Measuring Social Media: Measuring Up The Down Escalator


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Slide deck from PubCon April 2013 in New Orleans.

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Measuring Social Media: Measuring Up The Down Escalator

  1. 1. @aknechtSocial Media AnalyticsModelsMeasuring SuccessUp The Down EscalatorAlan K’necht
  2. 2. @aknechtAbout Me• Working with the Internet since 1994• Started with Digital Analytics in 1995• Also been a:– Web developer– Analyst– SEO/Social Media• Teach Digital Analytics for USF Online• Published 1stbook in 2010
  3. 3. @aknechtAbout DAM• Providing SEO, Social & AnalyticsServices, Consulting & Training
  4. 4. @aknechtSocial Analytics in Perspective• Followers/Fans are to social media whatHits were to web analytics
  5. 5. @aknechtSocial Analytics in Perspective• Brands that only focus onTwitter/Pinterest/Instragram followercounts & Facebook fans are missing thepoint of social marketing• They’re measuring thewrong thing and wastingmoney!
  6. 6. @aknechtState of Social Analytics• Similar spot as web analytics circa 1999– Measuring followers, fans, etc.– Counting likes, shares, etc.
  7. 7. @aknechtTime to Say Good-Byeto the Funnel
  8. 8. @aknechtWhy No Funnel• Funnel assumes:– There’s something there to pull people– Relies on gravity– Short time period– Easy trackable steps
  9. 9. @aknechtSocial On The Other Hand• The reality of social is:– There’s nothing to pull people– Must motivated against gravity• Desire to do nothing– Long time period– Hard to track steps
  10. 10. @aknechtEmbraceUp The Down Escalator
  11. 11. @aknechtWhyUp The Down Escalator?• Takes longer• Not an easy trip for your audience• The moment you do something wrong– They take the easy ride to the bottom• Initially nothing to motivate the climb
  12. 12. @aknechtNeed to Motivated The Climb
  13. 13. @aknechtThe End of the Journey• Your perspective– Fully engaged audience– Unpaid brand advocates– Increases in sales/leads/etc. $$$$• Their perspective– A responsive organization– An organization that respects their customers– Easy access to information/help
  14. 14. @aknechtMeasuring the Climb
  15. 15. @aknecht4 Key Steps to Measure• Getting them to the escalator• Encouraging the first step• Motivating the climb• Reaching the top
  16. 16. @aknechtStep 1:Get Them to the Escalator
  17. 17. @aknechtWays to Get Them There• Engaging with Strangers– Participating in social environments– Introducing yourself to your audience– Typical efforts:• Participate in TwitterChats/Hangouts• Write blog posts/Leave comments• Join a community or discussion group• Pinning images
  18. 18. @aknechtMeasure Step 1 Success• Twitter/G+: Number of RTs or sharesper Tweet/Post• Blogs:– Avg Number of comments/post– Avg number of shares/post• Pinterest– Avg Number of comments/post– Avg number of shares/post
  19. 19. @aknechtTwitter
  20. 20. @aknecht
  21. 21. @aknechtStep2:Encouraging the First Step
  22. 22. @aknechtGetting Them to Take ThatFirst Step• Encouraging people to become Fans• Asking audience to “Like” Something• Encouraging people to follow/circle you• Etc.
  23. 23. @aknechtMeasuring The First Step• Lowest level of commitment– Follower/Fan/Circle Growth– Facebook Brand page like– Joining your communities/groups
  24. 24. @aknechtMeasure Step 2 Success• Always use a ratio– Fans Growth per spend/interaction• Follower grow per tweet• Use what is appropriate for you!
  25. 25. @aknechtFrom Feb 5 to Feb 12, 2013+30 Followers0.71% Growth
  26. 26. @aknechtFrom Nov 11 to Dec 16, 2012+92 Followers2.29% Growth
  27. 27. @aknechtFrom Feb 13,2012 to Feb 12, 2013+922 Followers27.87% Growth
  28. 28. @aknechtStep 3:Motivate the Climb
  29. 29. @aknechtMotivating the Climb• Engage & provide help– Monitor your brand & industry• Respond to questions• Provide Links• Show you care
  30. 30. @aknechtExample:Motivating The Climb
  31. 31. @aknechtMeasuring The Climb• Are people asking questions?• Count the number of Interactions– What percentage were successful?• Are they clicking on provided links?
  32. 32. @aknechtMeasuring The Climb
  33. 33. @aknecht
  34. 34. @aknecht
  35. 35. @aknechtStep 4:Reaching the top
  36. 36. @aknechtKeeping Them From GoingBack Down• Monitor & engage your audience– Keeping customers happy is critical– You now have an unpaid brand advocate• Reward them– Deals– Advice– Etc.
  37. 37. @aknechtExample:Engage & Show Personality
  38. 38. @aknechtExample:Be Helpful & Encouraging
  39. 39. @aknechtExample:Success: Loyal Customer
  40. 40. @aknechtExample: Show you care
  41. 41. @aknechtHow Do You Measure This?• Monitor the social space– Look for key phrases• Do Sentiment Analysis– Number of positive vs. Negative comments– CRM (record customer IDs)
  42. 42. @aknecht
  43. 43. @aknechtFinal Thoughts• You reap what you sow - 10 fold• If you don’t invest in Social Analyticsyou get nothing back• With investment comes knowledge• What you do with that knowledge….?
  44. 44. @aknechtFinal ThoughtsOne enthusiastic unpaid brand advocateis worth more than 1 millionunengaged followers who never seeyour posts
  45. 45. @aknechtThank YouAlan K’ my name into Google