, 66 percent of Fortune 1000 organizations will have deployed two or more MDM solutions to support their enterprise MDM strategies. Rising Adoption of MDM in the Cloud By 2015, 10 percent of packaged MDM implementations will be delivered as SaaS in the public cloud. Increasing Links Between MDM and Social Networks By 2015, 15 percent of organizations will have added social media data about their customers to the customer master data attributes they manage in their MDM systems. “MDM has become a critical discipline required for dealing with the challenges of social data, ‘big data’ and data in the cloud.” Colleen Graham, research director at Gartner
  8. 8. EXISTING PRODUCT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS COULD NOT HELP  Costs millions  Takes years to implement  High risk of project failure  Total cost of ownership is extremely high Lack of product expertise and metadata for new, complex products
  9. 9. ACTUALOG PRODUCT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT PLATFORM SUPPORTS COST SAVINGS CHALLENGES Purchasing Harmonization Sustainable Costs Savings Global Sourcing Using Product Information Management (PIM) companies achieve the following results in average*: Cutting costs in the logistics system: 15% Reducing the cost of purchased items: 5-20% Decrease in stocks and illiquid: 20-40% Service improvement (increase in the proportion of timely deliveries): 20% * according Gartner research Category Sourcing Strategy Supplier Relationship Management Purchasing Optimization Challenges
  10. 10. Legal Entities Companies’ Procurement Catalogues Business, Regional or Product Purchasing Groups Global Procurement Catalogues Procurement centralization Product comparison Global Product Information Management Data quality improvement Master Data Management Integration to company infrastructure Procurement program for Suppliers Qualified basis for purchasing decisions Cloud / Web / Crowdsourcing WELL-DESIGNED SOURCING INITIATIVES CAN GENERATE SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS — UP TO 15 TO 20 % OF A COMPANY’S PURCHASING COSTS* Suppliers (Producers, Distributors, Service Providers) Product catalogues and product information from suppliers * Source: The Boston Consulting Group
  11. 11. PRODUCT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT DRIVES PROCUREMENT SAVINGS 1. Use complete and accurate product information to make decisions for consolidating spend and procurement centralization 2. Search for products offered by various suppliers, compare and find the best products 3. Use product information created by suppliers, prepare tender documentation with predefined product specifications and characteristics, and save operation costs 4. Share procurement program with potential suppliers and choose the best offer 5. Standardize communications with your suppliers, reduce errors, improve communication time and streamline processes
  12. 12. Theentireproductlifecycleis supported fromitsconception,throughR&D,designandmanufacture, toserviceanddisposal
  13. 13. Procuring organization Sales and Marketing department Technical experts, Engineers 35 Languages 40 Industry Communities Library of Attributes Facet Trees Units of measurement Categories Products Product Profile 360° Documents Images Discussions ExpertsCompanies Sales and Marketing Catalogs Procurement Catalogs Exhibition Catalogs Support Actualog Social Product Information Management Platform
  14. 14. Actualog is designed for organizations working on the global market. Our platform allows to manage company profile, categories, attributes and product information at 35 languages.
  15. 15. Actualog has three classifications levels: - industry communities, for example medicine, oil and gas, energy etc.; - facet classifiers - thousands of tags are organized into facet classifiers for communities; - categories - class of products that can be described by a unique set of attributes.
  16. 16. Communities allow professionals to work in the environment designed for particular industry: - display categories, products, companies and experts strictly related professional community - use industry-specific facet classifiers to describe and search products There are 40 industry communities
  17. 17. Users, companies, categories and products cold be classified by one or many communities facet Classifiers. Classification tag could be assigned to an object from the list or from the tree view.
  18. 18. Actualog Social PIM ensures product data quality using product category templates. Category is a product template. Categories and attributes are key product metadata.
  19. 19. Classifier is created by the expert community. Experts create and enrich categories, define their attributes, add documents, and other data. Category itself is a micro- community of experts. We invite manufacturers, experienced customers, scientists and other competent users to join the community and became our experts.
  20. 20. Actualog allows to manage media assets, such as images, documents and video. We support two types of media assets: - multi-lingual (documents, video with voice) - non-language media assets where language is not specified – images, video without voice Media assets could be used in company profile, category, product, and catalog.
  21. 21. Actualog Social PIM supports collaboration of experts and other users. Social Network features include: • Activity Stream, • Expert Ratings, • Voting, • Discussions, • Comments, • Messages, • Notifications, • Following and Favorites
  22. 22. Users can exchange messages inside the platform. Experts and business partners can share ideas and request information. Messages could be a private alternative to comments.
  23. 23. Category template is a list of attributes grouped and sorted according their meaning and importance. Each category has a unique list of attributes. Attributes could be linked from the library of attributes or created for the particular category. Companies who supply complex products with lots of attributes and characteristics, and procuring organizations with hundreds of thousands of items of supply detailed technical documentation and visual information will benefit the most from the use of the system.
  24. 24. Template allows to specify product attributes values. Manufacturer can significantly reduce time and costs to manage product information. Product templates ensure product data quality, ensure data validation and verification. Products could be created via Actualog UI, could be imported from CSV/XML files of created with API.
  25. 25. Actualog PIM creates search optimized product pages provides Product Profile 360° - a single version of truth about the product in 35 languages that combines product related documentation (standards, instructions, user manual, specifications), product images, video- files, tutorials and presentation materials, and software updates, catalogs (sales catalogs, procurement catalogs and exhibition catalogs). Actualog Product Profile 360° is a unique communication channel that can be used for may purposes from loyalty programs to notification on product updates and training materials distribution Product page allows to follow product updates, receive notification about new documentation.
  26. 26. Actualog allows to create and share product catalogs. Catalogs cold be used for different purposes: - Exhibition catalogs –products of the exhibitors. - Offer and Sales – information on prices and nomenclature for a particular manufacturer or distributor; - Procurement catalog –information about procurement plans Catalogs and product pages could be embedded into external websites.
  27. 27. Compare products using characteristics and parameters. Actualog allows to compare complex technical product from different manufacturers. Functionality that is common for consumer goods is available for equipment, measurement tools and spare parts.
  28. 28. Company Profile provides information about company products, area of expertise, procurement programs, and team members.
  29. 29. Company employees could have different roles. User roles and company current plan defines his access to platform functions.
  30. 30. Actualog provides many powerful features to find supplier or client. It allows to search and filter by area, product type, and product category. We provide search filters for 40 industry communities.
  31. 31. Actualog works simultaneously in several Microsoft Azure data centers around the world, using cloud technology to ensure platform reliability, scalability, and safety.
  32. 32. CONTACTS Kate Koltunova CEO Actualog +7 (911) 250-22-47 We make the product data management easy and enjoyable as a social networking. Start using Actualog for free or join as a community partner and support our unified product classifier. WWW.ACTUALOG.COM Elena Fleming Sales and Marketing director +7 (911) 711-19-19 Actualog is an R&D company founded in 2011. We develop an innovative cloud-based Social Product Information management platform. Actualog is a Microsoft Partner, we participate in BizSpark program. Actualog is a resident of the innovation center “Skolkovo”